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Oprah on Older People: 'They Just Have to Die.'

oprah & obama

According to American News and a host of other news’ outlets, Ms. New Ager, Oprah Winfrey, recently made a statement to the BBC which is being labeled as “shocking.” When the BBC interviewer asked her if she thinks the reason

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Greta Van Susteren: Obama Tried to Silence Me From Exposing His Crimes


As we approach the two year anniversary of the Benghazi terrorist attacks, new information is still trickling out about the circumstances before, during, and after the attacks. This is because President Obama and his administration have tried to cover up

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Geraldo Rivera: Second Amendment is 'Blind and Stupid'

Geraldo Rivera

In covering the tragic story of a young girl accidentally killing her range instructor with an Uzi, my colleague Matt Vespa predicted that the anti-gun lobby would exploit this story to promote their agenda. It appears his prediction has been

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MSNBC Warns: Benghazi Scandal to Return with 'Vengeance'

Chris Stevens1

Controversy surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attacks is poised to return with a “vengeance” this month, threatening political headaches for President Obama and Hillary Clinton, warns MSNBC. The news network specifically fingered a new book by radio host and

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Liberals Cover Up 15 Years Worth of Sexual Abuse – Worried About Being Called Racist

protest against muslims

A terrifying and disgusting story is unfolding in the city of Rotherham in northern England. Some 1400 children have been sexually abused, tortured and trafficked over the last 16 years, all while the authorities simply turned a blind eye to

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Obama's 'Strong Disapproval' Double His 'Strong Approval'


Americans are more than twice as likely to say they “strongly disapprove” (39%) of President Barack Obama’s job performance as they are to say they “strongly approve” (17%). The percentage of Americans who strongly disapprove of Obama has increased over

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Obama Wishes National Park Service A Happy Birthday With A Picture Of Himself

obama national park service

White House fun fact of the day: A single drop of Obama’s blessed sweat can cure many common ailments. White House message to us lowly, unworthy Americans: Happy 98th Birthday to the @Natlparkservice! Entrance Fees are waved today. See POTUS

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Time Mag Retracts Story Accusing Israeli Soldiers of 'Harvesting' Palestinian Organs

time mag

Time magazine retracted allegations that Israeli soldiers harvested and sold Palestinian organs. On Sunday, the magazine deleted the allegations from a two-minute video on its website about the Israel Defense Forces and added a correction, writing at the end, “Correction:

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Even Liberals Hate the Barack Obama Golf Story


While I’m not proud of it, yesterday I stumbled onto Maureen Dowd’s column and saw that she is as upset about the perpetual Barack Obama golf game as anyone else. True confession, up until that moment I hadn’t paid too

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Rush: Obama 'Isn' t Human, He's Without Feelings...A Programmed Robot’


I didn’t see cool. I don’t see elegant. I see somebody not even really human. I see somebody devoid of passion. You can spin it in his favor and you can say he is cool under fire, or you can

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When a Black Cop Killed an Innocent White Man in Utah, the Press Was Silent

murdered youth

It has been reported that cops kill about 500 innocent Americans per year. Yet most of those stories stay buried or at best, see limited life in local media or the blogosphere. Only the select, as in selected by the

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Al Sharpton: No ‘Circumstances’ Would Require Officer Wilson To Fire Six Times


Channeling Jesse Jackson’s comments earlier this week on Newsmax TV, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton argued that no circumstance justified Michael Brown being shot multiple times, using the logic that he was unarmed. This despite reports that Brown had charged and beat

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