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AP Reporter: We’re Not Sure Why Hillary is Running

julie pace

AP reporter Julie Pace appeared on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC and made a statement that the rest of us were already thinking. Pace claims that the media sees principles in other Democrat candidates, but when it comes to

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Media Ignoring Black Gangs Attacking Whites in St. Louis

black riots

After the massive riots that destroyed much of Ferguson, Missouri’s business district, black gangs have been roaming throughout the area including down into nearby St. Louis and attacking white people. Yet, the media has utterly ignored the story. In one

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MSNBC Wonders if Islamic Terrorism is Really about Islam


Um. So the title of this article might make it sound like MSNBC has reached a new low in political and cultural reporting… and they have. I kid you not Touré really did wonder if Islamic terrorism is actually connected

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Sharpton: Blacks Can't Act Decently Without More Government Payouts


On Sunday, Al Sharpton appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press to fulfill his weekend race-baiting quota, discussing the grand jury results in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. After Chuck Todd asked Sharpton about addressing the problem of

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Ann Compton on Obama: He Launches 'Profanity-Laced' Tirades Against Press

70th Annual Radio-Television Correspondents Association Congressional Correspondents Gala Awards Dinner

According to retired ABC News journalist Ann Compton, Barack Obama launches into “profanity-laced” tirades against the press in off-the-record meetings with reporters. In a C-SPAN interview, Compton also derided the President for leading “the most opaque” administration of “any I

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Fox News Host Megyn Kelly Asks: ‘Does Obama Have an Adult Relationship with the Truth?’


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly recently had Judge Andrew Napolitano on to discuss the legal implications of President Obama’s Executive Amnesty. She focused in on the fact that President Obama was now trying to deny that he ever said he couldn’t

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Video: Muslim Man Slaps Indian TV Star During Show for Wearing Short Dress


Bollywood actress Guahar Khan was slapped in the face by a Muslim man during the filming of an Indian reality television show. The incident allegedly occurred after a Muslim man identified as Akil Malik began heckling Khan for wearing revealing

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Disney Blocks References to 'God' on Disney Channel

mickey defiant

A 10-year-old North Carolina girl is publicly shaming the Disney Channel after the network said her thanking God on its website was tantamount to profanity. Lilly Anderson of Angier, North Carolina, was online Sunday for her birthday answering the Disney

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NBA Legend Charles Barkley Steps into Ferguson Debate – Black America Flips Out


NBA Hall of Famer and pop culture icon Charles Barkley stepped right into the middle of the very volatile and disruptive Ferguson debate this past week. He attacked the media for being so quick to judge the situation because the

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Irony: Ferguson Protest Leaders’ Car Stolen, House Looted


I think most people are in favor of lawful, peaceful protests. However, in Ferguson, while some protests have been peaceful, others have not been peaceful. It’s now being reported that at least two protest leaders have become victims, not of

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'I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’—Obama Uses First Person Singular 91 Times in Speech on Immigration

obama points

Leaving aside passages in which he quoted a Chicago pub owner and a letter from a citizen from Georgia, President Barack Obama used the first person singular—including the pronouns “I” and “me” and the adjective “my”—91 times in a speech

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GALLUP: Obama Approval Plunges With Working-Class Whites to 27 Percent

gallup pole

A new Gallup poll finds that President Barack Obama’s approval rating with working-class white Americans has fallen to just 27 percent, a record-low for his presidency. Among whites who’ve graduated college, Obama’s approval stands at 41%, also a new low

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