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Video: Reporter Asks WH if Obama Thinks He's 'the Emperor of the United States'

wh reporter

“Does the President still stand by what he said last year when he said, ‘I am not the emperor of the United States; my job is to execute laws that are passed.’ Is that still operative?” asked Jonathan Karl, reporter

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FCC Official Warns – Obama Net Neutrality Plan Would Bring Immediate Internet Tax


If you like all the wonderful taxes that the democrats brought to you embedded in the Obama Care Act, you are going to love the new bill proposed by your beloved leader, Barrack Obama. Internet users would be forced to

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More Video Evidence in Gruber-Gate Exposes Obama’s Lies to the American People


Gruber-gate. Another scandal has hit the Obama administration. Surely, no one has been surprised by this. Obama claimed Jon Gruber was “some adviser who never worked on our staff.” However, Gruber advised Obama’s first campaign in 2006, went to the

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Net Neutrality: What it Really Means, and How it Could Impact You

government watching internet

Net neutrality. That sounds like a friendly term, like something we all would WANT, right? When I first heard people talking about Obama’s attempt to push the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to “keep the internet free and open” I thought,

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Michael Savage: Here's How to Stop Obama Amnesty


There’s a simple way to stop President Obama from using executive orders to advance his radical agenda, and it’s not wielding “the power of the purse,” as the Republican congressional leadership contends, according to talk-host Michael Savage. The issue is

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One Woman's Response to Muslim Death Threat

Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt has been variously described as a “livestock and grain commodity broker, marketing consultant, American patriot, traditional Catholic, and unwitting counter-revolutionary blogger.” Ann has been a consistent critic of the Obama Regime – and its love affair with Islam

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Michael Moore: ‘Christianity Is More Violent Than Islam’

michael moore4

Yes, because it’s the Christians that are beheading people and posting it on YouTube. By Michael Moore (RSD): I have, when I’m on Bill’s show, told him there are far more examples historically of the death and destruction that Christians

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Secret Hillary Campaign Emails: ‘Smite’ GOP ‘Mafia-Style,’ ‘Punish Those Voters’; Will Media Cover?

hillary ugly

Early Friday morning, published an exclusive article that unearthed a secret email listserv maintained by two of Hillary Clinton’s possible 2016 presidential campaign advisers that, among other things, allowed them to express their desires to “smite Republicans mafia-style” and

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Big 3 Networks Ignore ObamaCare Architect's ‘the Stupidity of the American Voter’ Revelation

abc nbc cbs

On Friday, the group American Commitment uploaded a video to YouTube of ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber telling a group of healthcare economists in 2013 that the “lack of transparency” regarding the bill’s contents and “the stupidity of the American voter”

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Liberal Media Icon, Bob Woodward, Says Democrats are Tired of Obama Too


So maybe, just maybe, this isn’t a racism thing? I mean the Democrats are the non-racist tolerant ones, right? So if the Democrats are tired of President Obama too… then maybe there really is a problem with the way the

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Do Your Purchases Fund Liberal Causes? A New App Lets You Find Out

conservative app

A new mobile application wants to give consumers access to information about the political contributions made by the companies they patronize. The free app, called 2nd Vote, is designed to combat the growing influence of corporate money in politics by

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Obama: Regulate Broadband Internet Like a Utility So It 'Works for Everyone'

FCC commission

President Obama urged the US government to adopt tighter regulations on broadband service in an effort to preserve “a free and open Internet.” In a statement released Monday, Obama called on the Federal Communications Commission to enforce the principle of

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