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Democrats Kick and Scream As Border Security Bill Cruises Through the House

border fence1

The House version of a Border Security bill cleared committee Wednesday night, after frustrated Democratic committee members ran out of ways to effectively stomp their feet. Members of the Committee on Homeland Security met soon after 2 p.m. Wednesday to

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Five Unelected Judges to Decide America's Fate On Homosexual Marriage

supreme court justices

In 1973 seven unelected men who sat on the Supreme Court of the United States of America cast their votes that resulted in the deaths of 50 million (maybe more) unborn babies. How would you like to stand before God

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Christian Set to Lose Everything for Refusing to Provide Flowers for Sodomite Union

homosexual union

It is sad to report when cities or states are forced to do or stop doing something based on a false understanding of religious freedom. It is even worse when we see states attacking their citizens for having religious convictions.

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Judge Blasts Attorney Over Making Race an Issue in His Courtroom

Broward Judge

In the wake of protests in the black community regarding the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner, one defendant’s attorney in Florida attempted to use those incidents as an excuse for why his client was hiding from

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In America - It’s Now Okay to Force Christians to Participate in Gay Parades

gay parade1

You may not remember this, because it all started way back in 2001, but an important test case just resolved itself up in Rhode Island. Back in 2001 two Christian Firefighters were forced to participate in a Gay Parade that

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Obamacare Rules Pressuring Docs to Ask Patients if They Own Guns

guns stethescope

Feds using Medicare reimbursements to force doctors to ask about guns, according to medical professional. The federal government is pressuring more and more medical doctors to ask their patients if they own firearms, according to a healthcare professional. The feds

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Federal Judge Hears Plan to Stop Obama Amnesty Cold

federal judge

A federal judge in Washington on Monday listened to arguments in a case that could stop Barack Obama’s amnesty plan cold, but a decision isn’t expected for days, possibly even several weeks. U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell heard a request

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White House Says Courts have NO Power to Review Obama’s Decision-Making

king obama

Never before in the history of our nation have we been in the severe constitutional crisis as we face today. Thanks to liberal public education and even more liberal mainstream media, few Americans are aware of it or if they

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ObamaCare Fines Loom for Uninsured

obamacare shackles

People without insurance are running out of time to avoid the hefty ObamaCare penalties that the IRS will be handing down in 2016. Consumers face a Feb. 15, 2015, deadline to buy insurance, after which those without coverage could be

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Dem Senator: We Must Legislate What People Say Before Having Sex

liberal senator

New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the most prominent lawmakers fighting campus sexual assault on Capitol Hill, said Monday that controversial affirmative consent laws should be made the standard nationwide. Gillibrand was speaking as part of an MSNBC-hosted

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Judge Rules Obama Amnesty is Unconstitutional - We Must Win Or Judiciary is Dictorarily 'Trampled'

judge arthur

In what may hopefully be the first of many favorable judicial rulings, Western Pennsylvania District Judge Arthur Schwab ruled on Tuesday that the declaration of amnesty by Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama are “beyond prosecutorial discretion” and enter into the

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Sandy Hook Families Sue Bushmaster


The parents of 9 children and one teacher, who survived the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, are suing the businesses behind the rifle used in the tragedy. Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, the law firm that is representing the

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