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GOP Hires Liberal Law Professor To Sue Obama…Left Cries Foul


To many observers of politics or the law, this might seem to be a strange brew indeed — the “odd couple” pairing of Republican Speaker John Boehner with liberal law professor Jonathan Turley in the House’s ObamaCare lawsuit against the

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Democrats Warn: Obama Could Go to Prison

obama in prison

In a mass email put out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Sunday, they warned that Barack Obama is in danger of impeachment and jail time. No, really, that’s what they said, despite the fact that not one spineless

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Video: This Sheriff Tells Obama Exactly What He Thinks About Illegal Executive Amnesty


Barack Obama’s address on Thursday has brought a plethora of responses from various political pundits, including yours truly. Sheriffs from across the country preemptively determined to gather together on December 10 to urge representatives to stand against Obama’s illegal and

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House Republicans Sue Obama

obama upset1

On Friday Republicans in the House of Representatives sued the Obama administration because of the way the President has implemented Obamacare. Word is that the GOP is also considering amending the lawsuit to include the President’s decision to move forward

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Tennessee Moves to Sue Obama Over Amnesty


On Friday, in response to President Obama’s plan to take executive action on illegal immigration reform, two Tennessee legislators are filing a Joint Resolution requesting Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R) file a lawsuit against the Obama Administration on behalf of

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Former WH Spokesman Confesses Obama Doing ‘Literally’ What He Previously Called Unconstitutional

jay carney1

Yipes, another one-time member of the Obama sycophant corps who will be receiving a lump of coal, if not a lump of something cruder, from the White House this Christmas. Move over, Leon Panetta. Make way for former Propaganda Minister,

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Obamacare Strategist: Executive Amnesty 'Wildly Popular'

obama pen1

Just prior to the midterm elections, the strategist behind the marketing campaign of Obamacare advised that executive amnesty by President Obama would be “wildly popular” with the American electorate. Celinda Lake, lead pollster and main crafter of the Obamacare marketing

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VIDEO: The Big Lie; Signing a Law and Issuing an Executive Order Are Not the Same Thing

obama and reagan

What is the difference between Reagan and Obama? Reagan — in fact, folks, I’m almost speechless here as I prepare to explain to you just how big the left is distorting this. Ronald Reagan signed a piece of legislation. It

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Obama’s Record: Canceling Border Security, Deporting Fewer Illegals Than any POTUS Since Nixon


Tonight, as Barack Obama goes beyond his constitutional powers and announces the granting of a short-term amnesty program for anywhere from 4 to 6 million illegal aliens, it is worth noting he has done more to damage the effort to

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Illegals Flooding Across Border Due to Obama’s Amnesty Promise

illegals crossing border2

Two to three months prior to the 2014 midterm elections, Barack Obama started talking about using an executive order to give amnesty to the 11-15 million illegal aliens living in the US. Not wanting amnesty to be the reason for

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New Bill Requires Police to Get Suspect’s Consent Before Searching

police pullover

The NYPD is preparing to get slapped with a whole new set of restrictions from a new bill the City Council will be introducing next Thursday. This legislation would require police officers to get consent for searches when they don’t

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Sheriff: Obama Responsible For Crimes Committed By Illegals He Enables To Stay In This Country


DHS is working hard to protect their new imported illegal alien population, employing intimidation and other tactics upon their own employees to prevent them from doing their job, protecting the United States of America. Just as “Maximum Security” prisons were

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