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Obama Pressing for Federal Control of Local Police


Call it Common Core for police. But the White House, in cahoots with the Department of Justice, has set in motion a plan that will expand federal control of community police forces, via standards handed from above called the “Task

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Islamist on CBS: 'I Want to See Every Single Woman In This Country Covered Head to Toe'


British Islamist Abu Rumaysah, a radical who said he wants to see every woman in the UK “covered from head to toe” was interviewed on CBS News. And what he is helping people in his community do is shocking. Rumaysah

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DHS Secretary Fails to Cite Any Law Authorizing Obama to Give Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens

jeh johnson

When asked to do so at a Thursday press briefing, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson failed to cite any law that authorized President Barack Obama to give Social Security Numbers to illegal aliens. asked Johnson: “A federal court in

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Obama: 'Consequences' for ICE Officials Who Don't Follow Executive Amnesty


According to the White House pool report, President Obama was asked for reassurance that people wouldn’t be deported as the legal battle over the executive amnesty plays out in the courts. “Until we pass a law through Congress, the executive

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Nearly Half of Democrats Think Obama Should Have the 'Right' to IGNORE the Courts

obama tearing constitution

Liberals have attacked Chief Justice Roy Moore for standing his ground against federal encroachment on the state of Alabama. Moore has made a constitutional case for his stand based on the fact that the federal constitution does not mention marriage,

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Obama Vetoes Keystone XL

keystone xl

President Obama just vetoed legislation dropped on his desk to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. “Through this bill, the United States Congress attempts to circumvent longstanding and proven processes for determining whether or not building and operating a cross-border pipeline

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Sen. Sessions Releases Lengthy Timeline of Obama Admin's Dismantling of Immigration Law

senator sessions

As Republicans work to overcome a Democratic filibuster of a House-passed Department of Homeland Security bill that blocks President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is highlighting the Obama administration’s long history of dismantling immigration laws. In a

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Alabama Justice Roy Moore Schools Obama on How Law Works

roy moore

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is embattled with a federal court ruling that lifts the ban on same-sex marriage in his state. On Fox News Sunday, Moore defended his defiance against the ruling and in the process, instructed President Obama

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Drunk Driving Is Illegal, Except For Illegals – Border Patrol Ordered Not To Arrest

illegal drunk driver

If one wants to know what it’s like being above the law, they could always ask an elitist Washington politician. But since that access is somewhat limited, and you can’t swing a dead cat in America without someone hollering “Cuidado,

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Obama Amnesty Loophole Could Allow Illegals to Vote

vote aqui

Is this just alarmism, or does it seem like Obama’s Executive Amnesty is designed for nothing more than getting more votes for the Democrat Party? Apparently, a loophole in the amnesty allows illegal aliens to vote, if they care to.

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Judge Rejects Muslim Woman’s Demand To Oath on the Quran


A Muslim woman involved in a custody dispute with her separated husband refused to take an oath on the Bible in a Pennsylvania court, demanding instead to be allowed to use a copy of the Quran, Conservative Tribune reported. The

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Muslim Woman Sues Because Police Made Her Remove Headscarf After Arrest

muslim head scarf

A Muslim woman filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing Dearborn Heights police of violating her constitutional rights by making her remove her Islamic headscarf after they arrested her for driving on a suspended license. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in

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