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Don’t Mess With Texas: AG Defends Christian Pastors Against Liberal Mayor

homo mayor

In Bible Belt Texas, the city of Houston has been caught issuing several subpoenas for pastors’ sermons as well as other communications that churches have had with their own congregations. The city has attempted to veto sermons and other communications

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DHS Official Caught Selling US Citizenship to Illegals


It’s no secret that liberal Democrats want to turn 11 to 15 million illegal aliens into US citizens and registered Democrats. Barack Obama has been on the verge of using his executive powers to override Congress and grant amnesty and

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Homosexual Texas Judge Refuses to Marry Straight Couples

homo judge

A homosexual judge in Dallas, named Tonya Parker, has boasted how she refuses to marry straight (normal) couples in order to protest Texas not having “gay marriage.” As this sodomite said herself, ‘I have the power, of course, to perform

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ACLU Representative Says Christians Just As Extreme As ISIS

geoff stone

How does the left-wing ACLU weigh in on ISIS? Fox News’ Jesse Watters wanted to find out so he went to an ACLU conference in Princeton, N.J. and found out on Sept. 29’s O’Reilly Factor. Watters began by questioning members

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Federal Judge Upholds State's Right to Define Marriage as Between a Man & Woman

judge feldman

In September, Federal Judge Martin L. C. Feldman upheld the State of Louisiana’s authority to define marriage as between a man and a woman. This ruling came after 78% of voters determined to define marriage to that effect in 2004.

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The Real Reason Eric Holder Is Resigning

holder resign

After doing Obama’s bidding for over five years, Attorney General Eric Holder is ready to jump ship. Reports regarding his impending resignation began to surface on Thursday morning, leaving everyone wondering exactly why he is stepping down. Now, we may

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Courts Say Christian Cop Must Attend Muslim Mosque Services

christian cop

What would you do as a Christian if your boss ordered you to attend a worship service at a Muslim mosque and ordered you to instruct your subordinates to also attend? Would you comply and attend the service or would

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Federal Judge Envisions ‘Rape License’ for ‘Right to Rape’


Judge Richard Posner, a federal judge with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, recently become a hero to the pro-”gay marriage” left when, by way of a “legal analysis” free from the troublesome constraints of logic, case precedent, biology, tradition

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Missouri Overturns Governor’s Veto – Puts Armed Teachers in Schools

nixon veto overide

Following the people of Missouri’s vote on Amendment 5, the legislature voted to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of changes to the law which would allow school employees to carry their firearms on campus and designate them as “school protection

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Maxine Waters: Americans are Bigots for Opposing Sharia Law

maxine waters1

I confess I’ve been called a bigot for lots of things simply because I have a Christian worldview. I’ve been called it by atheists, homosexuals and Islamists, but they always use that because they simply cannot defend their positions, and

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Former AG Calls Obama Administration 'the Most Lawless Ever!'

ed meese

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese III served under President Ronald Reagan from 1981 – 1985, and in a recent interview with Genevieve Wood from the Daily Signal, he said something amazing about the Obama administration. “This is the most lawless

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Welfare Recipients Can Use Debit Cards to Buy Marijuana

burning cash

Welfare recipients can’t use their EBT cards at liquor stores but they can at marijuana dispensaries in states such as Colorado that have legalized pot, Sen. Jeff Sessions revealed Tuesday. The Alabama Republican announced that he was drafting legislation to

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