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Obama Has Plans to Give Amnesty to Five Million Illegals

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Representative Luis Gutierrez was on MSNBC with host Jose Diaz-Balart to discuss the possibility (and probability) that President Obama would use executive action to give amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants next week. “If it is 5 million, Jose, then

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It's Official, Obama Broke Law in Bergdahl Swap -- Now What?

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It’s always good to hear that there is at least one government agency that’s doing its job, working for the people. But it’s also very discouraging to realize that nothing is likely to come of it. The General Accounting Office

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Trey Gowdy: I'm Going to 'Methodically' Take Down Obama

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Congressman Trey Gowdy has been quietly working on discovering and exposing the truth behind the Benghazi terror attack. After Congress returns from their August recess, Gowdy intends to begin holding hearings with the Benghazi Select Committee, most likely in early

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Obama's DOJ Silent as New Black Panthers Leader Incites Violence in Ferguson

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The leader of the New Black Panthers is instigating more violence in Ferguson, following the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the Federal Bureau of Investigations says it is concerned. Fox St. Louis reports: The FBI is concerned members of

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Ferguson Residents Knew Of Mike Brown Robbery All Along

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As the story around the angelic “teddy bear” formerly known as Mike Brown continues to crumble, it seems that something shocking has been withheld by an entire community. According to one man, who happened to live at the exact location

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MSNBC Host Says Obama and Holder Would Be 'Great Choices' for the Supreme Court

Eric Dyson

Guest host on MSNBC’s the Ed Show, Michael Eric Dyson, took time to tell his audience that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder would be perfect for the Supreme Court. Blech. I just threw up a little in my

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CA Cab Drivers Upset Over New Law Requiring English Test for License

Taxi driver test

Taxi drivers required to pass an English test to renew their permits in Sacramento say they’re being set up for failure. Part of a newly passed ordinance that recently went into effect requires drivers to know a certain level of

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Pot Heads Suing San Diego Because Drives To Pot Stores Are Too Far


They will probably lose this case after they show up an hour late to court. Check it out… Medical marijuana smokers in San Diego say the city has forced their pot shops to locate in remote areas and that means

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Frustrated Border Agent Admits 'Citizenship Doesn't Matter Anymore'

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Truckers go through these “inspections” all of the time, as well as agricultural check points that don’t check anything and the weigh stations that, sometimes unfortunately, do. They are an inconvenience that is part of the job; sometimes an unnecessary

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Thanks to Barack Obama's Dictatorship We Have Corpses on the Border

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Obama’s dictatorship is costing the lives of young people crossing the border. This story in the Daily Mail is both heart-breaking, and infuriating. “EXCLUSIVE: ‘A lot of people die out here’ and ‘all this blood…is on Obama’s hands’: Shocking images

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Justice Ginsburg: Buying Contraceptives for Others is One of the ‘Obligations That Citizens Have’


Providing women with cost-free health-insurance coverage for contraceptives is one of the “obligations” of citizenship, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Wednesday in an interview with Yahoo’s Katie Couric. “Some people say there’s something troubling about mandating a

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Doc Filmmaker: 'Illegals Told if They Don’t Vote Democrat They Would be Arrested & Deported'


Luke and Jo Anne Livingston, former director and producer of our PolitiChicks studio show, have been working with Tea Party Patriots on a documentary about the influx of illegals across the U.S. Jo Anne just posted a statement about their

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