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Trey Gowdy Getting Too Close on Benghazi?; Pressured from the Top 'Not to Get to the Truth'


The independent Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, or CCB, has been doing its own investigation and working behind the scenes for the past year and a half to make sure Congress does the job the executive branch has failed to do:

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Convicted-Democrat-Pedophile Sworn Into New Congress


A newly re-elected Virginia lawmaker hitched a ride from the jailhouse to the statehouse to be sworn in, even as legislative leaders discussed how to throw him out. Del. Joseph D. Morrissey, who spends his nights in jail because of

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Sharpton extorts corporations to pay him not to cry 'racism'

Want to influence a casino bid? Polish your corporate image? Not be labeled a racist? Then you need to pay Al Sharpton. For more than a decade, corporations have shelled out thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees to

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Reporter: White House Hiding Pictures from Night of Benghazi Attack

Sharyl Atkinson

In an interview on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” Tuesday morning, former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson revealed that photos taken by the White House photographer taken the night of the Benghazi attacks have never been turned over. When asked about questions she

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Bombshell: IRS Bashed 'Icky' Tea-Party Groups

tea party demonstration

Congressional investigators believe they have found a number of startling new smoking guns showing political bias against conservatives by the IRS. One email shows an apparent collusion to deny a conservative organization tax-exempt status because the group gave an IRS

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Obama Praises Himself for 'Year of Action' Through Exec Orders

king obama1

Two top aides to President Obama hailed his “year of action” as a success Monday, saying the president took more than 80 executive actions without Congress to help the middle class. National Economic Council Director Jeffrey Zients and Domestic Policy

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Actor James Woods Attacks 'Disgusting Pig' Sharpton And His Comrade de Blasio

james woods

Not everyone in Hollywood is a mindless liberal zombie. Actor James Woods spoke out Sunday on the sad state of affairs in the nation and the race-baiting regime officials and their operatives who have led to the chaos and the

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Is Obama Blackmailing Boehner?

boehner pointing

He drinks a bit. That is well-chronicled. The tabloids have splashed headlines about torrid affairs, including one with a lobbyist. And, of course, he cries in public. But is there more to the personal story of House Speaker John Boehner

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Ann Compton on Obama: He Launches 'Profanity-Laced' Tirades Against Press

70th Annual Radio-Television Correspondents Association Congressional Correspondents Gala Awards Dinner

According to retired ABC News journalist Ann Compton, Barack Obama launches into “profanity-laced” tirades against the press in off-the-record meetings with reporters. In a C-SPAN interview, Compton also derided the President for leading “the most opaque” administration of “any I

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NBA Superstar LeBron James Makes Waves with His Ferguson Comments

Lebron James

NBS Superstar LeBron James is about as famous and beloved in the African-American community as you can be. However, after recently sounding off on the unrest in Ferguson (and around the country), LeBron may find his popularity waning. The basketball

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GOP Hires Liberal Law Professor To Sue Obama…Left Cries Foul


To many observers of politics or the law, this might seem to be a strange brew indeed — the “odd couple” pairing of Republican Speaker John Boehner with liberal law professor Jonathan Turley in the House’s ObamaCare lawsuit against the

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Democrats Warn: Obama Could Go to Prison

obama in prison

In a mass email put out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Sunday, they warned that Barack Obama is in danger of impeachment and jail time. No, really, that’s what they said, despite the fact that not one spineless

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