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Coldwater Creek & Family Dollar: Two More Victims Of The Retail Apocalypse

coldwater creek

Did you know that Family Dollar is closing 370 stores? When I learned of this, I was quite stunned. I knew that retailers that serve the middle class were really struggling right now, but I had no idea that things

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$6 Billion Vanishes From Hillary's State Department

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The State Department made public a special “management alert” in which Inspector General Steve Linick warned  that “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years.”

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Study: 38 Percent Of Employers Will Lay Off Workers If Minimum Wage Is Hiked


A new study has found that 38 percent of employers will lay workers off if the minimum wage is increased as President Barack Obama has proposed. Express Employment Professionals, the nation’s largest privately held staffing firm, surveyed 1,213 business owners

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Economist: Real Unemployment Rate is 11%

unemployment line

The U.S. economy added slightly more jobs than expected in February, but the pattern of job creation remains very sluggish, and President Obama only has his own policies to blame. That’s according to Heritage Foundation Chief Economist Stephen Moore. On

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Top 12 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Heading Toward Another Recession

double dip

Is the U.S. economy steamrolling toward another recession? Will 2014 turn out to be a major “turning point” when we look back on it? Before we get to the evidence, it is important to note that there are many economists

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In 5 Years Obama Has More Than Doubled US National Debt

obama debt

The marketable debt of the U.S. government has more than doubled–climbing by 106 percent–while President Barack Obama has been in office, increasing from $5,749,916,000,000 at the end of January 2009 to $11,825,322,000,000 at the end of January 2014, according to

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Scary Chart: Stock Market Tracking Eerily with 1929


The current stock market is more or less following the same patter the 1928-1929 stock market leading up to the 1929 stock market crash. This, of course, is what marked the beginning of the Great Depression. While many dismiss this

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NBC Praises Communism as One of History's 'Pivotal Experiments'

hammer & sickle

“The towering presence, the empire that ascended to affirm a colossal footprint. The revolution that birthed one of modern history’s pivotal experiments. But if politics has long shaped our sense of who they are, it’s passion that endures. As a

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Small Businesses Don’t Add Jobs Because Government Makes Doing So Stupid

small business squeeze

Monday, I paid a couple of hundred dollars to the Internal Revenue Service for a penalty on a penalty that in turn by law I should never have been assessed. I employ myself, one full-time secretary, and one part-time paralegal

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Nearly Half of America Lives Paycheck-to-Paycheck

paycheck to paycheck

The economic picture is looking brighter these days. The federal government announced Thursday that economic growth had picked up to its fastest pace in two years, while employment growth over the past five months has averaged a healthy 185,000 new

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Welfare Paying More Than Minimum Wage In 35 States


A new study is seeking to demonstrate the dependent environment that Obama has promoted the growth of countless freeloaders. In the study, it clearly demonstrates that in 35 states, Welfare pays more than minimum wage. You read that right. After

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Matt Drudge Issues Warning: 'Have An Exit Plan'

Matt Drudge

His web site may consist of just a single page, but Matt Drudge is arguably the most influential media personality in the world. Garnering nearly one billion readers monthly, the Drudge Report is able to literally shift public sentiment, making

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