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Black Student Group Vows Bloodshed Over Constitution

student group

A well-established black student coalition is calling for violence if the U.S. Constitution is not replaced with a version that serves “the interests of black people.” Afrikan Black Coalition was created in 2003 to connect activists across the University of

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Liberal College Faculty Agree to Shred the Constitution … Literally!

shred consitution

I guess it was only a matter of time until Project Veritas, of the ACORN videos fame, went back to colleges. Now they’ve gotten administrators at Vassar and Oberlin to agree to feed the U.S. Constitution through a paper shredder

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We Can Overrule the Supreme Court and We Should

supreme court3

Legal scholars and university professors, led by Robert P. George, the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, along with the American Principles Project, are leading a “Constitutional

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Indiana Sheriff Promises to Disregard Any Order to Confiscate Guns

gun rights

An Indiana sheriff says he would ignore orders issued by President Obama calling for gun confiscation. Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers made his stance on the Second Amendment clear during an interview on a local PBS broadcast, in which he

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Oh, No! Real Life "Minority Report" is Coming


Those of you who have seen the movie Minority Report (or read the original sci-fi short story) know how the concept of pre-crime is not only highly controversial and philosophically paradoxical, but also that it would virtually destroy whatever is

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College Police Shut Down Free Speech

free speech banned

A student at the University Park campus of Penn State University (PSU) was told he was required to have a permit to demonstrate while conducting a free speech wall and distributing Constitutions Friday afternoon. Young Americans for Liberty member Kevin

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Ted Cruz says Excluding Muslims from Office is Unconstitutional

Islam America Muslim

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), in responding to the comments concerning Ben Carson with regards to him not supporting a Muslim for president, claims that it is unconstitutional to exclude a Muslim from the presidency. “You know, the Constitution specifies there

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Kim Davis Being Forced Back Into Jail?

kim davis

Following her release from jail, after spending five days there due to an illegal and unlawful order from Bush appointee US District Judge David Bunning, Kim Davis has allegedly stepped back into office and upheld Kentucky law by removing her

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Should Texas Secede? Voters Seriously Consider the Question

texas secession

Texas already seceded once — in 1861, by popular vote in a statewide election. But the Texas Nationalist Movement wants a repeat a century and a half later, and thinks the March GOP primary is the place to start. The

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VIDEO: Why Kim Davis is the Law Follower and the Federal Courts Are the Law Breakers

kim davis video

In this short video, Michael Peroutka clearly and concisely exposes the issues involved in the Kim Davis case. Post Continues on

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Levin: We Need a New Civil Rights Movement Where We Advance LIBERTY!


Mark Levin was on Hannity tonight talking about his new book, Plunder and Deceit, explaining how we’ve been deceived for a long time and how young people need to get educated so they challenge their teachers, professors, the media, and

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Cop Dresses as Construction Worker and Tickets Texting Drivers at Red Light R

road work cop

Undercover cops in Marietta, Georgia dressed as construction workers and snooped on drivers at traffic lights to see if they were using cell phones. If they were, they got ticketed. Cops of course said this is all about safety and

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