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Mark Levin: Overwhelming Majority of Republicans Violated Their Oath of Office


Mark Levin said on his radio show yesterday that the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress “voted to violate the Constitution and violated their oaths of office” when they voted for the omnibus spending bill. “67 Republicans in the House

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Former Governor Explains How to Destroy America in Eight Steps

richard lamm

Richard Lamm was the former Governor of Colorado. In 2005, he gave a speech on the dangers of multiculturalism and the eight things than can be done to destroy America. (I was suspicious at first that the speech actually took

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Washington Sheriff’s Deputy: 'We Need MRAPs to Deal with Constitutionalists'

police mrap1

A viral video has sparked quite a bit of controversy and protests for the Spokane Valley Police Department. An event that was held December 7 resulted in a sheriff’s deputy making comments about the use of the department’s new MRAP

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Judge Rules Obama Amnesty is Unconstitutional - We Must Win Or Judiciary is Dictorarily 'Trampled'

judge arthur

In what may hopefully be the first of many favorable judicial rulings, Western Pennsylvania District Judge Arthur Schwab ruled on Tuesday that the declaration of amnesty by Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama are “beyond prosecutorial discretion” and enter into the

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Appeals Court Judge: 'Privacy is Overvalued'

judge posner

Freedom-loving Americans and those supporting the Constitution value the Fourth Amendment. There is not one individual on either the left or the right who would publicly publish for all the world to see any information, communication, interaction, or images they

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Obama Immigration Taunt: Next Prez Wouldn’t Dare Reverse My Executive Action

obama taunt

iThe next president won’t dare take the political risk that would come with undoing recent executive action on immigration reform, a defiant President Obama said Tuesday as he predicted his highly controversial steps will survive the test of time, even

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Oath Keepers Reject Orders, Refuse to Stand Down, Remain on Ferguson Rooftops

oath keepers

Members of Oath Keepers, a national group that includes current and retired military and law enforcement personnel, have rejected orders from St. Louis County Police to abandon posts on top of private businesses that invited their protection, the St. Louis

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White House Won’t Tell Us How Much Obama’s Amnesty Will Cost

white house spokesman

In another disturbing twist, the White House seems extremely reticent to tell the American people how much President Obama’s amnesty is going to cost us. Not that any of us should be surprised. I mean – when has the Obama

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Former WH Spokesman Confesses Obama Doing ‘Literally’ What He Previously Called Unconstitutional

jay carney1

Yipes, another one-time member of the Obama sycophant corps who will be receiving a lump of coal, if not a lump of something cruder, from the White House this Christmas. Move over, Leon Panetta. Make way for former Propaganda Minister,

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Obamacare Strategist: Executive Amnesty 'Wildly Popular'

obama pen1

Just prior to the midterm elections, the strategist behind the marketing campaign of Obamacare advised that executive amnesty by President Obama would be “wildly popular” with the American electorate. Celinda Lake, lead pollster and main crafter of the Obamacare marketing

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WH: C'mon, Obama Isn't 'Tearing Up the Constitution' on Executive Amnesty


The Washington Post’s editorial board, not known for its staunch conservatism, has been warning the White House for months against implementing the executive amnesty President Obama is expected to announce tonight. In August, the Post published a stern house editorial

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VIDEO: The Big Lie; Signing a Law and Issuing an Executive Order Are Not the Same Thing

obama and reagan

What is the difference between Reagan and Obama? Reagan — in fact, folks, I’m almost speechless here as I prepare to explain to you just how big the left is distorting this. Ronald Reagan signed a piece of legislation. It

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