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Military General Fired After Refusing To Take Up Arms Against U.S. Citizens

jame mattis

Recently, this columnist spoke with an old friend who has spent much of his life in the military. Though he spoke on the condition of anonymity, I can tell you that he was in the U.S. Air Force, and served

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Why We Should Halt All Immigration from Muslim Countries

muslim american flag

Franklin Graham, in an April 20 post on his Facebook page, said the following (emphasis mine): “We should make sure our government and the current administration recognizes Islam for the danger it is, and that they are doing all they

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Military Ops on U.S. Soil Raise Martial-Law Fears

martial law1

Jade Helm 15 is set to kick off in seven states this summer, sending Special Operations forces from all four main branches of the military onto civilian soil to conduct hostile take-over training – and civil-rights advocates are sounding the

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Jury Awards $80,000 to Man Whose Antique Guns were Confiscated by Police

arthur lovi

I reported on a story that occurred in Arlington Heights, Illinois, in which police showed up at 72-year-old Arthur Lovi’s home and confiscated several antique guns following a visit he made to a therapist. All of this was done in

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Pelosi Claims Declaration of Independence Demands Big Government

pelosi angry2

According to former Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), “Obamacare, equal pay and President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration are fulfilling the Founding Fathers’ vision from the Declaration of Independence.” Pelosi honed in on the phrase “life,

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White House Can't Explain Difference Between Indiana Law and One Obama Backed


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest balked when asked Sunday how the Indiana religious freedom law opposed by President Barack Obama differs from a similar law Obama voted for when he was a state senator in Illinois. Earnest appeared on

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'By Hook or By Crook': Obama Vows to Go Beyond Executive Actions to Rule

executive order1

The “pen and phone” president, who has consistently relied upon a complicit media and arbitrary power to achieve his agenda, will not be content with using executive actions and executive orders alone. He has already been willing to go beyond

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Our laws, Not Sharia: Mayor Tells Unhappy Muslims ‘Respect Them, Obey Them, Embrace Them’

texas mayor

That’s because the 5-4 vote supported a proposed state law that was inspired by the establishment of a Muslim tribunal in Irving that supporters say is meant only to help local Muslims use Islamic laws to settle domestic disputes, but

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5 Lessons US Conservatives Should Learn From Netanyahu


On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election according to the latest vote counts, defeating not just his domestic leftist opposition, but the President of the United States in a public stand-off that had the President sending emissaries to

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John Kerry and Tom Cotton Trade Attacks over What the Constitution Says

tom cotton

Both men seen as the faces of the political battle over negotiations with the thuggish Iranian regime, Secretary of State John Kerry for the Democrats and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) for the Republicans, were on CBS’ Face the Nation with

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States Pass Bills Stopping Gun Control After Obama's Threats of 'Executive Action'

gun rights

Earlier this week, two states passed bills that would block enforcement of future federal gun control measures. Montana and Arizona passed similar measures to nullify federal gun laws and prohibit state agencies and employees from assisting federal agencies from enforcing

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The ATF has NO Authority to Ban Ammunition!


As we all heard in February, Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) under B. Todd Jones has decided to put forth a notice that they are intending on banning the M855 AR-15 rounds known as “green tips.”

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