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BREAKING: House Votes 'YES' to Lawsuit Against Obama

boehner sues obama

House Republicans recently decided that Barack Obama needed a strong reminder that the office of President of the United States is not a free pass to break the law and do as he pleases. GOP lawmakers decided to deliver that

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Cops Using Fake Cell Phone Towers to Track Your Every Move


Over the past 12-18 months, there’s been an increased level of scrutiny applied to the various ways local, state, and federal law enforcement officials track and monitor the lives of ordinary citizens. One tool that’s come under increasing fire is

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Congressman: Obama Begging to be Impeached

Observing what he could only describe as “chaos on the border” during a midnight tour of the Rio Grande on Friday, Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, concluded, “President Obama is begging to be impeached.” “For all I know, Obama is preparing

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Federal Agent Holds Gun to Boy Scout's Head!


A Boy Scout troop from Iowa recently had an unexpected adventure that none of them will soon forget. The troop was in Alaska on a camping trip when one of the scouts apparently photographed a border patrol agent. In retrospect

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Sarah Palin On Obama's Executive Actions: 'We Don't Do Kings'

Saturday in Denver at the Western Conservative Summit, former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) made the argument for impeaching President Barack Obama, saying, “No serious person can deny President Obama has violated the constitution.” Listing the president’s high crimes and misdemeanors

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Liberal Law Professor Who Voted for Obama Testifies President is Trampling Constitution

obama american flag

A prominent law professor and avowed supporter of the Obama White House will tell the House on Wednesday that the president has created one of the biggest constitutional crises in the country’s history and will endorse House Republicans’ effort to

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Report: Police Faking 911 Calls to Enter Homes Illegally

cop on phone

Giving police the authority and power to manipulate the law is a danger to all of us. What looks like a good and necessary tactic in one instance can be justified in its use in ways never anticipated or designed.

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Obama Administration Says the World’s Servers are Ours


Global governments, the tech sector, and scholars are closely following a legal flap in which the US Justice Department claims that Microsoft must hand over e-mail stored in Dublin, Ireland. In essence, President Barack Obama’s administration claims that any company

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Boehner: 'We Have a System of Government Outlined in Our Constitution' But I Won’t Follow It

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For many, it came as no surprise when reported that House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) “disagreed” with Sarah Palin’s call for Obama’s impeachment. Boehner would rather have the House of Representatives file a lawsuit against Obama aimed at

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Democrats to Pass Bill Overturning Hobby Lobby Decision

senate democrats

Well that didn’t take long. Senate Democrats are preparing to bring a bill to the Senate which will effectively overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling in the recently decided Hobby Lobby case. The Supreme Court ruled that a “closely held” business

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Texas Judge Clay Jenkins: We’re Not Going to Tolerate 1st Amendment Protests Against Illegals

texas judge

Earlier today we reported that riot squads are now being promised in Murrieta California. If sources are accurate, those squads are supposed to be arriving today. Now news is breaking that Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has gone door-to-door, to

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MSNBC Shocked: Nearly 90% of Americans Support Constitutional Carry

open carry1

For those who wonder why MSNBC has lost nearly half of its viewers, this might serve as yet another example. A poll, hosted on, asked a simple question: Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in

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