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White House Can't Explain Difference Between Indiana Law and One Obama Backed


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest balked when asked Sunday how the Indiana religious freedom law opposed by President Barack Obama differs from a similar law Obama voted for when he was a state senator in Illinois. Earnest appeared on

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'By Hook or By Crook': Obama Vows to Go Beyond Executive Actions to Rule

executive order1

The “pen and phone” president, who has consistently relied upon a complicit media and arbitrary power to achieve his agenda, will not be content with using executive actions and executive orders alone. He has already been willing to go beyond

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Our laws, Not Sharia: Mayor Tells Unhappy Muslims ‘Respect Them, Obey Them, Embrace Them’

texas mayor

That’s because the 5-4 vote supported a proposed state law that was inspired by the establishment of a Muslim tribunal in Irving that supporters say is meant only to help local Muslims use Islamic laws to settle domestic disputes, but

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5 Lessons US Conservatives Should Learn From Netanyahu


On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election according to the latest vote counts, defeating not just his domestic leftist opposition, but the President of the United States in a public stand-off that had the President sending emissaries to

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John Kerry and Tom Cotton Trade Attacks over What the Constitution Says

tom cotton

Both men seen as the faces of the political battle over negotiations with the thuggish Iranian regime, Secretary of State John Kerry for the Democrats and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) for the Republicans, were on CBS’ Face the Nation with

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States Pass Bills Stopping Gun Control After Obama's Threats of 'Executive Action'

gun rights

Earlier this week, two states passed bills that would block enforcement of future federal gun control measures. Montana and Arizona passed similar measures to nullify federal gun laws and prohibit state agencies and employees from assisting federal agencies from enforcing

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The ATF has NO Authority to Ban Ammunition!


As we all heard in February, Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) under B. Todd Jones has decided to put forth a notice that they are intending on banning the M855 AR-15 rounds known as “green tips.”

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Nearly Half of Democrats Think Obama Should Have the 'Right' to IGNORE the Courts

obama tearing constitution

Liberals have attacked Chief Justice Roy Moore for standing his ground against federal encroachment on the state of Alabama. Moore has made a constitutional case for his stand based on the fact that the federal constitution does not mention marriage,

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Arkansas Homeschool Children Being Held By DHS Without Charges or Cause

arkansas homeschool children

As I earlier reported the Stanley’s of Garland County Arkansas had their seven homeschoolers forcibly taken from their home. Though they were given several reasons, all unsubstantiated, for the DHS investigation no charges were filed. They originally were informed that

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Alabama Justice Roy Moore Schools Obama on How Law Works

roy moore

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is embattled with a federal court ruling that lifts the ban on same-sex marriage in his state. On Fox News Sunday, Moore defended his defiance against the ruling and in the process, instructed President Obama

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Obama Explains Why He Bears No Fault for Anything, Ever

obama straw

In a lengthy and slobberingly wide ranging interview the faux-intellectuals at have succeeded at giving President Obama yet another opportunity to explain why nothing is ever his fault and is usually the fault of people who disagree with or

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The List of 20 GOP Senators Who Sided With Democrats Against the Constitution

lamar alexander

There is no question that President Obama’s executive amnesty violates the Constitution. Even the president acknowledged back in September that he would be “ignoring the law” to carry out such an action. Ted Cruz (R-TX)U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) raised

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