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Poll: Only 79% of Obama Voters Would Vote for Him Again

stupid voter

Given a chance to do it all over again, only 79 percent of those who voted for President Obama would vote for him again and 71 percent of Obama voters now inclined to vote for somebody else “regret” their vote

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Team Obama Fudged Unemployment Numbers One Month Before Election

Jack Welch1

In October 2012 the unemployment rate inexplicably dropped from 8.1% to 7.8%. It was the lowest rate in almost four years – right on time for the November election. The Department of Labor said that unemployment fell 0.3 percent because

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Romney Has a "White" Problem, Not a "Hispano" Problem


There were two big shocks for me on election night 2012: 1) Obama beat Romney.  I had concluded that 2012 would look a lot like 2004, i.e. a 50-49 victory with about 290 Electoral votes.  I did not subscribe to the

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Attorney Investigating Fox News Donated to Obama Campaign

Obama supporter

The US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Ronald C. Machen – the man responsible for the aggressive surveillance and phone record scrutiny at Fox News – is also a big donor to the Obama Campaigns. At the time of

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Rand Paul: Obama is “Drunk on Power” Amid Growing List of Scandals


In an appearance on the Sean Hannity Show, Senator Rand Paul, responding to the growing list of scandals that have rocked the White House in recent weeks, stated that President Obama is, “drunk on power.” Many have wondered if an

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Wasserman Schultz: DNC 'In the Red' Since 2012 Election

wasserman schultz

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) says Democrats are “in the red” because they spent more than “everything we had” to get Barack Obama and others elected last November. In an e-mail to supporters, the DNC chair

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Barack Obama Nominates Lead Prosecutor Against Voter ID Laws as Labor Secretary


New Labor Secretary nominee Thomas Perez was cited by both a federal judge and the Justice Department inspector general for giving incomplete testimony on the controversial handling of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, but he took the lead

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New Report: DOJ 'Hostile' to Civil Rights for Whites

black panthers2

A report issued today by the inspector general of the Department of Justice shows the Civil Rights Division of one of the most powerful organizations in the federal government has widespread hostility to protecting the civil rights of whites. The

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Democrat Ohio Poll Watcher: Yeah, I Voted For Obama Twice

voted twice

Think voter fraud doesn’t exist? Think it doesn’t matter in states like, oh I don’t know…Ohio? Think again. More from John Fund: The Hamilton County Board of Elections is investigating 19 possible cases of alleged voter fraud that occurred when

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More Election Day Fraud Uncovered...Adding Voters After Local Counts


Someone altered Fulton County voter records after last year’s presidential election, using a red pen to add names to tally sheets of voters using paper ballots and marking that their votes all counted. Who is responsible remains a mystery, but

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Whoops: PolitiFact's 'Lie of the Year' Turns Out to Be True


Last month, PolitiFact selected its “Lie of the Year.” Given PolitiFact’s dubious record of singling out Republicans for lying far more often than Democrats, you probably could have guessed the winner of this particular sweepstakes was a Mitt Romney campaign ad: It

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DC Hotels Trying to Fill Vacancies for Obama's Second Inauguration

President Obama Holds Election Night Event In Chicago

Visitors coming to the nation’s capital for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration can’t stay in the one place President Ronald Reagan’s family once called an eight-star hotel. That spot is the White House, and it’s booked for the next four

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