Sheriff Joe Not Buying Hawaii's Obama-Birth Story

Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio told a radio host today he’s “not impressed” with a letter from the state of Hawaii affirming Barack Obama’s birth there.

He wants to see the proof himself.

Arpaio appeared on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio to talk, in part, about a letter sent from the Hawaii Department of Health to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett affirming Obama’s birth in the island state.

As WND reported, after more than eight weeks of pressing for answers, Bennett received verification from Hawaii of Obama’s American birth, which Bennett says satisfies Arizona’s requirements for placing Obama on the 2012 presidential ballot.

So if Bennett is satisfied by the letter, Klein asked, does it satisfy Arpaio?

“That doesn’t impress me,” Arpaio responded. “Why doesn’t [Bennett] ask for the birth certificate? The microfilm, look at the originals to see if it exists? … Just saying that there is some information about the president’s background doesn’t impress me.”

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80 comments on “Sheriff Joe Not Buying Hawaii's Obama-Birth Story
  1. hanktioga says:

    Like his grandmother said, he was born in mamosa, Kenya period

    • RED says:


      I have heard that his birth cert was found by a reporter in  Kenya then it was hushed up.  I have also heard that our Pres. went through college on a Foreign Student grant and that he applied for it showing a Kenyan Birth Cert.  I was also told that the “digital” copy of his birth cert uses the current name of the hospital where he was born but that hospital had a different name at the time he was actually born and changed the name to what it is now ten years later?  Qhat do you think?

    • WVF says:

      hanktioga, I think the town is called Mambosa, Kenya.  I’m not sure of the name of the city, because I only know a little about one Kenyan who is Occupying the White House (OWH).

  2. MTSNJ says:

    When a story gets too convoluted someones lying, especially when they try to cover it up  with a document that has more layers than an onion.  Do we get to know the real facts someday?

  3. MSTOCKMAN1 says:


  4. Bennett was just looking for an out….he can not be blamed for putting Obama on the ballot.

  5. hmmmmm says:

    He is nothing but a liar and seems to be able to get people to lie for him.

    • charles17121 says:

      The problem is the left in this country do not believe in the US Constitution which is what this country’s laws are based on . The left thinks the US Constitution is not relevant in todays society and therefore they do not have to abide by US Constitutional law . And that is the reason We The People have a fraud and criminal sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number .

  6. Boris yasdnilkov says:

    Could it be that Obama was hatched instead of birthed? He is surely one very bad egg.

  7. Gmarshall says:

    Sheriff Joe is a pit bull; he won’t let this go. God Bless Sheriff Joe.

  8. Play Watcher says:

    Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett wimped out.

  9. Donaldryork says:

    I heard the stupid liberal Jeraldo Riveria talking his blather to an expert on forgeries. He tried to make it a race thing, as always. The man said that there were at least 17 discrepancies on the document. That did’nt stop Riveria from trying to belittle him. What a liberal jerk! He dont know what the word reporter means.

    • WVF says:

      Donaldryork, the first mistake you made was listening to Jerry Rivers.  He is a disgusting person whom I wouldn’t even allow to take out my garbage, fearing he would steal the can!  This phony of Fox is a disgrace to that network, so what does that tell you about Faux News?  I’m down to watching Hannity and Greta, and both of them have to follow the orders of Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, and ALL of the talking heads on Fox have been ordered to leave the Imposter in Chief alone!  In the case of Sean Hannity, he is walking a fine line regarding his rhetoric.  If I had to guess, he’s probably the next to go.  They dumped Beck and Napolitano, because these two men are men of principle.  Bill “O’Really” is nothing more than an egotistical sellout, but his day is coming as well.  It won’t be long before he’s going to lose that number one spot on cable news, because he is a phony blowhard! 

      • Donaldryork says:

        Call it whatever you will, but Fox news is the most reliable out there. PS, I agree that O’Reilly is a egotistical blowhard. If you subscribe to the liberal, left leaning, so called news sourses, you are only being brainwashed. Another thing, Glen Beck and Andrew Napolitano dealt with facts. I know facts hurt some people.

        • WVF says:

          Donaldryork, I’m not trying to be contentious, but the “old Fox” ain’t what it used to be.  I do not watch ANY programs on NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, or any of the communist types of media outlets.  Of all of them, I had rather watch Fox than any of them, but I have noticed Fox will not deal with certain issues such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse findings.  I guess what I’m saying is that I am very disappointed in Fox, because of their handsoff stance regarding the Imposter in Chief.
          Wendell Fountain (WVF)

        • Walt USMC says:

          I am too. Isn’t it news when a sherrif and a state is being sued buy the AG of the US? Isn’t it news when so many Americans actively question a presidents eligibility? Fox News should show some interest in what interests so many of its viewers.
                 They had Romney as the GOP candidate before the elections. They assigned delegates to him before the delegates were eligibile to be assigned. Just report the truth. Half of the delegates assigned to him by Fox won’t even be assigned until the gop convention. These are serious times. I want the truth. Not what the RNC wants the truth to be.
                 Fox should cover the tough topics with an impartial view and let us decide how we feel about it. This is the most important election during the most currupt and damaging presidential administrations time. I could go one and on about the topics I’d like fox to report on. They can be fair and balanced about it if they want, but they can still give us the information. That’s why we’re in the mess. Conservatives in the media and politics have become “fair and balanced” while the liberal socialist are destroying this country. The liberals keep moving the middle more and more to the left and the so called conservatives keep moving with them to be fair.

        • WVF says:

          Walt USMC, you and I are on the same page.  We really have a huge problem in this country, and it is a lot more than just BHO!  I truly believe that there really is a huge Left-Wing Conspiracy going on in this country.  The progressives and liberals are destroying America! At this point, I believe only God can deliver us from this evil.  I have never seen my country in this shape in my lifetime.  We simply must kick this Muslim plant out of the White House as of January 20, 2013!
          Wendell Fountain (WVF)

  10. halma says:

    What do you expect?They have a democRAT governor.

    • Harry says:

      Yup. And Hawaii’s Republican ex-governor also certified the Obama B.C. Your point?

  11. wfwilson6 says:

    Some day, Obama will be punished!!

    • Les Paul says:

       I hope very soon!!

    • twocolts says:

      Can’t happen soon enough…the criminal rat that is squatting in our Oval Office illegally should be placed in a 4 X 4 cell while awaiting execution. The second choice would be to give the maniac an enema, then he could be shipped back to his native kenya in a matchbox. He has plenty of pals that should keep him company in the cell…most Democrats/all liberals/all the ignorant sheep that still thinks he is the messiah. The fairy-fine-fellow Barney Fwank should sit real close.

  12. jong says:

    Time to up the ante.   Take Obama off the ballot until the Sheriff is satisfied.

    • charles17121 says:

      jong , Forget about the 2012 presidential election until US Constitutional law is enforced . At that time the fraud obama will be removed from office and I don’t mean by impeachment . We The People have not had a legal sitting US President sense President Bush . The left can demean Bush all they want but at least he was a legal sitting US President . Maybe he was not the best but at least he held the office legally.  

  13. Sutekh says:

    Obama’s lawyer has already admitted in court that the birth certificate of the messiah is a forgery. Since the state of Hawaii readily provides birth certificates to the individual whose name is on the birth certificate, why did Obama have to forge a birth certificate instead of simply writing Hawaiii vital statistics to get one?

    Remember, the bureau cannot legally refuse such a request when a citizen asks for his OWN birth certificate.

    Could it be that Obama has so many aliases that he can’t remember which one he was using the day he was born?

    • wallythepit says:

      How much did you remember the day you were born?  You don’t compile your own birth records. No American looses his constitutionally protected citizenship because of what his parents may have written in documents for the child.

      • Waltmorgan says:

        LOL You still don’t get it. It doesn’t matter what anyone wrote on any of his documents as a child. He still has to disclose these to prove eligibility to be potus. He also has to disclose all of this information and more to obtain a security clearance. I’ve had a top secret sci clearance. I know there is absolutely no way obama could ever get cleared. His associations alone would disqualify him. Being a member of socialist party of america, friends with bill ayres and his parents, family members that are members in radical muslim organizations…..the list goes on. We have a president that doesn’t even qualify for a security clearance! I’m sure he never even fill out the required federal forms or was asked one single question. At some point this man should have to prove he’s eligible to be potus.

  14. MikeH says:

    The CURRENT “O” SUPPORTERS are the ones that get me!!
    “O” SAID:
    “my number ONE PRIORITY is to get people back to work!!”  MORE PEOPLE OUT OF WORK THAN EVER!!-  MORE BLACKS OUT of WORK THAN EVER!!
    “You can keep your current insurance provider with obamacare”  MY BLACK DOCTOR said obamacare WILL be the worst thing to ever hit America if passed!!
    “I WILL conduct ALL White House activity through C-SPAN for TRANSPARENCY!!”  ANOTHER LIE!!
    Which brings me to THIS- WHY IN HLEL would a person spend MILLIONS to CONCEAL THEIR RECORDS??  I am retired, college educated, worked overseas and DON’T MIND PROVING ANY OF IT!!

  15. DOOMED says:

    Nothing the Yobummer-in-Thief impresses anyone.  The only thing Yobummer can prove is his BS degree from Yale (or whatever fool school he attended)