Indiana's Plan to Steal California Jobs

Governor Mitch Daniels has a bold strategy to make his state the new destination for outbound sunbelt businesses. But making Indiana a tech magnet will take more than low taxes.

Some Californians may have recently noticed an advertisement with a coffee mug and the word “Indiana” written in the milky latte foam. A crumpled napkin sits next to the mug with this scribbled on it: “Admit it, you find me fiscally attractive.” On another napkin it reads, “Indiana: low taxes, pro-business, fiscally responsible.”

Ads like this are part of the Hoosier state’s new push to lure California companies 2,300 miles east, trying to convince them to give up the morass of California regulations and high business taxes, in exchange for the regulation-light, low tax business nirvana of Indiana.

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28 comments on “Indiana's Plan to Steal California Jobs
  1. chaloner says:

    This is a good thing for Indiana but sad for Socialist state of California. Hope California learns its lessons. But i doubt it, its a lost cause in California, way too many Socialist and illegal aliens living here.

  2. Noob says:

    Just don’t steal their illegals.  They are like gold to the leaders in Commifornia.

  3. jong says:

    And of course Indiana should take one more lesson from the demise of California no illegals.  Would the last American Non-Union Citizen in California please shut off the lights.

  4. Mgpb007 says:

    do not forget those that raise the price on everybody–ACTORS
    When I lived in Santa Fe NM the actors who moved there raised the land and home taxes so much they ruined many life long families.

    • Dingbat36 says:

       The Hollywood types ruin everything no matter where they choose to “squat”.  Most of them are terminally stupid and the ones who yell the loudest are usually the ones with no quality education to speak of, or those who claim they “left” college for their “craft”.  More than likely they never attended college or flunked out!

  5. spyderdalton says:

    What jobs? Theree are none here unless you count internships and 8.00 an hour armed security jobs or flipping hamburgers and living with your parents because you can’t make enough money with a 40 hour work week to put gas in your car…

  6. Rchguns says:

    I don’t think they would be stealing jobs from California! They would be saving the people who are forced to work in the state that is nothing more than a bowl of cereal. They should change the name of California to Granola because the majority of the state is run By Fruits, Nuts And the Rest Are Flakes.

  7. G says:

    Nothing New, Jobs Have Been Leaving the State for years, enough conservative jobs left to elect Gov. Jerry “MoonBeam” Brown For belated Another term in office, that ought to reveal the mentality of the Mexifornia Voter.Nice going, Now live with it. Cheers, Semper Fi.

  8. sean murry. says:

    Maybe they would better off in Indiana.

  9. TexasfedupGramma says:

    No one has to make much of an effort to steal jobs from Calif., people are leaving that state in droves.  Gov. Brown is nothing but a recycled fruit & nut, and they deserve to have one of their own running that state!!  You voted him into office, how’s that working for you?  Well, live with it!!!

  10. Indiana needs to be careful in what they are asking for…

    With California  companies comes California Liberals

    Indiana, the new L.A.

    • Play Watcher says:

      The Liberals stay in CA for handouts, the hard working Conservatives leave.

      • nowandforeverahawkeye says:

        Watch out for the financially well off libs who will retire to states that are attractive for lower housing costs, lower taxes, lower populations and more relaxing living, abandoning the states they helped destroy by supporting the opposite and wishing to repeat the errors in the states to which they have moved.

  11. Eosbun says:

    This is not stealing.  It is common sense.

    • nubarim says:

      I agree, No theft necessary. I moved my business out of Druglsnd aka california years ago. Not much worry about who will come. The thinking people will leave the sinking ship. Those seeking handouts will stay behind.

  12. Play Watcher says:

    This is the competition between the States that the Founding Fathers wanted.  The bad States fail, the good States succeed.  California is rightly due to fail.  No stealing is involved, simply good competition.  That’s why we moved from CA to FL years ago & despite my love of the weather in CA, we are not planning on moving back in the near future.

  13. AmericansRon2U says:

    In WI, Gov. Walker is doing the same thing with the state of IL.  He’s luring businesses to WI since IL is in hock up to their eyeballs…even after raising their taxes to something like 66%.  Folks need to leave these statist-run places and move to state that still believes in free enterprise.  That’s how you defeat lefties…you hit them where it hurts…in their wallets!

  14. Steven says:

    Steal?  I thought California was PAYING others to take the jobs.

  15. jerry1944 says:

    maybe the ppl of cal.  is like the gop ,  the gop dont want to win the pres and ppl in  Cal. dont want to work.  Maybe thats why they want all the illgals there