Obama Fails to Settle Pakistan Dispute at NATO Summit

After the opening day of the NATO summit in Chicago President Obama is still working on solidifying a strategy for ending combat operations in Afghanistan, but it seems his secondary goal of opening up supply lines in Pakistan has already fallen apart. President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan was invited to Chicago at the last minute in the hope that the issue could be settled, but on Sunday President Obama refused to even meet with him without an agreement in place.

The route, which once moved 40 percent of NATO’s nonlethal supplies into Afghanistan, has been closed since 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in American airstrikes in November. The country has demanded an apology, though it seems the central issue now is how much Pakistan will be paid for allowing transport trucks on its roads again. The New York Times reports that previously Pakistan wanted $250 for every truck traveling from Karachi to the Afghan border, but now it’s more than $5,000 per truck. Zardari was granted a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday and both sides say they’re hopeful that they’ll reach a deal soon — though probably not during the summit.

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14 comments on “Obama Fails to Settle Pakistan Dispute at NATO Summit
  1. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    Oh my friend, my friend…only $5,000 a truck, it is a bargain!!!

  2. Airangel says:

    Where are the Muslims not happy?
    They’re not happy in Gaza.They’re not happy in Egypt.They’re not happy in Libya.They’re not happy in Morocco.They’re not happy in Iran.They’re not happy in Iraq.They’re not happy in Yemen.They’re not happy in Afghanistan.They’re not happy in Pakistan.They’re not happy in Syria.They’re not happy in Lebanon.
    So, where are they happy?
    They’re happy in Canada.They’re happy in Australia.They’re happy in England.They’re happy in France.They’re happy in Italy.They’re happy in Germany.They’re happy in Sweden.They’re happy in Norway.They’re happy in the USA.In fact, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim.
    And who do they blame?
    Not Islam.Not their leadership.And certainly not themselves.

    • The Carpathian says:

      Happy in England?  Not with the prohibitions on women’s concealment atire.  Happy in France?  Definitely not!  The banning of head scarves is a very incindiary topic.  Also,the attempts to impose sharia law in areas surrounding Paris is a contention.

      Basically, many countries are saying “Enough” to the influx of Islam and the separatist attitudes of Muslim followers.  Think “Honor Killings” of a female relative for daring to be seen with a male who is not a member of the family.

      Muslims have consistently stated that they will be happy when there is an Internation Islamic Caliphate to rule over nations and their laws.  Theirs is a “zero sum game” in which every adance by one protagonist demands that the other be stripped of whatever it takes .  In this case, its freedoms.  For them to have their freedoms as THEY want it, it demands that others be denied theirs.  But to Muslims, this is OK because, after all, the others are Infidels and not worthy of life unless itis second class under Muslim control.

      ’nuff said

  3. Airangel says:

    We the American tax payer will pay more for Europe and China’s pollution and the goods transported to take care of everyone but Americans. What do they pay to take care of us? Will China clean their pollution? Will the Middle East like America any better? Why should any of them reform if we keep paying them so they can use resources against us! America can’t keep footing the bill and the man power. China and Russia have to kick in. They line their pockets while we go broke. Now they are buying AMC theatres in America – don’t think influence doesn’t start with Media control and movie control to our “brainwashed” population!

  4. Lonetrader says:

    Simple solution. Pull all of our troops out of Pakistan, Afganistan, and all the other shithole countries. Cut off ALL foreign aid. We give these countries billions and they spit in our face. Cut them off. Let them solve their own problems. We do not need to be the world policeman.

  5. jong says:

    Very simple.  No apology for their troops fired on ours.  Secondly no more money until they start to cooperate with us.  Have Hillary go to India and start talks screw Pakistan.  There are other routes that the equipment can go.  And on our way out disarm their nukes take the triggers or the deutrinium out.  As for Karzia and his Swiss bank account tell him he had better straighten out or he can be replaced with some one more interested in his countries future.   And he does not get to keep the money as a consolation prize

  6. sean murry. says:

    they are all crooks.

  7. What? Barry failed again? Wow, what a surprise.

  8. OLDDAD says:

    We need to get the hell out of the middle east completely adn allow it to implode. 
    While I applaud the initial reasoning for going there in the first place I believe that a collection of tribal nations that have been waring with each other for over 2000years can not be changed with military force.
    If we get out and contain their stupidity they will continue to destroy each other forever and if we keep tham in their own countries we can minimize the risk to the rest of the real world.
    Islam is a threat tpo all peace lovingfree people and must be made to grow up.
    They want to rule the world and are already making great strides thanks to their violent and hostile beliefs.

  9. ONTIME says:

    Yep,  that paying out extortion money to karzi the crook and the Pakistan theft protection society is not going to be swallowed easily….and you still can get killed…such a deal.

  10. Well, imagine that! A NATO conference that didn’t work in our favor! How’s that happen anyway?
    It REALLY won’t work out in our favor if 0bama gets all his nasty little surprises he’s got in store from NATO for us signed off.
    Prepare. Click the name. 

  11. Pegi says:

    Nothing new here.  He’s not exactly the greatest negociator we’ve ever had regardless of what he thinks.

  12. Dingbat36 says:

    I quit reading after the first two words of the title of this piece.     OBAMA FAILS?  Well as Popeye used to say, “Blow me down” who would have thought it…………..     Obama failed again?  What else is new?