House to Eric Holder: Stop Lying to Us

The House Wednesday evening voted overwhelmingly to prevent the Justice Department from using taxpayer funds to lie to Congress.

The vote came in a Wednesday evening series of amendments to a bill, H.R. 5326, funding the Justice Department for 2013. Members approved the language in a 381-41 vote; all 41 “no” votes came from Democrats, although 142 Democrats voted with Republicans in support of the amendment.

The vote reflects the ongoing frustration Republicans — and apparently some Democrats — have with Attorney General Eric Holder.

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47 comments on “House to Eric Holder: Stop Lying to Us
  1. samadams25 says:

    Anyone paying attention would want scrutiny on this DOJ, Eric Holder is a disgrace to the notion of “justice” in America. He should be behind bars …

  2. samadams25 says:

    Holder has proven to be a partisan hack by his record. No spinning can undo that record.

    These so-called “progressives” (Socialists) must be thrown unceremoniously from office They must be mocked and ridiculed. They must be banished to the swamp that they came from.

  3. jong says:

    What is really going on is that the Democrats smell something they rather not step in.   After all they to want to get re-elected and the last time in 2010 relating positively to Obama and his administration was a kiss of death.

  4. John Cherish says:

    Department of Justice renamed to Department of Injustice & Deceit…. giving guns to drug lords in Mexico, so that they can kill American Citizens…and refusing to give congress the documents on this,,,Holder is a criminal  

  5. Richard Gibbard says:

    Eric Holder will be incapable of not lying as long as he has a pulse.

  6. JackHotchkiss says:

    My fellow citizens;

    For years and years we have been
    able to depend on our vote to guide and direct our Nation.

    Slowly over the years, our say in
    how this Country is run has been taken from us. Not by an outside force but by
    each of us delegating our authority to people we hired to speak for us. Then we
    left them alone to do the job we instructed them to do and they turned away
    from us to greed 

    You know the rest of that story.

    The fact I want to point out now is, even though it looks like we have painted
    our self’s into a corner we have several tools available for our use. The
    Socialist’s that we have allowed to over take our leadership rolls in our
    government know the name of those tools also, they are in order Our God, our
    Constitution, our Flag and you know the rest.

    We have a standing army at our service.

    All the people that ever took the
    OATH to protect and defend The United States of America from all enemies
    foreign and DOMESTIC are Oath Keepers; your Oath is in effect for life.

    We have the weapons for that Army
    because we are a free society and we have a God given right to posses and use
    those arms. See why Nobama wants your weapons? It is the people he wants to
    control, controlling the guns is only a path to controlling you.


    We have the standing Army,

    We have the weapons for that Army

    We see a need for that Army

    The oath Keepers are there to back
    up the wishes of the people and to fight only if we must.

    Roll call in 15 minutes!

    Hotchkiss Oath Keeper

  7. Remington 870 says:

    Fact…Fast & Furious was a scheme to eventually take guns away from American citizens. Fact…Speaker Boehner made deal with Obama & Holder to back off from investigation. Today, this investigation is just a circus act and will continue until the cows come home or the Tooth Fairy becomes a czar.

  8. GreyFalcon says:

    Wait!!!  We passed a law to prevent holder from lying to us?  WTF??????????????  Aren’t there already laws on the books to prevent perjury?  Just ask Roger Clemens about that one.  Of course, to compare Clemens and holder would be so racist on my part, and you KNOW we can’t have that!!!!!

  9. Lu26000 says:

    Takes after his Boss.

  10. Proudamerican says:

    You might as well ask that POS to stop breathing!    obama has set the bar for lying!

  11. Gmarshall says:

    This congressional debacle has gone on long enough.  Rep Issa has been trying to get the documents they need on Fast and Furious for 14 months without any success.  Holder has been stonewalling, delaying, skirting, and misleading Congress and now it is time to take action. He either provides the documents or Congress should issue a contempt charge against him now. No more procrastination!

  12. Donaldryork says:

    WHO has the upper hand over Holder besides Obama? This guy needs to go. His middle name is corruption!

    • Donaldryork says:

      Congress, we don’t want to HEAR how tough you are, we the people want to SEE how tough you are.

  13. Flipcard1 says:

    Holder is the voice for Obama. When has Obama not supported Holder publically? Obama’s support tellos the story. Holder has done all the dirty work Obama wanted. The person who is actually guilty and deserving of impeachment is the one who controls Holder and tells he what to do. I have to believe someone besides me knows who is buttering Holder’s bread.

  14. Pegi says:

    Find him in contempt & let’s move on…

  15. USMC CAPTAIN says:

    MR. Darrel Issa if you truly want the documents and the truth about “Fast and Furious” simply put Holder in jail! Once Holder finds out why jail is called “the Pokey” he will tell you everything! I am sure that the second in command of the DOJ will deliver all the “Fast and Furious” documents ASAP to congress! GET TOUGH WITH THIS CRIMINAL MR. ISSA!


    • TheSunDidIt says:

      Semper Fi Captain.  Agree fully.  This clown’s act is stale and they need to replace him well before the elections or he’ll pull down the enlighted one.  I’m surprised OMG (Obama Must Go) didn’t dump him already to prevent flak from hitting him.  All of you still in are in our prayers.
      LTC Retired (4 yrs USMC & 31 yrs Army)