Governor Signs Anti-Abortion Bill Denying Funds to Planned Parenthood

Gov. Jan Brewer continued her anti-abortion efforts late Friday, signing controversial legislation to keep any of the federal family-planning funding Arizona gets from going to Planned Parenthood.

A legal challenge is likely.

HB 2800 establishes an order for dividing up public funds for family planning. Top priority goes to government-run health-care facilities, followed by hospitals, rural health clinics and private doctors.

It bars funding from going to anyone who performs abortions or operates a facility where abortions are performed, a provision Rep. Justin Olson, R-Mesa, sponsor of the legislation, acknowledged is aimed at Planned Parenthood.

Brewer’s action comes even as a federal judge has barred Texas from using a similar regulation to defund Planned Parenthood there. Brewer’s spokesman, Matthew Benson, said she is not concerned.

“The governor is confident of the constitutionality of this law and believes it will be upheld,” he said.

Olson acknowledged the Texas court ruling, but he said that is a “unique situation” and the Arizona law is sufficiently different. Still, he anticipates a lawsuit.

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41 comments on “Governor Signs Anti-Abortion Bill Denying Funds to Planned Parenthood
  1. jong says:

    Of course there will be a law suit you have upset Obama’s base.   However I fully expect this to go to the Supreme Court .   They have become for the most part a little tired of Obama and his over riding of both the morals and ethics of this country and it leadership in both the House and the Senate.  I predict that Obamacare will be considered Un-Constitutional and that the court will also rule conservatively on other issues also 

    • Lisa says:

      That sir, is my ever present hope.  That, and Odumbo being removed from the Oval Office.
      I will happily take the November for this, but I would be even happier if the Odumbo’s were led away in handcuffs, with a direct flight straight to Leavenworth.  THEN, shortly after that, the Justice that America deserves to see.

      • Juno says:

        First, there’s a good chance that the election has once again been rigged, or that they will have their useful idiots and union thugs create enough rioting and chaos that martial law will be activated (he declared it over a month ago, just waiting to kick it off) and there will be no election.  And as far as being led away in handcuffs, traitors should be dealt with on the spot. After all, he’s killing American citizens and holding them without benifit of rights. Why not turn their tactics against them?  When we get back in control, we need to institute laws that never allow American Nazis or any other org. that isn’t 100% FOR our country and its constitution. We need to make McCarthy look like a liberal pussycat.

        • Progressive Republican says:

          So, finding people “guilty” of unspecified “crimes” based on rumor, innuendo and lies  is o.k. with you? Because THAT’S what that traitor McCarthy was doing back in the fifties: the very thing he claimed to be saving America from. 

          Funny, when I was a kid and there was a country called the Soviet Union they pulled that crap all the time in order to keep their gulags filled with slave labor. And then you say, “We need to make McCarthy look like a liberal pussycat.” America was founded on principles of justice. What you want ain’t justice.

        • Evermyrtle says:

           Have you been is some kind of a coma for the last 40 months, and just  woke up this morning?? McCarthy a traitor? America lost a great chance of saving America from future criminal violations and threw this blessed chance away, in an attempt to make a great man look like an idiot. He did his best to save America!! Patriots knew what a great man McCarthy was, we still know this..

        • Progressive Republican says:

          No genuine patriot considers allegation and innuendo to be sufficient cause for someone to be blacklisted or incarcerated. He was a traitor, plain and simple.

      • Evermyrtle says:

         Led away in handcuffs?? What a beautiful dream!!!!

  2. Wayne Bauer says:

    Don’t just overturn, these judges need disbarred and removed from every aspect of America.

  3. PD says:

    God bless  Jan Brewer, She’s five star (*****) great in my book.  

  4. pduffy says:

    This is what happens when you take “blood money” from the federal government. The truth is that Arizona and all other states should REFUSE all money funneled through Washington DC that has corrupted the system, forcing tax dollars to fund murder. This bill lacks the real moral fiber that we need in America – the character to refuse federal blood money. This is all about federal money and FEDERAL CONTROL over our lives. But because money is the ONLY power in the world, politicians cave. This is why Jan Brewer refused to sign the birther bill because she was threatened with the loss of “federal” funds. But now they want to have it both ways – take the money and also pick how it’s used. That’s not how it works, for if that was the case, why send the money to Washington DC in the first place? The states MUST REBEL and refuse to send the money to Washington DC, and then and only then will they be able to control how their own money is spent.

  5. lizaz says:

    Planned Parenthood claims they don’t use taxpayers’ money for abortions…so…….they won’t miss the money, it appears.  Let them get funding from rich people who don’t mind killing babies…they just do it to get votes, I guess…don’t know of another reason……..sickening…..

  6. S Pulliam says:

    What are the chances that BO will be reellected:

    • Evermyrtle says:

       That is too scarey to even think about. I am so afraid that there is a good chance.I hope I am very, very, wrong. I hop it is maybe 10% or less!! I am even afraid we won’t even have an election.Think of the possibilities of that knowing what we know about the present president.

  7. sean murry. says:

    They wont miss the money.

  8. Kategray_ghost says:

    YEAH FOR STATES RIGHTS Keep up the pressure so that all the DOJ(holder) has to do is concentrate(id possible) on many issues and will then get befuddled until the Election and then his butt wil be out in the cold.

  9. Jgrychak says:

    Some of Our youngsters obviously have no values. Today it seems that the youth have lost some guidance, for it seems to be “BABIES HAVING BABIES” is becoming our way in America, it’s wrong, and should be stopped, Kids should not be having babies PERIOD. The hardship this places on the mother, and the newborn is obviously not thought of. What a way to ruin the mother life, and the newborn usually is abused in some way.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Where are these babies parents. I had something to say about the possibility of mine becoming pregnant many, many years ago. She knew without a shadow of doubt, what was a “no-no.”  What are parents doing these days, having children and then turning them loose in the world without teaching them anything ,or giving them the love needed and they go out looking for it? Are they not taught about GOD and his love and expectations of each of us?? 

  10. Jdangiel says:

    Texas should wait until the Arizona law survives a legal challenge, then rewrite their law to the Arizona template.  Problem solved.  I don’t see where a challenge on its constitutionality can come from.  The law doesn’t outlaw abortion, where a challenge would make sense, it is denying the money to planned parenthood, and a challenge would only be reasonable and rational there if they were constitutionally entitled to the money, which they couldn’t possibly be.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      We still have either 49 states or 56 states!!!!! who need to follow Arizona. What are we doing? We need t awaken out of our deep sleep and act.

  11. Eddie B says:

    Thank you Governor…..May God bless you!

  12. Doc says:

    Good for you Jan, you make me proud.

  13. Atoms says:

    Ever wonder where the Catholic Bishops are ?

    Think they would give these Governors three cheers for a POLICY matter ?

     In the words of a famous news commentator “they are hiding under their desk”. 

    My view they fear the loss of money for their Social Justice Agenda which ignores the prime directive – LIFE.

    • Evermyrtle says:

       I believe they are like so very many other Americans, “I cannot be bothered with that. Let someone else do it.” Then fall back asleep.

  14. Bama59 says:

    Good job Gov. Brewer. The Gov. Of Al. has just signed similar legislation….Whoop whoop!

  15. Evermyrtle says:

    When you realize there are people in positions like like GO. Brewer  still working for what is good for the country, it is very encouraging. She should have rung for the presidentcy!!!! Like that we would have had a choice!!!!