UN: Americans Should Return Stolen Land to Indian Tribes

A United Nations investigator probing discrimination against Native Americans has called on the US government to return some of the land stolen from Indian tribes as a step toward combatting continuing and systemic racial discrimination.

James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, said no member of the US Congress would meet him as he investigated the part played by the government in the considerable difficulties faced by Indian tribes.

Anaya said that in nearly two weeks of visiting Indian reservations, indigenous communities in Alaska and Hawaii, and Native Americans now living in cities, he encountered people who suffered a history of dispossession of their lands and resources, the breakdown of their societies and “numerous instances of outright brutality, all grounded on racial discrimination”.

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87 comments on “UN: Americans Should Return Stolen Land to Indian Tribes
  1. Hilton says:

    Right after the UN returns the land in NYC to the American people!

  2. ajfrench says:

    They have already done this.  They are running Buffalo on free range that are destroying the farmers property in the area.  These people have gone nuts.  Too many non-placebo medicants.

  3. Rich6666 says:

    Screw the Indians, they have refused to join America, most of their problems are brought upon themselves.  We need to worry about the UN returning the building they occupy and get the hell out of America and America’s business.  Without the US the UN would benothing, we fund all of their stupid ventures and it is time we STOP and kick them in the pants.

    • patriotrenegade says:

      I’ve long said turn it into a casino, hold all foreign “diplomats” hostage until their govts pay us what they owe. egypt owes NYC $16 mil in parking tickets.

      • junkmailbin says:

        tax the casinos. all businesses run owned by Indians need to be taxed

        • gnafuasusual says:

          All casinos are taxed, Indian or otherswise. Remember Abramoff who tried to help the Indian run casinos fight for less taxation? He got into a lot of trouble! Senator McCain finally caught up with Abramoff and put the screws to him and all the Inidan Casinos. McCain was able to collect more than Government’s fair share of taxes after that. If the government can tax a business then the business is legal. Look at the whore house the government closed down then reopened and couldn’t turn a profit so had to shut it down permanently. The U.S. government couldn’t even make a whore house profitable, yet, Gov’t controls our tax dollars and loses it, uses it for vacations and salaries for employees who do not work, gives our tax dollars to foreign countries to demolish the people of those countries…. Is it any wonder they couldn’t run a profitable W H?  The U.S. membership in UN needs to be revoked. UN causes/creates more problems than they solve.

    • frodonidas says:

      Easy on screw the Indians my friend, they were forcibly removed and forced to leave there lands that they had lived on long before your kind came over here on your boats.  My ancestors are native american and yes I still think this is a really stupid idea.  The UN needs to leave thats all there is to it. 

      • Cliffystones says:

         You say “they” like the people who now call themselves “Native Americans” were the actual individuals who were “forcibly removed”.

        All of this happened generations ago when you and I, our parents and grandparents were not even a twinkle in someone’s eye.

        I am as much a “Native American” as any of those people living on a reservation.  I don’t remember anything that happened before President Kennedy was assassinated.  I doubt that any of the aforementioned injustices were committed while I was growing up in the 60s and 70s.  And I’m quite certain that my parents, grand parents and great-grandparents were not involved.

        My advice for “Native Americans” and for that matter all of the “Hyphenated- Americans” is this.  Suck it up and assimilate! Leave the rest of us alone with your entitlement mentality masked as “oppression”.  And to paraphrase Obama himself, get over it, you lost!

        • frodonidas says:

          You missed my point completely my friend so butt out. As far as that useless piece of trash in office you and him and your kind will soon be out of power after we vote him out of office.

        • Cliffystones says:

           I wasn’t contradicting your point.  I was elaborating on it and adding my own.  And my point in using Obama’s rhetoric was not to support him, but rather to sarcastically illustrate how he and his toadies act when they get a little power.  Calling Obama a piece of cow dung would be insulting to fertilizer manufacturers everywhere.

          I’m just sick and tired of all of these people who think that I owe them something, or that I should feel shame simply because my ancestors are fair skinned and came from Europe.

  4. Mush says:

    No, SCREW the united nations. We’ve wasted too much money on that organization. Get us OUT!!

    • jong says:

       I agree.   DEFUND the UN and send their nasty little representatives back were they came from to once again use the out door plumbing .  Anaya being a “native american” himself (no real surprise) would of course love to have more casinos for his people .   Next the UN will demand that we give Texas back to Mexico silly rabbits.

  5. Joe in CT says:

    The early settlers did to the various native tribes exactly what they did to each other – fight wars over territory. Settlers’ journals are full of stories about how the whites would join up with one tribe which had declared war on another tribe, for what ? Land, and possession was nine-tenths of the law, as far as the natives were concerned, because they didn’t bother with Land Titles and silly papers; they duked it out on the field of battle, and whoever was still standing when the fighting ended was the owner.

    The UN can go suck on a prune; they don’t know how to get emergency supplies to a striken area, no less settle who owns what. We should just evict the UN from the East River and then when they find someplace new to have their offices, we can criticize them for stealing someone else’s land.

  6. Bob Macfarlane says:

    Get the UN out of my country and get my country out of that worthless orginization.

  7. Bob Macfarlane says:

    We won; injuns lost.  Get over it.  End of story.

  8. Lars says:

    The UN is no example of freedom when they do not impact the fact of Slavery and drug manufacturing in a number of countries which are free-load, non-paying members of the UN. I am all in favor of moving the UN
    to Terra Del Fuego or maybe Detroit!

  9. Lars says:

    The UN is no example of freedom when they do not impact the fact of Slavery and drug manufacturing in a number of countries which are free-load, non-paying members of the UN. I am all in favor of moving the UN
    to Terra Del Fuego or maybe Detroit!

  10. frodonidas says:

    My ancestors are native American, and I still think this is stupid.  The UN needs to get out of our country now.

  11. jim says:

    I’m Native American and I think the UN should give back to the American people the land the UN building is on and get the fvck out of OUR country …and take your black leader obama with you

  12. Jerry says:

    That’s about the funniest thing the UN has ever come up with… Maybe they would like to give the USA Germany, Japan, Italy, France, yada yada yada… After all we made those countries free. Crap, the UN is our enemy, along with islam and the commies. Wouldn’t it be a novel idea to treat them as enemies?

  13. Jack Fellows says:

    James Anaya is a Native American from the US Southwest. Somehow, he managed to dodge the much talked-about Discrimination Bullet and graduate from the University of New Mexico in 1980, Like Obama, he graduated from Harvard Law School (in 1983). Sensing the same profit potential as did Jesse Jackson, he hopped aboard the discrimination/reparations bandwagon early-on wearing a cloak of noble purpose. Now he is whisked about the globe as a United Nations aparatchik. Like Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, and many others, he seeks out the poorest segment of a particular culture (in this case, “indigenous peoples” and mines their discontent whilst being treated like royalty and paid accordingly. “Rapporteur”, indeed! What’s wrong with “hypocrite”? What I see is Mugabe-like pandering….

  14. Larome says:

    Just another Progressive comment to get us distracted and to argue amongst ourselves. I for one will not deny the history of mistreatment of American Indians. That, in my opinion, is not the issue here. The issue (as some posters have indicated) is the United States Government paying attention to alleged advice, the U.N. has regarding the United States. And should the opportunity arrive here, will Indian Tribes be exempt from Sharia Law?

  15. ricbee says:

    Yeah,we saved them from killing each other & gave them the wheel & horses.