Obama Flashback: 'I've Had Enough of Using Terrorism as a Wedge Issue in Our Politics'

In Iowa in 2006, then Sen. Barack Obama said, “I’ve had enough of using terrorism as a wedge issue in our politics.”

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29 comments on “Obama Flashback: 'I've Had Enough of Using Terrorism as a Wedge Issue in Our Politics'
  1. jong says:

    Just another lie.   Of course if some thing happens he will use the disaster to his benefit.   I would just like Obama to tell all of us exactly how he felt when he squeezed the trigger and killed bin Laden after all he has been going around saying that he killed him. (LOL)

    • El Lobo Solo says:

      Well, what ever he (Obama) felt when he pulled the trigger, certainly wasn’t Recoil.

  2. Rfh53 says:

    Obama , the great divider, is the biggest wedge of all time. He has done more to divide this nation than any president in history. United we stand, divided we fall….well folks, we are going to fall if this man remains in power.

  3. e1313ruth says:

    Obama is the one using terrorism as a political tool…He  announced his great acomplishment killing Bin Laden for political gain..

  4. antiliberalcryptonite says:

    Obama is a petulant narcissist who worships himself.MAXIMUS: The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end.

  5. liberty49 says:

    Proof that you can’t believe a word Obama SAYS, just watch what he is DOING.

  6. Dingbat36 says:

    He said a whole load of mendacious stuff in the past that is documented in print (from the era) and much of it on tape as he was so quick to want his smug mug on air or video.  Everything he has ever said is now coming back to haunt him. 

    I hope the Romney campaign runs at least one ad (repeatedly) with all the lies and the dates of the quotes! Should be pretty lengthy………..and expensive, but well worth it.

  7. The problem with lying is that our memories are unreliable ! Obama was quite emphatic in 2006 that he was ” tired of terrorism being USED AS A CAMPAIGN WEDGE ISSUE ” by Republicans ! Now that he is in deep doo doo with his reelection , TERRORISM AS A CAMPAIGN WEDGE ISSUE IS NOW FAIR GAME ! In fact it has become his MAIN ISSUE ! How times have changed ! He has been caught in so many lies since he became President , that it’s a wonder he has any credibility left at all ! Yet millions of Americans still support him . Why ? Democrats call Romney a ” flip-flopper ” ; well if Romney is a ” flip flopper ” , what does that make Obama ? Absentminded ? Or he just plain lying ? You decide ! Flip flopper ? In 2008 he called Bush ” irresponsible ” , and ” unpatriotic ” , for raising the debt limit by 4 trillion dollars ; so what does that make him now ?

  8. Philiplockerman says:

    With the advent of Barry O. putting into motion The National Defense Authorization Act, that the government has recently increased their pre packaged reserve food by 7,000 percent during his administration, that the Department of Homeland Security has ordered 500 MILLION rounds of ammo during his administration,  by Barry O. signing into action via Executive Order the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act was established,that the A.T.F. up here in Alaska is seizing sport shops and gun shops records of who bought what kind of gun…where they live etc, combined all of this with F.E.M.A.’s EXECUTIVE ORDERS, the CONSTITUTIONAL FREE ZONE, all it would take is a false flag and Barry O. could and will call for martial law and become King of America.  Once done OUR congress by law has to disband for upwards of six months, while Barry O. and his myriad army of czars take over OUR country. Please consider that our NorthCom troops have been training with U.N. troops right here in the good ol U.S.A. for martial law/urban warfare. One of their recent training grounds was Chicago….Barry O.’s old stomping grounds !

  9. Oh, yeah, a ‘total coincidence’ that his trip to Aff-stan just neatly fit with the anniversary of the only thing he hasn’t screwed up. And this pompous azz, with all this strutting and puffing, has really chapped the SEALs right where their wetsuits get a wedgie.
    And speaking of wedgies, this clown has given the country a ‘race wedgie’ since the day he walked in, and will continue to fracture this nation for his political gain on the way to socializing America.
    If he gets a second term, kiss the USA goodbye.
    Prepare now. Click the name.   

  10. CommiMarko says:

    … hero not spike the football Obama you piece of dog crap … Obama is the biggest scum bag what an absolute waste … too bad he is the first African American President … it will take decades for the African American communities to live this guy down … everytime a blackman gets in the race … America will say hummm … we tried that once before … It didn’t work out so well.

  11. Joyce E says:

    The following is NOT to be negative, but to try to get everyone in gear to DO SOMETHING — not just talk. One area we can work on is voter fraud by forcing the states to tighten the laws & the other is illegals. 
    That Obama has shown where he stands will mean little in an election where the following groups will vote for him: up to  30% of the population will vote Democratic no matter how bad he is (they will support their party no matter what), up to 95% of the blacks, up to 70% of the hispanics (who has been working tirelessly to naturalize them) , most of the union members, & the groups he has been buying with our tax dollars.  Then you add VOTER FRAUD that should put him over the top.    

  12. billy2 says:

    We have had ENOUGH of YOU period!!

  13. sean murry. says:

    We are disgusted with you SOB.

  14. Ken says:

    What is the motive for removing the Natural Born requirement?
    How do you have a Global Government when only Natural Born Americans with a blood loyalty to our sovereign nation can hold the highest offices in the land? It’s just another piece that must be put in place before Global Governance can fully materialize.

    Only once foreign born leaders are able to hold the White House, can we become a full member of the Global Community that was put in play by President Bill Clinton.

  15. Ken says:

    Today, facts are often nothing more than opinions which are based upon cherry-picked facts or facts invented on the spot to serve an agenda and deliver a prescribed outcome. Bret Baier’s opinion, as ill-informed and misguided as it is, was immediately cherry-picked by GOP USA to clear “their guy” Marco Rubio for a Vice Presidential run. Baier lies and GOP USA swears to it…all with a specific purpose in mind.

    For decades, it was Democratic Socialists via the Democrat Party that advanced the Global Governance agenda in the shadows and then in plain daylight. Today, Marco Rubio marks the moment in history when Republicans have gone public with their efforts to eliminate the Natural Born definition as well, and our sovereign nation along with it, in favor of Global Governance.