Dems Crafting Bill to Use IRS Code to Remove 2nd Amendment Rights

With the help of Representatives like Barbara Boxer of California, a bill rapidly working through Capitol Hill (passed through the Senate and is currently up for review in the House) will give the IRS power to:

-Accuse Americans of delinquency of tax payment without due process
-Revoke their passports and travel rights
-Place the accused in a centralize database
-Authorize the removal of their right to own a firearm

No formal charges are required. Simply the accusation from the IRS is sufficed to strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights.

“There is no requirement that the tax payer be guilty of or even charged with tax evasion, fraud, or any criminal offense — only that the citizen is alleged to owe the IRS back taxes of $50,000 or more,”reports the Daily Economist.

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530 comments on “Dems Crafting Bill to Use IRS Code to Remove 2nd Amendment Rights
  1. Noob says:

    Starts at 50,000 now, ends up any amount in the future.  This POS’s will do anything to backdoor gun control.

    • Lsmith24 says:

       One assumes that you’ve all already let your Representatives and Senators know how you feel about this.

    • Dstovall1 says:

       Sounds like incrementalism.

    • Mario says:

       There’s a bigger picture to all this. Dems trying to even up their odds of survival against the public should they try to pull off one of their many big schemes. I.E.; Michelle Obama trying to get support from the student generation as stating that she needed help from them in supporting B.O.’s agenda to be implemented as he was going to try something unprecedented. The fact that Russian airborne troops will be here next month training in Colorado.  Louis Farrakhan publicly stating that his army was ready and waiting to support B.O. and his agenda when the order was given. Bills starting in California to disarm the citizen and police officers (AB2549 – designed to take away guns from all California citizens unless you are a police officer. Then if you are a police officer, you can only keep (1) personal weapon if you get a letter from your police department – all other owned guns must be confiscated or surrended). Yeah, big things happening right now. The idea is to hit you with as many outrageous attempts at your freedom at once hoping several will slip by. 

  2. jb80538 says:

    The IRS pretty much has unlimited rights as it is now.  I think we need to revamp the  tax system and do away with them!

    • Remington 870 says:

      Completely agree…but who with any guts is going to shut these assholes down? Know any Congreeepersons with guts?

    • Yeoman says:

       Do away with IRS??? That’s crazy talk…….but can you name 12 term congressman running for president who has stated that would do just that?!?! Repeal the unconstitutional 1913 Federal Reserve Act and the IRS!!! It can be done. It just takes real leaders that live by their oath to uphold the Constitution. Ron Paul 2012 . com


      the EPA the IRS  and the Commerce Dept should be disbanded ASAP.

  3. Hunt says:

    It’s time for a people’s revolution.

    • Blazing Scriptures says:

      Obama, the Congress, and the courts are doing everything they can to make the U.S. government bigger. Big governments are always highly corrupt because with big government comes great power with access to massive wealth. Great power and massive wealth will always attract the most corrupt with the greatest ability to take advantage of great power to steal massive wealth, such as George Soros. Such people are truly evil and heartless. They will kill anyone who gets in their way. And they will always strive for greater power and greater wealth. They know the biggest government possible would be a one world government, the New World Order. It would have the greatest power possible with access to the most massive wealth of all, the wealth of the entire world. The New World Order will have the most corrupt oppressive government in the history of the world. There’s not much time to stop it, if it’s not too late already. God, help us all.

    • tholgramar says:


    • irishbulldog says:

      The tree of liberty must, from time to time, be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants….Thomas Jefferson

      • Jerry says:

        Except that the blood to be shed was never that Jefferson HIMSELF who, as revolutionary Gov. of Virginia, famously skeddadled from Monticello rather than face a small British raiding party. It was people like Washington and Lee who walked the walk and won the country’s independence.

  4. Help says:

    The IRS is already exempt from Constitutional limitations on their activities.

  5. Vexed Vet says:

    Get a grip America! The plan is to regulate everyone into criminal status then the ‘contraries’ that don’t lick these comrades boots can be charged with anything!
    Once every American is a criminal even before they get out of bed we will be inslaved just as much as if we were invaded by a foreign enemy instead of the home grown ones!

  6. Remington 870 says:

    And what the the Congressional GOP going to do about this? Probably nothing since they allowed the Defense Authorization Act and numerous Obama Executive Orders to go through without any rebuttal. Come for my firearm, be prepared to see Jesus or whoever. The Dem scum want so much to disarm us and then we are enslaved. Won’t happen where I live in SC. See you patriots on the battlefield.

  7. R. Young says:

    Ah yes that wonderful organization the I R S, time to change the 1040 form and add a new section that all must comply with.  New section would be a place to list not only all weapons owned but the amount of ammunition as well and of coursea tax on each weapon and each individual round of ammo!  This will make America the safest place in the World?

  8. Pyowakit says:

    Patriotic Conservative law abiding gun owners are to blame for what they get, talk,talk,talk,talk,talk and never any ACTION of any kind ever. Our founding fathers would scream “snap out of it, what the hell are you waiting for?”

  9. dupreelover says:

    If I remember correctly :  The first Ten Ammendments to the Constitution are the “Bill Of Right” Which cannot be changed for any reason.  Every Other Amendment may be amended. Bill Of Rights are the Law Of the Land. These are the rights of Every US Citizen

    • Dstovall1 says:

      Correct and even further, they are God-given rights, not given by government. They are only enumerated in the Bill of Rights for the purpose of telling government they cannot be taken away by government.

    • Goatie says:

      To We the People, the Constitution is the Law of the Land, but to those who don’t go by it, they could care less.

    • Bill says:

      Since when does this administration adhere to any laws ?  .  .  . The man in charge is illegal !

  10. Grandma_wallace says:

    Well, that takes care of a lot of Hollywood lefties and Political Dems. We on the right just need to make sure we don’t owe the IRS.

    • Goatie says:

      According to their statement, it doesn’t matter if we owe the IRS or not.  If they simply accuse us of it, we are doomed.

  11. Greyant says:

    The administration wants Americans to revolt so that they can declare Marshall law and invite Russia and others to come in and crush all resistance to his ‘Change’ objectives.

    Far too many republicans sit by and never challenge the administration’s anti American actions.
    I think that this country is already half way down the tubes  and one more flush should finish it off for good.

  12. cathylovesyou says:

    Barbara Boxer is a disgraced to our country, helping with a way unexposed Communuist go about their business.     This bill screams of part of a Communist takeover.    Govenment Control with one unelected leader.    Uncle Joe is alive and well.     Radical ? but then maybe not.   

  13. Radical Rabbi says:

    The government we currently have is not what the Founding Fathers gave us.  To be sure, the form is there, the motions are there, but what we started with and what we have now is a monstrosity; Thomas Jefferson wrote of this, we didn’t listen.
    Perhaps these words written over 200 years ago will help us to remind us the whole reason for the “American Experiment.”  “When in the course of human events…” Sound familiar?

  14. Don says:

    Most of my guns were handed down from my family to me. I will die in my house before they will get my family’s guns. They belong to my son when I’m gone, or they will get them when I’m dead.

    • Goatie says:

      This was part of the subject in a local Tea Party meeting the other night.  It was mentioned that in Austrialia, they are taking every single gun, even if it is an antique hanging on the wall.  The NWO stupidios haven’t taken our guns yet because so many people have them (2nd Amendment rights).  So, their only way of getting them from us is a slow simmering effect.  This latest projected law, however, is fascism pure and simple.  And, We the People, are at boiling point.  Don’t mess with Texas or Oklahoma!

  15. bondmen says:

    Let’s make them vote for or against this abomination of abusive law so We The People can know who are friends and who are enemies.  Will that limp, wimpy Boehner let it come to the floor for a vote?