How Close? Obama-Romney Contest Could Come Down to Four States

The day Rick Santorum suspended his campaign for the Republican nomination saw President Obama in Florida. He’ll be back in the Sunshine State on Friday.

Floridians can expect to see a lot of the president, and of Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, as well as a deluge of television advertising over the next seven months. Florida is one of a handful of states – maybe as few as four or five – that likely will decide the election.

Right now, Obama appears to have at least narrow leads in most of those states, judging by the most recent polls – two last month in Florida had him up by between three and seven points, for example. With more than six months to go before the election, however, plenty of time remains for those polls to turn around.

Some strategists in both parties believe that ultimately the race will come down to Colorado, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia. That scenario has Obama losing Florida, which was among the states hardest hit in the recession and one where the economy remains bad. Others think Florida will stay in play down to the wire.

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75 comments on “How Close? Obama-Romney Contest Could Come Down to Four States
  1. Dingbat36 says:

    Don’t know who is being “polled” but I will not answer polling questions and neither will any of my family or friends. The pollsters are “stuck” with the people who WILL answer their questions. I have NO confidence in any of the polls and the only real comfort I have is the memory that in this point in his campaign, Ronald Reagan was told that he was down double digits to Carter and you know how that turned out.

    • TheChristianSolution says:

      But Romney is no Ronald Reagan.

      • Elcon05 says:

        Ron Regan was a book you had to buy and read all the chapters before you could sit back and applaud. Give Romney that same chance. It’s the ONLY chance this country has!!!

        • Mdavis says:

          Amen !

        • Michael G. says:

          My best friend is a Mormon. His whole family are Mormons. I have met many Mormons. I would much rather have them all living next door and down the street from me than live in the same city as Obama and his ilk. I would rather be on a desert island than have that.
          (My friend tried to get me to join the Mormon church. I could not. Instead I joined the Catholic church. I know that will cause some people to go crazy. But I have my reasons.). Oh, too. My friend and I are still best friends. We have been best friends for 40 years, and nothing and no one can change that.

        • Dusty1 says:

          I have had the same experience with Mormons.  I lived in Idaho for a time when I was younger.  They are fine people and take their faith quite seriously.  The Mormons also tried to convert me.  There were so many Mormons in the Southwest when I lived there that I felt a bit isolated.  But the area sure was beautiful.

      • DogmaDestroys says:

        Unfortunately, Ronald Reagan was also no Ronald Reagan, if ya know what I mean.

    • Noob says:

       And Obama is no Carter…………he is worse.

    • Michael G. says:

      If it is a legitimate poll from a legitimate source, and asks legitimate questions, then yes, I’ll answer the questions. If not, then I’ll be like OB, I’ll lie! They don’t seems to know the difference.

  2. TheChristianSolution says:

    Let Romney and Obama slug it out for the liberal States. And let Ron Paul win all the conservative States.  This is a winning strategy.

    Of course, the reality is that Romney would throw the election to Obama, because he would swing so far right to keep Ron Paul from winning at all costs, that conservative States would be deceived and vote for Romney.

    No way that the Goldman Sachs man would let a populist win.

    • KC135TopBoom says:

      If Ron Paul runs as a third party candidate, we are all doomed.  Obama wins.

      • Michael G. says:

        Seems to me we saw this once before. I don’t need a “Part 2″ repeat of that one.

      • cliffvettej says:

         This is the Paulbots motive. Many of the people posting as Paulbots are actually Dummycrats trying to stir up and divide the Conservative base. These posters are trying to set up a Rush Limbaugh type “Operation Chaos”. If the true Conservatives vote for  the Republican nominee he will win. Just do not proceed under the delusion that the Paulbots would ever support the Republican nominee. We will do this without them.

    • cliffvettej says:

       There is absolutely no scenario where Paul could win this election. Let’s see how close he comes to winning delegates in the remaining primaries/caucuses. After he is creamed in every remaining primary/caucus then will you Paulbots concede that he will not be the nominee or are you still going to insist that Paul can win the nomination. And NO we will not support Paul as a third party candidate. One thing to look forward to is after he is summarily dispatched in this election we will not have to ever have his name raised again in a Presidential election. He is 76 now and will be 80 during the next cycle–assuming he lives that long. People thought McCain was too old at 72. The fact Paul is 76 (77 in August) would keep many from voting from him.

    • Marvpedmass says:

      I saw this post.
      “25 years ago we had Ronald Reagan. Johnny Cash and Bob Hope.
      Today we have Barack Obama, no cash, no hope.

  3. LFRD says:


    I would like to take this time to tip my hat and show my appreciation to
    the Santorum supporters out there. I am a Ron Paul supporter and
    although we differ on a few issues, I have tremendous respect for you
    guys and the spirit in which you pursued this campaign. This year should
    serve as a model for what can be accomplished when the people are
    passionate about their futures. It is my hope that we can all join
    together under the banner of Liberty and bring victory and lasting
    change to our great nation.

    Liberty allows us all to find common ground and will bring us together.
    The concept of Liberty holds value for all beliefs, races, and motivations.

    The concept of Liberty means that we can all be free and have equal
    chance to prosper.

    Liberty means that we can worship as we please and be free from
    government intrusion into our respective religions.

    Liberty means that we be secure in our homes and in public from
    unwarranted searches and harassment. Liberty means we won’t be strip
    searched for unpaid parking tickets nor does it allow strangers to
    fondle your loved ones before boarding a plane.

    Liberty means that when we go to war, we do it to protect each other and
    not to further the agenda of those that oppress us. Our service members
    are there to protect their loved ones, not to be mercenaries for
    countries that hate us.

    Liberty means that we no longer have to fear the government or answer to
    their mandates. Instead, the government takes a back seat and gives us
    what we desire most: to be left alone.

    Liberty means that our money is not shifting quicksand but instead is
    solid as a rock. I trade hours of my life for money, hours that I can
    never get back. When the government taxes us and inflates the currency,
    they are stealing and devaluing my life. From the moment that we are
    born, our days are numbered. The time spent away from my family had
    better be spent in a worthy endeavor. My life’s work is not to pay for
    foreign aid to Pakistan, not to bailout Wall Street, nor to fund Planned

    Liberty means that you won’t be jailed for the color of your skin or the
    clothes you wear.

    Liberty means that everyone has a seat at the table, not just a
    privileged few. Liberty wields more power than Goldman Sachs.

    I am not not gloating, but instead I offer all of you an outstretched
    hand in friendship. Together, we can change this country and bring joy
    and stability to our lives, especially if we work together. It is my
    hope that you good people will see the value in Liberty. Liberty means
    we can live in peace, love our families, and lead our lives in the
    fashion that brings us the most fulfillment and happiness.

    Please consider supporting Ron Paul. I can promise you that Liberty will
    bring more to your lives and will never take from you. I can also
    promise you that once you have had a taste of Liberty, you will never
    desire to live any other way.

    • cliffvettej says:

       WE can support a candidate that will win in November OR we can support Paul, a person that has absolutely no chance whatsoever to win the election. Supporting Paul is like handing the election to Obamler uncontested.

      • LFRD says:

        sorry, replied to you, but is being monitored by this site.  no bad language, just more freedom loving monitoring stuff.  Gosh, i love America–I mean the new and imporoved America.

        • cliffvettej says:

           I understand. I reply with venom and inappropriate language myself sometimes. I just lose it over some of the things posted.

    • DogmaDestroys says:

      An ignorant, hypocritical and dangerous Theocrat. Frothy did the best thing for his family (especially that little daughter) AND the nation by dropping out of the race. He was an embarrassment to the GOP.

  4. Dusty1 says:

    Let’s see what the Supreme Court decides with Obamacare.  Hopefully, it will be voted down and that will speak volumes about the wasted time and money that the president occupied himself with.  You’d think with all the debt and high unemployment and gas numbers, beating Obama would be easy.  But we are dealing with a president who is not above rigging the election and he has an Attorney General who will enforce the rigging.  Plenty of union thugs, Black Panthers and liberal activists who are all interested and getting paid with our tax dollars to work against the American People and keep the dictator wanna-be in office.

  5. Joseph Hunt says:

    What happened to N. Carolina??????? All I heard for two weeks was N. Carolina was the state to watch, it would decide the election…….

  6. jong says:

    Obama really does not stand a chance unless he resorts to violence which is a good possibility .   In his gas policy alone he is tanking in the polls that no one seems to want to print.  He will go down with aprox 40% of the vote.    Romney will win but,  he himself is no answer being a liberal himself different train same destination as Obama.

    • Osherrie23 says:

      Jong stop talking and listen for a change. ROMNEY IS NOT A LIBERAL!!!!! Help him win and then you can relax as he restores the Physical house of the USA to Sanity and , with the help of the Congress and Freedom loving citizens restores the USA to a State of Prosperity and Freedom.

  7. Jack says:

    It defies all logic how Odumbo could win a single state.  Oh wait, I forgot about the welfare vote that he owns.  And the sexual pervert vote.   And and the hate America first vote.  And the black racist vote.  And the socialist/communist vote.  And the entitlement vote.  And … never mind.  Looks like he’s a shoe in.

  8. Sean murry. says:

    Those polls are stacked in the favor of obummer.

  9. Weez says:

    You know the DemocRats are going to be committing voter fraud in the close swing states.  The fix is in, it’s just a matter of going through the motions now.  Prepare for the United Socialist States of America.

  10. Yes the trouble with these states is due to the fact he gets his communist voters who are illegals and also makes his threats as he did with Hillery Clinton…Romney look out for the threats to you and your family due this is Obama’s way of winning he and his muslims illegals and trash like Soro, Ayers and many others from Chicago. If it comes down to one on one I know Romney will win. But you have the trash like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Soro, Ayers and this rich dummy that wants the rich taxed oh how crazy  they all should be put away for life in some prison so far away only the bugs and rats can save them for food.

  11. Jeffbwillis says:

    It is simple math. If Marco Rubio is the running mate, Florida, Colorado and Nevada will be off the board for Democrats. Ditto for Arizona and New Mexico. Romney should be able to eek out a close win in Virginia with the help of Governor McDonald, Attorney General Cucinelli and others. I believe he can also win in Indiana. New Hampshire should be an easy victory for Mitt. This leaves the south, plains and mountains. I think it will be very difficult for Obama to win any of these states. North Carolina might be the closest.

    As weak as Romney may be, Obama’s record isn’t exactly something to write home about! If gasoline prices exceed $5.00 per gallon in most of the country, he will be on the defensive. The unemployment numbers may hold. But half the population thinks their bogus anyway! The key for Romney is (a) the base getting out to vote, (b) winning a reasonable number of Hispanic voters and (c) getting young people to abandon  Obama. All could happen rather easily. But he needs Rubio on the ticket. Rubio may not agree. But he endorsed him! Now it’s time to put the country first.

  12. Lark125 says:

    all you people worry about voter fraud, you should worry about who is counting the votes.

  13. Boris yasdnilkov says:

    Unfortunately, Republican Party insiders and power brokers who pushed and promoted Mitt Romney as the favorite party candidate picked a loser. As a lifelong Republican and observer of human nature, I predict that Romney will lose badly for several reasons. One, he does not come across as a down-to-earth, truthful type of guy because he is neither–just look at the distortions, half-truths, and deliberate lies in his primarycampaign advertisements. Two, “Romney Care” will be an unremovable albatross around his neck throughout the presidential campaign, especially in any debate with Obama. Three, his success rate as an effective business leader will be twisted and turned inside out to mock his posture. In a word, he is not believable. Many conservatives and moderates will not vote for this type of candidate, some will stay home and others will vote for a third party candidate. Couple these factors with a huge voter turnout for Obama and spell D E F E A T. Absent some international upheaval it is really that simple. However, I H O P E I am wrong!

    • LarryAndy says:

      If there are so many ignorant and stiff necked folks that care nothing for the future of this country and would rather force the Obama ticket to win, this nation is doomed and such statements reflecting such bias willingness to go down in death of America rather then bend to the best of choices even if not in total agreement, faces consequences that will be forced upon all of us, our children and future hopes that may never be saved for future generations.

    • Osherrie23 says:

      You are wrong on all counts. Mass health care works for Mass. Not an albatross. Get out of your funk and realize, Romney can win and will be the best President for the Your goals of America if you pull your head out and get with him!

  14. Man says:

    As long as the GOP is perceived as one who considers everyone but them Communists there is no way y can win. So please you who post hereget out and make your voice heard. Go to your neighbors who might be undecided and tell them all about Saul Alknsky, Bill Ayers, Hilary death threats, FEMA interment camps and your cool Mormon billionaire candidate who will create jobs by giving rich people more money. Please do this now. Y need to for the good of our country. PS. Don’t mention that Mitt is really mean to dogs.

    • LarryAndy says:

      It is ignorance and uneducated replies as this that guarentee we will have no America shortly, I am betting on Obama again, just what people as this deserves, war, miseries, death, destruction, wipe out freedom and let war be the nightmare of the masses thru out the world, it is justly deserved by such masses, only problem is, all hope, all good and all innocent suffer along with the rest.

    • CheeseandRice says:

      Beg pardon. It’s us far, right-wing, extremist conservatives who perceive everyone else, outside our thinking, commies. And most of them are. Actually, I tend more towards Libertairan. GOP is lost to the commies. Anarchy wouldn’t be so bad either. It’d be better than the lawless, obama, commies giving powers to animals who would otherwise stay in their ghetto and kill each other.

    • Osherrie23 says:

      Get over this insanity! Stating the truth is to difficult so spread marginal lies and half truths.

    • J says:

       You’re going to have one heck of a headache when that koolaid wears off.

  15. Ken says:

    “My goal was to shrink the size of government, balance our budget, pay the bills, have sound money and live within our means and mind our own business…”  Ron Paul

    • Osherrie23 says:

      KEN, News alert! That is also Romneys Goal and he has the credentials to back his words.

      • Ken says:

        Believe you me the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot by allowing voter fraud against Ron Paul. There will be a reckoning at the polls for disenfranchising those that support Paul. Someone on the Right had better wake up & smell the coffee because they cannot beat Obama without the Paul supporters…

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