Gingrich Says He'll Run Until Romney Has 1144 Delegates

Newt Gingrich insisted Monday that he would continue in the fight for the Republican presidential nomination until Mitt Romney secured the 1,144 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination, saying ‘a whole new conversation’ would occur if the frontrunner was also unable to hit the necessary total.

“I think the morning that he gets 1,144 that are locked down, then I think he claim to be the nominee. But until then, he’s not the nominee,” Gingrich said on CNN. “Remember, I’m from Atlanta, where we were ahead by 10.5 games last year with only 28 games to go, and the Cardinals didn’t quit. Everybody wanted them to, but they just kept coming and they ended up winning. I think this is not over until it’s over. ”

The former House Speaker went on to acknowledge that while Mitt Romney was the frontrunner, he had not given a dominating performance in the primaries thus far.

“Look, I think the front-runner’s clearly Mitt Romney. Out of 10 million votes cast so far, he’s only gotten four million. So he’s the weakest front-runner in modern times,” Gingrich said.

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25 comments on “Gingrich Says He'll Run Until Romney Has 1144 Delegates
  1. jong says:

    Of course this makes sense and that Romney’s positive numbers are down and his negative numbers are up and it looks like a brokered convention no matter how much Ann Coulter slobber’s over both Romney and Christie

  2. sbcd says:

    NEWT 2012 Get rid of Etch A Sketch and crook RINO Santorum

  3. zanografix says:

    Romney is not a conservative. He is the godfather of Obamacare and his first words after being elected will be “We can fix it” He is handpicked by the elite to insure the continued status quo should Obama be defeated. If we really want to take our country back then Romney is a definitive “NO!”

  4. Eddie B says:

    I sure do miss Palin…..however…..ABO…….anybody but Obama!!!

  5. Deanbrown says:

    I think it is time for Rick and Newt to quit acting like spoiled brats.  I have been studying all of their records and neither Rick or Newt are TRUE CONSERVATIVES.  If they truly want to get Obama out in November then it is time to stick together.  I thought we were in this election to get rid of Obama and not fight with each other.  Mitt Romney is not as thin skinned as Rick and Newt are.  I have had to think about all of the Candidates and have decided that Mitt would stand the best chance of winning in November.

    • Aniko says:

      I don’t think you understand
      the definition of “true conservatives”. There were so called true
      conservatives throughout the ages, but not necessarily the best of leaders! The
      definition DOES change: for a Muslim versus a Catholic, conservative means different
      things, but neither proved to be good leaders for mankind. Reverting back to
      “gold standard” sounds good on the surface but it is unrealistic.

      Romney appears to
      “evolve” into a conservative, but that for him means to get elected
      by the so many ignorant Republicans!

      Your research obviously was
      not well done or adequately understood if you can claim that Gingrich is NOT
      conservative. He WAS a conservative during the Reagan years, and stood the
      times during the Clinton years as a conservative. Today, conservative
      is someone who understands who Obama is, and CAN articulate the counter
      argument of his deeds to both the establishment and the media! HE did it before
      and can do it again! And now, PLEASE don’t come back with his failures in his personal
      life. THAT has absolutely nothing to so with whom he was and is as a political

  6. Guest says:

    time for newt and rickie to gracefully bow out but both are not man enough to gracefully leave the  stage, a disgusting display of self centeredness

    • Chuck says:

      They seem to enjoy bashing Romney and doing everything the can to stall his nomination.   All thty are accomplishing is turning independents away from the Republican Party.  They both sound and act like democrats.   Both left their places in the Congress in disgrace.   Neither has ever worked outside of politics and have not the foggiest idea about running a business, or how to correct the economy.

      • Aniko says:

        “Money is the root of all evil”!  Anyone who idolizes money (OR gold) over ideas,
        commons sense and compassion for those who cannot help themselves is doomed! Can’t
        you see that worshiping gold/money is a sin, with a capital S?

        While money is a necessary evil, it is NOT our biggest threat!
        The world still chooses to invest in the country of the $! Our economy has to
        be re-set to be able to grow and take us back to be the leaders our ideology
        granted us. It NEVER was the ideology of selfish “non-intervention”!
        It was NEVER I’ll do just fine if I have MY gold/money safe!


        Leadership means to be a leader of ideas, not just MONEY!
        The US of A was NOT the richest country at its inception and its money certainly
        was not even in the competition, but the unique experiment of people governing
        themselves, in faith and humility to God Almighty, by whatever name you worship
        Him!  IDEAS of freedom (subject to God
        ONLY) and responsibility, unique and revolutionary for the times, is what made
        us who we have become, but sadly relenting it now for the “security”
        of “gold-backed money” is the worst idea! THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER! Vision
        and ideas is what can get us back to who we are and to strong and principled leaders
        once again! Newt Gingrich IS that MAN for our age, NOT Ron Paul!

      • Aniko says:

        The “basher” is
        Romney’s PAC; nothing Santorum or Gingrich said matches that! Pricey number of delegates
        proves that Romney is neither a “conservative” nor a “good” businessman,
        but a blindly ambitious man who thinks he can be a god while still on Earth!
        You on the other hand are merely a follower of a false “god”!

      • Clearinknowledge says:

         It’s not bashing when it’s the truth about Romney. Newt, was Speaker of the House and under Clinton balanced the budget. Clinton himself, gave the credit to Newt. So Newt has shown he can do what it takes Chucky. Running a business is NOT the same as running the country. Romney has NO real credentials. He was nothing more than a corporate raider. Making millions off the backs of working Americans. Romney is noting more than a Obama wanna be.  And he is Obamalite. Romney is certainly NOT a conservative. He a moderate more in line with the Dem’s. In Mass.’s he had Dems  on his staff and cabinet. Romney is a plant by the Dems. If Odumbo wins, the Dem’s win. If Romney wins, the Dem’s win. Romney is a flip flopper on issues. He talks just like Odumbo and lies. All the money he has for his campaign will be rewarded back to his supporters just like the Unions were for Obummer. Both parties are afraid of Newt and Paul. Just what we need as President. Someone who has the guts to take on all the creeps and Rino’s in Washington. Go Newt and Paul.

        • billy2 says:

          I like Newt …………..warts and all, he’s not perfect, BUT LOOK AT THE INSANE FREAK WE HAVE NOW………………HE MUST GO OR OUR REPUBLIC IS GONE.

        • M says:

          So, you really think Barry has more experience on anything than Mitt?  That makes you just as dumb as Barry.  I am no fan of Romney but idiots like you do not look at the facts.
          As for Newt, he is an admitted big gov’t progressive. He was booted for ethics violations when he was speaker of the house. How is this con man any better?

  7. Miss Vinay Duggal says:

    Newt Gingrich to take the White House in 2012.

  8. ricbee says:

    Gingrich has been running for at least 5 years,so what’s a few more months? And maybe he will be offered something by the new President.

  9. noelle2011 says:


    • ricbee says:

       I like Paul but some things are just so outlandish he cannot even get my vote tho I fancy myself a Libertarian.

  10. jockstrap1234 says:

    Sadly, I think Gingrich is both stubborn & stupid enough to stay in well past when he should…

  11. Tod says:

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 Our Last Chance at Freedom !!!

  12. Rmarodis says:

    GO NEWT.

  13. Minderbender1971 says:

     If Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich get the 2012 Republican nomination for president of the United States of America, I will be looking for a new political party. Maybe the Constitution Party will have a qualified  candidate. 

  14. This long and nasty contest has proven things. LIke all the RINOs in power are pushing Romney. There’s a signal, that he’s the eliteist candidate. The elitists do NOT want any part of Newt, cuz he’ll be uncontrollable and won’t fit in with the crowd. The MSM pushes Romney, there’s another signal, he’s the establishment press choice. Newt will get right in their faces and call them on their BS. They don’t like that. Romney pushed mandated insurance that was the model for 0bamacare. The people don’t like 0-care, but they ‘want’ Romney? What’s up with that? When it gets down to face to face debating with the Kenyan, Mitt will play nice just like McCain, and just like him, will lose the contest. Newt would mop the floor with him, blowing holes in every statement 0bama ever made, with the grasp of history, proceedure and detail that he’s got. And let’s not forget, that 6 out of 10 voters have voted for anyone BUT Mitt.

  15. DollyT says:

    You hang in there Newt.  I will stand by you all the way to the end.