Barack Obama: We're Going to Reshape Mean-Spirited and Selfish America

Face It, He Hates You… Barack Obama in 1990: We’re Going to Reshape ‘Mean-Spirited’ and Selfish America

From Barack Obama’s 1990 interview:

“There’s certainly racism here. There are certain burdens that are placed, more emotionally at this point than concretely,” Obama said.

“Professors may treat black students differently, sometimes by being, sort of, more dismissive, sometimes by being more, sort of, careful because they think, you know, they think that somehow we can’t cope in the classroom,” he said.

Obama sees the inner cities as the front lines of racism.

“It’s critical at this stage for people who want to see genuine change to focus locally. And it is crucial that we figure out how to rebuild the core of leadership and institutions in these communities,” he said.

For five years before law school, Obama took on that task in Chicago. As the director of a program that tried to bring South Side churches, unions and block associations together on projects, Obama was not trying to solve local problems, he said. Instead he sought to construct something more lasting — a forum for the community, “I’m interested in organizations, not movements, because movements dissipate and organizations don’t,” Obama said.

America suffered when the movements of the 1960s dissipated, he said. Those movements succeeded in raising doubts about harmful traditions of sexism and racism, but failed to offer a viable alternative.

“Hopefully, more and more people will begin to feel their story is somehow part of this larger story of how we’re going to reshape America in a way that is less mean-spirited and more generous,” Obama said.

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440 comments on “Barack Obama: We're Going to Reshape Mean-Spirited and Selfish America
  1. Elizabeth says:

    And Nothing creates a less mean-spirited environment than by telling successful, hardworking people how selfish they are. . (not)

    • DrBillLemoine says:

      Back to school for reading comprehension lessons. The quote comes from 22 years ago–quite a long time and into early adulthood when most people are more sensitive to slights and ceilings and dismissive behavior of others while climbing the corporate and social ladders. And even at that, this comes from a highly successful person who, given the times and environment and personal characteristics, probably got more than his share of mean-spirited and selfish reactions to his idealism. Plus he wasn't talking to you. . .

      • geeshim says:

        He hasn't changed and he's still saying it. Oh, by the way, it includes you. Your liberal card doesn't exclude you.

        • Myrttlelinder says:

          OH, HE HAS CHANGED IT ALRIGHT, he just badly mistaken the good people and had changed things for the wrong crowd. He just did know who the mean spirited, hate filled people were, That is the crowed he is promoting. He has change loving, kind spirited America to something that is hard to recognize. WAKE UP AMERICA, IT IS TIME TO TAKE OUR CHRISTIAN AMERICA BACK!!!

      • Cliffystones says:

        Boy, you really buy into this foolishness, don't you? And while he may not be "talking" to us, we have to put up with the nonsense he spews daily as POTUS.

      • dale says:

        Hope and Change. The essence of what BHO is about.

    • ron says:


    • JIM says:


      • meknow says:


      • Revere says:

        Simplistic & ignorant much?

        • PAvoter says:

          Do you know the definition of ignorant? It fits you, Revere. It means lacking knowledge, uninformed, ignorant of facts. Jim states FACTS and you, obviously lacking understanding of those facts, call him ignorant. He's the one armed with knowledge. You don't like those facts, and neither do I. Just because we don't like certain facts doesn't make them any less true. Truth can be uncomfortable at times, exceedingly so. I'm sorry you found the truth so uncomfortable that it placed you in denial mode and reduced you to adolescent name calling.

    • Patrick Henry says:

      he should go to africa and reshape thier mean-spirited black asses over there, then maybe they will act like humanbeings, and stop killing each other they do it in the ghettos and in kenya as well,they should get jobs and work for a change.

    • Dana G. Carter says:

      President Obama, (I know, I hate saying that too), has no sense of the American Public as a whole. I don't even know where he gets this sense that America sucks. I guess he picked up some bad information in the Philippines and he never got over it. I think he fooled us once and he got into office, but come November I hope and pray we can change him to unemployed. It scares me when so many people pay $36,000 a plate to help get this moron reelected. He say's these horrible things about the majority of the American Public and yet so many of us make around $36,000 per YEAR. My wife and I are both disabled and our two incomes don't even add up to ONE plate at an Obama fund raiser. He supports the 99% Occupy Wall Street crowd and those idiots make less than my wife and I. Please wake up America.

    • T Lady says:

      You nailed it again, Elizabeth!!!!!

    • Smart2 says:

      I guess he's not talking about how much we, 'mean spirited and SELFISH' Americans, give to the UN so he can send it all to his 'friendly, generous' friends in Pakistan, Iraq, South America….

    • Belcara says:

      He's not going to be happy until we are all (Anglo-Christians, Christians of any color, elderly and any offspring belonging to them) are in chains or dead.

  2. VirgoVince says:

    YOU caused it, numbnuts, but WE will STOP it, right after WE get rid of the garbage in the white mosk!!

    • DrBillLemoine says:

      You conveniently ignore the stagnant wages perpetuated by successful, selfish people fighting to get more for themselves over the past 30 years at everyone else's expense. You ate the blueberry pie. You are the selfish and bigoted one talking about garbage in the White House, but you're not successful on your own. You have to tear down someone else to feel successful.

      • geeshim says:

        Successful does not equal selfish, nor is success accomplished only by selfishness. Otherwise, explain all the millionaires created by Apple. A stagnant economy, exacerbated by government meddling which caused and is sustaining high unemployment rates, and a tax code that helps keep the middle class from rising, are the culprits. What world do you live in, anyway?

      • Raymond says:

        You're a real piece of garbage.

      • Frankcastle1958 says:

        So Dr. Bill.. you are a self avowed COMMUNIST right?? we didn't ignore THAT factoid…

      • VirgoVince says:

        Look who's on the MINUS side of this topic!! Is it painful to be stupid??
        Are you a proctologist?? Get your head out of obozo's asz!!

      • George says:

        When you take away the incentive to become successful, you get a great pile of dependents that won't even get up off of the couch and take out the garbage. You of all people should know that "Dr".. I make way less than $100k and I pay out about 35% of my income in taxes and I'm considered to be in the lower middle class bracket. Taxes are my #1 monthly expense, food costs are my second highest monthly bill. It is higher than my mortgage. I spent $15K last year on food alone. Quicken doesn't lie.

      • SDPDCOP says:

        Dr. Bill……Ohhh, you mean like the union presidents like AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, who has been part of union thugs beatings, stabbings, vandalism and murders, for people who went against the union orders. Tell me doctor bill, when UPS and the grocery stores went on strike several years ago and the employees were only make 50 dollars a day striking, as opposed to their almost 300 dollars a day for delivery packages, stocking, bagging groceries, how much did the union presidents make? they still made their six plus figure salary while the strikers were struggling to support their families. I am not putting down UPS workers or grocery store employees, because anyone with an honest job helps support our country by paying high taxes.

        But stupid people such as yourself DR. Bill wants a maid, a trash man, a carpet cleaner, a cop, which i am, a fire fighter, to make as much as a Doctor, surgeon, the CEO or owner of Google, Callaway, and it just does not work that way. Sorry to ruin your fantasy world, you socialist whack job.

        • Mitch says:

          Dr Bill's really Mr. Bill – the Mr. Bill that banged his head numerous times during his move. Remember that one – where Mr. Bill is in a little car getting pulled bu a string, slinging all over the place, smashing into all kinds of stuff.

    • ron says:

      Yes. He is evil.

      • Raymond says:

        He's 100% evil.

        • Edward Shick says:

          If we can have an honest election ,We need to give every one the right to vote one time ,no once is what we need ,,Picture Id's in every state is needed , There are only 16 states that require a picture ID , Of course AJ Holder does not want an Honest Election , Dead people should only come back on Halloween for one night ,Get rid of the Evil liar in White House ,

        • Raymond says:

          Hi Edward,
          I hate to be the bearer of bad news….
          There's no such thing as an honest election.

        • Edward Shick says:

          Raymond , i enjoy your comments Thanks , I know I have worked on Election Board for last 15 years since I retired and it even in Small town America , it's not nice when some one tells you who they are and has phoney paper and you knew the person whe they were alive, In our state you can vote with a utility bill

    • Betty Phillips says:

      Amen to your remark!!! I can hardly wait until November when we will show the runting Zebra that we do not believe a dam word he says and when he smiles that SHEET EATING GRIN makes my stomach turn. He has never done anything for most Americans and that includes the black, white or any color, Obama is a lying AzzWHOLE, we need him out of our country and we could care less where he goes, just take your garbage out of the white house, then we will be able to santize it. Betty

    • Raymond says:

      It's time to take out the trash.

    • Bob says:

      Might this be said by the same Barack HUSSEIN Obama whose brother lives on $15 a month in a 7X10 hut? Or the same Nobama whose aunt Zatuti lives outside Boston on welfare, after never having contributed a nickel to the system? Neither of these relatives of our "dear leader", you know, the Dithering Doofus, has received a penney in help from this paragon of compassion! Like most Liberals/Marxists/Statists, they prefer to use other people's money. Like Margaret Thatcher once stated, "Liberalism is a wonderful thing—-until you run out of other people's money!"

      • hoppiness says:

        I regret that I have but ONE thumbs up to give ya! Excellent post, Bob!

      • PAvoter says:

        Do you know Obama only donated 1% of his income to charity and that was when he was running for POTUS in 2007 & 2008. Tax returns for prior years showed he donates LESS THAN 1%. Compare that to Romney who donates at minimum 15% of all his earnings and profits. Gingrich 18%. Don't know what Santorum or Paul gave away. But I'm sure whatever the amount it will be greater than BO's 1%. If Obama has to be shaken down to get a measly 1% for charity, you can bet he won't give his brother $20 a month or help his Aunt in any meaningful way short of pointing her into our wallets via welfare. It's guys like him that scream the loudest about greed that won't part with a penny of his own. HE'S the GREEDY ONE!

    • Syl says:

      I am a woman. Obama is pleased with Bill Mahr's mean-spiritedness and thus rewarding him for it. Then Obama can put government restrictions on conservative free speech by stating that everyone does it — e.g. Rush Limbaugh. Rush was simply calling a person who behaves a certain way, the term for that behavior –"slut". Mahr disparages female body parts and thinks it's funny. Who is really at war with women!?

    • I Remember America says:

      Google ,The Battle of Athens, Tennessee, August 1-2 1946. These Ameiorcna sfought back and won. Do they want this again all over America? Do they want us to lead them out the door by the back of their neck and sent packing. That is after a jail sentence for what they have done to Ameirca.

  3. pat g says:

    With this idiot running/ruining the country he is absolutely right. It will end up like a lot of third world countries with no food on anyones table. The problem with a dictator is they always get theirs. Come on November, we will have to work for decades to repair the damage idiot obamy has done in three years.

  4. snide50 says:

    fiven years before law school, how old was he and where did he reside? Some more lies, how did he live in all these places and yet stilll get the education he says he has. Just who has the means spirit?

    • DrBillLemoine says:

      You must not be well educated or familiar with the genre. Many post graduates move around in their careers and get degrees from several universities like me. You're the problem with inadequate understanding, stuck in your narrow rut.

      • geeshim says:

        Agendized, meaningless, gender-ethnic degrees that are useless. That response is also useless. You didn't answer the poster's questions. YOU don't know where he was or what he was doing, they are valid questions. You are assuming. I'd expect that all of that university time that you are claiming might have led to reading with comprehension, and dealing with the question at hand. Many is also not most and not all and the questions stand.

      • Edward Shick says:

        You do not need much education if you can just use a Telaprompter to tell you what to say ,, George Soros has smart people working for him and our president is one of his Puppets ,

      • Cliffystones says:

        Tell me Doc, what grade did you get in your common sense class?

        It warms my heart to know that useless "doctors" like you probably won't last one month WTSHTF.

      • Frankcastle1958 says:

        So tell us, oh learned one, HOW, did he get a Conn, SSN, when he never lived there…… we're waiting…..

      • meknow says:

        You just do not get it DrBill…………..Please go back to college and learn some more before you judge. This President is absolutely the worse PRESIDENT in AMERICAN HISTORY. I just hope the RAPTURE happens soon, as I do not want to live in the kind of country Barack Obama has planned for all of us. HE AND HIS WIFE, WHO SAYS """IT IS JUST!! A FLAG!!!!!!!!!………WHILE SHE SPENDS MILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS FLYING TO HITHER AND YON

        • w.Rand says:

          Meknow–you're so right and now of all the disgraceful things -having a flag of our US flying at the Democratic headquarters-minus the stars and replaced with his awful face. Makes my heart cry for our good old USA !

        • Elton Robb says:

          You don't want to be "Raptured." You want to survive the "Rapture." The "Rapture" is a nuclear strike on America.

      • budman says:

        DrBillLemoine: I have only one year of college but have taken numerous courses of study to include middle and upper level management courses. That said, I have to agree with whoever it is you have a problem with.
        Listen very carefully when Obama speaks when he doesn't have a teleprompter telling him what to say. He has a difficult time without it and at times rolls out the street way of speaking.
        I took the test where Obama was tested and they put it on the internet and asked, "Are you smarter than Obama". It just so happened I was. I ran a corporation with just over 900 employees which made a profit of seven million average a year so this may be an indication that I am at least as intelligent as he is. I would think someone who graduated from Harvard would be able to speak more eloquently or able to analyze something rather quickly. He can't do this. Nobody can obtain transcripts of his college days because he has had them sealed. I am sure you know how some people get through because they have someone take the tests for them. From what I have seen and heard from Obama, My guess he did just that.
        I also wrote a book that was edited by an author who has two national best sellers. My brother-in-law, a book publisher talked him into editing the book. The author told me he had never seen anybody before me write so concise and in a flowing manner and asked how long it took me to write the book. He didn't believe me when I told him it took three weeks and only did it to get my brother-in-law off my back. Obama had a ghost writer for his. The title of my book, "It Started & Ended" is on, Barnes & Noble for your information is you don't believe I wrote one and without help[.

      • OldNYFirefighter says:

        Even with all of that "Education" your arrogance & superior attitude prove you still lack in common sense. You just think you are superior, but I bet there are a bunch of people who think otherwise.

      • PAvoter says:

        Dr. Bill, I couldn't help but notice every comment you make is riddled with insults and slights. Is this your habit, that when a person has an opinion differing from your own you feel an absolute need to denigrate that person? Every comment, every single post any time you post follows the same pattern. I don't know what kind of doctor you are, but I do know you require the assistance of a doctor in the psychiatric field. Your deep and documented insecurities are most likely the result of something longstanding that requires an aggressive treatment plan. If you follow through you can gain insight into the root cause of the problem, most likely trauma from rejection, and overcome mental illness. That is your only pathway for healing. Insulting, denigrating, belittling other human beings may make you feel better in the moment, but won't bring anything lasting to the table. Good luck to you sir.

  5. Kurt says:

    The vitriol and meanness of the first two comments reveal clearly to me that people like Elizabeth and VirgoVince are more the problem than Obama. You all and the others on is lost are simply mean.

    • steamdwarf says:

      translation anyone? this post dissipates into gibberish. a problem with more than one line of thought?

    • Terry says:

      Obama is dividing us, not uniting us. A
      Tension has been created for the people
      who work hard and pay their taxes to
      Support this insane plan. I have never
      been involved in politics but will be when
      Our freedom is at stake!

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        The worst part of it is that it was all completely unnecessary. This is what happens when you indulge the tantrums of left wing radicals.

      • think4myself says:

        I think you mean to say, "NOW that our freedom is at stake!" ;)

    • El Loco says:

      Another ignorant, illiterate Odumbo supporter. But then i'm being redundant.

    • Paul says:

      Kurt you have drunk the kool-aid…

    • A. Michael says:

      You are out of your mind. Obummer is a mean-spirited, narcissistic, arrogant, anti-Amercian muslim who is bent on destroying this country. Anyone with a brain can see this and keep him from being re-elected. He is not even eligible for the presidency.

      • Revere says:

        President Obama is a Christian who is much more Christlike than most of the posters here whose hatred & vitriol virtually drip from the screen!

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Call poison control! This guy has OD'ed on the Kool-Aid!

        • thnk4myself says:

          Because it is very "Christ like" to support the murder of babies and homosexuals, robbing from those who work and giving to those who don't. One thing I know from the gospels, is that if Jesus were here today and were to confront Obama, he would call him a son of Satan, just like he did the pharisees. (For telling other people what they had to do and then living it up themselves, which is exactly what Obama does). Jesus never backed away from exposing the wicked, the difference is, is anyone who was willing to admit their sin and repent he would forgive, so when Obama admits his sin and SINCERELY repents, then there is forgiveness for him too. For those who refuse the costly gift that Christ offers – there will be judgment, and it will be severe!

        • OldNYFirefighter says:

          Answer this intelligently & I might consider what you wrote. Why would any Christian make a comment "My Muslim Faith" when asked about his Religious faith? He made that statement to George Stephonopolis on National TV & George had to correct him & say your Christian faith. In the book supposedly written by Obama, Dreams from my Father, he made the comment "if the Political winds blow in an unfriendly direction I will go with the Muslims". Do you know any Christians that would make either of those statements? No Christian would voluntarily go with Muslims because Islam says Christians are Infidels that should convert to Islam or die. If you really think a Christian can make & believe any of those remarks, you are either foolish, delusional or not a Christian yourself.

        • rachelc says:

          You are proof positive that liberalism is a mental disorder. He's not a Christian…and for you to say he is "Christlike" is Orwellian and Hitlerian at the same time. Go seek help, nutbag.

    • SlvrHairedSaint says:

      Is English your second language? I'm still trying to interpret, "You all and the others on is lost are simply mean."

      I ask you how is, "And Nothing creates a less mean-spirited environment than by telling successful, hardworking people how selfish they are…" vitriolic or mean. It is a statement of truth.

      You may have a point with Vince's statement. It is inflammatory, mean-spirited and prejudicial, but it is no more provocative and prejudicial than President Obama's instigation of class warfare; very cynical when one considers that he and his key supporters and mouthpieces are extraordinarily wealthy themselves. Take Bill Maher. Very few people can afford to give away one million dollars. One would find it impossible to defend Maher's blather as anything but inflammatory and prejudicial. Maher's rants are massive works of meanness, yet I don't hear you calling him out.

      I digress.

      • VirgoVince says:

        Ask me if I care!! NO pc B/S, here!! You forgot racist, bigoted and hateful!!
        PROUD to be a REAL American!!!!

        • SlvrHairedSaint says:

          Do you care, Vince? Excuse me, real Americans are NOT racist, bigoted and hateful. You are talking about real bullies; they are hateful, racist, bigoted, small-minded little boys who are afraid, so they act out with bravado to hide their insecurities. Most times they turn out to be leftist thugs trying to hide as right-wing zealots.

        • VirgoVince says:

          YOU just exposed yourself, you just hide behind pc B/S!! A saint, you ain't!!!!
          REAL Americans do whatever is necessary to protect OURselves, OUR families, OUR homes, OUR lifestyle and OUR country, no matter what it takes or who doesn't like it!!!!
          Veterans swore an oath and to us it means more than 'let someone else do it!!" Those of us that still can, DO!!!!
          END of discussion!!

    • Cliffystones says:

      You can count me in that group as well. If we had a place like Ayn Rand's Atlantis to move to, I for one would be out of here in a heartbeat. Elizabeth and VirgoVince could join me. The you would quickly find out just how big a problem Obama and his minions really are, after the buzz from the Kool Aid wore off.

    • Frankcastle1958 says:

      Gee Kurt, having trouble typing, with both of your lips firmly glued to Obamasass??

    • centermass says:

      The vitriol and meanness comes from communists like your Marxist Messiah and compounded by the ignorance of his useful idiots like yourself.

    • democratsarefools says:

      Yeah, Kurt says when one disrupts society and is in the process of destroying the economy and the traditions most of us in America grew up respecting, we who disagree are the problem. Why; – its simple Kurt wants either to do just that; destroy our way of life and take what others have earned and or he just wants to win for the sake of the rush of it; that selfish feeling that " we beat those mean guys who want the world to respect America. The 2% for 20, like Kurt is nothing more than a lie.

    • Goodforall says:

      He has brought this all upon himself. I could send an hour pointing out examples but you are obviously one of the blind sheep that would follow this would be dick-tator right over a cliff.

    • Raymond says:

      Hey Kurt,
      Do you still have that sticker on your
      vehicle which says "Obama is my god?"

    • e.nies says:

      Are you sure you are in the right country Kurt? You are too stupid to be an American unless of course you a liberal living lin your mommys basement. Move out and get a life!

    • Ann says:

      Let me guess Kurt. You're black. Wouldn't say anything against your messiah. Or else you're a white gilt ridden left wing wack job.

    • John says:

      You must be a product of the public school system that democrats ruined back in the '60's. I think you're the kid that got "left behind". Moron.

    • Mike says:

      And your sir, are a fool.

    • Mighty Bulldog says:

      The most mean spirited and hateful are those who support Obama's plan to fundamentally change the United States from the world's greatest success story into just another socialistic non-achieving country. Oh, and many of these are very rich and comfortable like those in the entertainment world who have got theirs, and would limit us little working people from climbing up financially. Socialism is trickle up poverty. I prefer capitalism which is trickle down wealth which always occurs when one works for a richer person–happens all the time!

    • RioSam says:

      Read this and see if you still feel all 'happy face' about your president..If this doesn't engrage you? You are totally brainwashed!!!


      Well well Kurt one thing is for sure from your comment, we all have no trouble knowing who you voted for in 2008 and who you will be voting for again in 2012, because you are obviously an OBAMA LOVER 4 SURE. You poor innocent idiot, have you not learned anything in the last 3 years since you made that major mistake in your life. If OBUMMER does get re-elected I hope you are one of the first to be shackled with moronic restrictions and regulations that just bend you over backwards and break your back. The rest of us will be laughing at you and your kind when we see you on the news pissing and moaning about how bad you have it.
      I surely hope your wrong for my sake and not yours.


    • RAH says:

      And you sir are a complete, blithering idiot like YOUR leader oduma. You noticed I said YOUR leader. He sure as hell is NOT mine and never will be. The very existence of this great country depends on getting this insane, dangerous man OUT of our lives forever. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA is still my mantra!!!

    • Smart2 says:

      I guess he was not referring to you – YOU are one of the receivers of our generosity – must be collecting FOOD STAMPS from the Food Stamp President!

    • Othello says:

      Obama is a Christian?! Did you really say that. Let's see, a Christian would not cancel or forbid a CHRISTIAN prayer but allow a MUSLIM PRAYER ON THE SOUTH LAWN! A true Chritian would not be so polarizing, saying the vile crap he does.

  6. Texas001 says:

    What this means is that the rich will have to pay a hell of a lot more taxes so that they will not be "selfish" and the "mean spirited" are the conservatives who will have to be censored and knocked down a few notches. Oh yes, this was the very same plan that Karl Marx had, as well as all the other socialist, communists tyrants. Don't raise up the poor, bring down the rich, that way we can all be equal (poor).

    • DrBillLemoine says:

      Don't know much about your subject, do you? This president and his administration are free enterprise mavens who saved an auto industry, reined in health insurance providers, stopped a large corporation from discriminating against laborers, continued excessive Bush/Cheney tax cuts for the wealthy another 2 years, upholds free speech from the Constitution and negotiated with conservatives to get big budget cuts they rejected for smaller ones. You want socialism and communism, go to Cuba just 90 miles away and live with them.

      • poacher says:

        doc you're taking your own drugs again or maybe you're a doctor of geology and are just overdosing on obama kool-aid?

        • Cliffystones says:

          This clown is definitely a plant from Either that or when offered the choice between "a bottle in front of me" or "a frontal lobotomy" he chose the latter.

      • geeshim says:

        Free enterprise means companies succeed or fail on their own, so you clearly don't understand it. Free enterprise also means that government does not take steps to take over/destroy an entire industry such as it is attempting to do with healthcare. We don't need to go to Cuba, your boy is bringing it here. Now that we know who the lib is that got paid to troll this site today, why don't you go away and let the adults finish their conversation?

      • Frankcastle1958 says:

        Free Enterprise… you mean, the "enterprises" OBAMA chooses to bless, with infusions of TAXPAYER funds… Solyndra, etc… Dr. Bill.. you are an idiot…. YOU are the one CREATING Socialism.. HERE. You're "education" has blinded YOU, from REALITY… or, maybe not your "education".. but your IDEOLOGY…. rendering any SMARTS… useless to you…..I suggest, you bone up, on the MEANING of "Communism, and Socialism"…. then study Obama's ACTIONS,, and YOUR OWN STATEMENTS… you COMMIE!!

        • w.Rand says:

          Frank you're right –Do you think maybe that the 'Dr' went to the same school that Ob. did ??

      • Raymond says:

        Once again Bill takes the side of evil..

      • meknow says:


      • hoppiness says:

        You're an idiot. Taking from one group of people and giving it to another group IS Socialism… None of your "positive" statements regarding this administration are actually true, so you are clearly one of the brainwashed, kool-aide drinking lemmings -or- you're a comunosociafascimarxilist, too. Eh, or a totalitarianistic twit…

    • Tigerlily716 says:

      Administrator must be mad at me today. I can't get any comments on. All are without curse words so I can't figure out what's bugging them about my comments. Oh well, without saying it, I bet you all know how I feel about this whole thing.

    • TessComments says:

      Doesn't Obama realize he is one of the "selfish" rich.

      Has anyone listened to some of Obama's "meanspirited" speaches? He does not care who he mocks.

      We all know that Obama is NOT a President for ALL the people.

      How did the Obama's afford the House in Kenwood,Chicago? I believe they purchaed it in 2005 for more than $1 million.

    • Mike says:

      These are the same ideals of any dictator.

    • up2biz says:

      It's all about "sharing the wealth". Don't you realize how selfish we are to want to keep what we make. It's not good enough that we set up organizations, food banks, etc. to give them a helping hand up. Now we are suppose to just support them. My heavens we are such mean people. Go to an Arabic country and ask for a hand out.

  7. Barbara says:

    His comments are from the 1990s? Wow, the media sure did a fine job vetting this guy, didn't they? November can't come soon enough for me.

    • DrBillLemoine says:

      And you never said or did anything unusual in your youth? Such a memory, such delusion, such civic understanding. . .

      • Retired Major says:

        His youth never came to an end. He's an anti-American, anti-military, Marxist.

      • Frankcastle1958 says:

        Dr Idiot.. he's ACTIONS, NOW, show he STILL BELIEVES IT. You seem to be the only STUPID, UNEDUCATED one here….. Signed Dr.Frank… gee, I can make up titles too…..

      • Raymond says:

        Hey Bill,
        I wonder what's in your closet.

      • OldNYFirefighter says:

        Not really! When I was 15 I had my own lawn mowing business. When I wasn't doing that, I was building model planes & flying them.
        When I wasn't doing that I was repairing my older neighbors cars or doing chores they were not healthy or capable enough to do. There are some of us that were productive long before we reached voting age. I also was never a drinker, smoker & never did any kind of drugs, including pot. I have been volunteering for various services for over 50 years, how about you? Oh, & I am a College Graduate who worked my way through without government help. This gives me the vision to see who & what Obama really is & his policies are not pro USA & neither is his attitude.

  8. gmhunt4 says:

    When is he planning to cut his risks, that would go along way with reshaping America…………..

    • Scottie says:

      Never mind about him cutting his risks ,right now I would go for him cutting his Wrists !!!!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Divide and conquer… his goal is to get everyone fighting among themselves… rich against poor… then eliminate the middle class all together… and let the fighting begin. :( THEN he moves in and "saves the day" for the rich. And to hell with the poor.

    the dumb SOB.

    • DrBillLemoine says:

      Look in a mirror sometime. Your post reflects most right wing politicians and fat cats' motives and actions the past 30 years. Read some history, if you can.

      • geeshim says:

        Lots more fat cats on the left. Hmmm…

      • JVB says:

        Your post is typical liberal blather…name calling but nothing to refute the truth of the matter. History??? You revise what you read so simply telling someone to 'read some history' is not going to bring you the satisfaction you want. Until they misinterpret and manipulate that history to suit themselves…they can't truly understand what it is to be a liberal.

    • Raymond says:

      Did you know that Obama the muslim wants
      to put his muslim flag over the white house?

      • w.Rand says:

        Raymond-I believe you are right. He's started already with the flag in front of the Dem. headquarters flying that has Ob's face in place of our stars !!!! He's an insult to all Americans !

    • JVB says:

      The Great Divider.

    • John811c says:

      you know what he has in mind for the middle class, the poor will do what he says because he gives them the free handouts

    • gnafu says:

      Like Saul Alinsky said> …crisis always resolved in direction of greater Socialism. In this case, Communism/Marxism.

    • JaclynBarnes says:

      Rebecca,You are so right that's been Dictator Obama's,plan from day one!Divide the rich from the poor and then go,in for the kill on the rich1Also eliminate the middle class!I'm sure that America was not mean spirited,to him.When he was going to Occidental,Colombia or Harvard he was a,foreign student!Who paid his way to get into these,top collages?I call mean spirited living off the American taxpayer going on vacation after vacation,parties after parties!In the People's House!Americans are suffering financially because of Dictator Obama but way should,he care or Mrs.Dictator!Just Fly were ever you want tell more LIES and raise more money all,at the expense of the American taxpayer!

  10. T Holte says:


    (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    I love this word and believe that it will become a recognized English word. Finally, a word to describe our current political situation.

    • jettthemesh says:

      I appreciate the english lesson, but I'm sticking with Socialist Progressive Commie SOB's!

    • DrBillLemoine says:

      You refer to the current House of Representatives with its 2010 class of un-civic-educated, inept, contrarian do-nothings of course. We have to pay and pension and heal these yahoos the rest of their lives, for what? Or is it the Senate Republicans who filibuster or pocket veto any legislation that could advance or improve America. If you voted for these misfits, you are inept, showing why you 'love' the word.

      • Kenh says:

        You do not understand the true definition of education. True education is a combination of attendance at school and experience, the combination of which can possibly lead to wisdom, or "educated".

        I have two degrees but on a scale of 1-10, the certificates might be rated together as a 2 in terms of their relevance to real life. If I were to hire someone with a Doctoral certificate, the first thing that I would be looking for as a warning sign would be an over-balance of "schooling" and a deficit in experience and wisdom. If my testing of that employment candidate shows a good balance between the factors, we could talk.

        If not…………have a nice day.

        • Cliffystones says:

          It's been my experience that some of the stupidest people have the most initials attached to their names. Why learn practical, everyday skills when you can get a degree, become a "community organiser" and hire serfs do do all of your physical labor? Oh, and this goes for Romney as well as Obama. I doubt either has ever punched a time clock, or could identify a time card if it was right in front of them.

        • PAvoter says:

          Wrong about Romney. The inheritance his parents left him he donated every last penny to charity. He kept nothing for himself. Not a single cent. He worked for what he has, invested well, worked hard. Those that worked for him all spoke of his generosity, humbleness, and kindness. No problems with Romney there.

          Where Romney falls short is his spineless disposition bordering on cowardice. If he's our nominee I will support him, like I would Santorum, Gingrich, or Paul. But his lack of spine I find worrisome. If he's going to be our nominee, he seriously needs to grow a set and soon. Romney also needs to find a way to mitigate his speech impediment. Ron Paul is not a fighter either. He does have conviction, but the fight doesn't seem to be there. Gingrich would be great in debates, the problem being there will only be one single debate. A lone debate that ADD Americans will forget in a few days and turn their attention to the broadcast ads. BO will crush him outside of the debating arena. Santorum will fight but he frequently comes across as whiny and thin-skinned, turning people off. He couldn't peel off blue dog dems, Indy's, or libertarians. And he can absolutely forget about the black and Hispanic vote. He lost that in Peurto Rico.

          We have no perfect candidate since there are no perfect people. I called out the weaknesses that I see and often hear many grumble about. Any but Santorum has a chance in the general election. But they each need some honing in and boning up. And when you folk's criticize our candidates, FACT CHECK FIRST! There's a lot of rubbish going around that simply isn't true. Our candidates have enough flaws as it is. No need to embrace rumors so swiftly as gospel truth and add to the problem by helping to spread lies and rumors even further. Fact check everything.

    • JamesD71 says:

      You are absolutely correct. We need the new word. It has clarity and truth.

    • centermass says:

      I like it! How about Commucrat?

    • Kenny says:

      WOW, you hit the nail on the head!!!!

    • JBinGB says:


    • SlvrHairedSaint says:

      The Peter Principle in action, or is that the Peter Principle inaction. Ineptocracy, yep same thing.
      Alex Tribec: Your turn to pick T.
      T Holte: I'll take modern history for $1000 Alex.
      Alex: The answer is "The Obama Administration"
      Yes Silver: What is Ineptocracy, Alex?
      Alex: Correct for 1000!
      cut to commercial

    • Mike says:

      This has been true in this country for a very long time. Just look at the number of people on welfare.

  11. DAVE says:

    a communist in his own world view. he will reshape Amerika (Notice the spelling) into his communist domination plans as a social correcting, policed and controlled nation. you will not be able to take a dump without big Osama knowing about it through his spies which will REPORT ANYTHING STRANGE ! the onlty thing strange is the traitor in the whitehouse.


    • DrBillLemoine says:

      The reshaping to any keen observer of presidential and state politics comes from social engineers and financial crisis-mongers. It's not the president who wants to probe women's vaginas to limit abortions, or cuts voter access to the polls limiting locations and times, or prevents hiring the unemployed by killing jobs bills, or jeopardizes national bill paying by threatening default and promoting credit rating lowering to increase debt service costs, or lets a whole auto industry go bankrupt killing hundreds of thousands of jobs and throwing us into 1930s-like depression. That's the communist-enthralled fat cats dominating states and clogging the national legislative works. Vote right wing for a return to the 19th century and a loss of individual rights and freedoms you now take for granted, a return to authoritarian and fascist rule.

      • geeshim says:

        We had much more freedom in the 19th century, except for the blacks who were either enslaved or terrorized in post reconstruction South, both problems complements of the Democrats. Your boy wants to probe all of our behinds while he takes more and more power onto himself.

      • JamesD71 says:

        Had any strokes lately?

      • Cliffystones says:

        "It's not the president who wants to probe women's vaginas to limit abortions,"

        No but if the baby survives the first attempt at murder, he's fine with leaving it in a bucket of blood and afterbirth until it dies!

    • centermass says:

      NO compromise and NO mercy for communists…period.

    • marcel duranleau says:

      Proverbs 26:25 Stop listen to that kenyan,marxist,muslim Obama. Where is his true birth certificate?
      Remember Stalin promise Potemkin village for people the place worst than a dog house. Never believe
      a socialism,communist,social democrat.Read about Priest Rule. USA De Facto Corporation Gov't
      EVIL + Anti-Christ . Look at all Anti-Christs of our time :

    • MANGO says:


  12. Lindy says:

    Remember, Obama is the voice for Bill Ayers, Soros, and others who tried to destroy this country but failed. They knew by bringing a black skinned man into the fold, that their agenda would have a chance of succeeding. They could and did play the race card. They carefully primed him over the years to do exactly what he did and that is succeed in winning the oval office. If you have read Rules for Radicals or similar books, you know how this carefully orchestrated plan works. Our job is to eliminate their voice, remove their power once again, by making sure Obama loses in November.

    • Barbc says:

      You just described how Hitler was coached. One time I knew the name of Hitler's backer. His equal is Soros and Ayers. Obama and Hitler are the mouth piece because they are / were so charming; which I have never seen.

    • JVB says:

      All Obama reminds us is that it's important to have powerful and extreme radical backing when someone decides to go all out socialist.

    • Sara says:

      Let all of be at the polls in Nov. and vote Obama and his mob out of the government and restore this country before it falls which is exactly what he is working toward

    • John811c says:

      the plan is orchestrated bt the communist Soros, we need to rid our country of these vermin

  13. Ihatelibs says:

    Scumbag, you ain't a doing anything except going back to Kenya where you came from!

  14. C Strasburger says:

    Don't believe it…..that will only happen when he wipes out everyone and everything associated with the idiocy of liberalism…..

    I mean, come on, onumbnutz….let's face reality here….the only REAL haters in the US are mindless, brainless, thoughtless liberals and their lemmings…..

    • A. Michael says:

      Right on!

    • Ginger says:

      Wonder what kind of job obama will be able to get once he is out on the streets…oh yes…acorn. community "organizing, ambulance chashing. ( does he still have a law license)? Some liberal /, lefty, illegal entity will " hire" him..maybe even his mate,

      • OldNYFirefighter says:

        He has no Law License & neither does his wife. Both had to voluntarily relinquish their license due to illegal or illicit actions. If they didn't they would have been revoked, which would have been a blemish on both of their future endeavors.

  15. AJP says:

    How long are these FREE Handout's going to last. let's us stop paying TAXES and see what happen's

    • Raymond says:

      "How long are these FREE Handout's going to last."

      Until they have total control.

    • Reece says:

      dont stop paying taxes, buy more ammo, you`re going to need it.

    • mike88 says:

      You would not only have to get all of the people on board with stop paying taxes, but you wuld have to get the people on board to get involved and not allow the IRS or County Sheriff's to make any arrests for the people not paying their taxes. That would mean the people would have to come together for a common cause and prevent any arrests or thefts of guns or property by either the IRS agents or the local County Sheriff.
      If the people could come together for the common cause, then yes we would have a very good shot at beating Obama at his own game.
      But unless and until the people gather the courage to group together to protect and defend each other from arrests or property theft by government agents nothing will change. The people must change their own minds and atitudes and forget everything they ever learned about the power or authority of the police or government officials to make arrests of dissenters before anything real will change. The people have been programmed or brainwashed by the government into thinking that the government and police have power or authority over them. This thought process must change.

    • El Guapo Viejo says:

      When ancient Rome got wealthy, a lot of the kids on the farms decided they would rather work regular hours in the big city than work daybreak to dark on the farm, and left the farms. Pretty soon, there were more workers available in the city than there were jobs for. Can't support yourself without jobs and you getr hungry. So, the Roman Senate voted to give them free food. This brought more people from the farms and feeding them all became expensive. So, to help pay for the food, they taxed the people, including the farmers. The farmers, working hard to provide the food, being heavily taxed and knowing that the government is giving away free food in the city, went to get in on the freebies.
      I'll let you figure out that ended.
      One of these days we may see a similar scenario played out here. "One of the things you can learn from the lessons of history is that nobody seems to learn anything from the lessons of history." (Hegal) We seem to need to learn the hard way.