Senate Blocks Keystone as Obama Loses Democrat Support

The Senate on Thursday blocked a move to speed along the approval and construction of the controversial Keystone pipeline, after the White House lobbied Democrats to oppose it.

A total of 11 Democrats, though, ended up breaking with the president to vote for the Republican-backed amendment — at a time when gas prices are rising and pipeline supporters are using that trend to pressure the administration to act.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said after the vote that the Democrat-controlled Senate had “turned its back on job creation and energy independence in a single vote.”

McConnell, referring to reports later confirmed by the White House that Obama personally lobbied Democrats to oppose the measure, also used the vote to place blame for the pipeline’s delay squarely on the president.

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78 comments on “Senate Blocks Keystone as Obama Loses Democrat Support
  1. Looking4Sanity says:

    51 Dems
    2 Independents
    45 Republicans
    2 AWOL Republicans
    100 Senators

    For all you "independents" out there…guess how Leiberman and Sanders (your "Independent" Senators) voted. That's right! They voted in LOCK step with every Left Wing Senator in Congress AGAINST American jobs!

    If you people don't think voting makes a difference, you'd better have another look at the above math problem! If you don't like the imposed tyranny of left wing dictators, you'd better start getting rid of these Democrat Senators!

    • patriotrenegade says:

      LIEberman is a CFR, sanders is a communist. No surprises there. Thanks for breaking it down. People in their districts need to CONFRONT if their rep or senator is a CFR. Expose and constantly point out their treason. Constantly attach the letters CFR with their names. DRIVE THEM ALL OUT! BOTH "PARTIES". Follow them around with signs exposing their membership in a treasonous organization. You either support our sovereignty or global govt which is treason. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND.

      • daves says:

        The southern portion of the pipeline is already being built by the Canadian company. Does anyone really think they would be working on it if they didn't expect approval for the rest of it?

        Republicans just want to force it to be built through Nebraska's water supply.

      • James says:

        Headline says Senate Blocks Keystone Pipe Line.
        Why doesn't it say
        Democrats block Keystone Pipeline.
        If it was Republicans,
        it would say Republicans block keystone pipe line.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Kind of an inexplicable choice of phrase for Fox News…wouldn't you say? I also love how they omit the Senate Resolution number to make it more difficult for you to see who voted how!

          Sloppy journalism or subliminal propaganda? You decide.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        That's kind of my point about “independents”. No one has any idea WHAT they stand for, or even what they are SUPPOSED to stand for. How do you hold someone's feet to the fire when they refuse to be pinned down on what they believe or declare their intentions in any way?

    • libertywatchman says:

      If we don't get rid of the Alien Occupier and his socialist gang of cutthroats with includes these RINO, 'independents' and these demoncrats, the term "GOING TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET" is an apt description. In the interim, there is come solace in the fact that their reservations in the hereafter with their satanic leader is confirmed and thus assured.

      • daves says:

        Really, you get comfort from thinking that others will suffer?

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Yes. Punishment of the unrepentant is a Promise of God. All God's Promises are intended for the comfort and reassurance of the faithful. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you consider the possibility that you are playing for the wrong team.

        • daves says:

          I just think it is really sad and a little bit warped. :(

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Take it up with God. I'm sure he'll be just as impressed with that opinion as I am.

        • just sayin says:

          you are the warped one. You are a little needler and just get off on poking people in the eye. You are a useless commenter who rarely has anything of value to say.

    • BUD says:


    • liberty49 says:

      Is there any doubt now that it is not the whole Congress, just the Democrat controlled Senate that is blocking the kind of progress and job creation that can save this nation? And now it should be clear that the President lowered himself to lobbying senators to vote against this bill! Do not listen to what Obama says, only watch what he is doing behind everyone's back. Has the MSM said much about the 106 coal producing companies that have had to close down since 2010 because of the EPA and their out-of-control over regulating? Obama is quietly getting his wish to shut down all coal production in this country.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        We would need to pick up 13 Senate seats to even have a chance of fixing this problem. I'm pretty sure that is not going to happen in 2012. Probably not even in 2014. All I can tell you is that I will be doing my part.

  2. Looking4Sanity says:

    Go here to see who voted against American jobs:

    • plumjuice_1 says:

      Nelson from Nebr. I guess he can still read the writing on the wall. P.O.S

    • azwayne says:

      It appears the dems voting
      "for" are the dems, deemed destined to LOSE jobs. Help all dems out the door, but don't forget take the RINOS too.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        Here in Virginia, my two Senators are Warner and Webb…both Democrats.

        Webb announced last year that he was retiring. He voted "Yea".

        Warner isn't up for election until 2014. He voted "Nay"

        Your theory seems to have teeth.

        On the subject of RINO's…it seems that the vast majority of RINO's are the old guard Republicans in places of high power. They are the ones who are most able to send the pork back to their districts, and that is why they keep getting re-elected. As long as the electorate remains a greedy mob, this problem is likely to continue.

        No matter which angle you approach this problem from, it keeps coming back to the same issue…an immoral society.

    • liberty49 says:

      Another SLAP IN THE FACE to the American people from Ben Nelson of Nebraska! He will continue to be a pain until he retires with that cushy salary the Democrats gave themselves when they controlled the Congress back in the 60s. That's when they started raiding the SS locked box and began really taxing SS benefits and limiting how little seniors could earn while drawing on their own money that they had paid into SS their whole lives. And the Democrats in the Senate ush1ered in the illegals to also get SS benefits with Harry Reid at the helm. Oh, these walks down memory lane are so satisfying

  3. Ruth says:

    Keep voting these scumbag dirtbags OUT!

  4. Punchy says:

    I haven't decided if I'm for the pipeline or not. I live near a railway and stockpiling location for the pipe, and if this project does not continue, someone has already wasted alot of our money hassling over it.

    • Bart says:

      our money is not envolved in the keystone. it's private money

    • azwayne says:

      You are very correct, we have been give NO FACTS, we're only given political statements/ A refinery or two would make so much more sense built in northern united states, but nobody will talk about it. Oil or refined fuel needs to get tot the gulf only for SHIPPING to foreign markets.. DEMAND TRUTHS.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        Think about what you just said.

        "The oil has to make it to the Gulf for shipping."

        Our refineries are all down by the Gulf! Why would a private company go to enormous expense to build infrastructure that isn't even needed?!?

        We export more of the oil we refine than we use ourselves. We are a net EXPORTER of refined gas and oil! THERE'S YOUR TRUTH!

        • daves says:

          I agree with you on this one. Refineries are being shut down in the U.S. due to lack of demand.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Actually, there has been a reduction of BOTH supply AND demand. Some of those refineries were closed because we aren't producing anything domestically to refine.

          Resuming and expanding domestic production would put many millions of people back to work in high paying and useful jobs. Isn't that the kind of prosperity this country is starving for? It begs the question: Why are Democrats so dead set against it?

          When I was a young man, I remember $0.50 a gallon gasoline. I could fill up my muscle car for around 5 dollars…and I'm only 52 years old! I'd like a return to those days of prosperity. It IS possible. We simply have to find the will to do it!

  5. jerry1944 says:

    The pipe line will give us many jobs for years at the expince of the oil companys so why dont the dems go for it to get even with the oil companys I live in a oil state well was before obambo close it down some. They are safe excipt for a few time they have small spills are maybe a fire but nothing to work about. Sure wish we had more conservative but since the gop want romney and i want vote for him i guess we going to have obambo 4 more to keep the price high

    • Mike says:

      Not voting for Romney or whoever is the GOP nominee is a vote for the POS that is already in the WH, fool. Will the stupidity never end?

      • Zipcdr says:

        Replacing one POS with another POS solves nothing. Romney wants the "free market" to work when it involves middle class and working people. When Wall Street went on a bender and crashed the economy though, it was full speed ahead with 1.2 trillion of our tax dollars as a FREE GIFT to them!

  6. ccfonten says:

    Just makes me sick that this president and Harry Reid hate our great nation so much that they will vote against anything and everything that will help the citizens of our country. Harry Reid is the greatest obstructionist in the history of our country. The only word he knows is "no". Well, hopefully in Nov we will have the opportunity to tell him a resounding "NO!" and "HELL NO!"

  7. pierce says:

    It appears that some Democrats are waking up.

    • SteveCap says:

      No, it’s just getting close to election time so they need some cover… I haven’t checked but I bet every one of them is in a tight race with pressure from conservatives.

    • patriotrenegade says:

      Not really, besides being CFR traitors, 70 belong to the "democratic socialists of america." TREASON. VETT your reps and senators.

    • maxmillun says:

      Of course they are awake… they got approval to vote with the Republicans. Because the Democrats knew they had the votes for the pipeline. But, they need to make every effort to keep the seats of those 11 Senators. Guess what we need to do? We need to take those 11 seats away, take back the pipeline, and take back this nation! Vote on November 6, 2012 for anybody but Obana, and any one but a Progressive Democrat for the House and Senate!

    • liberty49 says:

      Don't bet on it! Some, like Conrad of N.D. are just retiring and know they can't go home without giving the people a crumb thinking it makes up for all their years of treachery.

    • lesknows says:

      Don't kid yourself those dems that voter for this are in trouble in their states. They knew it would fail as they voted or they would not have voted the way they did.

  8. Indy Grandma says:

    We all know Obama told us when he became president enery prices would skyrocket. Why can't people realize he is doing exactly what he vowed to do? The people who say they won't vote for this or that Republican candidate make me sick. Do you really think four more years of O will be better. You need a reality check before our country as we know it no longer exist. I have my preference but will vote for ABO. Use you head!

    • maxmillun says:

      We should always listen to what Grandma says… because she is absolutely right!

    • Looking4Sanity says:

      We're not at that crossroads yet. This is still the time to decide on who we want to govern us. Getting rid of the trash in the White House is a foregone conclusion…and we ALL know it!

      I do not accept that I have to put my conscience in my pocket just to ease your fears. I also do not accept the premise that "anyone" is better than Obama. If you think it couldn't get worse, you are SADLY mistaken…and THAT is why we are having this nomination discussion to begin with.

  9. SEAN MURRY says:

    Old senile maggot Ried is to blame for this.

  10. joann says:

    Pipeline or not it will take years before it will be operational, we need O dumbass to get off his ass and give out the permitts NOW and start drilling.

    • maryanne3935 says:

      He will NEVER do anything to help his country. I keep asking why could someone be so stupid and insensitive. Yet I k now the answer, this administration wants to harm our country, please we cannot afford another 4 years of him. Our country as we know it, will be over. You can see the changes, he has divided the American people over and over again, conservative against liberal, environmentalist against people, religious people against non-religious people, pro life against pro choice. Do you think this is accidental. We are Americans, WE can sort out our differences, we don't need to have our differences fanned by people who want to divide and conquer through hate. Let's all wise up and come together, we can fix this country.

    • Zipcdr says:

      There are 350% more oil rigs in operation now than when Obama took office. There is actually more drilling now than when George Bush was president. It is hard to believe but a fact anyway.

      • just sayin says:

        dipsh&*t! That is not due to Obama. It is due to private industry. You are an inconsequential fool who believes the garbage spewed by ihren fuhrer.

  11. Dondunit says:

    Why was my comment deleted?

  12. senior viking says:

    Those dems who voted along with Republicans were probably given permission to do so.
    They may have a tough re-election or something ahead of them.

    • mike austin says:

      Interesting take. You may be right! They really only care about their own backside. Vote them out no matter how they voted.

  13. Jonathan Gartner says:

    Not a problem we all expected as much. Remember the names of those who have for no reason denied the American people both fuel and jobs. We will get through this however the clean up will be enormous. Just like Carter and what Reagan had to do.

  14. Blackfoot AZ says:

    As the Dem's say, "Vote and Vote often".

  15. T. Jefferson says:

    The pipeline wont do more than raise the profit margin of the oil companies. They have already shown that they will sell their product to the highest bidder. They have already been selling gas and oil to China. They care nothing for whats best for the United States. They only care for profit. They are as bad as the Ferengi from Star Trek and as much a threat the the U,S.A. as communists.

    • maryanne3935 says:

      It is a free market system, you know capitalist society. They can sell to whomever they want. Take a look at what is happening with drilling and the EPA who has become so powerful. Stop looking at the oil companies. Do you understand how much it takes to drill wells???? Well I do, so let's stop villianizing business and start looking at who the real dangerous people are. The targets they give us are just too easy, we keep taking our eyes off what is important. This is part of the propaganda, the oil companies are selling abroad. How about the oil companies are allowed to drill and encourage to do so.

    • Jonathan Gartner says:

      Nope dont blame the oil companies for making a profit they also spend a lot of money to get the product. Speculators and the Administration are ones hiking up the price just like steven chu wants

    • liberty49 says:

      I think you are misinformed. Obama has been repeating the lie that Big Oil companies are getting Billions in subsidies.. That is all a lie. Only small companies still get any government subsidies, but he can get you to drink more of his 'koolaid' if he gets you to believe his lies. Why don't you do some research as to just how many products we use daily that are made with the evil petroleum? Obama not only wants to shut down small oil companies, but those companies that make all the products Americans use daily. Just chalk them all up with the 106 coal companies that have shut down since 2010! It looks like Obama and the Democrats are right on schedule. Why don't you ALL leave America and go back to the 3rd World nation he crawled out of and let us recover. Communism DOES NOT WORK and GREEN ENERGY IS A DISMAL FAILURE. Why do we have to repeat all the mistakes of Europe over and over and over again?