Santorum's Super Tuesday Surprise

Upending the conventional wisdom that he would have a tough night on Super Tuesday, Rick Santorum beat expectations with at least three victories.

The former Pennsylvania senator won Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. And the race in Ohio was too close to call late Tuesday.

“We have won in the West, the Midwest, and the South, and we’re ready to win across this country,” Santorum told supporters at his Super Tuesday party in Steubenville, Ohio.

Santorum was joined onstage by his wife and family, including his 93-year-old mother.

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46 comments on “Santorum's Super Tuesday Surprise
  1. Raymond says:

    What has America become?

    Has America become the land of special interest and home of the
    double standard? Let's see: If we lie to the Congress, it's a felony
    and if Congress lies to us it's just politics. If we dislike a black person,
    we're a racist and if a black dislikes whites, it's their 1st Amendment
    right. The government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and
    they do almost nothing for the victims. In public schools you can teach
    that homosexuality and lesbianism is ok, but you better not use the
    word God in the process. You can murder a child in the mothers womb,
    but it's wrong to execute a mass murderer. We don't burn books in
    America, we now rewrite them. We got rid of the communist & socialist
    threat by renaming them progressives. If you protest against Obama's
    policies you're a terrorist, but if you burn an American flag or George
    Bush in effigy, it's your 1st Amendment right.

    You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not
    put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas. In America,
    criminals are now called sick people. The government takes money
    from those who work hard & gives it to those who are lazy. Parenting
    has been replaced with Ritalin & video games. The land of opportunity
    is now the land of hand outs.

    And how do we handle a major crisis today? The Government
    appoints a committee to determine who's at fault, then threatens
    them, passes a law, raises our taxes, then tells us the problem is
    solved so they can get back to their reelection campaign.

  2. SHIRLEY FORD says:


  3. LouiseCA says:

    Didn't surprise me. In spite of the mainstream GOP establishment trying to force another moderate on us, most conservatives are not buying it. I'm supporting Santorum. He's the strongest on all issues, not just social. I read a voting report on all the conservative issues, covering all four GOP candidates. Santorum was the MOST conservative, followed by Newt. Romney and Ron Paul were at the bottom! Wake up, Republicans.

    • patriotrenegade says:

      nobody is forcing anything, the voters are deciding. Most of the voters are smart, but there aren't enough of them, that's the problem. Now sanctimoron is pandering by suggesting that CFR knewtscum be on the ticket. The two panderer bears. THEY ARE NOT CONSERVATIVE. A big govt insider with a globalist traitor. A ticket put together by retards with the intent of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. These two idiots will get smoked by the globalist bama lie machine. Go ahead, enjoy your conservative sleepover, give out conservative lollipops, then commit suicide when our foreign born traitor in chief defeats your DC insider and globalist traitor CFR ticket.

      • Jonathan Gartner says:

        You Paul bots are so much fun. In 2010 Paul his good friend Frank and 14 others, 9 of whom are directly linked to Soros had a little get together to reduce the military. First 200,000 troop reduction, 50 Billion gone from the defense budget, 57 ships retired including 2 aircraft carriers and to top it off hikes in health care costs for vets. More recently Paul and Frank have gotten together along with 4 other demoncrats to start legalizing pot and other drugs on a federal basis.

  4. Edward Shick says:

    Our Politicians should come with some things to prevent Election Fraud , before Fall elections , One every one should use is picture ID, i go to Dr. and they require picture ID plus ask for birth date+ last 4 ,, Our Church has started praying for our country for a minute at 9PM every night , We are being taken over by People who are out to destroy us,, Demand some people resign when they prove they are liars or impeach them , Holder , Reid , Obama are some that should go ,When people in office give 7 islands to Russia as they are loaded with oil, Allow drilling on public lands, Get keystone pipeline, ,,,Get us out of UN, No dept. of Energy , No EPA ,Stop Forign aid to our enemies

  5. samtman says:

    He found out that " Its the stupids stupid where the votes are".

  6. Domino says:

    Rick Santorum is anything but a conservative.  Just consider his record, which includes:
    ***     Padding his own wallet as a corporate lobbyist at the expense of taxpayers;
    ***     Voting to RAISE the debt ceiling five times;
    ***     Voting to DOUBLE the federal Department of Education;
    ***     Voting with liberals like Ted Kennedy on multiple occasions in support of Big Labor's radical agenda;
    ***     Urging more federal involvement in housing with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac;
    ***     Voting to create a brand new, unfunded entitlement, Medicare Part D, the largest expansion of entitlement spending since President Lyndon Johnson – creating $16 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities;
    ***     Endorsing liberal Big Government RINOs like Arlen Specter over conservatives.  Of course, Specter later became a Democrat and worked hand-in-glove with President Obama to pass his radical agenda;
    ***     Voting for Sarbanes-Oxley, which imposed dramatic new job-killing accounting regulations on businesses;
    ***     Supporting raising taxes on oil companies, which directly costs Americans more money out of their pockets at the gas pump;
    ***     Voting for gun control;
    ***     Voting to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens, while voting against an additional 1,000 border patrol agents;
    ***     Voting to give $25 million in foreign aid to North Korea;
    ***     Voting to send hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood – the nation's largest provider of abortion – and hand out hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid to enemies of Israel.
    Rick Santorum said constitutional conservatives have a "crazy" idea that government should "keep our taxes down, and keep our regulations low."
    Not only that, but he endorsed Mitt Romney just four years ago!
    How can the "alternative to Romney" also be a Romney supporter?

    • spelunker7 says:

      He thinks government can solve anything. That's why he voted for Planned Parenthood, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and against the Right to Work Act. Some conservative.

  7. patriotrenegade says:

    CFR's in congress from BOTH "parties" have done nothing but damage for decades. Combine that with an unbroken string of globalists living in the White House for 40 straight years, and we have a cobweb of treason that voters unwittingly support. This election is a major chance to end all of this and get our nation back on track. It will not happen if people think they're supporting a patriot or conservative when further investigation would reveal the exact opposite, in minutes, if people took a look and stop depending on stupidly arranged sound bites. Your post is perfect Raymond, the answers lie in research and vetting and exposing all globalists.

    • Jonathan Gartner says:

      And of course the libertarian ideal of no government is perfect. For morons that is. Let me give you a small education. Paul is more with the Articles of Confederation and the French Revolution than the Constitution and the American Revolution. He reads very nicely the Constitution but, that as far as it gets he is totally amoral no ethics no morals when reading the document. Paul and Obama are truly the same coin with two different faces. Obama would give us nothing and Paul would give us everything with no controls neither was what the Constitution had in mind. Read James Madisons bio he would whack Paul upside the head and say we tried it your way and that way is chaos and anarchy.

      • LESLIE says:

        You are so dense that I don't know why I'm even going to bother with you, but here goes, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SMALLER GOVERNMENT AND NO GOVERNMENT, do you get it, Ron Paul wants smaller government and he wants them to do the job they were meant to do because right now they're doing everything except what they're supposed to!

        • Jonathan Gartner says:

          You had better read Pauls books and libertarians are before making such statements. No morals or ethics totally amoral government is what Paul advocates. If you want drugs no problems but, they are not free and to get them you would get more murder and theft. Paul is very much the French Revolution not the American one.

      • patriotrenegade says:

        I've never been with L ron. You support globalism and treason in a totally pseudointellectual style.

        • Jonthan Gartner says:

          With your rants and raves you sure sound like a Paulbot. Of one thing I am sure you are a moron. Go play in traffic do us all a favor.

        • patriotrenegade says:

          for supporting globalist treason with all the info out there YOU are the MORON and TRAITOR. You're either with your country or against it. You and CFR NAFTA knewtscum are selfish and very pseudo.

  8. Jonathan Gartner says:

    I find it curious that people do not realize that Romney can not win. Santorum and Newt cannot either however having neither the money or organization they will block Romney sending it to convention. For some reason neither Bill O'Reilly or Ann Coulter understand this but, Krauthammer does.

    • JerBear says:

      Well, Jonathan we shall see, won't we???

      Friday, March 09
      Race (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
      Mississippi Republican Presidential Primary Rasmussen Reports Romney 35, Santorum 27, Gingrich 27, Paul 6 Romney +8
      Alabama Republican Presidential Primary Alabama State Romney 20, Gingrich 21, Santorum 17, Paul Gingrich +1
      Alabama Republican Presidential Primary Rasmussen Reports Romney 28, Gingrich 30, Santorum 29, Paul 7 Gingrich +1
      2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Gallup Tracking Romney 35, Santorum 24, Gingrich 13, Paul 11 Romney +11
      General Election: Romney vs. Obama Rasmussen Tracking Obama 45, Romney 47 Romney +2
      General Election: Santorum vs. Obama Rasmussen Tracking Obama 47, Santorum 44 Obama +3
      Thursday, March 08
      Race (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
      Alabama Republican Presidential Primary Ala. Education Assoc. Romney 31, Gingrich 21, Santorum 22, Paul 7 Romney +9
      California Republican Presidential Primary PPIC Romney 28, Santorum 22, Gingrich 17, Paul 8 Romney +6
      2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Rasmussen Reports Romney 39, Santorum 27, Gingrich 17, Paul 10 Romney +12

      • Jonathan Gartner says:

        Romney would have to take 48% of the remaining delegates which will not happen care to make a bet??? And Romney will not make the numbers Rasmussen is incorrect in this case. Newt will take the south including Texas surprise Romney will not make the nominee he could not excite any body just like McCain

  9. spelunker7 says:

    I suppose the great lies of Barack Obama have made it more than fashionable to say anything, no maatter how outrageous, to get elected President. Santorium's claiming to be a conservative is as laughable as Obama claiming to be a Christian. His voting record in the Senate was in no way conservative and that record plus ethics problems got him defeated by a large margin. In addtion to claiming to be a conservative, he has now become a Christian bigot by bringing religion into the race. When possible, his PAC is receiving money ftom Obama supporters and unions. Thousands of democrat voters had voted for this "conservative Republican". They see him as a very weak candidate easily defeated by Obama.

    • patriotrenegade says:

      perfectly true. The demo votes will go back to bama and will not be there for sanctimoron and his moron supporters. Throw in a repulsive CFR NAFTA knewtie on the ticket and a major disaster is assured. Even if knewtie were not a globalist traitor, the vast majority find him repulsive and would never vote for him. Any more strategy wizards out there?

      • Jonathan Gartner says:

        Actually unlike all the other canidates Newt actually did something to change Washington. Surprise he was the one who taught Santorum and you know the saying you never know how your kids will turn out. Newt also has the support of Micheal Reagan who does not have anything to win or lose. Paul has pick up support to from HAMAS and Hezbollah not real surprise there either.

        • patriotrenegade says:

          kid mike is a moron who supports globalist treason just like alzheimers daddyo did. " …he was the one who taught sanctimoron….." proves exactly what I'm saying. thanks. CFR NAFTA knewtie's record as a DC INSIDER is horrendous and shameful. You like it that NAFTA and GATT cost us MILLIONS OF JOBS? Everything else he supports is fraudulent and EVIL against our nation. DEATH TO ALL GLOBALISTS AND THE RETARDS THAT SUPPORT THEM. I will confront, challenge, and go to war against all who support them. Treason is on the books as punishable by death. I will not tolerate treason. TS. This national emergency is NOT a time for "parlor politeness".

        • Jonathan Gartner says:

          Another Paul bot and his violence but, then again just like the French Revolution and its. Since you believe Newt to be a globalist and since I support him you are threatening me with death. Fascinating and how very much like a Paul bot signing checks that they can not ever cash. And I give you this come on down twit.

        • patriotrenegade says:

          I have never been with L ron. It's been Romney all the way, did not threaten you with death, but that is the price of treason. I will say you are evil, the devil himself speaks in pseudo rationalizing ways. You are an enemy of this nation just like your treasonous candidate.

        • Jonathan Gartner says:

          And you have little or no brain. Romney is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and anti-gun and you sound as whacked out as a Paulbot not a rational thought in your head nothing but rants and raves. May be this proves the connection between ole williard and loony Paul and you your self might be looking at charges of treason because like Romney and Obama his black brother are to simular for any body to care.

        • patriotrenegade says:

          you are just a liar and a traitor.

  10. Looking like a brokered convention coming up. Anythinig goes there, including a toss out of the whole circus, which may not be a bad thing.

    • JerBear says:

      No… it IS looking like Romney will take it. Which Kool-aid are some of you dudes drinking?

      Romney has a very definitive lead & will "very likely" be the GOP nominee–hands down!!!

      If you can't see the above train comin' you'd be best to get out of the way of the train…

  11. Alrightalready says:

    It’s embarrassing we couldn’t put up a true 100% conservative…yes, but remember people…ANYBODY BUT OBAMA!!!

    • spelunker7 says:

      There is no such thing as a true 100% conservative and if there was, he couldn't get elected to anything.

  12. patriotrenegade says:

    Mitt will have the delegates. krauthammer is a CFR. You fell for treason are easy.

    • Jonathan Gartner says:

      Any one speaking sense seems to be a CFR to you . Your meds must have run out. To bad your rants and raves havent

      • patriotrenegade says:

        look it up, you won't. your pseudo rationalizing style is something the devil himself would use. CFR's are in congress, the WH, and fed agencies. There are over 4,000 traitors that belong. Plenty of work out there. What research have you done.

  13. jerry1944 says:

    well i ant vote for romney and if the gop want obambo again then i guess they will put romney up. Not being a sheep i dont have to vote for some one i cant trust I didnt trust mc cain and didnt vote for him eather. Thats what the gop want They dont want to win i dont think and with romney they want

  14. Trent says:

    Why would you support the status quo and not want someone different that’s actually Gona get us out this bankrupt America that we’re in? Romney,Gingrich and santorum will lose to Obama and ALL the troops and vets are sick and tired of all these unconstitutional u declared illegal wars that are killing our troopsand they don’t even know what the mission is that there fighting for, America is broke and the dollar is useless and will be the end of America if the people elect a true conservative that has a consistent message for 30 years and has been right on all issues that we are facing today and if the media and globalist elect our next president then well have the same Ol policies that are destroying America as we speak, Why don’t we put someone in the whitehouse that will obey and follow the constitution and get this country back to a constitutional government as well as all our rights and our own personal God given liberties that we were born with back to do what WE want and not what the government thinks is good for us? Ron Paul or no one

  15. Steven says:

    I am an Ohio voter/poll worker. Wednesday, I looked up the county by county results of the Ohio Primary and of recent general elections in Ohio. It is my opinion that Santorum actually WON the REPUBLICAN primary and Romney won the DEMOCRAT primary. under Ohio law, you can change party affiliation AT THE POLLS on election day by requesting a ballot for the opposite party. not only is that HOW Ohio determines party affiliation, but in my county, poll workers have NO WAY to know your prior party affiliation. If you look up a map of which counties Romney won, and a map of which counties Obama won, you would be hard pressed to tell which was which.