Open GOP Convention a Strong Possibility: No Clear Path to Victory for Romney

It’s far from over. Despite claiming six state wins last night and upping his delegate count to 404, Mitt Romney still does not have a lock on the nomination—or even a clear path to claiming it if his opponents don’t leave the field.

Consider this: if Mitt wins every remaining all-or-nothing state but one, and half of the remaining proportional delegates, he would likely still fall short of the magic nomination number of 1,144—which would force him to rely on unpledged delegates, the Republican version of the infamous Democratic super-delegates in 2008, to claim his party’s mantle.

Even if Mitt somehow won every delegate in every coming contest, he still wouldn’t clinch the nomination until Oregon’s primary on May 15.

And if Romney musters only 40 percent of the proportional delegates going forward—equivalent to his share of the popular vote total to date—it would mean the first Republican race undecided when the convention opened in a generation.

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38 comments on “Open GOP Convention a Strong Possibility: No Clear Path to Victory for Romney
  1. Mari says:

    This is Great! Last election we did not have a Republican or Democratic candidate worth voting for. Very obvious we don't have a Democrat worth voting for. Look at the Republicans we have. Any of these guys would and can be an awseome leader for America. I respect McCain for his highly dedicated service to me and America..hands down. He would have been 100% better than what we have. GOD through Jesus is our savior. No president can do that….quit looking for it. What they can do is to lead America again….not destroy it with hatred. Yes, I have my favorites, but all of them are up to the job. No doubt! They all now need to go after mamy's bamy.

  2. SEAN MURRY says:

    Its not over until the fat lady sings.

  3. Joyceann says:

    Yeah – they finally hear us – we don't want Romney and we won't. Who knows how this will turn out – but the people are speaking with new power – keep it up. I think Newt would bring us all back together for the good of America and we'll have learned a lesson – never let a president in without vetting. Knowing what we do now, would we have elected him? I don't think so.

    • awakenow says:

      Joyceann, yep, I do agree. We absolutely MUST vet all of the candidates.

      So, since you prefer Newt, perhaps you would be interested in knowing exactly what Newt thinks about the validity of our Constitution in his "futuristic" view of America in the 21st Century?

      Hint: his view is that the Constitution served its purpose well in the past but now does not. Therefore, it should be scrapped and rewritten to better serve America in the 21st Century dedicated to GLOBALISM.

      Gingrich is good buddies with author Alvin Toffler who has written three books toward this "end around" our Constitution and the destruction of our sovereignty. Gingrich wrote the forward to Toffler's first book "The Third Wave" back in the 70s and he promoted that book as required reading for all members of Congress when he was Speaker.

      As recently as 2006, Gingrich was on C-Span promoting Toffler during his interview of his longtime friend.

      • Jonathan Gartner says:

        Actually Newt has said that he disagrees with half the book. It is impossible to deny half of Tofflers arguement that Technology has changed civilization this is most certainly true by just using the computer in the way we are. Tofflers arguements are incorrect in there conclusions of needing a new Constitution or the radical change in politics however because of technology things have changed. Do some of the rules need updating yes they do. But, they do not need to be destroyed as Toffler has indicated. The meanings in the Constitution need not go the way he says however they do need to be clarified. For instance the second amendment should read that Anyone can own a gun. And that no one should impede that right. There have been to many tricks played by people including Paul to what the Constitution actually means they simply read it looking for a coma or a period to redirect the meaning of the Constitution .

  4. Harry Laughman says:

    If you love the freedoms the veterans fought for and have given unto you. If you believe the constitution is the supreme law of America. Than do America and your self a big favor and do not support Romney. If you want freedom to choose your own doctor , than I beg of you do not vote Romney.

    You and I deserve better than what is running on the republican ticket today. But if nothing else compare Romney with Obama.If Romney wins our choices will be between a white Obama or a black Obama.

  5. Jonathan Gartner says:

    I have been saying that all along. That is why all the canidates are staying in the race. In the end who will win?? The person that after the first vote that can motivate the delegates and that to me will be Newt who is the only one who has the wide spread approval and is the best speaker we have right now. The best canidate would have been Rick Perry but unfortunately he was the first to fall to Romneys attack machine. It will serve him right to lose Reagans ghost will appear to him saying that is what you get for attacking fellow Republicans.

    • patriotrenegade says:

      ignoramus perry was a two time bilderberg attendee, NAU supporter, dream act amnesty for illegals, in short a globalist traitor put in there along with cain, auntie huntie (both bilderbergs) and CFR NAFTA knewtie. A gallery of traitors to pollute and confuse, while testing mass public stupidity. If bama loses and one of these creeps gets in, the NWO still occupies the White House, and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker. In my town we call it easy meat.

  6. USAFRET says:

    A Palin-ush ticket would be a winner.

  7. della says:

    Let's pray for Newt Gingrich. We do not need another liberal. Romney is so smug about his nomination being inevitable. I can not see Romney carrying enough votes to beat Obama. The people I have spoken to all say that Romney is too much like Obama for them to vote for him, so how is he carrying so many states? Are people not voting in the primaries? I see the possibility of America recovering under Newt but only Newt. Newt has the experience and the knowledge to take back America. I don't see that in the others. Are Independents and Democrats who support Obama allowed to vote in the Republican Primary? If so, then I see where Romney's votes are coming from. Something is not right about this. The liberals want Romney and so does Obama. The media wants Romney too so Romney can not be the right choice for Conservatives. Go Newt!

  8. Not Impressed says:

    Read Dick Morris. He thinks this would be devastating for the RNC.

    • awakenow says:

      Morris is a weasel. Never, ever, forget that he worked for Bill and Hillary.

    • Jonathan Gartner says:

      Many on FOX are not true Republicans they are left wing. They would dearly love if Romney won the nomination because at that point it no longer matters who wins the Presidency

  9. Raymond says:

    Two guys are sitting around talking about politics.

    One of them asks the other, "So why are you a Republican?"

    "Because my daddy and granddaddy were Republicans," was the man's reply.

    "What if your daddy and granddaddy were horse thieves?"

    "In that case, I guess I'd be a Democrat."

  10. Romney—best RINO money can buy. The flip flop king. Everything he's now 'for' he was against, before.
    Newt—–brilliant ideas, knows how to manipulate DC and get things done, but has a freight train of 'baggage'.
    Santorum—has the passion, but the leftists villify him as a 'theocrat'.
    Paul—-has a lot of good stuff on the buffet menu, but somebody dumped hot sauce all over everything so most folks can't eat it.
    We apparenlty are headed towards a 'brokered convention', as the public for the most part is reluctant to accept McCain 2.0 in the Romney package. The trend of the MAJORITY of every state that had every candidate in the running of voting for anyone BUT Mitt will probably continue until the dropouts begin. Until it gets down to the final two, then at last we'll see if the Filp Flop KIng, pushed by the MSM, the big banks & big biz and endorsed by every RINO in the country will emerge as the 'moderate' we 'must vote for' to defeat 0bama. I fear it will indeed be McCain 2.0, and another four years of this tinhorn despot.

    • awakenow says:

      Silas … loved your Paul analysis. You have that exactly right.

      That "someone" is the elites who want to keep the good doctor as far away from the people's White House as they possibly can. Why? Because:

      "Truth is treason in the empire of lies"
      From Ron Paul's book – The Revolution: A Manifesto

    • Jonathan Gartner says:

      Sir I believe that in convention that Willard will be unable to convince the delegates of his being any different than Obama. I do believe that Newt is the best speaker and the best choice.

      • patriotrenegade says:

        you support treason. If you like CFR NAFTA knewtlizard then you like treason, loss of sovereignty, jobs, and erasing the Constitution. you are a pseudointellectual screwball. Oh how's global warming, allowing amnesty via the dream act, and the NAU fitting into your "conservative" vision. Bottom line: smart people playing to win are with Romney. I am now convinced that the ignorant and retarded vote along with treason supporters are not with Romney. Anyone but Mitt and you will all lose to bama.

        • Jonathan Gartner says:

          Support treason in what fashion??? Lets take apart your rave. First of all Newt has both publicly stated and in his book explained that they only reason he made statements with nasty nancy (something he regrets) was to explain that just because you are Republican does not mean you dont care. Newt would not enact the dream act you must not have had you meds that day. He suggested that people that have been here for a long time not be given citizen ship but, be allowed to stay here such as older people with out the rights of citizens. Obviously you intellect may not allow you to understand I will make it simple for you since you seem to have the brain of a moron. You are incorrect on your assumptions.

        • patriotrenegade says:

          yeah yeah retract, retract. Talk about flippin and floppin. fooled you easy enough. Has he explained his CFR membership or redacted it? Confront him on that. The CFR is in the vanguard of gloablist treason against us and you overlook it. You can take your pompous intellect to the firing squad wall.

        • Sam Fox says:

           JonathonG, your turn. Here’s Newt. Again, not pretty.


          [P. 2]
          Quote from Newt’s mentors new age book, The Third
          Wave. From P2 of above link.
          ” Toffler believes mankind is entering a new system. To the founding
          fathers in his book, he wrote, “For the system of government you fashioned
          including the very principles on which you based it, is increasingly obsolete,
          and hence increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our
          welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented, a
          democracy for the 21st century. For this wisdom, above all, I thank Mr.
          Jefferson who helped create the system that served us so well for so long, and
          that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.” ”
          Gingrich no conservative. By Jack Hunter
, CFR member:

        • Sam Fox says:

           patriotrenegade, here is the low down on Mitt. Not pretty.

          Romney exposed


          Fake Conservative Mitt:


          Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern



          Romney is for big govt &war:



  11. spelunker7 says:

    If there is no nominee before the convention, it proably means sure defeat for the Republican candidate. Two months is not enough time to put together a viable campaign and raise the money needed to stop Obama. The democrats have been financing the Santorum PAC hoping for such an outcome, or Santorum becoming the nominee. They do not want to run against Romney.

  12. jerry1944 says:

    I just dont trust romney with health law and gun rules i took him off my list early and then him lieing about the others then laughing saying ooo its nothing i can do about what my teams say. Well there is somrthing i can say NO romney. And i want follow the gop like a union sheep

  13. ricbee says:

    If Romney wins the GOOP nomination he will lose to Obama & the GOOP will be exposed as the power hungry elitist pigpen that it is.