Netanyahu to Obama: ‘Israel Must Have the Ability to Defend Itself’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear at the White House Monday that Israel was ready to go it alone in defending against the threat of a nuclear Iran, saying that “my supreme responsibility as prime minister of Israel is to ensure that Israel remains the master of its fate.”

Netanyahu and President Barack Obama spoke to a small gathering of media in the Oval Office before further meeting throughout the day. They did not take questions. The two leaders are said to have a chilled relationship for a number of reasons, one being that the Obama administration is seeking restraint in dealing with Iran, while Israel considers a pre-emptive strike against their nuclear sites.

Netanyahu talked of the close bond between Israel and the United States, but said his country has the right to self defense.

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37 comments on “Netanyahu to Obama: ‘Israel Must Have the Ability to Defend Itself’
  1. Raymond says:

    Barack Obama is a Jew hating, America hating muslim…
    God will deal with him in His own way & in His own time.

    • Dr. Barbara says:

      Don't forget woman-hating, Christian-hating, anyone-who-doesn't-agree-with-the-almighty-B Hussein O-hating……..

  2. Punchy says:

    Israel has every right and ability to defend herself. Let's stay out of it!

    • James Hay says:

      Your Right About That Israel Is An Sovereign StateThat Has Been Threatened To Be Destroyed By The Heretics Of Islam On More Than Several Times And Has Every Right To Defend Itself. Obama Or Anyone Else In The World Has No Right To Try To Impede Israel's Right To Self Defense Just As It Is The Case With All Sovereign States Throughout The World.

    • Raymond says:

      America should support Israel.

      • awakenow says:

        We should support all nations with free trade and an offer of friendship, but avoid "entangling alliances" and use our military to protect and defend our own borders and shores …which is exactly what the Founders wrote in the Constitution.

        If you believe that the Founders were very wise and divinely-inspired in writing the Constitution, then you should believe in fully supporting the Constitution … not the notion that our best and bravest should be used as policemen of the world and to attack when we have not been directly threatened.

        You should believe that waging war via executive decision alone, without the vote of Congress (thus, the people by extension) without a clear and irrefutable reason to go to war via a formal declaration of war (absent in all wars since WW2) …. is an egregious violation of the Constitution.

        I believe the Founders, if they were alive to witness how we have savaged their founding documents, would be horrified at what they see.

        • Raymond says:

          Israel is the Apple of God's eye.
          America should never help any
          nation that opposes Israel.

          Try reading God's Word.

        • Punchy says:

          Raymond, bud, the "Israel" of God is not a little piece of sand in the middle east. Israel are Christians regathered in Christ all over this globe from every tribe and nation. There is no greater deception than for the state of israel to claim God's blessing in our stead.

        • awakenow says:

          Thank you, Punchy. Well stated.

  3. schnitzelschitzen says:

    I believe that Netanyahu actually found it necessary to make that statement about their own self defense also as a warning to obama. Many Americans feel that obama is doing everything in his power to delay action against Iran because he wants them to have the bomb. I do not see obama doing anything but trying to sell the idea of continuing the sanction thing, which he knows will not work. Allowing Iran to have nukes is like putting a live hand grenade in the hands of a child. We need a patriot, we need a President who backs our common allies and not cater to those who hate us. What does that say about this sitting president?

    • awakenow says:

      We need a president who understands and truly supports the Constitution in every way, including the decision to go to war. We need a president who understands that our federal government is massive and must be downsized. We need a president who has a plan to do just that, provided that WE THE PEOPLE demand it.

      We need a president who understands that we must fix ourselves first because we already quite broke and going broker. Our national debt is approaching 16 TRILLION. Our unfunded liabilities and obligations for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are over 100 TRILLION.

      The dollar is being debased by the private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve whose only method to attempt to fix things is to print more money out of thin air, backed by no hard asset as gold/silver … effectively flooding the market with dollars which, in turn, is reducing the value of the dollar and YOURS and MY buying power.

      Take a look at this excellent and handy calculator … It shows exactly what has happened to the dollar ever since the Fed went into business back in 1913. Remember, that all the income tax money goes to pay ONLY the INTEREST on the debt … last year that interest payment was 400 BILLION.

      Every single intelligence agency says Iran is not close to developing a nuke. Every single intelligence agency says that Iran is decades away from developing guidance system capable of sending a nuke thousands of miles away … in our direction. General Dempsey says war with Iran is not necessary at this time.

      As Ron Paul correctly tries to point out, Iran is surrounded by 45 bases and they full well know they will be annihilated if they decide to launch a nuke at Israel. Indeed, any Iranian nuke will be intercepted and destroyed within Iranian airspace.

      These are all truths concerning the Iran nuke issue, as well as our own serious economic condition. Remember, we were all told there was no doubt Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, which was the central reason to go to war. And, keep in mind the national debt clock that clearly illustrates how broke we are.

      We need a president who understands that we should be extremely careful what we do with regard to a country like Iran, a country that has very powerful friends with strategic economic (fuel) interests and ties with China, Russian, India, Pakistan and Iraq. We may very succeed at creating WW3 and Armageddon.

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      schnitzelscitzen, I think you are right. It was necessary fro Netanyahu to just set Obama straight, to let him know that he did not find it necessary to take orders from leaders??? of other countries. If Obama could order him around, I have no doubts that he would do it. He seems to think it is his right to give orders to every nation in the world, I think he plans to be in that position sooner or later.

  4. Mari says:

    My Jesus was born a Jew. Without the Jews there would be no Jesus. Israel has always defended their GOD. Same GOD of Christians. Netanyahu is a MAN of faith for his GOD. and his country. mamy bamy has NO country, NO family, and NO faith. Their is one person mamy bamy needs to bow to…our GOD. Second best would be to Netanyahu. There is a reason the Jews have survived. Netanyahu takes care of our Jews. WE take care of our Christ because of Jews. It is called Respect of Faith. mamy bamy has NO respect for anything. As an n.r.a. trained person i will pruchase another means for protecton. The Untied States of America and Israel will NOT fall to a party boy.

    We do not a patriot. We are all Patriots.

    • awakenow says:

      No one show bow to any mortal man, including Netanyahu.

      • Myrtlelinder says:

        We should honor him, as the leader of a strong, independent, reliable, leader of a wonderful GOD blessed country. GOD loves the Jews.they are "HIS chosen people." If we don't honor them HE will not honor us, not according to what I say but according to HIS WORD, and you can trust that when there is nothing else left.

  5. GDC says:

    Netanyahu schooled Obama.

    • Jonathan Gartner says:

      You are absolutely right and Netanyahu is good man. But then again a five year old that is drunk could school Obama

  6. Guest says:

    Well surprise, surprise! Turns out Netanyahu wants to do exactly what candidate Ron Paul has been suggesting – stop forcing Israel to be answerable to US policy purchased with the Influence of foreign aid. Turn Israel loose. Let them be their own sovereign nation and do As they please. (geez, that "crazy old man and his crazy ideas on foreign policy." turns out our "ally" Israel wishes we would just stop buying off their country with our money.) If they want to continue their five thousand year old war of ethnocentrism with their neighbors, they should be free to do that. So what's it to us? Well the answer is that the reason we interfere is not because we love the jewish nation, thats just the pretense the govt passes out to evangelicals to whip up support. The real reason we use our "influence" on Israel is because the Arabs are sitting on the oil. Follow the money guys! US foreign policy has gotten us, once again, into a sticky "entangling alliance."

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      I don't know if you have heard, but Americans are sitting on one of the greatest oil supplies in the entire world. Why else do you think that Obama is running America. And while he is seeking to own America, he is doing his best to turn us into a Muslim, GOD hating, JESUS CHRIST hating nation. We will remain Christians in America, til JESUS comes for us.

  7. ruth says:

    Netanyahu is a good man! He knows how to speak and knows what he is talking about unlike our Fraud-in-chief!

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      I do not believe Netanyahu will give in to Obama. It would not make sense with GOD'S plan of America or for Israel.

  8. DHP says:

    But the real question is why would Netanyahu say something like this, that Israel has the right to defend itself. What did Barack Hussein Obama say that would get Netanyahu to say this? Sounds like Obama told him that he cant do anything without Obamas consent. Of course, Obama doesnt want Israel to do anything until after the elections. What is that all about?. Im not jewish but I dislilke this president immensly and dont see how anyone could vote for him , much less a second time..

    • awakenow says:

      The Israel regime has been saying this for a very long time now, well before Obummer started occupying our White House.

      Look. We have given billions to Israel for decades but that money has always come with control by our government. The best thing Israel could do, for themselves, is to refuse anymore aid from us. They would then we able to do whatever they want, which is their right as a sovereign nation.

      Also, the best thing we could do is to stop giving ANY foreign aid to ALL countries … stop giving any money to the U.N. Then we should kick them out of New York City and out of our country. Let them build a building in some other country that isn't going broke.

      Who is going to help us if we collapse?

  9. Jonathan Gartner says:

    I would hope the commanders will support Israel in every way possible. You know the sunni's are scared of their shiite friends across the creek. You may find actually Arab aircraft flying with the Israeli's to get rid of the current pox of the region.

  10. @lehorsely says:

    This government wont even let american citizens defend themselves. What do you expect ?

  11. lucitee says:

    For the FIRST time in our HISTORY we have a President that doesn't HAVE one! THAT ALONE to ME would raise more red flags than a fourth of July picnic! The Looney Liberals had rather "go down" WITH him than admit they were WRONG to support him in the FIRST place!

  12. Michael P says:

    Israel HAS the ability to defend itself. In 1967 & 73 its enemies got their behinds kicked.

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      Absolutely correct> The have proven it. I wish I had that much confidence in Americans!!.

  13. JBinGB says:


  14. charles Smith says:

    It felt so good to hear avery BRAVE GOD INSPIRED NETANYAHU make such a beautiful speech and tell this unvetted pre. of the USA how and when he will stnd up for and defend his country in a few coice well chosen he showed the bummer how he will not throw his country under the bus as the bummer does. This man is a commando commander and you have a street pounding community organizer telling this brave man who has fought and trained to know about war and will actually fight and not run from one and I love to hear a brave man speak as we seem to have a bunch of appeasers in the house who arent very aggressive either. May God Bless Israel, Amen.

    • awakenow says:

      Charles … what do you think about the fact that back in 1967, during the 6-Day War, Israel repeatedly fired on the USS Liberty, in international waters, killing 34 and severely wounding another 171 U.S. Navy sailors, despite the U.S. flag was clearly visible on the Liberty.

      Israel has never launched an investigation or formally apologized for this horrific incident which nearly sunk the Liberty.
      To this day, all they say is this was a case of mistaken identity. AIPAC, American Israel Public Action Committee, does not even recognize this incident took place … saying they never even heard of it, yet it clearly did happen.

      Despite continued pleas by veterans who witnessed it firsthand, the families of the those were killed, our government has continued to turned a blind eye toward the attack on the Liberty by Israel.

  15. ricbee says:

    Bibi don't trust the mealy mouthed Obama to do anything.