Tea Party, Democrats Aim to Unseat Pair of GOP Congressmen

Bill Yarbrough admits to being a long-shot challenger against six-term GOP incumbent Pat Tiberi in Ohio’s reconfigured 12th Congressional District. Yet Yarbrough says he has won a “moral victory” because his better-known opponent has aired radio spots against him.

“If he has to go use my name, we consider that a victory,” Yarbrough said. “Based on the negative ads, he’s probably seen polling that gives him worry.”

That said, the campaigns for the 12th and 15th districts are somewhat like sportswriters’ frequent descriptions of Big Ten football: two top teams, with the rest of the league chasing them.

The top teams here are clearly the Republican incumbents: Tiberi in the 12th District and Rep. Steve Stivers in the 15th.

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13 comments on “Tea Party, Democrats Aim to Unseat Pair of GOP Congressmen
  1. Billee says:

    Dems will be running scared because of their "worst ever" POTUS Obama. He has the worst ratings of any POTUS in US history including Carter and Johnson.

    • Informed American says:

      If the republicans would do their jobs like conservatives, they would have nothing to worry about. I want to vote out every rino now in congress or senate. I live in S.C. and will vote against Lindsey Grahm, because he is too liberal. On the other hand Jim Demint has nothing to worry about. A liberal republican is worse than a democrat. You know what the democrat is going to do, but you get screwed by rino's.
      John Boehner is a prime example. He talks the talk, yet he has caved in and gone along with Barack on every debt ceiling increase. It is time to get rid of the democrats, but more important, we need to get rid of the rino's.



    • Littlerocker says:

      We need to rid our government of Rhinos as well as Dims. Take Lindsay Graham, John Behner and John McCain with you. I'm also glad to hear Maine's Republican Senator is retiring.

  3. pierce says:

    If we vote back in Demonocrats in November we will never get rid of entitlements, and that is what The Tea Party is trying to do, at least I hope it is what they are trying to do.

  4. samtman says:

    Presidnet Johnson will go down as one of our great Presidents who got things done in Congress including the civil reights act of 1963 that finally dissagrated the south and made it illiagal for states to deny the right to vote to minoritie. He did this k nowing verry well that the Democrats will loose the south to the Republicans and give them a better chance to take over the Congress and winn presidential electlions. Hi did this, because it was the right thing to do.His one great dissapointment is getting the US inot the Vietnam war..

    • Jonathan Gartner says:

      Every one of your posts reveals you ignorance. First of all Ike did more during his administration for civil rights, LBJ had to come with hat in hand to the Republicans to get this through the final vote I believe was something like 80% of Republicans for along with only 40% of demoncrats. LBJ told Ike during his administration that any kind of civil rights legislation would fail. So you are not ignorant you are also a racist. Oh and by the way Truman got us into VietNam

    • Anthony San Diego says:

      FYI, LBJ was a traitor and a murderer of American seamen. Don't believe it? Research the USS Liberty and your sainted LBJ will look like a pile of horse manure. By the way, what the hell does "dissagrated" mean?

  5. Jonathan Gartner says:

    Headline is misleading the Tea Party and the demoncrats do not want the same people in just the same people out. As for the congress have low ratings I give mine about a 80% if it was a demoncrat I would give them a 0% . Obama has divided us so each congressman in his own district may be liked but as a whole each side hates the other. When getting in other Republicans make sure they can win we do not want to split our vote because that only benefits the left wing.

  6. ricbee says:

    Are you really that stupid or are you trying to get a rise out of people who can read & write.-I was tempted toe write"right".

  7. SEAN MURRY says:

    They will try anything to win.

  8. JBinGB says:

    VOTE A B O VOTE like your life depends on it, IT DOES