Was Andrew Breitbart Assassinated?

Noting that the cause of Andrew Breitbart’s unexpected death yesterday was being examined by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, talk-radio host Michael Savage raised the question of whether the conservative media powerhouse – who recently announced he had videos that could politically damage President Obama – was murdered.

On his top-rated show today, Savage played an audio clip of Breitbart telling an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington last month that he had obtained videos that shed light on Obama’s ties to radicals in the early 1980s who helped propel him to the presidency.

“Maybe my overly active imagination kicked into overdrive,” Savage told his listeners of his decision to raise the question. “But you heard what Breitbart said – he has videos … we’re going to vet the president.”

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374 comments on “Was Andrew Breitbart Assassinated?
  1. Breitbart was king of a media powerhouse. Do you think he'd be the only guy there who had access to the video? That video will be released, without a doubt.

    • JBinGB says:

      STD= Stop the democRATs VOTE A B O RIP Andy

    • Jonathan Gartner says:

      Of course it will be released because so many people now know of it. It is what we do not know such as the homosexual clubs that both Obama and Rahm belonged to and the possibilties of murder of several people in Chicago and their way of doing business in general that should concern us. Remember Forest in the Clinton administration that was about to come forward with information was killed??

    • dragonfFIRE01 says:

      i hope the video is reled unedited commercial free on all channels

    • Marlene says:

      I hope so. There are to many questions pending about Obama.

    • obama says:

      what kind of people was obama involved with i wonder?? the tape says it shows him being involved with radicals?? not so innocent obama ehhhh???? the video will be posted on the internet very soon..

    • Tess says:

      Hope to shout. I want to see that video of Andrew as soon as possible. Get rid of obummer – no good for nothing illegal who is a BIG DESTROYER OF THIS COUNTRY. Hope someone out there can replace Andrew. He is with God now in heaven. God bless his family.

    • Ricky Michael says:

      Good point coggy. That's why this was nothing but a tragic heart attack.

      • TWHLOVER says:

        Yes, but induced by whom ??? . . . . . When Andy refused to back down due to pressure by "someone", he paid the ultimate price. This could be a lesson for all "truth tellers" in his organization to heed. . . . . IT COULD HAPPEN !!!

        • Ricky Michael says:

          It's possible, but unlikely. I wonder if it really was "induced" if the autospcy will show that it was. Are they that good? I wonder?

    • Dianna says:

      Obama and the far left paid allot of money to conceal his birth certificate all the way to his teaching days at Harvard. The man is a Fraud no matter which way you look at it. Who tries to conceal everything. Most people are proud of who they are and run it. He ran against it.

    • Terry Schwartz says:

      I believe that it is very likely that Obama minions or the DNC assassinated him.

    • RLM357 says:

      BUT will it be as he wanted it to be INTACT? The MSM will ignore it as usual. ~Rick Magee, FL

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Sometimes a heart attack is just a heart attack.
    He will be missed.

    • francisco juarez says:

      there was a documentry of the isralies going to africa to free isralies who were taken hostage by muslim terrorists and were being held at entebbe in the congo…idi amin was the congo dictator/president. "Raid at Entebbe". the isralies had a spray that killed the sleeping the congonese soldiers in less than two seconds. the isralies had to wear chemical maskes…in my opinion, adrew brietbart was walking and maybe a car stopped by to ask for directions, or someone was walking in the opposite direction, and this kind of spray could have been used. a heart attack like this does not seem natural…his death was just to weird to accept…i think all proof will lead to the whie house and beyond

    • Tony in MO says:

      Chances are that's all it was, just a heart attack. I knew a guy who worked for the Border Patrol. he was 36 years old and the picture of health; worked out in weight rooms, ran marathons and all of the normal stuff guys do. He had a heart attack and died at a U.S. Customs port of entry while he was working out in the weight room.

      Of course, knowing what Mr. Breitbart did for a living, exposing the corruption in the current administration, it would be easy to see how people could say there was a conspiracy to do him in.

      • Truth Prevails says:

        Yes heart attacks occasionally happen to younger people, but the timing of this event couldn't be more suspicious. After having endured eight years of the Clinton "death list" and bizarre deaths surrounding the 9-11 event, we are primed to be suspicious. No less a personage than Franklin Delano Roosevelt said: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." We can take comfort in this: Luke 12:2 There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

    • Flo says:

      Sometimes, a heart attack can be created. Look up heart attack gun. This was 40 years ago.

    • Beel says:

      It was "announced" on the news less than 12 hours after his death that it was a heart attack. Really? In such a short period of time? Not possible to know that conclusively in less than 12 hours. Actually a lot less, when you figure the time lapse between finding the bofy, arrival of authorities, transport to the ME Office, etc.

      • TWHLOVER says:

        My sentiments exactly ! They were awfully quick to make an announcement. Will he have a standard burial or be cremated by chance, destroying any future forensics ? . . . . Either way, I will miss him !

    • Nancy G says:

      I had a Heart Attack and I'm still a live. Anyother suggestions?

    • Ezra says:

      In other words, sometimes bad things happen to bad people.

  3. Raymond says:

    In my opinion, those in the white house had him murdered.

    • Bob says:

      That was my first thought.

    • Spense says:

      Just look at the number of people who died under strange circumstances during the Bill Clinton years…

      • Raymond says:

        It's important to remember that the CIA are absolute experts at
        murdering someone & making it look like they died in an accident
        or of natural causes. Our government has been known to contract
        out hits to crime groups when it suits their purpose.

    • Remington 870 says:

      Ditto…my first thought was murder. Even if the killers did not get the tape or want the tape, they intent is to send a message to other anti-Obama activists.

      • Texas Mom says:

        Remington, other anti-Obama activists? Do you mean the anti-Obama/Ayers/Dohrn/Soros voters come November?

    • GDC says:

      Opinion=A belief UN-funded on FACT. When you have some FACTS then you can post something that isn't just stupid.

    • tom says:

      Always remember what the left wingers did to JFK and what Bill Clinton did to the White Water people that ended up dead in their cars with a gun shot to the head.Just stating facts and now we have the most crooked left wingers in office ??

      • red ranger says:

        The Left Wing killed JFK? And you know it for a "fact"? Uh-huh… And why, if we might ask? We won't botherr asking for proof of this "fact."

    • Billy says:

      of course they killed him. but we will never be able to prove it.

      • Raymond says:

        You're right, we will never be able to prove it.
        Even if we could who would we prove it to???
        The courts?? They are covering for him.

    • Barbara Taylor says:

      I definitely have my suspisions! As for Mr. Breibart's health, NONE of us know anything, and we might never find out. Even coroners are subject to pressure. Dare I mention "death threats". It would be ironic but not impossible: a death threat against a county coroner! Stranger things have happened. All I can add, is that they guy who is vowing to do it for him, had better watch his back.

    • elizabeth says:

      my first thought as well. God if it were to be true, then evil truly runs the USA.

      • Raymond says:

        Yes Elizabeth, evil does control America & the world.
        However, this is only temporary. Jesus will someday
        return and remove evil from the earth.

        • the smartguy says:

          …by removing the entire human race, I suppose?

        • Raymond says:

          I said God will remove wickedness from the earth.
          That means all democrats, muslims, communists
          (and the list goes on) will be cast into hell.

          You're not very smart.

    • obama says:

      the video will be posted

    • zsuzi says:


      • zsuzi says:

        the above reply was an "i second that" but it appears under the wrong post so i will tell you fully, i, too, think he was murdered.

        the administration doesn't think this will go anywhere because they already get away w/murder.

    • bdrfr says:

      Thats a very good and honest opinion and I pray that the video's are released very, very soon – IF they are somehow destroyed, then we know "someone" ordered him killed and if they are not destroyed, then perhaps it was an actual heart attack. However, it still looks like murder – you know a heart attack can occurr from a laser , with no evidence……….

    • Bob says:

      Raymond; I Agree !! HOPEFULLY the autopsy will be precise as there are drugs out there that are hard to test and will act like a Heart attack happened but was POISONED ?? I would like to know the last time he had a physical ? What makes me wonder is the fact that he was having a cordial drink with a STRANGER ?? A glass of wine ,I have never heard would cause a Heart attack? As a matter of fact it is supposed to be good for your heart ?

    • Washington22 says:

      The jury is still out on that one, Raymond…………………With their track record, one could support your thoughts, but I want to give it some time first. I want to be patient for a bit. longer.

    • Tess says:

      I agree with you Raymond. There is a special POISON that someone who wants Andrew Breitbart dead without a trace even with the autopsy. It will just show it was a heart attack. What a WASTE of a person so talented, conservative who wants the TRUTH AND ONLY THE TRUTH. GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS FAMILY.

    • RLM357 says:

      Ray, Did you know that Michael Savage has had to now quietly hire Bodyguards due to the amount o0f threats he has recieved? ~Rick Magee, FL

  4. ruth says:

    I think it was his heart and nothing else because reports stated he was under a doctor's care. Just saying…

    • May says:

      How accommodating for his heart to give out at just the right time. I bet the left is relieved! There are too many others that this happens to. The DC madam and the executive at Freddie Mac are just an example of those who have crossed the powers that be.

    • DENNIS says:


    • Kenai says:

      And unfortunately, doctors these days kill many people. It's just a fact.

    • Richard says:

      Yes, but a heart attrack can be induced and it would not be the 1st time that someone was silenced! Obama, as we ALL know is a thug from Chicago and will not stop at anything! And don't forget the bomb scare for Rush that same day!

    • Dan W Rykard says:

      I would not put it past the White House all you have are some thugs and gangsters, I am under a DR. care but I am not supposed to have a Heart Attack The White House has some long arms and as we know they do not follow our law but their own law and their own Constitution.

    • GDC says:

      My understanding is he was a drunkard and drug addict. That makes for a heart attack.

      • Bippy Bellito says:

        Obama is a bi sexual who prefers the company of effete men. Does that make him an AIDS carrier?

    • Mighty Bulldog says:

      You are right. Statistics show that. age 43 is a peak time for men to have a massive fatal
      first heart attack. I know that I breathed easier when i passed that age. Still, for some people to say that they are happy that he is dead is vile beyond words.

    • King Ed says:

      Sorry to bring you into the world of hard knocks; there are many chemicals out their, some natural and some made in the lab, that can simulate a heart attack. To the untrained person not knowing what to look for will stamp the death cert as natural causes. Was one of those compounds used? It is just that for this man to die right before releasing something that could very serious harm a DemonRat, makes people wonder. I believe the most famous case is that of ricin being used to bump off a spy.

    • djkatiegreen says:

      He could have been getting slowly poisened? Who knows?

    • RLM357 says:

      The reports all came from Wahington D.C. and surrounding areas. Carefully worded. The seed was planted! Remember how fast the New Zealand and Australian Newspapers got the "History of Lee Harvey Oswald Hours before anyone in the USA ever heard his name? Someone in our Government provided that info before Oswald was even captured in the Movie Theatre. Photgraphic evidence was later proven falsified of Oswald hiolding a Carcano Rifle and a copy of the Communist Daily Worker. How the Gov't ID the slain Officer Tippett as a Dallas Police Officer when he was not! He was an Officer loaned to Dallas for additonal Security from a neighboring town. (perhaps that's why) A man named DeMorinscheld wss to testify before the (Leftist) Warren Commission but mysteriously was found dead at his sister's W.Palm Beach Home the AM of his appearance. He had gone there to hide, as his Info contradicted that of the Gov'ts. Tippet, Ruby and IOswald were observed talking at Ruby's Night Club, the night before JFK's Assasinatin. I digress. ~Rick Magee, FL

  5. MartinRidens says:

    Guesses for what might be in the video?

    • MartinRidens says:

      I'm thinking Obama and Benazir Bhutto from his Pakistan trip. She met an untimely demise also.

      • Devasahayam says:

        Actually on 0bama's trip to Pornistan in 1981, Benazir Bhutto was in solitary in Sihala jail (on orders of Pornistan's then dictator Zia ul-Haq, who had overthrown and judicially-murdered her father–for his half-dozen years in power usurped from the military).

  6. TheGizmo51 says:

    Could this have been an Act of God, a warning to the conservative repulinos?

    • ccfonten says:

      And what do you call your god?? Obama??

    • Rick says:

      Thant is a dangerous thing to say. That is what scripture means when it says not to judge lest you be judged (in the same manner as you judge).

    • Mep says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. If God took sides it wouldn’t be the left!

      • drw says:

        It was an act of Axelrod, A warning to the conservatives to keep to fall in line. If the tapes don't surface then we the foul play will always be suspected. The Grassy Nole surfaces again.

    • Tony says:

      maybe you and your buddies on the left should know who supports you and the whole democratic party,,, enjoy your company

      In an article last week at People’s Weekly World, the official newspaper of the CPUSA, despite being disappointed with “some aspects” of the Obama administration’s domestic and foreign policy, Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, threw his support behind Obama’s re-election bid

    • jsmail says:

      If God takes sides–you lost.

    • melik says:

      Nah, probably an act of nature because of all the stress he was under. But if it was an act of a supernatural being it would definitely have been an act of Satan since the leftist liberals are his favorites.

    • Pat G says:

      Hey, my dogs name is Gizmo. His thought pattern is about one inch above the floor, but he shows more intelligence than #51!

      • just sayin says:

        was gizmo a troll or a gremlin?

        • TheGizmo51 says:

          You're actually correct. Gizmo was the name of my cat of 17 years that died four years ago this month. He was named Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. You are psychic?

    • STMIKE says:

      you sound like you are a latino obama lover, I am latina CHRISTIAN and your god you worship and pray to is obama I feel sorry for you that you said this when you meet God! amigo not!
      Latinos Republicans God is OUR HOLY SAVIOR! AMEN

      • TWHLOVER says:

        Thank you very much for smackin' him down ! Maybe he will listen to you, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. GOD BLESS !

    • Terry marcum says:

      Spoken like a true little Marxist!

    • Linda says:

      No you idiot!

    • TERRY says:

      …. amazing how you liberals love to KILL LITTLE TINY INFANTS … and call it "womens rights" … and yet you hate killing enemies who want to do us harm. YOUR STUPIDITY IS AMAZING!!!


      • TheGizmo51 says:

        So YOU decide who should be killed and who should live. Who's acting as God now? Does someone who kills someone go to hell?

    • ktnmorgan says:

      always wanting to blame it on God? why is that? Are you aware of the fact that the foundation of our country was founded on Judeo Christian Principles? Where do you think your freedoms come from? Why are you against conserfatives (or is it the TRUTH that rattles you so?) . . . Yes I do believe he was murdered . . . like the Kennedys, you get to close and in the way andthen you're gone! I do believe the Clintons had someone that crossed them , dissapear! No coincidence here! Wake up, your golden boy, O. is about to (it's already started !!!!)be vented . . . the truth is coming out! It's not a conservative issue but an american issue. Are you a 'citizen' only? Do have respect for your country . . . O. was sent here to LIQUIDATE the United States . . . . . and that he did! Back to God . . . .lets leave on a positive note. HE will have the final WORD!

  7. tom s says:

    sure makes one wonder though, seems that a lot of potential enemies of some presidents come up dead???

    • Skyknight says:

      Supposedly three of Obama's former homosexual boyfriends died last year. They didn't want someone offering them enough money to come forward like the left did to Hermin Cane.

    • del says:

      Like the clinton idiots with all those deaths of folks who disagreed with old bumble pants clinton and skank hillary

    • MIPATRIOT says:

      Maybe Vince Foster would have the answer to that question. A lot of Clinton enemies came up "missing" also.

    • dak605 says:

      You mean Democrat presidents like Clinton?

    • Bione says:

      I sure hope Sheriff Joe has many great body guards. If not, he could be next.

    • Linda says:


    • Donna Black says:

      Wonder if he is related to the Clintons. LOL,,lots of people who knew things about them ended up dead.

  8. Dee says:

    for going against the obama regime and exposing them.

  9. Robjh1 says:

    Then they better take out all of Fox news. LOL!

    • Airangel says:

      They are already trying. I guess you want Hitler in office or a dictator like North Korea that starves it's citizens and they are all dependent on the Government. Pretty sad way to be if you ask me. Endentured servants to Government vs. free people to take care of themselves through their own ingenuity and self worth. You must be one of the losers that can't think for yourself or do for yourself. With Fox out, we become China with only one sided reporting and only listening to what Government wants you to know. baaa baaa baaaa

    • jsmail says:

      You're an idiot.

    • Kenai says:

      For what? Telling the truth??? You libs are all like lemmings going over the cliff!

    • John Hunter says:

      They would very likely be elated if that were to happen

    • k.j. says:

      You are the one lurking with your dark thoughts and comments

    • DHP says:

      Soros is trying to put Fox News out of business. Kill the adversaries from the inside. He has purchased almost 40 percent of the stock,and probably acquiring more through straw men. Soro and Obama are out to quiet all adversaries. Soros has already made billions from Obamas handling of our economy. And Soros is the person who virtually put Obama in office.

      We Americans are so naive. We want to believe the best of everyone. Muslims see this and are taking over varous segments of the government, assisted by Obama. Knowing how Islam is at war with the United States, why would anyone put a muslim in a high level of government co-oridnating our security interests. American are so naive, or is that stupid.

    • Mark says:

      Are you an "ONLY CHILD"?????????LOL

    • JJM says:

      They removed the last show I respected – Judge Napolitano. Last I searched – no FOX mention of Cold Case Posse!!
      Hoping Breitbart had more than 1 responsible confidant that will release all and soon, Mar 1 is come and gone.

    • Dolores says:

      The are working on it. daily.

  10. Rjgarfunkel says:

    He obviously choked on his own words. He was being sued by many of his slandered victims. he photo shopped video, audio and manipulated the facts. He was a provocateur of the right, who appealed to the lunatic fringe who lurk on these sites.

    • opsycho says:

      speak for yourself…

    • ron m says:

      then you must be a lunatic,cause he exposed all of you communist !hey lefty you ever herd this the righteous will inheirate the KINGDOM OF GOD and the LEFT SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND!!!! this whole presidential cabinet is corrupt and will be the fall of this great Nation!,MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL of you on the left

    • spectre16 says:

      so the video of the acorn fruitcakes supporting the smuggling of underage girls for prostitution was not real?

    • May says:

      You are OBVIOUSLY one of the clueless. One of the people who make corruption possible. Give yourself a pat on the back. Keep being spoon fed the mantras they want you to believe so they can continue to rape the people. Thanks.

    • stillmoral says:

      Speaking of photoshopping, how about the photoshopped birth certificate from the Communist usurper illegally in the WH.

      • skip says:

        thanks for bringing that up, again… we need to make sure that that never gets swept under the rug… here's a person (obama) who has access to all our secrets and his finger on the nuclear button, and no one knows who he is… how bad is that???

    • Patschmidt12 says:

      He appealed to fiscal conservatives, those of us who are tired or supporting the likes of you.

    • Liberalinsanity says:

      And the entire LIBERAL Mainstream Media "appeals" to whom??? And no one is lurking on this site- except YOU.

      • Jimbob says:

        The media are neoliberal. The media serve whoever owns them. And who owns them is money. Stop wasting your (plural) time pointing the finger at other people. Humans aren't the problem, money is. Get the hate out of your heart before it kills you too.

    • Pat G says:

      Apparently you have read your own ignorant blogs. What a foolish display of manipulated facts. Only a dimwhitcrap could blog like you!

    • winter says:

      Oh you mean like Mike Moore ?

    • frank t says:

      there are none so blind as those who will not see.

    • John says:

      Garfunkel, you are one of the evil left or just plain stupid ashenloche.

    • Gerd says:

      Right. And he faked Obammy's birth certificate and selective service card.

    • TWHLOVER says:

      Hey Rjgarfunkel. . . . . .SIMON says "shut the hell up!"

    • TheGizmo51 says:

      Wow! someone besides me tells the truth on this site. I wonder what the republinos have against truth?

    • VLG says:

      You are a provocateur of the left who knows em all !

    • Jerry says:

      …….and you are one of the lunatic fringe who lurk on this site!.

  11. ccfonten says:

    I will wait until I hear what the autopsy shows. He was treated for a "heart condition" in the recent past.

    • CalBob says:

      you're assuming that, unlike birth records, nobody will mess with the autopsy.

    • Suzanne says:

      Four years ago my brother suffered a massive heart attack (the type doctors call "the widow maker"). He survived with good medical care and is well today. That Mr. Breitbart was being treated for a heart condition does not automatically explain his death. With good care those who have been diagnosed with heart disease can live long and productive lives.

      Do I believe he was murdered? I honestly don't know. But I will say that it can't be ruled out since the evil deeds of so many powerful people were exposed by Mr. Breitbart.

    • cheryl scheuerman says:

      it would get covered up like all the unconstitutional, illegal, dirty stuff the left does that isn't on the mainstream news on air or in papers now.

  12. Rjgarfunkel says:

    More from the Breitbart Legacy:
    The Sherrod and NPR videos also misrepresented key parts of those stories. In the former, Mr. Breitbart presented only a brief clip of a speech in which Sherrod acknowledged that she had discriminated against a white farmer when she was a state agriculture official in Georgia. The subsequent uproar in 2010 prompted the Obama administration to seek her resignation. By day's end, however, the full video of Sherrod's speech emerged, revealing that she had gone on to condemn her own actions and to seek justice for the white farmer. An embarrassed Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack apologized and offered Sherrod her job back.

    • Mep says:

      Oh and the left has never been guilty of false accusations or manipulation of the truth?
      If you think so then you are woefully misguided!

    • Kenai says:

      That's because their all corrupt!

    • LibsAreLiars says:

      Ms Sherrod and her husband are NOT victims, just like Ms. Plame and her husband were in the wrong. READ more anout Mr. Sherrod and his radio station, read other comments they have made- sure they do not like "whitey" AND THAT'S A FACT, JACK.

    • Pat G says:

      Another blog from the dimwhitcrap fool. Who was your daddy?

    • Gerd says:

      However,Ms Sherrod and her husband are crooked as hell in this scam against the taxpayers. 92,000 claims of descrimination when there were only 18,000 black farmers at the time.

    • cheryl says:

      No, Mrs. Sherrod did not personally help this man if u truly listened to her she stated she passed him off to one of his own Kind! Now truly who is the Racist? You know I do not care for this man Bill Maher but he said something the other night on the Piers Morgan show about religion I think holds true for alot of History in America, It is the 21st century move on get over it! Now he was talking about how he does not believe in the Devil or Jesus Christ but that is his burden to carry, I think that can go for slavery and many other things We who had nothing to do with are still answering for.. Stop picking and Choosing what part of history u want to keep and get rid of.. Many People of all colors died for our FREEDOM! How many more generations are you going to make the Whites kids pay for? you know it was the English and Spanish who brought this trade here. So lets GET OVER IT!

  13. Sunshine says:

    I saw a copy of Larry Sinclair's book sometime ago. It seems that the choir director at OBAMA's church that had a LONG relationship with OBAMA, was mysteriously MURDERED right before the IOWA caucus in the last election!!! Makes one wonder?!?!?!?

    • Bione says:

      Not only the choir director, but another member of that Chicago church was also shot just before Obummer's Senate race. Another person who died mysteriously was a young female reporter who saw Obummer coming out of a hotel room where the homosexual parties were going on. She moved away from Chicago, but died mysteriously once she started talking about her encounter with Obummer in that hotel hall. Just check out Bangkok and other dangerous places in this world. "Things" are put into your drink on a regular basis, and nobody knows what happened. It happens here also. Breitbart was vulnerable because he went to that neighborhood bar frequently. Just saying – something could have happened there !

    • mascmen7 says:

      3 of Obama's gay lovers at Trinity Church were shot to death in late 2007, early 2008. Obama became a CIA agent in 1980 at Occidental Univ and in 1981 sent to Moscow to be educated by the Russian Academy of Sciences. A microwave weapon shot from a distance can stop a heart. Hitler was great at speaking and led an entire nation to Hellish destruction.

    • stillmoral says:

      They have hushed up Jeremiah Wright's down low club. Obummer and Rahm Emanuel used to tryst there. Wonder if it's Holder now.

    • Patschmidt12 says:

      And he also went the way of the Clintons' friends.

  14. TED FROM IDAHO says:

    There is reason to believe that he was killed, I don'tg trust the Oboma machine

  15. sofouch says:

    Sometimes to much to drink is just not enough