Sheriff Joe Sets D-Day On Obama's Eligibility

Following a Georgia judge’s ruling that Barack Obama is eligible to be on the state’s 2012 Democratic Party presidential ballot, the front lines in the continuing eligibility battle are being fought in Arizona.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told WND today his office has scheduled a news conference in Phoenix for March 1 to release findings of the Cold Case Posse that has been investigating Barack Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility to be president.

Arpaio declined to release to WND any of the posse’s conclusions in advance of the press conference, although he is on record saying the findings may be “shocking” to many.

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371 comments on “Sheriff Joe Sets D-Day On Obama's Eligibility
  1. Billy says:

    Run, Forrest, Run. Good work Joe, keep it hot.

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      Come on, JOE, you are my human hero. Millions of Americans are behind you. Keep on keeping on. Don't pull, please, don't pull a Michale Mahili on us. Thank You from the bottom of my heart, Joe.

      • Georgia was a let down; judge was bought off or threatened;; when he said Obamam was hatched in Hawaii and was a "native citizen", therefore a natural born citizen I asked what the hell does that mean?

        • daves says:

          This exact story came out last December about a release of information the Sheriff was going to release in January. When the release in January came out all it said was that Sheriff Joe needs more information (more money).

          This guy is milking gullible people.

        • John says:

          I'm getting to believe your right Dave ! He was supposed to comer out with all of this evidence on Jan. 27th , and even on his web site there was no mention of it , just the same ol' Holder junk ! I'm believing everyone's in on the joke except us , the American public … I doubt this post will be seen , because most of the real truth I post never is …

        • Bill Shakespeare says:

          The big shock, will be to find that Obama's true father is the avowed communist and agitator – Frank Marshall Davis. That fits in with the communist sympathizing of Obama's white Kansas fambly (sic). Either way, Obama was an illegitimate child, a common feature in black culture. Obama senior had NO time for his "wife" nor Junior, and this explains a lot of that.

    • Goober says:

      Really none of you thought that a threat over the phone wouldn't come from that POS in the W. H. Of course he was threatened. So now here's what's going to happen; judge Malihi will run for Attorney General of Georgia and (of course) Win. His platform will be that he is willing to take on all of the hard cases no matter what! Maybe this was the plan all along. Think about it?????

    • Jeff says:

      Joe ain't got nothing. Well he does have a following, and is making money hand over fist from WND for his birther witch hunt. There is a reason Georgia ruled in Obama's favor, it is called the rule of law.

    • geekids31 says:

      You have it right, only it should be" Dig Joe Dig—do whatever you can to rid us of B. Hussein"

  2. NymRod says:

    'the findings may be "shocking" to many'

    Malcolm X is his father?

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      Probably, you are right, but out of a Muslim trying to overcome America, with his appointed and elected Muslims, I THINK I am ready!!!

    • jm says:

      Hillary is his sister

    • lew says:

      I put pictures of them side by side and agree with you 100%! I would love too see a DNA test done on them. Mr.B.O and Malcolm X look like farther and son. And it seems they both hated and hate America.

    • MAD says:

      Malcom X racists that hated white people but then again Obama called his grandparents white folk and Obamas preacher hated whited

      • Jeff says:

        It is clear that you don't know anything about Malcolm X. I can't help but feel a little pity for you after reading your incoherent post.

    • Goober says:

      Wow most blacks don't know who their father is! Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha, Ha, But if you say so, dunham was with so many blacks I don't think she new who the father was. obama's father (who-ever he is) did the usual and left his son and wife to fend for themselves and now I'm supposed to care who his father was? I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire! He's a liar and a cheat, if the American people RE-elect him then they deserve what they get!
      Get prepared people there's a war coming and it's not going to be pretty!

    • patriotgal says:

      nymrod……..i hope it is in the right direction…..i always have the fear that he could some how be deemed legal ….. the way things are changing and all of the lies……we never can be sure what the out come will be….. the judge in georgia did a turn around on what he was originally going to rule….the judge should be impeached from the bench any way because he did not order obama arrested And brought to trial as he did not honor the subpeona…….IF IT WERE ONE OF US …WE WOULD BE PEEKING THRU BARS RIGHT NOW……THIS IS GETTING VERY FRIGHTENING………ALSO EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT CATHOLIC….PLEASE MAKE YOUR OUTRAGE KNOW FOR WHAT THEY ARE TRYINGTO DO TO THE CHURCH…….I AM NOT CATHOLIC BUT ONLY MAKES ME KNOW THAT THE PROTESTANT CHURCHES WILL BE HIT WITH SOME THING…..CHRISTIANS NEED TO STAND NOW….THAT FREEDOM IS FAST GOING OUT THE DOOR ALSO……… off subject a bit…..but we need to really start paying full attention to what this IMPOSTER is really doing to us ..!!!!!!!

    • Jeff says:

      Well if Malcolm X was his father? LOL! Yet another conspiracy theory that blows holes in the birther's conspiracy.

    • burkanuck says:

      You better hope not because that would make him a natural born citizen and therefore fully eligible to serve at the POTUS.

    • Denise says:

      Malcom x isn't his father, allah aka satan is his father!

      • [email protected] says:

        DNA, indicates Cheetah is his natural father.

      • Tess says:

        Obummer could be the Anti-Christ that is coming soon. Satan, the world's father of lies and deception. He got satan's DNA – LIES every time he open his mouth. I never watch his speech because I get sick and wants to throw up.

    • [email protected] says:

      Outstanding reply, NymRod. I am still laughing. You made my day a little brighter.

    • Tess says:

      Could be Frank Marshall Davis is his father.

      • Gerd says:

        True. He was around a lot when the resident was a kid. He was a known communist and maybe mama Stanley thought he would be an objectionable father to her mulatto kid so she picked another from the top 20 list of suspects.

    • BUD says:


  3. Billee says:

    Someone stand up for truth.

  4. Dusty1 says:

    I didn't see anywhere on Google where the Judge in Georgia ruled that Obama is eligible. In fact, everything which was brought into evidence indicated that Obama's eligible is rightfully questionable. Obama and his attorneys have disrespected the Court in Georgia and apparently feel they are above the law and any accountability. This whole affair has gotten ZERO MSM attention. The only place you can find any information on it is the internet. Obama thinks that by ignoring this it will go away. It's HERE and hopefully will get BIGGER before Election Day.

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      He had a good reason not to go to Georgia, I think he had that tied up before the trial or whatever it was they had. I believe I would have had someone to tie my hands behind my back, or lock me in the cellar, if that is the only to keep me from signing that thing saying Obam's birth certificate was legal

    • Suncoast says:

      Here is the link for the Judge's final decision. Go to page 10 and read his conclusion.
      it says:
      For the purposes of this analysis, this Court considered that President Barack
      Obama was born in the United States. Therefore, as discussed in Arkeny, he became a
      citizen at birth and is a natural born citizen. Accordingly,
      President Barack Obama is eligible as a candidate for the presidential primary
      election under O.C.G.A. § 21-2-5(b).

      Here is the PDF file link:

      • Myrtlelinder says:

        i read the blankety blank thing already. It was a setup from the word GO by Obam and his thugs. I hope that Joe has something that none of us ever imagined. The THING that Mahili signed will not be a surprise to many people.

      • Anne_PA says:


        Any judge using that terminology, "the so-called 'birther' movement…." in his written decision was showing bias, if not coercion in his decision. Not to mention that NO JUDGE, having already denied at least two petitions from Obozo's legal team to dismiss, and having his subpoena blown off, would let that go by, and then come up with a decision with that verbiage, unless he'd been coerced.

        "… and their evidence 'to be of little, if any, probative value and thus wholly insufficient to support plaintiffs' allegations" all presented by "known experts" in their fields. when the defendant had no evidence to the contrary to present to the court?

        We already know how Obozo "won" some of his early races in ILL, by simply "removing" candidates' names from the ballot, and in another case "coercing" a judge to open court sealed records, Obozo and his thugs have a history of coercion and intimidation. Anyone who thinks for just a half a second that Obozo and his thugs wouldn’t resort to "anything" is stupider and more naive than a 4yr old.

        • Dusty1 says:

          You're right on target with your thinking. Absolutely right. If the judge denied two motions to dismiss, WHY a decision like this? Worded this way? It stinks to high heaven and it's NOT OVER by a longshot. Other states have eligibility suits pending. The more the merrier before Election Day.

        • Myrtlelinder says:

          In their plans from the beginning and to think I believed that trash and was so disappointed when it did not work out as I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO.

      • Dusty1 says:

        In the ruling contained in your link, the Indiana Court WRONGFULLY ruled that "new citizens may be born or they may be created by naturalization." That goes against what is clearly stated in the US Constitution. The Georgia Judge relied on the faulty ruling of the Indiana Court to excuse Obama's ineligibility.

    • guest says:

      Me too Dusty.
      I have heard nothing and in fact, thought he was cited for contempt of court????
      This should automatically disqualify him.
      What this Imposter has done to us all is , in effect treasonable and he should be executed as a traitor.

      • Myrtlelinder says:

        He should have been!!! All of this turmoil that he loves, is one reason for that smug expression that is glued to his face!!!

        Was that thing handed to him, and was he told, SIGN IT OR…………………..???? I wonder!!!

    • Ron says:

      I to was unaware of any ruling by the Georgia Judge. It is all so very hush hush, that alone makes me wonder what is up. If there is no evidence one way of the other, then let us move on to riding ourself of this President at the ballot box. Actions always speak louder than words.

      • Dusty1 says:

        I checked with Google before I put in my first post here. I saw nothing about a decision. And you won't find one printed word anywhere in the MSM. It's been like the lawsuit never happened.

    • ctc01 says:

      I haven't seen anything anywhere either to show Obama eligible for Georgia ballot.. If the Judge ruled him eligible than the Georgia judge sold out Georgia and gave in to the Obama administration. The judge was probably threatened with his life by the Obama thugs.

    • mrrzk says:

      According to Judge Malihi's ruling, he declared Obama to be eligible to run for POTUS and would be put on Georgia's
      ballot. How dissappointing. A lot of people thought this would be our opportunity to remove Obama, but to no surprise
      Judge Malihi has done a 360 and has sided with Obama.

      What happens to everyone that attempts to bring out the truth on Obama? Its like a total transformation. Is it money? Is it power? Is it threats? Obama seems to get the upper hand in all his dirty dealings. He is the most dishonest person on this earth and doesnt care who he tranples on to get his way. GOD HELP US.

    • Anadara says:

      I think that the Judge in Georgia received a knock in the night from members of the Obama reelection committee.

    • Bonnie says:

      The Judge in Georgia referred to the judgement in Indiana and since an Indiana court had already ruled that obama was eligible on a similar case, the Georgia Judge just punted.

    • patriotgal says:

      dusty1……it was on the internet from different sourse and on the news that he was deemed legal …you must have missed it some way……the judge was going in the right direction and then suddenly changed his mind….he ruled on some other case (i forgot )state…I AM WITH NEWT GINGRICH AS FAR AS HIM SAYING THAT OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM NEEDS OVER HAULED.. (((()))).WE HAVE TO MANY LIBERAL DISHONEST JUDGES(((()))) my words there not newts…….THE MORE I SEE THINGS I AM BEGINNING TO THINK THAT NEWT HAS BETTER IDEAS THAN THE OTHERS….but at the moment stil not knowing to who i will vote for……BUT…..I WILL HESITATE VERY MUCH,,,,,IF I HAVE TO VOTE FOR ROMNEY…..

    • Alastica says:

      I guess that you get all your info off the computer. Better check other sources.

    • John says:

      Hi Dusty,
      A different Judgy Wudgy was paid off by the bad guys to reverse the first judges ruling that OBwan was not allowed on the ballot…. Think of it this way crooks helping crooks…

    • tom says:

      I thought that the case before the Judge in Georgia went against Obama ? Where did the judge allow Obama to not produce the evidence that Obama was ordered to produce ?

      • Myrtlelinder says:

        We were hoodwinked!!!! By the whole thing!!! There never was a case, went the way it was planned all along. \

    • gnafu says:

      Dusty1> I checked and It says that Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi of GA dismissed the case. I'm wondering if the Judge was threatened? Obama not being in court would be a good case of Failure to Appear but that isn't going to happen. Pity.

      • Dusty1 says:

        gnafu – Remember the case against the Black Panthers which Eric Holder was handling? Well, they never showed up, either. A Default Judgement was entered against them and then Holder did nothing else. This Judge in Georgia could have entered a Default Judgement against Obama for failure to appear or answer. Instead, he chose to follow the FAULTY ruling of the Indiana Court and decided to dismiss this case. It's strange, because I saw things which were brought into evidence in the Georgia case which could have gotten ordinary citizens in trouble with the federal government, like multiple social security numbers and STILL, a birth certificate which looks like it was photo-shopped. Me thinks the Judge got a call from someone in power.

    • JIM says:


    • Jon says:

      YA THINK,plus Georgia Courts are a JOKE / & CORRUPT !! They Think they make the Countries Laws and are ABOVE The Countries Laws and Constitution, Yes I have evidence, SO PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT !!

    • Flipcard says:

      In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama's qualifications for the presidency, the group "Americans for Freedom of Information" has Released copies of President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental College … Released today, the transcript school indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship.

    • Flipcard says:

      This document would seem to provide the smoking gun that many of Obama's detractors have been seeking. Along with the evidence that he was first born in Kenya and there is no record of him ever applying for US citizenship, this is looking pretty grim. The news has created a firestorm at the White House as the release casts increasing doubt about Obama's legitimacy and qualification to serve as President article titled, "Obama Eligibility Questioned," leading some to speculate that the story may overshadow economic issues on Obama's first official visit to the U.K. In a related matter, under growing pressure from several groups, Justice Antonin Scalia announced that the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments concerning Obama's legal eligibility to serve as President in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey . This lawsuit claims Obama's dual citizenship disqualified him from serving as president.. Donofrio's case is just one of 18 suits brought by citizens demanding proof of Obama's citizenship or qualification to serve as president.

    • Flipcard says:

      Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation has released the results of their investigation of Obama's campaign spending. This study estimates that Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign funds in the past year with eleven law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of any of his personal records. Mr. Kreep indicated that the investigation is still ongoing but that the final report will be provided to the U.S. Attorney general, Eric Holder. Mr. Holder has refused to comment on the matter…LET OTHER FOLKS KNOW THIS NEWS, THE MEDIA WON'T!

      • Dusty1 says:

        Count on Eric Holder to bury all information and evidence and smother anyone trying to open their mouth in any way against Obama.

    • PawPaw says:

      The Georgia Judge did indeed rule that Obama is eligible fore the Georgia Ballot. He used a non binding Indiana ruling, while ignoring a U.S. Supreme court precedent as presented in the case. More interesting is that 2 days later, The Obama administration, against all advice, granted Georgia some Millions of $$$ for a project they wanted..

  5. Phil in Cleveland says:

    He must be legal if Joe says "the findings may be “shocking” to many" because that's the only way I'd be shocked.

    • Dusty1 says:

      Would you be "shocked" to learn that Obozo uses several social security numbers, some belonging to dead people? How can he get a loan as a foreign exchange student yet be US resident? How'd he do that? Why doesn't he want to talk about it?

    • Pat says:

      I was thinking the same thing Phil, The ONLY thing that would shock me is if he is truly found to be legal. That is impossible according to his and his wifes own claims of who his father is. If they lied and his father is actually a US citizen he would have admitted to this rather than keep this nonsense going like he has.

  6. Freedom for Patriots says:

    There once was a Sheriff named Sheriff Joe, he was Strong and Brave and he fights for the American People and the American Way. Truth and Justice guides Sheriff Joe so he can fight the evil that seek to take us all down low. The Evil from Obama and the Democrats won’t prevail; Sheriff Joe got them by the tail! We all support you Sheriff Joe the man that stood against Americas foe. Remember, Truth, Justice and the American Way, that’s Sheriff Joe’s motto and he will win the day. God Bless You Sheriff Joe.

    • Angelicsweep says:

      Don't count your chickens before they hatch! I'm not holding my breath about this turning out the way everyone thinks it will! obama and his thugs can be mighty convincing…not saying Sheriff Joe caved…I'm just saying he might have been persuaded. Just look at the odds…EVERYTIME we get our hopes up for the TRUTH to be told about this FRAUD in chief, we get them dashed. Just saying don't read too much into this turning out like we hope it does. I am losing hope that we will ever be rid of this evil, vile serpant in the whitehouse!!!!!!

    • Joan says:

      AND Obama's motto is "By hook or crook". I am soooo glad I donated to Sheriff Joe, regardless how the report comes out because I think he is the only Honest and Real American that is for the people of this wonderful country and not for the perks and privileges they can get for free on the tax payers $$$$.

  7. TOM says:


    • DarkStarAz says:

      AC will come out of the revived roman empire- the EU.
      My guess is, we will have some form of address during the Olympics, when all eyes are on London…

      • Sfran says:

        Goodness folks – read Daniel chapter seven. It and ALL the Reformers of old explained just who the AC was and is.

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      I feel sure his life and the life of all who are dear to him are in great danger. Please Joe do like Obam and his family, be completely surrounded with hundreds of protection sources.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN says:

        Myrtlelinder…. I hope Sheriff Joe surrounds himself and his family with protection. I think he is in grave danger. I also believe the Georgia judge was threatened. He had no choice but to say Barry was ‘legal’. I am sure he, his family, and friends lives were on the line with his decision. That is how they do things in Chicago! The corruption runs deep!

    • there will be more of us killed before this puke is expelled from America in disgrace. There are only a few individuals willing to pay the ultimate price to save the rest of you, who only scream at your TV;[ metaphor]. to coin a phrase; " I am made as hell and I am not going to take it any more". Get up off your duff and make a difference.

    • Ron says:

      you may be right

    • Patrick Duffy says:

      Obama is one anti-christ for there are MANY anti-christs that have come into the world. Any man who seeks power over other men is attempting to take Christ's seat, so therefore, ALL POLITICIANS are ANTI-CHRIST!

      • sfran says:

        Patrick – look to Luther, Huss, Calvin and all the rest of the Reformers – they point directly at the anti-christ (not "against" Christ but "in place of" Christ), who sits on the throne in Rome and says that he is the Vicar of Christ and what he says "overrides" anything the Bible says. Who governed during the 1260 years of the Dark Ages? Rome. After pagan Rome came Papal Rome – The beast of Daniel seven who received the deadly wound (in 1798) and was healed (after his sovereign rights and property were returned in 1929 in San Francisco meeting – see SF Chronicle article about the "deadly wound being healed". Sunday worship, per the anti-christ power, "is a Mark of our [Papal] authority." Or in other words, The Mark of The Beast. See the 4th Commandment in Exodus.

    • Carol says:

      This has been in my mind ever since he stepped up to the plate to tell the truth about Obama or maybe his name is Barry Soetoro or maybe his name is Harrison J Bounel (042-68-4425) of which all of us know he is a fraud.

      I just hope and pray he has very tight protection around him but even at that it is not enough because he is in a lot of danger.

    • Val says:

      I am afraid for Joe's life. Obama is a SNAKE and will do anything to keep himself in the Oval Office. Obama is the ONE who should be AFRAID. !! I'm sure he is in some patriots cross-hairs. !

    • Patrick says:

      Arpaio is unafraid. Don't you get it? Not only that- if B.O. had the Sheriff snuffed… well- that might wake a few people up. America was built by people who take Honor and Duty seriously, and are not intimidated by evil. Maybe you should join us. =PC=

    • Patrick says:

      Tom- Do you think this is the first time The Sheriff has had to stand up to evil? Or- do you think The Sheriff needed YOU to tell him that he is making evil people mad and this involves risk? What are you- a Liberal? A Liberal thinks there is NOTHING worse than death. A Conservative and a patriot belives that cowering in the face of evil is a LOT worse than death. You sound as if you are scared just READING the reports. Your comment seems to RADIATE cowardice. Why not grow a spine? You might like it. So might your friends and aquaintances. =PC=

    • gnafu says:

      Yep. When we told Sheriff Joe, "Watch Your Back," we weren't expecting the culprit to be the Federal Government. NOT. The government system is so corrupt, who knows what will happen next! They are trumping up charges against Sheriff Joe so I hope he has lots of good attorneys. The surprise may be that "Barack" isn't Barack Obama/Soretoro at all.

    • MARGE says:


    • aunt jo-jo says:

      They had better cover it up with no evidence available if they try to kill Sheriff Joe. You will see a storm on the Capitol if that happens!! AND Alan West will be leading the charge!!
      I'm so tired of big union, black panthers and every other liberal yahoo THREATENING and disrupting, can you imagine if they were truly unleashed with no consequences?? That would be the world we would have to live in.

  8. Aimee says:

    You can cover up the truth some of the time, but not all of the time!
    Bravo to the Sheriff and all of the individuals working to uncover the truth!

  9. wayne says:

    I applaude sheriff Joe and his staff. They have the balls to prove that the one in office is a fake. I can't even mention his name. Go Joe

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      He is the bravest man in America or is his love for America is that great? He is one wonderful, brave individual!!!

    • Edward Shick says:

      It's a shame our court system and congress is so corrupt that he got in to start with ,, and now they do not want to get this traitor out of office , how do we elect these greedy people and why are we so broke ,, We can not afford any thing but Czars and maids for Michelle ,WE do keep air forse one in the air

    • Ron says:

      he is such a terrible pres. a terrible person. it makes me sick just to hear his voice and all the lies that fall out his mouth. God help us.

      • Myrtlelinder says:

        Dictator, you mean! He is an excellent dictator!!!!!

      • Robert says:

        Don't forget the people Obama has appointed. He is not only a liar, but has biased people working in every cabinet level. Especially Eric Holder who should be impeached and sent to prison for not upholding his oath of office to uphold the constitution and prosecute all laws of the land. Holder picks and chooses to uphold only laws that will get Obama votes from special interest groups.

    • Robert says:

      We will find out on March 1st, 2012 whether Sheriff Joe is different from the judge in Georgia that just ruled (without proper investigation) that Obama is a natural born citizen. The Georgia judge used some obscure case in Indiana (which should have no bearing in Georgia) as precedent for ruling that Obama is eligible to be on the Georgia ballot. Hopefully, in November the issue will be mute when Obama is turned away from a second term. However, we do need to take the issue to the US Supreme court and get a ruling on what constitutes a "natural born citizen" versus a citizen born on US soil. If this definition of "natural born citizen is allowed to stand, then anyone can run for president; even non citizens such as Obama.

  10. Uncle Pat says:

    Who knows what will happen. We have been on this rollercoaster for 3 years. One can only hope that real proof is presented and real justice is done.

  11. taina2 says:

    I hope Joe lives to tell the truth.

  12. DAVEY 2 says:

    GO JOE!!!

  13. Jewels says:

    God be with you Joe. You will be our salvation. Stay safe.

    • CHARLIE says:

      Amen to that-If he is the only one who will follow through as he has, and prove that Obama is the snake he is, then I saya we vote Sheriff Joe for President!!! God, please keep him SAFE!

      • Larry says:

        And if he is good, he will soon be in the Boosum of Christ, sooner then later if he keeps it up, Obama's machinary will not allow such a distruption to his kingdom, not mattering what Joe's KINGDOM may be.

    • Larry says:

      More likely, he will be WITH GOD SOON, Obama's henchmen will never allow a peon as Sherrif Joe to take him out! A good lesson for everyone, shut up, join the parade and take the scraps thrown out while you can. The handouts will stop soon enough and all will be left to their own devices and ingenuity, survival of the fittest or the most ruthless! Good by America, was a nice ride while it lasted.

  14. Normal says:

    This site is shameful – using God to bolster hate, fear and anti-government sentiment. As for Sheriff Joe, he had some very good points in the beginning, but I think he started to believe his own press, and is now certain that he has the right to use the office he was elected to as a club to further is own personal adgendas which seem to include bigotry and a false sense of what he was actually hired to do. It is not a sheriff's duty to undermine the duly elected President of the United States. Get over yourselves people! You give all Republicans a bad name and are fueling the fire that says we are all Leftest Nutcases!

    • Dusty1 says:

      "Anti-government sentiment." Whose government? This administration swore to uphold the US Constitution but, unfortunately, the oath taken by the president and his men is without meaning. The People are afraid for their country and the next generation. The government is bankrupting the country and is behaving in a reckless and lawless way, passing laws that hurt, not help. Sheriff Joe is a Patriot and there is NOTHING shameful about his love of country.

      • Pat78 says:

        We may be shocked in a way that we aren't expecting. I contributed to Arpaio's cold case posse and then found out he was supporting Rick Perry-the buideberg waanabee! I'm from Texas, finally we'll get rid of the neocon Perry after he didn't look so "presidential". All of this drama is staged as part of the big plot to usher Obama out and put Romney in–won't be much difference. This is not a Democrat/ Republican race. It's liberty against slavery. It's "Us against the globalists. They are trying to move us around in this game of chess like one of their pawns. We need to unite against the globalists and bring in Ron Paul. I know he's not perfect, but he's a true servant with our cause in mind not the greed and power mongering of the global elitists!

      • slickmick says:

        Ohhhh Normal is going to be screaming where is all my freebies, when this country is gone due to ignorant asses like him. Under communism there is no free stuff.your ass works or you starve. that translates to 6 1/2 days a week just for a bed and food. so remain ignorant, you will pray for the old days when slavery was in.

    • Edward Shick says:

      Wait till they lower your standard of living to that of China and other third world countries, Then you willwish we ahd got rid of this Liar

    • loone says:

      Somebody has to stand up to Obama, and apparently Congress don't have the balls to do it!! Obama needs to go!!

      • Myrtlelinder says:

        Talking about GOD. Believe it or not, "GOD HAS OBAMA'S NUMBER." From what I know from HIS WORD, He has big plans for Obama. He won't allow him to continue, forever, there is a cutting off place. I believe that GOD expects HIS people to fight for their survival.

    • sonny says:

      These people are telling the TRUTH AND…you ARE a leftist nutcase. Grow a brain..

    • budman says:

      Normal: When you say the President was duly elected, you must know that he was not vetted and that the Democrats knew there was a big problem with his eligibility but ignored it.
      The reality is that we may have a sitting President that isn't even a U.S. Citizen since he was in fact born in Kenya just as his own wife and grandmother said he was and there is a birth certificate to prove this. We know his Hawaiian birth certificate is bogus as well as his Social Security Number and that there are questions as to his status in college where many say he was registered as a foreign student. Did his mother reclaim her U.S. Citizenship when she returned to Hawaii after being in Indonesia where she was required to become a citizen there to register Obama in school? He did attend school there. We know his father wasn't a citizen. How much proof do you need to know we have an imposter in the White House?

      • Pre-Boomer says:

        Nasty Pelosi and Hairy Rude were in on the inside scoop on Obama from the git-go and have played along to cash in on the trillions of dollars that they knew he would be splashing around once he stole the Presidency. Nasty and Hairy and a whole lot of others deserve to be lined up against a wall, given a last cigarette, blindfolded and shot as traitors. You can't be duly elected President, even with 100% of the popular vote and electoral college vote, if you don't meet basic Constitutional requirements. Period!

    • CHARLIE says:

      You, Normal, are FAR from normal!!!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN says:

      Normal… Are you serious? It is not against the Bible to discern evil from good. Our government is corrupt. Our president is not legal. God will prevail. His will be done!

    • SLeeper says:

      Drink the "KOO-AID" normal. Normal? Not sure about that.

    • Jesse f says:

      Nothing to do with hate!!!! So stop trying to bring up any race card issue or any hate issue, don't be a typical liberal!
      It's that he is not a true Christian and is not doing a good job. Therefore we have the right to remove him , remember he works for us, not the other way around! I pray he will find God, but in the meantime he must go! The bible supports this! He is not a Godly man, and must be replaced. Wish him the best and hope he finds Christ, but he must go!

    • Anne_PA says:

      "Normal" should really change his/her screen name to "NAIVE!"

    • ctc01 says:

      Normal. What did You say you are normal about? You definitely are not a normal American. Why are people who want to see Obama exposed for what he really is hate, fear and anti-government? You need to get over Americans settling for what we have now running our government. He has run our nation in the ground economically, and most of all morally. Speaking for myself, I am a Bible believing Christian and an ex-Marine who has served my country and love the
      freedoms we had in America and are loosing all of our freedoms under Obama' socialist control. I will never get over what I believe in and it is not Obama. You may want to settle for nothing but I won't.

    • lew says:

      OH MY! Did Mr. Normal make a BOBO? (You give all Republicans a bad name and are fueling the fire that says we are all Leftest Nutcases!) I'm sure you meant to say Right wind Nutcases. What's shameful is Americans working with this MARXIST GOVERNMENT to destroy AMERICA! WE the PEOPLE will take OUR COUNTRY and GOVERNMENT back and people like you,well think about it Mr.Normal. Have a nice day.

    • Patriot87 says:

      Do you really believe all that crap you are saying?? If so…YOU and people like you are a MAJOR part of the problem AMERICA is facing! ! !

    • George says:

      Yup….shouldn't use God or Jesus……..unless they want to increase taxes on the rich. Jesus is cool with that.
      He told Obama personally. Ain't Devine power wonderful.

    • your screen name is definitely an oxy-moron.

    • Aimee says:

      Thank you for making our Founding Fathers turn over in their graves!
      I want the government out of my life, I am smart enough to know what is best for my family I do not need them to dicitate what is best as they sit on their "throne"!!!

    • patriotgal says:


    • jason says:

      Are you saying it is ok for Obama to undermine our rights??? Wake up dummy!!!!

    • Big Red says:

      This site is shameful? This man and the people who voted for this Manchurian Candidate are shameful. Nancy Pelosi and the Dems who supposedly vetted him are shameful as well. He should never have been on the ballot in the first place.

    • Buck says:

      Whooo boy, now you stepped in it! "Normal" you are far from it. You imply you are a Republican, but your statement belies what you really are, and that is a Obama butt boy.

    • Allan says:

      You are a Leftest Nutcases

    • Joan says:

      Excuse me Normal (really are you normal?) This man is only trying to do his job for his state but the WH is trying to sue him, just to prove he is a bigot, which he is NOT. If anything happens to Joe, then we all know would be responsible. The only way Joe has to fight back against the law suits from the WH administration is to prove Obama shouldn't be there in the first place. So get over YOURSEF liberal leftest nutcase.

    • floyd says:

      Proverbs 17
      7 Eloquent lips are unsuited to a godless fool—
      how much worse lying lips to a ruler!
      11 Evildoers foster rebellion against God;
      the messenger of death will be sent against them.
      23 The wicked accept bribes in secret
      to pervert the course of justice.
      Proverbs 18
      2 Fools find no pleasure in understanding
      but delight in airing their own opinions.
      9 One who is slack in his work
      is brother to one who destroys.
      15 The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,
      for the ears of the wise seek it out.
      17 In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right,
      until someone comes forward and cross-examines.

    • BTW says:

      Republicans "Leftest Nutcases"? Wrong direction Abby Normal Republicans are on the "RIGHT". In more ways than one!

    • Webbo says:

      WOW you say you are normal???? Finally someone who is willing to take on this fake of a president and you want to put him down. You need to get over yourself, judging others. Sound like your president now, think you are God. We all have the right to question his legality so dont acuse Joe of using his position to challenge.

    • R Stone says:

      only leftist nutcases using the mirror of the manipulation of the mass media mind brainwashing which is totally a scheme to create new thought patterns that fall in line with new world order agenda

    • slickmick says:

      Normal — ASAP withdraw your head from your ass./// Obama was not duly elected.He was placed into the Oval office by fraud. If you have a 4th grade education you know he is a liar , a deceiver and not eligible to be President of this would have to be living under a rock not to know this. there are mountains of proof in what i am saying.

    • krdave says:

      Normal, simply put you are full of sh#t. Sheriff Joe is fully right in trying to find the truth. It is politically correct people like you who are so glad to bend over and grab your ankles because the media has led you to believe that all is ok with Obama, and it isn't.

    • Proud American! says:

      Ok AbbyNormal…Sheriff Joe has every right to do what he's doing…he took an oath to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION period!!! As have all judges, congress and the senate who are shamefully, disgracefully shunning their duty to force their liberal agendas on the American people to gain more power, control and money for themselves and their cronies. And yes I am thankful that at least one man has the temerity, sense of duty and HONOR to do the right thing. Obama is an illegal president put into office fraudulently. You don't agree, of course, but if you would look at the facts you would know this is true…his father, by his own admission, was born in Kenya and was NEVER a US citizen…therby making Obummer INELLIGBLE to be the POTUS!!!! As outlined in the constitution ONLY a "natural born citizen" may hold the office of president. Furthermore, judicial precedent was set sometime in the early 1900's, I believe, clarifying just what natural born citizen was…and that is a child born to 2 parents who are citizens of the USA!!!! Get over yourself…cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!!!

    • Pops says:

      I take it your a liberal, black, Muslim and a liar to boot, why else would you cry foul in favor an abomination to Christianity such as Obama?

    • robert says:

      gee the sounds alot like the devil himself{ovomit,and his band of gypsys.god bless america.and we love you sheriff joe

    • CROWBAR says:

      You say you're "NORMAL" well norm wake up smell a few roses that white stuff isn't sugar you know. You need to get hold of yourself drinking that stuff the "DEMS" put out is bad for you if you drink to much.

    • Marlin Covert says:

      You are a LIBERAL AIRHEAD…….I would suggest you go hungry for quite a while as your going to have to eat a lot of CROW one of these days.

  15. bobrohr says:

    It would be wonderful to see the Sheriff's results of the investigation. I have greater respect for the validity coming from the Sheriff than I do from the President. It has been said many times over that if one has nothing to hide, certainly there would be no problem with transparency. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand something is not kosher with regard to the President and his attitude of being above the law.