Romney to win in Nevada and leave rest in scramble for delegates

Nevada will be an easy win for Mitt Romney on Saturday, based on his performance in the 2008 Republican presidential race. Even with Romney coming off second best to John McCain in many states elsewhere, Romney easily won the Nevada caucuses, with 51.1% to Ron Paul’s 13.7% and John McCain’s 12.75%. The reason: Mormons.

Although they only make up about 5% of the adult population in Nevada, they accounted for an estimated 25% of Republican caucus-goers four years ago. Does it follow that a Mormon will automatically vote for a candidate of the same faith? Well, in 2008, 5% voted for someone else. But the staggering statistic is the other 95% voted for Romney.

A PPP poll suggests that Saturday’s caucuses will not be significantly different; Romney on 50%, Newt Gingrich 25%, Ron Paul 15% and Rick Santorum 8%.

Nevada elections have a reputation for being colourful, with scenes of casino workers and hotel staff from Las Vegas voting in their workplaces. These tend to take place during the Democratic caucuses, but the Republican ones can be colourful too. Outside of Las Vegas, the empty desert areas tend to attract fiercely independent, eccentric personalities that make for good television.

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30 comments on “Romney to win in Nevada and leave rest in scramble for delegates
  1. Billee says:

    It's too bad isn't it that the Tea Party didn't coalesce behind one candidate in the last month or so? Now we have a fractured vote with three candidates vying for the chance to go up against RINO Romney. He's laughing all the way to the nomination. The three "conservatives" left need to have a summit. They need to draw straws or something. ANYTHING would be better than continuing with their egos intact and the voters having no choice but to vote for Obamalite. What can I say but urge Ron, Newt and Rick to get over themselves and crown a conservative runner against Romney before it's too late. We will not get another chance, our country is too far gone to wait again and hope for 2016.

    • seabee combat vet says:

      george soros told europe to not worry if romney is elected, he's like obama!!! now that is scary!!! W.T.F.U. America!!!!!!!!!

    • Milt says:

      I totally disagree with you. Romney is, by far, the best candidate on the Republican ballot. And your name calling doesn't change anything. If you look at the platform of each of the candidates, Romney is every bit a true conservative as the others. Why don't you express your real reason for objecting to Romney?

      • KKK says:

        Hey Milt. It does not matter who you disagree with. The TRUTH OF THE MATTER is:

        George Soroshas more money than you and your Mormon buddy Mitt put together. Not only that. George Soro is A-LOT smarter than you and your Mhormon buddy put together.

        The FACT is. George know's what's going to happen.

        Good Night. Elves has left the building.

      • slickmick says:

        OK Milt or Mitt I will tell you what you want to hear.but first ask yourself a few questions. Why does the MSM , the Democrats , Soros and the big money want Romney. Nevada is getting exactly what they deserve. High unemployment and home foreclosures, due to Reid, Unions and to make sure they will never have a chance,they getting Romney. You thought i was gonna say because Mitt is a Moron didn't you.

      • JMcCarthy says:

        Either you are a Marxist Liberal defending your obama twin or you are one of those who think used car salesmen are honest. Romney was the governer of, perhaps, the MOST Liberal (Marxist) state in the union and the ONLY way a "republican" gets elected in Massachussets is to be a RINO and 'democrats' can smell a RINO a mile away. Why? Because 'democrats' (Communists) are organized. Conservatives, unfortunitly, still think honesty and fair play mean something, but that is RAPIDLY comming to an end. Democrats (Communists) are setting the tone which means there are NO RULES, and the ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS. Show me ONE CONSERVATIVE thing Romney has done in Massachussets!! Marxists have infiltrated the republican party and Romney is THEIR candidate, NOT TRUE PATRIOT AMERICANS Candidate!!!!! You say "…look at the platform of each of the candidates,…", NO. Look at what they have ACTUALLY DONE when IN POWER! If you do that, THAT tells you EXACTLY who Romney is and he is anything but Conservative!!! And THAT is MY REAL REASON FOR OBJECTING TO ROMNEY!

      • Guest says:

        Let me see, ObamaCare is based upon RomneyCare. Romey has been prochoice until the election, as a point in that area he refused to go to the pro life conference which the other three attended. In regard to RomneyCare people who do not get health insurance get fined and he lied about this in his debate because people who do not use the health care system still get fines. Under Romneycare, those people are now either being forced to purchase insurance (which helps subsidize sicker patients) or pay a fine (which goes into the Commonwealth Care Trust Fund) which does not go to the health care provider but to the state and the health people are stuck with paying a fine for not buying something. Sorry but how is you can force me to buy milk when all I drink is whiskey?

  2. seabee combat vet says:

    Okay, no votes cast but it says he won???? Got to question the validity of any election out of harry reids state!!!

  3. steve olson says:

    sea bee i agree

  4. So, you’re indicating that even in Nevada, with it’s heavily Mormon population, that fifty percent of the voters STILL don’t want Mitt?
    When is the MSM going to finally ‘get it’ that the people want anyone BUT Mitt?? The MSM, the RINO elite entrenched old timers, the big banks, big biz, and Trump all want Mitt. But NOT the people. And Trump probably cut a deal for the support IF Mitt gets elected.

    Click the name, learn to survive!

  5. George says:

    VERY irresponsible reporting!! These armchair egoists need to stop blathering their own opinion, report the facts, and let the people think and decide for themselves!

  6. ricbee says:

    I will pray that the Mormons vote their conscience & not for that self-serving jerk.

  7. ricbee says:

    The Tea Party could throw the election to Santorum.

    • Guest says:

      I could not agree more. If the RINOs put in Romney, I will write in my dad's name or someone else. I would rather have Obama and have the diaster that will befall blamed on him and the Dems, than have a RINO get the same results and have the media use it to destroy our meager chances later.

  8. Planetaryhub says:

    Newt Gingrich? Really?

    Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy?

    Gingrich’s Absurd Outsider Pose:

    Gingrich would be worse than Obama on Foreign Policy:….

    National Debt Grew by $1 Trillion When Gingrich was Speaker of the House: From Treasury
    · In 1994, the year before Gingrich become Speaker the National Debt was $4, 693 trillion
    · In 1995, the year he become speaker the debt was $4,974 trillion
    · In 1996 the debt was $ 5,225 trillion
    · In 1997 the debt was $5,413 trillion
    · In 1998– the last year of his speakership– the debt was $5,526 trillion

    Gingrich Supported Goldwater? Newt Helped Reagan End the Cold War? Said Newt Gingrich in the Tampa Debate: “I went to a Goldwater organizing session in 1964. I met with Ronald Reagan for the first time in 1974. I worked with Jack Kemp, and Art Laffer and others to develop supply side economics in the late ’70s. I helped Governor Reagan become President Reagan. I helped pass the Reagan economic program and worked with the National Security Council on issues including the collapse of the Soviet Empire…” Said Gingrich before: On Reagan’s decision to meet with Mikhail Gorbachev, Salon’s Glenn Greenwald notes: “Newt Gingrich… denounced President Reagan’s rapprochement with Gorbachev in 1985 as potentially “the most dangerous summit for the West since Adolf Hitler met with Chamberlain in 1938 at Munich.”

    Shockingly Massive Proof That Newt Gingrich is Far From Being A Conservative!

    Gingrich Condemned How Reagan Ended the Cold War: Newt says he helped Reagan defeat the Soviet Union. Was that before or after he said this? Reports BBC: In 1985… Mr. Gingrich referred to a meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev as “the most dangerous summit for the West since Adolf Hitler met with Chamberlain in 1938 at Munich”.

  9. Violet says:

    Don't you just love when the media picks who you should vote for so their predictions and the candidate they want win? Ya gotta love the blind Americans who just vote for who the talking heads want to win.

    • azwayne says:

      It's part of the propaganda system, won't be as much questioning of numbers if you're pre programed to accept party rulers reports. Try to see what the ballots actually say. Especially in reids compterized voting, yes they may well know as computers are already keyed. For those with any desire, get ready because your only hope for a conservative is to fully support a CONSERVATIVE third party in general. Admit it or fight it see which one benefits you the most.

  10. Planetaryhub says:

    WHAT???? Bizarre!!!! Why Did The Nephew of Rick Santorum Endorse Another GOP Candidate & Call Santorum His "Big Government Uncle Rick"?….

    Who Is Rick Santorum?

    National Right To Work Asks: Is Rick Santorum Really A Union Stooge?

    Club For Growth FACT CHECK Confirms Santorum A “Big-Government Conservative”!

    Fraud & Betrayal From Another Shocking Big Government Pretend Conservative Hypocrite Exposed:….

    Liberal Rick Santorum & How He Supported Controversial, Big Government, Anti-Gun, Pro-Abortion Candidates & Helped Pass ObamaCare:….….….….

    Santorum Supported Individual Healthcare Mandate (From Pennsylvania’s The Morning Callnewspaper, May 2, 1994): “Santorum and Watkins would require individuals to buy health insurance rather than forcing employers to pay for employee benefits.”

    Now Santorum Even Flip-Flops On "Audit The Fed"!

    How Gingrich, Romney, & Obama All Promote Big Government:

  11. jerry1944 says:

    I dont think the gop want to win if they did they wouldnt put romney up. Not one Tea Party member has been for him and yet rep. have him a head . So does that mean the Tea Party members dont have convition. Well i do and stand are fall by them. I want vote for romney but any body in 3rd party

  12. sue says:

    Romney is another Obama with healthcare and his beliefs. Closer to a democrat and the only way he can get elected is buy his election. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.

  13. mopactea says:

    The only, and I mean the ONLY, reason Soros, MSM and demonrats want Romney is because they truly believe they can grind him into dust. And they will grind him to dust. If we're serious about ousting the current 'resident', it will take nothing short of Newt Gingrich. He doesn't have to yammer and stammer to put together a cogent thought and will do it without a teleprompter or someone whispering in his ear. No matter what choice a democrat gives as a reason they're going to do the opposite.

  14. Junk Bin says:

    Last time the tea party got behind a candidate in Nevada, they helped reelect harry read. ( please note that they also help elect a democrat in Delaware there by giving the dems control on the senate).


    I am in full support of Romney. If he be the choice of the Republican so be it. Anybody but obummer. No one can possibly be as bad as him.