Pfizer Cites Packaging Flaws in Birth-Control Pill Recall

Drug maker Pfizer Inc. recalled about a million packs of birth-control pills that weren’t packaged correctly, which raised the risk of unplanned pregnancies among women who relied on the pills.

Pulled from shelves were Lo/Ovral-28 pills and their Norgestrel generic versions, which doctors have been prescribing for years to tens of thousands of women. The pills come in blister packs containing a mix of 21 active tablets and seven that are inert. As guided by the packs, women are supposed to take a certain pill each day in order to prevent pregnancy, taking the inert pills at the end of a monthly cycle.

Pfizer said Wednesday that it believes only 30 packs had packaging problems, including having the active and inert tablets out of order, or lacking the proper amount of each kind of pill. The company said it recalled a million packs in the U.S. to be safe.

The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t received any reports of adverse events, such as unintended pregnancies, and the agency is investigating, according to an agency spokeswoman. Pfizer said it hadn’t received reports either, while noting that it had only just alerted the public.

The pills were made and shipped last year by a Pfizer plant in upstate New York, on the Canadian border. To encourage proper use, active pills in the packs are colored white, while the inert tablets are pink. An alert customer noticed that her pack had a pink pill where a white one should have been, and complained to the company on Oct. 19, a Pfizer spokeswoman said.

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5 comments on “Pfizer Cites Packaging Flaws in Birth-Control Pill Recall
  1. John says:

    Boy are the attorneys going to have a hay day with this.

  2. dingbat36 says:

    Right you are John…….can't you just seethe lawsuits flying? Actually, the injured parties will probably get little or nothing after the class action lawyers get done with them!!

  3. commanderkoolaid says:

    this country is upside down, what use to be right is wrong and what use to be wrong is right
    at least that's what the liberal wacko's want you to think.
    They push hard even when they know they have a warped agenda. You good people out there that know this is twisted
    and feel it inside but don't take a visible stand and push back twice as hard will eventually regret not doing so…
    You have nothing left to lose. Think about it. Your freedoms are being stolen everyday and the perverts are taking over because good people feel bigoted if they speak their mind. If you feel that way then they have won.
    They have you 2nd guessing what to say and when to say it , if at all.
    screw them say it and say it louder than they do. It is you who are right and they who are wrong
    and if they don't like it. THEN SCREW THEM!!!!!!!!!
    Your God, your freedom, your family
    nothing else matters.
    so take it to them starting now!!!!!
    Patriotically yours,
    Commander KoolAid

  4. susan greene says:

    So I guess we shouldn't have a Food and Drug Admin watching Pharmacies. That's so cool no big government. Just glad I didn't take one of those tainted packages, get pregnant and if I want an abortion have to jump through to get the abortion from the goverment that shouldn't be regulating anything…except my rights as a woman'person. I'm not religiously against abortion and as of today can have one. But when the people who support 'limited government' get in, they will want to regulate my body. THat's a bit twisted. Why can't government get small, quit regulating and let a woman and her doctor make a decision on a fetus that cann't live outside of her womb. If we aren't going to regulate anything like drugs, think I'll have to think a lot before I take any drug from a big or small pharamuetical firm. Where's the incentive to make that pill correctly. Oh 30 people die or have babies…who cares. It regularion free.