Electric Cars: Doubling Down On Dumb

Once again, the regulators in California have decided to lead the nation in terms of vehicle emission standards, proposing to require that 15.4 percent of all vehicles sold by 2025 must be electric cars, plug-in hybrid cars, or (currently non-existent) fuel cell cars.

In case you’re wondering why this all sounds familiar, it’s because California is re-running the same delusional program that it ran in 1990 (Yes, 22 years ago) when “Specifically, the Air Resources Board (ARB) required that at least 2 percent, 5 percent and 10 percent of new car sales be zero-emitting by 1998, 2001 and 2003 respectively.”

And how did the past exercise in planner’s conceit work out? As one of the first studies I directed in the think-tank world pointed out (1995), “EVs [electric vehicles] will be expensive, yet short on what consumers prize most: range and power…. Massive subsidies and/or cost-shifts would be required that would have depressive effects on the California economy (including higher energy costs statewide). Taxpayers and/or utility ratepayers would also have to pay for new refueling infrastructure. In addition, it is not clear that EV maintenance costs will be below that of conventional autos. If consumers avoid EVs for any of these reasons, and keep their old cars longer, air quality gains will be lost.”

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29 comments on “Electric Cars: Doubling Down On Dumb
  1. Raymond says:

    A short spelling lesson :

    The last four letters in American……….I Can
    The last four letters in Republican…….I Can
    The last four letters in Democrats……..Rats

    End of lesson. Test to follow later this year.

    It's time to take out the trash…..

  2. Raymond says:

    California is the "Granola Bar State" because it's chock full of fruits, flakes, & nuts.

  3. Myrtlelinder says:

    I was hoping that there was at last something good coming out of California!!

  4. MarcJeric says:

    I woder at the reluctance of Americans to buy electric cars. Yes – they are a bit more expensive, but then after arriving home from work all you have to do is to plug your car and hope that Solyndra has enough juice left for your car at about $2 per kilowatt-hour.

    • Gene says:

      It's worse than you think. The Chinese, who will use whatever energy they can get their hands on, have found that the pollutants emitted by the electric cars (remember, they are making OUR electric cars THERE) are more dangerous than the emissions in the gas combustion engine, because the latter are controlled by existing technology-there is NO technology to control the ultrafine particles emitted from the electric cars. Don't look for this to be reported in the US until after the election. The media win again, and so does our homegrown HITLER.

  5. samtman says:

    California has always been the state for the last 40 years for setting the standard for reducing cancer and other diseases causeed by car, coal and oil burning plants. Emissions have been reduced by some 60%, we still have a long way to go. The elderly and children are the most vulnerable who suffer from dirty air. Elelctic and hybrid cars at this time look hopefull to help reduce carbon emissions. Why God wants us to breathe dirty air, according to this blog is unexplainable.

    • guest says:

      Electric cars ??? Dont you mean coal powered cars since most of the electricity in our country comes from coal fired power plants…..

    • JJM says:

      I see it now: California daily Brown-Outs as commuters plug in to recharge. And then the need for more power generation and the loss of energy in transmission to everyone's garage. Good thing we have plenty of Coal and Natural Gas to burn since Nuclear is a bad word. Then Lithium prices quadruple as replacement batteries are required.

      • Les says:

        Don’t you just love a state that want’s none of the pollution but does want all of the energy other states can provide. So the simply demand that it be pumped into their state but then whine like little babies because it costs too much. The reason you don’t have clean are is because you don’t have any trees. They greatly reduce the amount of pollution in the eastern states where traffic is humming around two beltways 24/7.

  6. Mike says:

    He as most liberals hasn't figured that out.

  7. El Loco says:

    Forget electric cars. They will never be able to compete economically. Let's put some money into hydrogen power research.

  8. John Pirtle says:

    I have had my 2001 Prius for 10 years now. I have averaged 44 Miles per gallon. I make one tenth as much pollution as the average 2001car. I have 200,000 miles on my car. When I reach 300,000 the money I saved on gas completely pays for the car. So who is stupid. Plus I don't have to suck a tailpipe.

    • dale says:

      If it is an all gas Prius, more power to you. If it is a hybrid, the manufacture and disposal of the batteries make it a bigger polluter than a Hummer H2.

    • Larry Wallace says:

      I have a 1980 Chev Monte Carlo. w/ 383 stroker, big cam, Holly 750 dp. It gets about 8 or 9 MPG. GREEN FRIENDLY;….I think not. But it gives me lots of entertainment; once in awhile! .I drive it about once a month or less! If you want something with a smaller carbon foot print; Walk, or get a bike. Some of us commute farther than 30 miles. Your post has no validity. Keep it to yourself!

    • Les says:

      I’m a mechanic and you are really lucky. You don’t state if you had any maintenance issues with the car. I have seen several that were too screwed up to repair and had to be scrapped. And that happened under 100,000 miles. Also you state 44 mpg which is impressive but you don’t state your driving conditions. I talk regularly with people that own them here were the average commute is a minimum of 30 miles on the highway. My 1995 Eagle Talon gets better gas milage than they do and my car has 230,000 miles on it. My 38.5 mpg on the highway for an all gasoline beater car isn’t bad.

  9. ave9 says:

    I have a 2yo 6cyl heavy duty truck 19 mpg road on ethanol…20 gal tank. Since 2009 I seek out pure gasoline. WHY? By heaven's chance I filled up with that pure gas when running near empty at a time I was tracking fuel efficiency….turns out I got 1.9 mpg more on that tank….I repeated experiment proving I save 2 gallons fuel per tank for the same total miles and the gas I did not burn more than pays the cost difference for the pure gas while I do not pollute with extra burned up fuel not to mention the unknown to me costs of growing corn…cracking oil brought in by tankers and distribution for the sale of those2 gal I did not burn…..How green is that…plus my truck loves that pure gas…just hums ….and the response!!

  10. ONTIME says:

    You have to admit the Deemers in this government and this administration have managed to make the color green a dirty word, made it wasteful and costly for the taxpayers and ruined a technical innovation that had possibility. There is nothing like a scheming politician to make life miserable and uncomfotable for all others.

  11. ONTIME says:

    Look everyone, a comment of fact that got past the censure…..

  12. SEAN MURRY says:

    They can take those electric cars and shove them.

  13. MalikTous says:

    Way back in the day, the Baker Electric Car Company built electric cars that worked… Shortly after their emergence on the market the Germans built a Porsche-designed car that got between 30 and 50 MPG and had minimal to no maintenance problems as it used a 4 cylinder aircraft engine over the rear drive wheels and a bolt-together frame with multiple interchangeable shells. This 'People's Car' with its default 'beetle' body was subsequently manufactured for over half a century and still should be. So why are we trying to re-invent the wheel here?

  14. RevAnders says:

    I actually remember the California nonsense from 1990, National Geographic ran a special on it at the end of one of their issues that year.

  15. Mary Mohanan says:

    My daughter drives a prius. She likes it. Gets 40-50mpg depending on the weather I guess. She worked for AmeriCorps and sports a bumper sticker that says "buy locally". She does not see the irony.