'Green Light' to See Obama's Hawaii Files

An attorney who presented evidence to a Georgia judge last week on Barack Obama’s eligibility for the state’s 2012 presidential ballot believes she now has a right to demand to see his original Hawaii documents.

Obama last April released what he said was a copy of his original Hawaii birth documentation, but a number of imaging, document and computer experts contend it is a fraud.

The original birth documentation could undermine Obama’s claim to be a “natural-born citizen,” as the Constitution requires. Many of his critics, however, say the birth documentation doesn’t matter, because Obama’s father never was a U.S. citizen. The Founders likely understood “natural-born citizen” to mean the offspring of two U.S. citizens.

Now California attorney Orly Taitz, who has brought a number of major legal challenges to Obama’s eligibility in various courts up to the U.S. Supreme Court, has told WND that when Obama and his lawyer wrote a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp last week refusing to attend the hearing on Obama’s eligibility status, they included a copy of the image that the White House released last April.

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78 comments on “'Green Light' to See Obama's Hawaii Files
  1. Looking4Sanity says:

    It's a sad day when it becomes necessary to HAVE to have a law defining marriage as being between one man and one woman. By the same token, we need a law defining "natural born citizen" as the biological child of two American citizens.

    • Gary says:

      The definition of Natural Born Citizen was what the people of the time understood it to mean. Definitions are based on what the intent of the law maker is or was. So therefore there is already a defintiion.


      • Looking4Sanity says:

        I'd love to hear you prove that to the Supreme Court! What is your evidence going to be? That you're clairvoyant and can read the minds of people who've been dead for 200 years?There is a reason the SCOTUS is refusing to hear this case. That reason is that the Constitution is an imperfect document by today's standards and they can not legally make up the definition of “natural born” from whole cloth. That is the Legislature's job.

        • Randy G says:

          YES! Because their thoughts were written down on paper.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          I don't think you fully grasp HOW the SCOTUS operates. Their job is to faithfully interpret the Constitution. Since the Constitution does not define the term “natural born citizen” anywhere, their hands are tied. If the SCOTUS were free to consider NON-Constitutional sources in making their decisions, what would prevent them from using Sharia Law as a guiding principle?The problem is that the term is NOT defined IN THE CONSTITUTION. The ONLY LEGAL WAY to remedy that problem is to define it. That can only be done by the Legislature by Amending the Constitution to include that definition.

        • Karacek says:

          The evidence is The Law of Nations. It's called natural law. The Constiltution is not imperfect, unless you are for socialism instead of freedom! There are many socialist countries to which you are free to relocate if that is your preference. But understand, America stands for Individual Sovereignity – you don't like it, leave it!

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          If the Constitution is “perfect”, then what need would there be for Amendments? Here's a thought…why don't YOU move to another country? One where idiots are welcome. “Individual sovereignty” only exists in a state of nature. When you decided to live in a society, you freely surrendered your sovereignty to the government in large part. That is what sets us apart from animals.

        • Mary says:

          Good for you! I feel exactly the same way. That is what is wrong with our country – too many here that do not want to be American. They want to live here but they want America changed to their "liking". To all of those "Get Out"!!!

  2. toto says:

    Incredible that it should be necessary to codify common sense, thank you to lawyers for all of it. Remove the lawyers from this country and everyone would be happier, healthier, and wealthier. They are just a scourge and should be declared an environmentally undesirable species that is wrecking the ecosystem.

    • El Loco says:

      Shakespear had it right when he wrote, "First kill all the lawyers".

    • Roger Johansen says:

      dont remember the date but I believe it was in 1700's massachusus kicked them out of the state sorry for any misspellings

  3. Liberalsownfalsehood says:

    I pray Orly Taitz does not end up like some of Obama;s old Chicago boyfriends.

  4. PAWatcher says:

    Hope every state gets on the band wagon! He is against the law in many ways and America is a land of law abiding citizens.

  5. Ann Wilson Kingsley says:

    @Looking4Sanity: A Supreme Court Decision in the 1800s did just that, claimed that a Natural Born Citizen is the offspring of two U.S. citizens, This makes sense as we have experienced the strange relationship that Obama has with our country – his torn loyalties and conflicted respect for the U.S. We must have a president who values our country as totally his own without reservation. We must have a president whose parents are inculcated in a cherished view of our country and an American world-view, not the view of a foreigner. This was also apparent in the governing capability of New Mexico's Governor Bill Richardson, who was born of a Half-American father and a Mexican mother. Richardson also lived in Mexico until the age of 13. Richardson's attitude, American view, and world-view were more Mexican than American. And, remember that Richardson was a presidential candidate right along with Obama.

  6. Cheryl Lynn says:

    The Constitution must be followed in this situation. When the Constitution continuing to be undermine our Republic will fall. It is obvious that Mr Obama allegiance is not in our best interest. I applaud Orly Taitz for his hard work and perseverance in this important matter.

  7. Sharon says:

    Kudos to Orly Taitz. Keep this process moving! It is very apparent Obama has no reverence for our Constitution and laws.

  8. Pat says:

    We should have known something was wrong with this picture when obummer was acorn's attorney.

  9. 2cents says:

    Orly Taitz is the only one that has stuck with this since Obama's election. Bless her heart for caring so much about our nation. And bless this judge for staying within the law and requiring that Obama meet his demands to find the truth.

  10. Robert says:

    Dream on the gentle folk, any records that dirty diaper head Obama has ever had will never see the light of day. That is the real records, will see all kinds of rewrites cross outs and other sundry BS.

    Question: Why bother with this birth certificate.It doesn't matter, is already been ascertained that a natural born citizen must be the child of two American citizens at his time of birth. End of story, Obama's daddy was a British subject does the lowlife from Kenya, have a good old time in Hawaii. As usual he finds a sweet young white checked makes a baby and tries to runaway. As far as we know there was a marriage not much of one considering this is the first opportunity he dumped them both last.

    The Supreme Court has already made her decision on what constitutes a natural born citizen based on British common law which was the law at the time that the Constitution was written. Out of his own mouth each other but he is not qualified.

    • Joy Ann Roberts says:

      AND he was married with kids in Kenya at the time that he "married" nobama's WHITE MAMA ! ! ! !

    • Ralph says:

      Keep this in mind. Kenya did not even exist as a country when Obama;s daddy was born.

    • AnnF says:

      The problem is that our government has gone far too much south for us to experience "equal justice under law." We just THINK we remain a free people–with legal justice at all levels. We are "froggies in the pan" who have already been taken over. We just don't know it. I hope Orly Taitz has a security guard. You can't do the sort of stuff that Orly is doing these days. PLEASE watch the speech that Andrew Breibart gave just before he turned up dead at 43 years old:
      http://youtu.be/lbycMtTUDfE. Michael Savage thinks there may be more to it that meets the eye. I wonder….

    • Hank 23 says:

      the only printed item to come from him (thru treasury) is our money I have been checking what I have since he was elected and apparently his election was as phoney as he is

  11. joe says:

    go Georgia

  12. AJP says:

    Keep it going he Barry think's he is above the LAW

  13. CharlieP says:

    Everyone seems to think that the Supreme Courts 1875 decision defined that a "Natural Born Citizen" is one whose parents were both U S Citizens. Not so… They were only stating an opinion which in "Law is Known as a 'Obiter Dictum'. In the U.S. Supreme Court's 1875 decision the judge,s comment was what is referred to as an "Obiter dictum". In Law: An opinion voiced by a judge that has only incidental bearing on the case in question and is therefore not binding. By definition, an obiter dictum is a remark or observation made by a judge that, although included in the body of the court's opinion,does not form a necessary part of the court's decision.'' American Heritage Dictionary ("obiter'dictum'' LAW: An opinion voiced by a judge that has only incidental bearing on the case in question and is therefore not binding.)

    Therefore, although it was the judges opinion at the time, a court will not view it as a decision, but
    rather only an opinion.

    Probably not what you wanted to here. However it does have merit and I believe if heard by the Supreme Court that it could become law of the land.

  14. Frank says:

    I consider this issue about Obama's eligibility to be President to be the most important issue by far. Many, many people dismissed or ridiculed the idea. But this is more important than ObamaCare. It's refocuses this President's glaring fault: his tendency to ignore or trash the Constitution. And, you never know: if Obama was an usurper and declared not qualified to be President, maybe all he signed into law (including Obamacare) can be ruled null & void.

  15. MEG says:

    Make him prove it. And he needs to release all of his papers like everyone else does. He doesn't want to because he checked the "foreign student" box on his college application. None of his paper work is congruent as far as his past goes. And how many SS numbers has he had? He's got no integrity and he's been lying for so long about who he is that he actually believes it himself.