After Three Years, It's Time to Admit President Obama Has Failed

In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Obama hammered away on two resounding themes—fairness and the economy.
Both of them rang hollow from a president who has failed on the job.

He has not kept his promise to get the economy going again, and inequities in income and opportunities have hardened during his tenure. Scratch the surface of his largely reworked proposals, and too much political opportunism and hypocrisy emerges.

Once again, he promised to tax the wealthy and lambasted oil companies, and offered the vision of an economy where every American has a decent shot at success through education and hard work. Yet, too many of his tax proposals are intended to punish his opponents and protect his friends, and his education proposals simply won’t help the unemployed if the economy is creating too few new jobs each month.

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34 comments on “After Three Years, It's Time to Admit President Obama Has Failed
  1. dandman says:

    As he says – its common sense to be fair. He had four years – now be fair and let someone else try for the next four years. It's only common sense – and fair.

    • evermyrtle says:

      He should have been arrested for treason after one year, Now he still has one year!! What will America do, to defend herself??

    • Michael G. says:

      Obama still hasn't figured out that life isn't fair.
      Beyond that, God isn't fair. If He was, he'd send us all to Hell now and wouldn't waste any more time on us.

  2. El Loco says:

    What failed? Odumbo has put our economy exactly where he planned. He has given the irresponsible, social parasitic, deadbeat, black racist and perverts everything he promised.

  3. susan greene says:

    Obamacare for 47M, GM # 1, more jobs in 2010 than Bush's great 8 years (by business), lower taxes for middle class, payroll tax holiday, end of Don't Ask Don't Tell, Kill Obama, move all troops out of Iraq, reduce unemployment below Mr Bush, not wage wars not in the buget, not implement a huge drug entitlement with no spedning cuts. Go

    • james says:

      People with jobs losing them and their health care fewer jobs created, used Bush's tax cuts now our military has one more thing to deal with , the Iraqie withdrawel has led to more bombings and unemployment rate higher now Actual rate is over 19%. Quit watching the view and put the kool-aide down.

    • Jon says:

      Really, it has been three years, and you can qoute all of these inflated numbers all day long. just answer this question. Why is the unemployment rate off the charts if he has done so much for our country. And what about the Black teen unemployment rate? Please Susan dont let the libral media pursuade you to vote for this socialist, every vote counts and anyway I am glad you are active in seeking the answers prior to your vote.

    • Robert says:

      Are we talking about the same person ? The same person that has given away Billions of tax $$$ to worthless companies for green jobs that would never be there ? The same person who bowed to dictators around the world ? The same person who ordered the sale of guns to criminals in Mexico ? The same person that tells us that companies should pay higher taxes but is buddy – buddy with GE who made 5 billion in profit and paid $0.00 in taxes and had a box seat next the first H** at a joint BS speech in congress ?
      COME BACK TO PLANET EARTH SUSAN ! Open your eyes and see the real world . Dirty Diaper Head Obama will go down in history as the worst President in History .

    • Walter says:

      Susan what planet you from. You need to come back to earth. This failed president has not fix anything.We are all worse off to day then three years back . Unemployment is higher then ever, Gas is higher then ever, food items went up. energy is at it highest. Obama is killing more jobs then he helping. Wake up. You apparently need to pick up and learn what happen to our country . Try listen to fox new for a few day. they will give you some facts…Plus check our this site. It will tell you how much Obama has been lying to all of us……….. .

  4. azwayne says:

    All great examplres of destruction and disdain for America. Thanks for reminding everyone of socialist destruction.

  5. Pat says:

    I remember obummer's first simul ass package. It went for green energy. Windfarms!!! China had to hire more than 1000 workers to build the towers over in China. While consruction of them when they were shipped here to erect them only added 200 jobs. Then you have the solar panel company in California, pelosi's state, toke the taxpayers for over 500 million dollars. Now her husband wants $560,000,000 for his solar panel company. Something has to change.

  6. dingbat36 says:

    It's far PAST time to admit he's failed, but then WE who post here could have predicted it before he was even elected.

  7. Wolf-Talker says:

    Now is the time for all the people to be fair to the Great Black Father in Washington and come together and re-elect him, after all the first four years he has hardly had time to the economy back on track. We all know just how hard on him it has been fighting to do so. It has really evidenced itself by the numer of vacations he has taken just to get his strength back to be able to continue the fight. NOT!

    • Laur says:

      Wolf-Talker, take the word Great out of your message…………….. :( But u r right and it is a good article. He and his wife think they are king and queen now. I feel sorry for their children. When I see pictures of the family the girls look sad.

  8. donwan says:

    I knew tis P.O.S. was a failure long before he was elected , Its now long past time to get rid of him,

  9. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Actually, Obama has not failed at all, but largely succeeded in wrecking the economy and creating divisiveness and class hatred.

    • BUD says:


    • VT Patriot says:

      Every thing is working to his plan. No failure here. If we'd only be so king as to give him 4 more, he will have completed his project. social ism.

  10. Jonathan Gartner says:

    I would say that Obama is right on track for his objectives. That being the ruin of the United States in economy, ethics and morals. More entitlements the insult of long time allies such as Israel and Britian the marxist Obamacare that gives illegals more treatment than our seniors. I could make a real good case of this person being the anti-christ and a better one on him being totally anti-American

    • BUD says:


  11. cheryl jessup says:

    When Obama is voted out you will see the stock market shoot up
    Within 6 months jobs will open up and people will start to investing their money in new business. America is afraid of Obama because he refuses to change his ideaology. Look what he's done with the pipeline. Doe's that sound like a president who wants to create jobs?

    • Jmpr143 says:

      And don't forget the defense contract with Brazil to build our planes, jets for the Air Force, etc. Yea–he's doing a great job creating jobs–overseas!!!

  12. spelunker7 says:

    I don't recollect anyone saying he had succeeded at anything other than destroying the government and imposing his personal beliefs upon the taxpayers. From his point of view, he has been very successful in "transforning" the government, sinking us in unpayable debt, destroying heathcare, ignoring the Congress and the Constitution. Real unemployment is at near historic levels and we are nearing 50% of the population being dependent on the government for their livlihood.

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  15. Laur says:

    Let's not let another Hitler in the world. He is heading that way with the speech he gave the other night. Trying to bring us hope and lying in every breathe. He needs prayers that he will change his evil thoughts and make amends.