Tim Thomas the latest athlete to snub Obama

By now everyone knows Boston Bruins’ goaltender Tim Thomas elected not to go to the White House Monday with his teammates, who were at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to be honored for their 2011 Stanley Cup championship.

The Flint, Mich. native said it wasn’t about “politics or party” and yet he also took the time to slam the government for being “out of control,” which sounds kind of political to me.

On the ice, Thomas wears a helmet with the slogan “Don’t Tread on Me” and, according to the Boston Herald, he is a big fan of Glenn Beck.

Thomas is certainly entitled to his views and has every right to decline a trip to the White House but to say his decision is “not about politics” is like saying that fewer fights in the NHL is a dangerous trend. It doesn’t make sense.

Either way, the winner of the Vezina Trophy as the league’s top goaltender in the regular season and the playoff MVP last year is not the first professional athlete to snub Mr. Obama.

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218 comments on “Tim Thomas the latest athlete to snub Obama
  1. Sukhotai says:

    A hearty Congratulations to Mr Thomas for standing up for his convictions. Besides, who cares about some poser Marxist occupying "Our" house. C'mon Nov. 2012 for a thorough scrubbing.

  2. Uncle Pat says:

    Good for Mr. Thomas. Personally, I wouldn't pee on Obama's grave….I don't like long lines…..

    • Anne_PA says:

      Uncle Pat: AGREED 100%

    • Miss J. says:

      This all sounds really like Christians talking. Are you a Christian? Sounds about right.

      • jayleigh says:

        Really? You think that sounds like Christians talking – hmmmm guess you've been pretty sheltered. When someone disagrees with your particular political view, you assume it's because they're Christians? That's narrow-minded and bigoted, isn't it? You classify anyone who dissents with the trends of the current economic slump as "Christians?" Hmmm what is it you read anyway – couldn't be Marxist-socialist drivel, could it? Well, bigots come in all colors and political trends, don't they!

      • chas says:

        Why Miss J–I doubt if you ever heard a Christian talk. But anyway what does someone disliking this imposter enough to ignore his grave have to do with Christians?

      • Guest (Ed Lewis) says:

        What the devil are you referring to, Miss "apparently knows nothing worth while?" Give us facts, not irrelevant BS of a none-thinker.

    • Rick says:

      I would pee on obozo's grave Uncle Pat.

    • Guest (Ed Lewis) says:

      Normally, I do not pay attention to hockey players but my hat is off to Mr. Thomas. I find it quite uplifting to find a ;public figure that is willing to ignore an illegal alien occupant of the white house. At least those that pick fruits and vegetables are honest about what they do.

    • ron yurchak says:

      Good going Mr. Thomas. Would you be interested in running for president?

  3. john stanek says:

    At least someone in Boston has some brains. great shot Tomas,like your stile.

  4. Donny says:

    Looks like the only one with the guts to make a statement. Good for him!! The rest of the team can go ice skating at the park with Onobody.

  5. Bob says:

    Tim Thomas just became one of my Favorite people!!!
    Thumbs Up and GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  6. Nemesis of Empire says:

    He should have gone with a bomb strapped on. If you don’t, who will?

    • just sayin says:

      a different sect of muslim

    • Goober says:

      NO! NO! NO! We want obama to be removed in DISGRACE !!! please don't do something stupid and make him a martyr! Then we'll have to look at statues and all kinds of crap of him and about him! Kicking him out of the white house in disgrace is the best way to go.

      • Goober says:

        My remarks were for Nemesis of Empire… the moderator put my response at the wrong place. must be an obama fan!

  7. Teresa says:

    Good for him, but sad he was the only one at that instance. What a statement it would have made if all had declined !

    • ALpha EXray says:

      I agree with you totally. One person can be seen as either a visionary or nutjob. If the entire team had declined, on the other hand…well, even the liberal media would have had to acknowledge that. And we all know the last thing they want to acknowledge is the truth.

    • Eddie B. says:

      FWIW, he's one of only three Americans on the Bruins' active roster & the longest-tenured one too

    • Tom says:

      There is a thought: EVERYONE invited to the White House just says, no thanks ! After a while the lame stream media would not even report it. ( Are they reporting this one ? )

  8. Alrightalready says:

    Way to go Tim!! Congratulations! We honor you for your convictions and this Tea Party member loves that you stood up for our country! Thank you! A man of your standing will definitely get noticed for the cause. Wonderful article and wonderful man!

    • bucknaked says:

      Another Tea Party TERRORIST thinks you made a great decision !!!! YEA Tim !!!
      "Terrorist according to little joe biddden" . how does these fruitcakes KEEP getting relected as congressmen and women?? don't forget piglossie..

  9. votervic says:

    Good for Mr. Thomas! It might not have been about 'politics or party', but he didn't say anything about B.O.! The writer of this article makes Mr. Thomas out to be some hypocrit, but it is really the writer that would love to have the spunk that Mr. Thomas has…….to be able to tell B.O. "no!", to an invitation for media elites to the White House! I am sorry, Mr. article writer, that you do not understand, but did you ever think that this might not be about 'politics or party', but just about the first Kenyan-American President with no back ground, no birth certificate, no father, no college transcripts, no girlfriends or other friends prior to his meeting anti-American radicals!

  10. Klutz says:

    Trying to explain the use of the word SOCIALISM is not very clear.
    am I correct in understanding that, saying some is a Socialit or labeling someone as a socialist is politically incorrect.
    Will you also flag the word Capitalism for moderation.
    If you are closit Socialist then maybe you should get out of the kitchen.

    • daniel says:

      okay klutz here goes. the word you are talking about has the name of a prescription drug. Therefore the government has it on a watch list so that they can monitor the non taxed drug trade. Remember Uncle Sam wants his share. The name of the drug is one that is used for when "the moment is right". it has nothing to do with political ideologies.

  11. MalikTous says:

    Are these guys inspired by those Norse highschool boys who turned their backs and mooned Himmler during the Nazi occupation/invasion of Norway? This tradition of snubbing crooks in politics has a long history. They make slow freighter ships and sail them between USA and China for a reason – so we can exile Communist filth on them! Send Holder, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Bimbo Fonda, Tom Hayden, John Kerry, Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer and the entire anti-gun lobby, and Obama on one of these slow freighters to China. We don't need them!

    • woodman34 says:

      A-Man Brother– Preach it

    • guest says:

      But Malik
      Will China accept this trash?

    • Phillip Lake says:

      You forgot the ACLU and United Nations; two minomers who are definately at the top of the gargbage heap. The CLU is def. not American and there is no such thing as United Nations.

    • taliesin319 says:

      I hear that Italian cruise ship captain is looking for work, the sooner the better. Perhaps he could captain the ship and the sailors can be recruited from the pediphile population of the federal prisons. Sure would solve a lot of problems.

  12. Joseph says:

    Kudos to Tim Thomas, I wouldn't have gone to meet the Muslim, Marxist, Narcissisus Obama, either!!! It is so refreshing to see someone with character and integrity! God Bless Tim Thomas!!!

  13. shadow says:

    Mr. Thomas , you have my vote , good decision on your part!! A man in the white house who pretends to care about this country and its people is the biggest pretender of all time.. He is a man who speaks silver words and hides his true feelings of himself and what he really believes. He needs to return to wence he came , ,,, He and his bride wants to change our history, our culture , how we speak and how we think. He will never brainwash a majority of the american people , nor will he defeat us . Again Mr. Thomas you are to be congratulated for takeing a stand with the american people,God bless you, and God keep this country safe from the tyranny from within !!

  14. samtman says:

    Hokey is brutal contact sport, head injuries are common like in Football. Thomas can also be a victim of a few good head knocks like Tebow, to make such irretional decislions as an invitation to the Whlite to be recognized in a sport, Actually its very childish of THomas not go, sports are suposed to totally oblivious to politics, I'm sure that Thomas let his at least his Democrat fans down for not going to be congratulated by President Obama.

    • USAmerican says:

      You really need to go back to grade school and learn English, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Maybe then your "statement" would make some sense. On the other hand, maybe you play "Hokey" too and got whacked in the head one too many times!

      Personally, the only way I would accept an invitation to be in the presence of this Kenyan-born, American-hating, Muslim scum is if I was guaranteed that I would be allowed to spit in his face.

    • Jack says:

      It's people like you that's the reason this country is going down hill so fast! Wake up and get educated. Obviously you dont have a grip on reality. You will vote for Obama again wont you! Like the fool you are!

    • GrandmaAmerica says:

      One correction sir, he's not a president, he's an evil bred imposter for the future.

    • Beth says:

      Actually it might be you who have had the brain damage. You also must have ditched school to many times…especially spelling and grammar :o) Most liberals have :o)

    • SAM says:

      You must know that one half of the hockey fans AT LEAST are 'right' so why knock Thomas! ? I HATE Boston for beating up on the Canucks in the Stanley Cup playoffs but this guy is a real CHAMP!!!! I wouldn't walk across the street to meet the current occupant of the WH. REAL athletes play hockey not like NFL with their few games a year. It is faster and tougher than any other sport but don't talk about his head like there is something mentally wrong with him. I say GO THOMAS!!!

      • Bon says:

        Please do not knock football it is just as good a sport as hockey and I love both. Good for Thomas he is a man of conviction and I applaud him.

    • fedup says:

      What are "irretional decislions", samtman? Maybe its your head thats had a few too many knocks.

    • John says:

      I was wondering when a LIBITARD would ring in on this ! It's not about being a bigger man , you dip ! But no one should think an entitlement junkie would understand a true man's opinion ! Right over your head , as most things in life …

    • BobPinsger says:

      I would have accepted and then taken a big steamy dump on Obama's sofa.

    • razor says:

      Mr. Tomas is tired of grabbing his angles every morning like the rest of us. WAKE UP MAN an don't forget to bend over.

    • Einar says:

      Are you saying that an invitation to the White House to receive praise from the Racist, Marxist, Smooth-Talking Piece of Ghetto Trash, is not Political?

    • Liberty says:

      We Americans don't know what 'HOKEY' is………………………you say a contact sport?

    • daniel says:

      So what are you talking about? Is this one of those the king commands situations? You forgot to get onto some NASCAR drivers too. As long as this is America we can say no. By the way learn spelling please of at least use spellcheck.

    • just sayin says:

      Some people have principles. I would NEVER show up at the white house to meet with this hack communist!

    • Othello says:

      Do you like ANY sport? Hate to break it to you sunshine but ALL sports have a degree of brutality. Obama will EVENTUALLY learn that we are not straws and quit sucking up. Last I heard we are still free here in America, which means that just beacause this poor excuse for a predident beckons, people DO NOT have to show up.

    • Joe G. Reynolds says:

      I sorry that you do not have a clue as to why Tim did not want to be in the same room with an idiot from Kenya.

    • Jack says:

      I guess you think your smart but your not!! Your the kind of person that has us in the mess now. You need too take a slow boat too China.

    • White_Patriot_1776 says:

      "Go along to get along." That seems to be the friggin' answer to everything you Marxist's believe in. I am betting you have no skin in the game – meaning, you never picked up a rifle to stand a post. You have no idea as to what it cost others in terms of life, liberty, and limbs so you can make such a comment. As a former Vet who swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and to protect it, the United States, and its citizens, of which you are one, I respect your right to your opinion, but totally disagree with it. You also infer that Tim Thomas is brain damaged…because he sees clearly the decline of this once great country. You also infer that Tim Tebow is brain damaged…why? Because he is a Christian? Now I exercise my Constitutional right to say….You are a LOSER. A COMMUNIST/MARXIST. And most likely, an ATHEIST. I would "take you out behind the woodshed (read between the lines), but you are the sort of "person" who would call the cops. C.O.W.A.R.D.

    • tiger716 says:

      Baloney. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. He was voicing his. Sports may be nonpolitical but not the people who play in those sports. If Tim Thomas felt it was important enough to him to show his position by not attending the White House function then so be it. And you've obviously shown your disrespect for both Messers Thomas and Tebow with your comment. What is it about Tebow that you think deserves that knocks on the head comment….Is it that he believes in God and openly shows it. Go pick on some Muslims that openly show their religious beliefs in public. Make some comment about them.
      If fans need to live vicariously through their sports "heros," that's their problem. Personally, I wouldn't have wanted to shake the man's hand either. Mr. Thomas gets recognition for his part in a job well done either way. At least this way he is standing by his own personal (get that…PERSONAL) ideals.

    • slysi says:

      you seem to have taken a blow to the head or brain( if there is one in there) ! learn to spell and write, move out of mama's house, lay off some of the fast food, and keep the cell phone farther away from your head !

  15. Jack says:

    You go Tim! If more athletes did this maybe more uneducated people would start to pay attintion. Just saying!!!