Paul looks past South Carolina to caucus states

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is already looking past the South Carolina primary with plans to make the most of a few states that could be more receptive to his libertarian, Internet-driven message.

Paul campaigned across seven South Carolina cities the day before Saturday’s first-in-the-South primary, flying to a series of rallies in airports to tell voters he hopes his support for limited government and greater personal freedom will resonate in their state.

“We want a free society and a prosperous society, and we are on the verge of a victory for those issues today,” Paul said in Greenville.

His campaign announced that it had purchased a substantial ad buy in Nevada and Minnesota, two states holding caucuses next month. His advisers are crafting a strategy built on President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign model, urging supporters to organize themselves online and show up at caucuses to gain a significant number of delegates.

Paul planned to largely skip Florida, which holds its primary Jan. 31.

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78 comments on “Paul looks past South Carolina to caucus states
  1. Looking4Sanity says:

    Of course he is! He knows he's already lost South Carolina and is busy scoping out his NEXT loss! The man is a professional loser.

    • Punchy says:

      Boy, looking4sanity I hope that in your quest for mental balance you will spend less time trying to demonize a truely good Christian man and more time building up the candidate you agree with. I guess if you're afraid of freedom and are bloodthirsty for war, you probably don't want Dr. Paul.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        How ironic! As I read your insipid little rant, I can hear and feel the artillery practice from Quantico shake the foundation of my house, It's a comforting thought to know that hell will soon be unleashed on the enemies of my country!

        I didn't like you peacenik hippies in the '60's and I like you a LOT less now! Why don't you run off to Canada before we re-institute the draft, flower boy?

        • Punchy says:

          Flower boy? Well looking4Sanity, I assure you, I ain't no hippy. It's your kind that talk tough about killing all these "enemies" abroad but you yourself couldn't even chop the head off a chicken. Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Funny stuff, flower-boy! I was chopping the heads off of chickens for Sunday dinner since I was 9 years old. I imagine you've been choking chickens for about that long.

          Doesn't appear that you're making much peace around here! Go back to choking your chicken.

        • R Stone says:

          we will see how brave you are when the terror gets unleashed in your country.. and it will

        • jstc says:

          Hopefully, Ron Paul will get the nomination. But even if not, he's going to have at minimum the second largest number of delegates at the convention. The caucus states are out ace in the hole.

        • ForConstitution says:

          Face it. RP is NOT going to get the nomination.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Someone might see, but it won't be you. Your view will be obstructed by your momma's skirt!

      • bubblesofjoy says:


        • C.Davis says:

          Ever notice how every single time an article that is even neutral, let alone positive about Ron Paul gets put up you get these vacuous bloviators jumping all over the board yammering all their trite tripe over and over again?
          They aren't content to give any who should so choose a chance to have their opinion heard.
          We can't have that.
          We must be buried under an avalanche of kindergarten rhetoric and parroted talk show disinformation and misinformation so that we are unable to make a rational decision without having the propaganda repetitively hammered at us by a small number of simpering hyenas who appear to be driven by some secret hatred, but in reality, are well paid for their efforts to circumvent civilized discourse with our tax dollars.
          You can't force people to be moral and upright. but you don't need to pay any attention to these shrill traitors. They are well aware of their dishonesty, their acts form the composition of their own beds, and they, in the final analysis, are the ones who must look themselves in the mirror and justify to themselves their motives for attempting to destroy the greatest statesman in at least the last century, and the citizens of the republic for which he stands.

      • bubblesofjoy says:

        Ron Paul all the way to the White House!

        • ForConstitution says:

          Your screen name says it all……fruitcake.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          YAY! He'll be riding a unicorn across the rainbow bridge to super happy fun land where he'll sprinkle everyone with Liberty dust! Then we won't need cars any more because we'll all be able to fly!


    • Mike says:

      Jefferson’s Rules for a Good Life

      Thomas Jefferson compiled this list at the request of a father who had named his baby son Thomas Jefferson Smith. They were pared down somewhat from an earlier list Jefferson had sent to his granddaughter, Cornelia Jefferson Randolph. Here are 10 rules for a good life:

      1.Never put of until tomorrow what you can do today.
      2.Never trouble another for what you can do yourself.
      3.Never spend your money before you have it.
      4.Never buy what you don’t want because it is cheap; it will never be dear to you.
      5.Pride cost us more than hunger, thirst and cold.
      6.Never repent of having eaten too little.
      7.Nothing is troublesome that we do willingly.
      8.Don’t let the evils, which have never happened cost you pain.
      9.Always take things by their smooth handle.
      10.When angry, count to ten before you speak, if very angry, count to one hundred.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        That's fine and well coming from a man who held a grudge almost to the day he died. He hated John Adams' guts. Jefferson was a fine man, but Jefferson can't get me into heaven. And I was born and raised in Virginia. Not to put too fine a point on it, but there's not much you could tell me about Jefferson that I don't already know.

    • R Stone says:

      wrong. the American people are the professional losers: always electing people that look good, or sound good on stage but are just more of the SAME SAME SAME. SHAME. Paul is going up giants and challenging them… the military industrial complex, the Federal reserve banksters, the media, and a brainwashed American people

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        How's that workin' out for him? He did real well in South Carolina, didn't he! Pfft. you people make me laugh.

        • Vin says:

          We'll see who has the last laugh, "Sanity."

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Oh, indeed we will! I'm looking forward to it!

        • xaje says:

          It's actually working out real well, looking4sanity.

          From VA, huh. DoD, CIA,GOP lackey paid by our government to subvert We the People. The bigger you put these people up to be the harder they fall. By the way – how's that nambla thing working out for ya.

          Ever heard of the Toffler's book that your man Gingrinch wrote the intro to. Do your homework moron. He has already disqualified himself for the presidency by declaring that he thought the constitution should be rewritten. How can you swear to uphold it when you clearly wrote you won't. Just another broken oath. How can you possibly defend the man? Breaking vows with not 1 but 2 wives in their greates need…. then blaming someone else for his shortcomings.

          Ever think what is going to happen if we don't go back to the constitution. You think you have some super powers that will protect you and your family. Like I said, the bigger you think you are , the harder you'll fall. Happy tyranny to you. I'm glad I'm not the one going to have to answer to We the People when they cone back for their 16 trillion dollars that was stollen from them. Keep in mind they're are more of them than there are of you.

          The more trash that gets paraded in front of We the People the claerer it is that there is only one presidential candidate in the race. Ron Paul.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Now THAT'S the kind of rant I've been waiting for ALL DAY! ROTFL! I love it when you morons get all worked up! I needed a good laugh, and you didn't disappoint. Hey. If you think you're P.O.ed now? Wait until you see what happens in Florida next week! You better run out to the Dollar Store and buy some duct tape to keep your head from exploding!

          I can't believe you morons still think the guy is actually going to get the nomination! He's told you repeatedly that he has no interest in the Presidency! Your head is so full of crap that your ears have malfunctioned! Ron Paul is nothing but a poison pill running around the country trying to make some pointless point. He HAS done us one huge favor though. He's identified almost every gullible idiot in the country for us by gathering them all under his banner.

          You have yourself a WONDERFUL evening, friend!

    • Libertarian58 says:

      Those of us who still have a clue what a free country is will continue to support him, no matter how much you communists try to discredit him.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        Yeah? Who are you going to support when he finally quits on you? I'd start thinking about that now, because it IS going to happen!

        • ForConstitution says:

          Hello my friend! Gingrich kicked RP's butt tonight and there's no stopping him now.

          Take that moonbats lol!

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Have you noticed how the analysts hardly even mention his name when talking about how things might turn out? It's like he's been written out of the script already!

          On a parallel note: Carl Rove did NOT look happy tonight! LOL! Romney, my butt! Sarah looked pretty pleased though!

        • ForConstitution says:

          Yeah. The First Dude (Todd Palin) endorsed Gingrich so that makes sense. I think Newt has fine tuned his beliefs and learned from his mistakes. Oh man. I can't wait to see Newt debating with Obama.

          These moonbats are truly delusional…..RP is skipping two big states and they act like he's going to win LOL. Hello! He hasn't won one state yet!

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          He's only got one and a half eyebrows too! Seriously…what is up with that dude's face?!? His right eyebrow looks like it's sliding down the side of his face like a little toupee!

        • ForConstitution says:

          LOL. I'm not sure. He's got the goofiest face too. It's true what God says…..what you believe on the inside is reflected on the outside.

        • ForConstitution says:

          I just took a peek over at the Growl and are they upset. I'm going to rub it in so badly when RP drops out LOL.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          bwahahahaha! I BET they are! They were all planning to get jobs with the Department of Liberty and Free Weed – Homo Division! Now they're going to have to completely rewrite their resumes.

        • ForConstitution says:

          I'll bet your mom is pleased too. Tell her congrats. She has good insight too since she picked Gingrich way back. I wish Perry had done better, but you never know what the future holds.

          I'd better turn in and get some shut eye. I'm not usually up this time of night…er morning. At any rate, Newt's win makes me go to bed with a smile on my face. Thank you LORD Romney LOST! Woohoo!!

          TTYS! :o)))

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Yes, indeed. You should get some rest. You got a big day of gloating and celebrating ahead of you tomorrow! I might just have to crack a beer open myself and slide over to the growl to have a laugh or two. My version of the Sunday funny papers.

        • LOL for sure! Paul is on the ballot of several states that Gingrich (and Santorum) failed to get on that number 564 delegates. This is not a one night fight, it is a marathon and Mr. "I leave my wives when they get sick" does not have the stamina nor ground game to finish. Great debater no doubt and clearly won the debate Thursday as well. But he too often has to beg forgiveness for something stupid (Divorcing sick wives, sitting with Nancy on Climate Change, Single Payer Healthcare, and the list goes on)

          Only Paul and Romney beat Obama in the polls right now, and 70% (you excluded of course) of republican voters want someone more conservative than Romney.

          So watch out, you'll be a drug addict if Paul wins since you require the Federal Gov't making them illegal to not become one. How are you going to pay for all your drugs when they become illegal at the State level?

          Question: Are you capable of Morality without Gov't Restraint?

    • ForConstitution says:

      Look at all the cranky Ronulans tonight. It's truly funny stuff.

    • Guest says:

      Looking4Sanity: I hope you find it, and soon, before it's too late.

  2. Ana says:

    He is old and this has been very hard on him and his family. No one can accuse him of not being a true believer trying to spread the message he believes in.
    I hope he is heard at the GOP convention.
    It has been sad to see how the media has tried to not let him speak, even with the delegates he has already gathered who also want his message to be heard.

    • R Stone says:

      There is always conspiracy to silence truth and truth givers. The system doesn't want to lose its control on everything and Ron Paul is seriously challenging it.
      the last time someone tried that was JFK.
      But America is so sad. they will go on continuing their same mistakes, listening to speeches but forgetting reconds and voting tendencies.. and will get another controlled president.
      But Ron Paul and message are not over yet and thank God for those who see the difference in him and the rest

  3. South Carolina proves the MSM does pick our candidates.

    1) Before Friday's debate, they all wanted Romney
    2) After the MSM attacked the Gringh and he fought back, so they decided to vote for him
    3) However, exit polls show they had a higher opinion of Santorum

    As many of you say about Ron Paul, what are they smoking down there?

    • Looking4Sanity says:

      Sour grapes? I told you this was going to happen! Your little fantasy world is beginning to come crashing down. Welcome to reality! The funniest part is that all the pundits are predicting that most of you moon bats will end up supporting Gingrich over Romney once your messiah drops out!

    • Looking4Sanity says:

      "3) However, exit polls show they had a higher opinion of Santorum "

      As opposed to…WHAT?

      And since when did a Ronulan moonbat have any respect for anyone other than Ron Paul? You changing candidates on us now, chuckles?

  4. Frank says:

    I understand Ron Paul's strategy of looking towards the long haul & trying to get as much as possible out of states with caucuses soon. But it was a mistake to not participate in the Huckabee debate or more time in South Carolina. It will be another mistake if he ignores Florida and does not campaign there. Voters don't like being ignored or dismissed, just like Ron Paul himself doesn't like the way the MSM ignores or dismisses him.

  5. tod says:

    Dr.Ron Paul for the ONLY PROVEN HONEST(for Well Over 30 Years),God Fearing,Patriot running for president,PERIOD !!!

  6. Earle Belle says:

    Wall Street Journal Economist: Ron Paul's 0% Income Tax = Massive Insourcing of Jobs into America:

    Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina says without libertarians, GOP won't be able to gain majority; Also Gives Lavish Praise About GOP Presidential Candidate:

    What do all these voters know that has them so stirred up?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano: "What if they're lying to you about Ron Paul?"

    Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer: "NDAA is More Dangerous to Americans Than Iran!"

    "Ron Paul Is Hawkish On Defending Americans In America"

    Adam Kokesh: "Ron Paul Is The Choice of the Troops!":

  7. Dagny says:

    Looking4Sanity (who obviously hasn't found it yet, if ever) and ForConstitution (what a lie!) are almost certainly the same person, babbling back and forth with himself. How truly pathetic. And notice he never has anything to say of substance. He (she? It?) specializes in vile, ad hominem attacks, misdirection and flat out lies. I think his restraints need tightening. I doubt the wardens in his institution knows he sneaks off and commandeers a computer when they are not looking.

  8. Karl says:

    The thing I agree with about Paul is that he is absolutely wrong to be skipping states and he definitely should have been onstage with Huckabee. If the reason he isnt doing that is age and wear and tear then he should be honest and shut down his campaign. I am a supporter of his but if he's just relying on internet and his people doing his work it isnt going to work out.

    • C. Davis says:

      Ron Paul is a sitting congressman and he takes the trust his constituents have placed in him seriously. So he must devote a certain amount of his time and effort to continuing to represent them.He took a break from the S.C. debate to go home and work on a bill that would revise the language in the NDAA so that it would protect YOUR constitutional rights, yet people blindly follow the lamestream line that he's "ducking out". Until people start to use discernment to filter out the propaganda they're always going to end up with the dirty end of the Newt. OOps, freudian slip.

  9. PAULINE says:


    • rocketman says:

      If either you or Paul understood [islam] you would not be hoisting his banner. For a leader, or anyone of our nation to think we could ever do anything to please the ding-bats of 'islam' is just ignorant of the same. That is what is so pathetic about his moronish spiel over "our bombing their nations" for it gives them a PC excuse to do what they were already doing, and that world wide. If is one thing to be ignorant, but not when you are running for President. I wonder how many of our leaders have taken the time to read the pathetic 'quran"? I dare say not a one.

      • Punchy says:

        Rocketman, On the other hand, have you or any of our leaders read the Jewish Talmud? Pretty scary stuff. I would be happy if they would just read the Bible and love their nieghbor as themself.

  10. mudguy says:

    When Ron Paul tells his supporters to support the nominee who ever it is it will show that he is a real American and really cares about our country. All of the other candidates have said that will support who ever the nominee is. I have heard Ron Paul say that he will not support any of the others if he didn't get the nomination. When he said that he lost my support. I will vote for him if he is the nominee and hope he wins.

    • Captain Shays says:

      Santorum, Gingrich, Romney and Obama ALL want to allow the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air and charge us interest on it driving us and our children into debt. They ALL want to keep policing the world and fighting in wars that have nothing to do with our own national security. They ALL give out HUGE chunks of corporate welfare. They ALL support all the freedom robbing measures like the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, NDAA, and Total Information Awareness Agency. They ALL support the extra national trade agreements that have worked to destroy our production base like IMF, WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA and SPP. They ALL grow government in size, spending and intrusiveness into our lives. Haven't we lost enough freedom? With ALL of them it boils down to this. Unless we elect Ron Paul we WILL lose more freedoms. We WILL be involved in endless wars and we WILL get deeper and deeper in debt. So which one do you think Ron Paul should endorse if he doesn't get the nomination?

  11. cheryl jessup says:

    Ron Paul has won nothing and he'll keep winning nothing. Would you tell me why he doesn't pull out.?

  12. Origanalist says:

    Because he's the only one who would make a earnest effort to reduce the completely overgrown, out of control federal government and stop the fed from devaluing our currency. And that has been his life's struggle, why would he quit now? His message is being heard more than ever.

  13. Ronnie C. says:

    Colbert – Cain. ? Do YOU get it? GOP being carved up by people behind that curtain over there.
    "THEY" do not want you united. DIVIDED YOU FAIL. If "they" put gobs of cash into DOG & PONY SHOW
    political misdirections YOU fall for it. The common public being so segmented & ME ME. I go for THIS ONE.
    Where is the person who will stand up & say STOP THIS MADNESS? BHO is beatable but NOT LIKE THIS.
    Where is that person? BOUGHT OFF thats where. Connected within the top down global sytem. USA politics
    no longer truely exists. Its global politics now hidden from the view of the rank & file voter.
    TRILLIONAIRES owning the world & corrupting politics.

    NO ONE in the GOP so far has WON ANYTHING. Its a lie. Too many divisive choices.
    BHO is going to be re-elected. I once thought that was not possible. Now its a sure thing.
    DIVIDED YOU FALL. GOP rank & file just got suckered into BELIEVING Newt is the savior?
    We are lost wandering in a political wilderness while media voices steer the GOP towards the cliff.

  14. Ilene says:

    I AGRE 1000% with all of the ron paule supporters!!!!!

    Ron Paul has been a truthful politician for 30 years, no skeltons in the closet, great concern for the welfare of the american people and the Unied States!

    His experience and dedication will out weight the regengades in the White ouse that should have been booted out and jailed for their criminal approach to take away our liberty and lives.