Decision About One Second Is Postponed for Three Years

The leap second survives — for at least three more years.

Delegates at an international telecommunications meeting in Geneva were to decide on Thursday whether to recommend the elimination of leap seconds, which are occasionally added to the world’s atomic clocks to keep them synchronized with Earth’s rotational cycles.

Richard C. Beaird, a State Department official who led the American delegation, said in a statement that discussions at the meeting “revealed a heightened degree of interest that has not previously existed on this issue.” With no consensus among the delegates, officials at the International Telecommunication Union, part of the United Nations, sent the issue back to a panel of experts for further study. A revised proposal will be introduced no earlier than 2015.

Mr. Beaird characterized the delay as “a significant step forward” and said the burst of interest in leap seconds “should allow for a decision that will have the widest possible backing.”

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13 comments on “Decision About One Second Is Postponed for Three Years
  1. Gorba says:

    What a waste of time. Make a decision people! Academics are so devoid of decision making unless it revolves around indoctrinating our kids.

    • Kepler says:

      "What a waste of time", pun intended?

    • BUD says:


  2. Wow, I feel sooo much better, now that I know these dedicated time keepers are not letting all those leap seconds go to waste.

    Click the name, see the website, prepare now.

  3. Why can't we go back to some definate moment in time and say that is zero second. Count every second after that moment for astronomical and technological synchronizing uses. Normal human things don't need extreme accuracy. I suggest when Galileo first saw Neptune while looking at the moons of Jupiter. Sure, important events preceeded that but it would be hard to define them. There might be the jewish, chinese, japanese, mayan, or some other very old calendar.

  4. ProundPatriotToo says:

    I have never in all my 62 years of life, have witness, heard, seen, and read such garbage from so called educated twits in all my breathing years on this planet.

    You mean to tell me, that these walking nano nothings, that have PhD's, could have met on line to make a decisions on this earth shattering, duh, I don't know, duh! Instead they have wasted time and money to meet in Geneva. Can you say boondoggle on the tax payers time. Maybe Pelosi could be called and she can chew them out for carbon foot print with all the travel to and from? What a waist of brain power, which is debatable, and a waist of human nonsense. You have to love stupid. It's a terrible disease in the world of PhD's. Scary to me.

    • Dalek says:

      I'm trying to figure out who makes money off this? Ever since they change the Daylight Savings Time thing, my VCR has to be manually set, FOUR times a year. First time when it was SUPPOSED to change, then again when it changes now. This has to be done twice each spring and fall. Why do we need to keep messing with time anyway?

      • Pegi says:

        Dalek, I know how you feel. My clock radio sets the time automatically according to my time zone and I have to manually change it 4 times a year. If I had my way, we'd have daylight savings time all year.

        • Dalek says:

          They used to claim this was for the farmers and such. Since when do cows, pigs, chickens, corn, soybeans, wheat or anything else farm related care what time it is? Do any of those have a clock to begin with?

          This is just one more thing the government wants to control. Next, they will want to slow the rotation of the earth or chill the sun to prevent a non-existant global warming.

          You can't legislate common sense. You either have it or you don't.

  5. teddy says:

    These are the same pinheads that support evolution. If the earth slows one second every four years over billions of your would not the earth be standing still?

  6. DockyWocky says:

    Oh, yeah!

    Useless UN political hacks, collecting actual salaries for this kind of activity, pretending to be doing serious thinking over adjustments to clocks.

    Don't they realize that their decisions today will have serious consequences for the planet in several millions of years?

  7. Mike says:

    This is not "news worthy" in the least. Can anyone explain why this even matters?

  8. StevenI says: