Muslim from Kosovo Arrested for Plotting Attacks

A Florida man who went shopping for al Qaeda flags has been arrested following a sting operation in which he was allegedly caught on tape planning attacks with bombs and guns in the Tampa area.

Separately, authorities in Baltimore said a former U.S. Army soldier trained in intelligence work was arrested for trying to join the Somali terrorist group al Shabaab.

In Florida, Sami Osmakac, 25, was arrested Saturday night and charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction—a homemade bomb. Authorities said the suspect, a U.S. citizen born in Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia, never received operable weapons or explosives during the sting and the public was never in danger from the operation.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Mr. Osmakac was reported to authorities by a business manager who later became his boss. Mr. Osmakac had originally gone to the business, which wasn’t identified, seeking to buy al Qaeda flags, according to court papers. The unidentified business manager had provided information to the FBI in the past and was paid for work in connection with the Osmakac investigation, officials said.

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24 comments on “Muslim from Kosovo Arrested for Plotting Attacks
  1. Lady Kroft says:


    • skai says:

      " Muslims are America's enemies …Period " You are right, non muslim Americans better wake up before its too late just see

    • rushvillerocket says:

      Imagine that, a muslim plotting an attack. Who would have thought? Islam is a peaceful religion. Yeah, and if you believe that, I've got some swampland in the Kalahari Desert I'll sell you!!!

  2. ladykroft says:


  3. Captain America says:

    Why, if they are so dangerous, did BO pass a bill to force his TSA to let Muslim women go through airport check points without being frisked, patted down, or groped? Even American nuns and USA Christian pregnant women are forced to be intimidated,& humiliated along with old white women in wheel chairs.

  4. G Duke says:

    It will be interesting to see how much we hear of this in the media and how they play it.

  5. tod says:

    The ONLY GOOD muslim IS A DEAD muslim,PERIOD !!!

  6. Barb says:

    Some people may not like to hear this but as far as I'm concerned Muslims do not belong in the US. After all, why would people choose to live in a country that, according to their beliefs, is evil personified? Personally, I can only think of one reason and, again, some may not like to hear it. The only reason I can figure they want to come here is to continue their attempt at world domination. They even want to be allowed to live under Sharia law rather than the laws of their 'new homeland'. IMO America is under attack and people don't even seem realize, or don't want to see, what's going on right under their noses!

    • Bill7360 says:

      Not want to hear it?? Are you insane?. 90 % of Real americans wants all the Muslims out of our Country and that includes the Muslim in the Whaite house. When they go they can take our Traitorous congress with them! Per winston Churchill"
      Demoracies are slow to act until there is blood in the streets. We are getting close!

    • LarryFrom10EC says:

      It is called "Civilization Jihad" Move into a country and bit by bit make sharia law the law of the land. Liberals are going to love how sharia treats their beloved gays. Muslims leave a 5hithole country and then try to turn the land they emigrate to into the 5hitholoe they just left.

  7. Bill7360 says:

    The Muslim in the White House wants to give this Terrorist the American Medal of freedom. Most of our
    Generals and Admirals wil also kiss His ass! I am sure there willl also be special recognition from our
    Traitorous Congress. Insult intended!

  8. RobinPC says:

    Just a few years ago, NATO just had to stick their noses into Kosovo, while Molosovich was trying to rid his country of the Islamic scum. Of course the bleeding hearts saved the Muslims in Kosovo, who showed their gratitude by killing unarmed US soldiers in Frankfurt, Germany, now this. There is much critisism of the old Crusades, but it is my opinion they did not go far enough, leaving breeding material, which bred like rats to what it is today. Hey, they say, thanks for saving my life, as they detonate their bomb to kill us all. Yes, peace loving people (PUKE!!)

    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      Molosovich had the right idea, but our idiot politicians just had to do the politically correct thing. Political Correctness is literally killing Americans!

  9. awakenow says:

    I was not able to read the entire article posted on the Wall Street Journal Online website regarding this because I do not have a paid subscription, so I don't know if the article goes on to report that fellow Muslims sounded the alarm on this guy and turned him in to the FBI.….

  10. LarryFrom10EC says:

    This a55wipe is from Kosovo? Where we sent troops to protect Muslims? That's Muslim gratitude for you. Ban all Muslims from emigrating to the US. Deport any who disobey our laws. Let them go back or stay in the 54itholes their religeon has turned their countries into

  11. Roscoe Bonifitucci says:

    What part about being an Islamic Fundamentalist and Terrorist is missing. Why can't the Political Correctness Police connect the dots? What's that you say? It is only after their immediate self or family is killed or maimed will they wake up to Common Sense and NOT allow any more Muslims into our homeland. Oh. That is because they have a "Situational Reality". Plus the fact that most Libtards hit their BONG that they cannot grasp the fact that Fundamental Islam is NOT a Religion. It is a Political, Legal, Financial, Cultural and Moral System that is based upon Hatred, Fear and Slavery.

  12. ladykroft says:

    …And you know what? Some of those who fear Obama will be re-elected WILL VOTE FOR HIM!! It's the nature of the STUPID BEAST!! Starting with Todd Palin who said we'd be better off with Obama than Ron Paul. STUPID DOES AS STUPID SAYS.

  13. guest on this planet says:

    Another muslim terrorist , imagine that.

  14. Miriam says:

    Why didn't the media identify him by nationality? Because it is the mouthpiece of our Sate Dept. "policy" to cover up for
    the scum, human and drug trafficking Albanians from Kosovo. While we "hunt down" terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan, etc. this government has created two Muslim countries (Bosnia and Kosovo) in the heart of Europe after dismembering a sovereign country, Yugoslavia. We've created the monster, and the monster will destroy us.