Obama Signs the NDAA. Goodbye 4th Amendment

President Obama signed the National Defense Appropriation Act, a law that ends the 4th Amendment in the United States unless the Supreme Court overturns it.

He offered this explanation.

The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it. In particular, I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists.

Here is a man with a law degree telling us that he signed a bill into law, despite serious reservations. Who cares what reservations he has? He signed it into law.

Then he added this PR fluff.

Over the last several years, my Administration has developed an effective, sustainable framework for the detention, interrogation and trial of suspected terrorists that allows us to maximize both our ability to collect intelligence and to incapacitate dangerous individuals in rapidly developing situations, and the results we have achieved are undeniable. Our success against al-Qa’ida and its affiliates and adherents has derived in significant measure from providing our counterterrorism professionals with the clarity and flexibility they need to adapt to changing circumstances and to utilize whichever authorities best protect the American people, and our accomplishments have respected the values that make our country an example for the world.

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560 comments on “Obama Signs the NDAA. Goodbye 4th Amendment
  1. Mike says:

    Anything this man signs into law scares me. I only hope that 2012 brings us a real Happy New Year in Nov., that of course will be a new president.

    • charlie buck says:


    • michael says:

      Unless of course the "emaculated one", and his union cronies happens to BUY the election, and the lame stream media refuses to report accurate facts about this skank-butt. This man will continue to erode every bit of our constitutional protections and freedoms. Our only Hope for a brighter future is to remember the past,,, his past… in November.

    • john says:

      obama scares me whether he signs anything or nor.the man does what he wants whether you or I like it or not. just a short note,the state I live in has 49% voters that are between the ages of 18 and 25 now that scares me.

      • Eileen says:

        It was the 18 to 25 year olds that obumbler targeted to get their votes in '08. Now they are getting out of high school and college and are having a hell of a time finding work. It must occur to them at this point that obumbler lied to them when he promised so much just three years ago. I cannot imagine why anyone in this age group would be voting for him. In Arizona where I live, the young people are competing with illegals for jobs.

    • RONSTER says:


      • Mach1 says:

        I have to disagree about the part where race doesn't have anything to do with it. You ask most blacks in my state and they only see the black color. He's their man at any cost. They have little or no idea about what he has or has not done for for the country, just that he is a black man. Problem he's 50-50 not all black, but they can't see that.

    • mike says:

      if something every red bloody american shoud head for washington to throw the mess out……stand up.

      • mike says:

        we as american,s are going to have to stand up and change washington if we don,t elect this liar out it,s our country tell them love it or leave it semper fi….. don,t accept crumb,s from politican,s and head,s of union,s anymore.

    • MLH says:

      I don't fear THE Constitution … so I don't fear Dr. Ron Paul.

    • JIM says:


    • Chuck says:

      Mike: A new President will mean a Happy New Year IF and ONLY IF he promptly revokes all of Obama's executive orders, supports the repeal of ObamaCare, demands the recovery of as much of Obama's "stimulus" money as possible, supports major downsizing of the federal government and an end to deficit spending, asks the House to initiate removal proceedings against judicial activist judges – including Supreme Court Justices, and recommends that Congress submit a bill immediately and retroactively installing term limits on ALL elected federal officials.

      Along with that, we need a belated Christmas present – impeachment proceedings against the liberal thugs who passed unconstitutional legislation behind closed doors using bribery and intimidation to bypass the wishes of U.S. citizens at large AND a commitment to fully support both freedom of religious expression and the federal DOMA and restore protection for the traditional family.

      Congress, then, must go through all of the legislation Obama signed and weed out provisions that tend to weaken or eliminate the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens or to promote the interests of foreign powers or immigrants over those of U.S. citizens.

      All of this would be a Happy New Year as of Jan 2013. Meanwhile, we can count on 2012 being filled with political wrangling, fraud, deceit, special interest propaganda, and more of Obama's efforts to subvert our republic. Our part of producing a Happy New Year for 2013 must be to slow down or prevent Obama's ongoing efforts, to work hard to keep control of, at least, our state and local governments out of the hands of communists, socialists, and otherwise subversive groups while working equally hard to rebuild the Constitutional republic most of us have grown up in to the standards of our Constitution.


    • It's everyone under 26, that we have to worry about. They are all too young to remember why we "OLDSSTERS" are so upset when some "want to be" comes along and takes our freedoms from use.

    • Professor says:

      Anything this POS does is UNCONSTITUTIONAL because new EVIDENCE has been uncovered proving OdumBO was b orn in Africa. Therefore hs is ineligible to serve in the office which he is illegally occupying.

    • The Scotsman says:

      An honest, trustworthy American Citizen! VOTE smart.

    • armyvet says:

      Yeah, he signs this law, then opposes the Arizona Sheriff who is just doing his duty!

  2. Curtis Bostic says:

    just think Ron Paul 2012 = personal freedom!

    • Mike says:

      Ron Paul scares me as much as Obama does.

      • krdave says:

        Ron Paul does scare me also, but no one is as bad as Obama.

      • orples says:

        Why? Ron Paul is 180 degrees opposite Obama. I urge you to please go to ronpaul2012.com and listen directly to Ron Paul without the media's twisting of his ideas and beliefs. Look at his voting record. Take note that unlike most of the others, Ron Paul is not affiliated with any Foreign or International Groups like the CFR or the Bilderburg Group. If it his ideas on Foreign Policy you don't understand, then please watch "You like Ron Paul, except his Foreign Policy". You can find that video on Dr. Paul's website and/or YouTube. The video reveals our Military History from 1953 to present and outlines WHY we are fighting all of these undeclared wars in the Middle East. Note that Ron Paul was one of the few to vote against NDAA, whereas Michelle Bachmann vote 'yes'. All you have to do is look into Ron Paul's past to see that he follows our Constitution and understands the economy. History reveals that FACT as well. Look for the Video "Ron Paul's greatest predictions" . . . it includes floor speeches arguing against involvement with Freddie & Fannie along with the prediction of the fall of the housing market well ahead of time. It also includes a warning NOT to get involved in Iraq. What did we accomplish in Iraq, other than losing almost 1T dollars, thousands of troops, and creating more enemies. Do you think the children that lost parents and vise versa don't hate America for killing their families? I dare say, I would consider someone that came to my Country and bombed me the enemy. Also look who gains from Military Conflict . . . the bankers that finance the wars, and the Politicians who get paid off to keep them going. Please take a long hard look at Ron Paul, then come back and tell me WHY he scares you? Thank you and Happy New Year.

        • Patriot says:

          Ya everyone! And while you're reading about how great Paul is be sure you go over his foreign policy ideas. But you don't have to worry about any foreign policy because we will simply invite iran, north korea, russia and all who have nukes and are threatening to annihilate us and Israel or each other, and sing cum bi ya around the camp fire. That will solve everything. Peace out !

        • orples says:

          Obviously, you didn't watch that video I suggested. You should. You might get a grip on WHY we are at war with these other Nations.

        • awakenow says:

          orples, yes, I agree.

          Please try to understand that Ron Paul does NOT blame Americans for 9/11. Rather, he blames the continued policies of our federal government that meddles in the affairs of foreign nations, especially the Middle East, for reasons not made clear to the American people.

          BLOWBACK is a very real result of engineering protests and the takedown and installation of leaders in Iran and elsewhere. The people of Iran elected Mossadegh in 1953 and just two years later, our government stirred up a rebellion in Iran that led to the removal of Mossadegh and the installation of the Shah of Iran who murdered millions of his own people from 1953 to 1979.

          The reason we did this was because Mossadegh was over Iran's oil and Britain's and our access to it. This is documented by Chalmers Johnson, consultant to the CIA from 1967 – 1973, who warned about what the CIA called BLOWBACK and its unintended consequences of causing hatred toward our policies.

          Judge Andrew Napolitano of Freedom Watch on Fox and Johnson, along with veterans of Iraq talk about this on this video.

          Please watch it and judge for yourselves.

          Ya know, it is very difficult to us, as Americans, to think that our policies can be so very wrong. We are all patriots and we love this country very much and WE as the PEOPLE have not been told the truth about what our government does and is doing.

          It is time, way past time, to hold them accountable and if they are not going to DEFEND the Constitution and our freedoms, and make this country strong again, then they must all be voted OUT!

          Stand with the Constitution. Stand with Ron Paul.

        • geordie says:

          I will take a look at his site..I think the guy is way to old,I dont think he ll live another 4 years and why so many are smitten with him..Oh YES..I believe in the Constitution Bigtime,thats all i know..If it comes down to Paul or Odipstick i will go with Paul for sure..I will look into it anyway.

        • Patriot 101 says:

          Please do go over Ron Paul's FOREIGN POLICY statements! Anyone that does this is surprised at how logical his positions really are, I know I was! But don't take his statements (out of context) from the media! Get the "WHY" BEHIND HIS POLICY POSITIONS! Unless you are blatantly against the constitution, you have to agree with RON PAUL!

        • guest says:

          Well, unPatriot, I doubt he wouild invite a terrorist into the White house for the grand tour!! You my dear, are an idiot with your head buried.

        • MLDENDO says:

          Ron Paul doesn't have a "snowballs chance in hades" of winning the presidency… some of his ideas sound good, but are not practical in the real world. Republicans cannot put forth a candidate that is not electable… Obama must go and Ron Paul is NOT the man to oust him from office… plain and simple!

        • Patriot 101 says:

          The media is doing all it can to ignore and marginalize Ron Paul! They are failing! Now that RON PAUL is doing well in Iowa, they are trying to marginilize an entire state's caucus! HOW DUMB IS THIS? I guess it isn't too dumb if it works, but it really doesn't say much for the people that IT WORKS ON!

        • awakenow says:

          MLDENDO, you are quite wrong.

          Please read the following quote from the latest and last poll released early this morning via the Des Moines Register newspaper:

          "The Register poll, for example, shows Paul, at 42 percent, far ahead of all the Republican candidates among Independent voters, with Romney a distant second at 19 percent. Public Policy Polling showed Paul beating Romney 39-12 percent among Democrats and Independents combined. http://thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/10395-p….

        • socalconserv says:

          The ONE THING Paul promised as he took over the the Fed Oversight committee was to fully audit the Fed…and possibly shut it down! What has he done toward completing this promise?!? I have not heard one thing out of the Ron Paul camp about the achievements related to this promise! How about concentrating on this most important task?? BTW, all you have to do is listen to Mr Paul's own statements to know he is a LIBERTARIAN not a Republican (which is a bad thing some of the time as well, I understand) and some of his ideas and platforms are as liberal as any democrat! (especially his social and foreign policies)

        • orples says:

          Socalconserv, Ron Paul entered a Bill to the house HR1207 (in 2009 ?) which initially garnished a lot of support from his fellow Congresspersons. That bill would have served to Audit the Fed. completely and on a regular basis. However it was shot down in the Senate by the traitors that have sold their souls to the Federal Reserve . . . not Dr. Paul's fault.

          On Oct. 4, 2011 Ron Paul did in fact hold hearings on the first ever Audit of the Federal Reserve that took place last summer. I don't doubt you didn't hear about those hearings because although a Historical First, the mainstream media failed to report the outcome . . . SHHHHHH . . . the media is controlled by the Fed and the Fed is still trying to fly under the radar of the general public. Don't blame Dr. Paul for our Nation's failure to thoroughly expose the Federal Reserve. He is only one man. Personally, given the power of the Federal Reserve, I'm impressed that Dr. Paul has gotten as far as he has. The people are too stupid to back him and most of his piers are either too stupid to realize their damaging effect on our economy, or are paid to turn a blind eye. GIve Ron Paul the credit that he is due. Dr. Paul has been trying to expose the Federal Reserve for almost 30 years now. The same can not be said of any other Representative in Congress or the Senate.

          Here is the article, toggle down the page to view the video of the Audit hearings that took place in October… http://www.prisonplanet.com/ron-paul-leads-hearin

        • Mach 1 says:

          I listened to Ron Paul during the last debate and the interview with Shawn Hannity and I recorded it for reference. The man is 76 years old and has too many idiotic ideas that would run this country in the ground. He don't believe that Iran has a nuke almost ready to use, and the 1st place will be Isreal then USA. Look at what other crazy ideas that he stands for. If Ron Paul gets elected then we are just as screwed as with Husane Obama.Get real people for Ron Paul !

    • Sandra says:

      Amen Cutis!! I love Ron Paul. If you want freedom back to America, the regulation controllng departments gone vote for Ron Paul. The rest will be status quo.

    • Ihatelibs says:

      Rupaul is a kook and a loon on defense

      • kyl says:

        You should change your handle to "I hate freedom" because Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who stands up for the freedom of average Americans. He's the ONLY candidate who would restore the freedoms stolen by pol'crats past and present. He's the ONLY candidate who wants to actually apply the limits placed on the federal government by the Constitution! If you think Romney, Gingrich, or any of the other mainstream "business as usual" candidates are willing to do that and you vote for one of them, you're going to be seriously disappointed.

        Romrich, Bachtorum, and the rest will say what we want to hear when they're campaigning, but once installed into office they do what they always do: WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT! Simple translation: they lie! They all toss the right words around, like freedom, and pretend to be staunch defenders of freedom. If true, then why are we so unfree?

        Ron Paul, conversely, has consistently spoken the truth for all of his 24 years in congress, even when the truth is unpleasant. Nor has he flipflopped when it's politically expedient. Sadly we have a tendency to want to kill the messenger, or at least blame him for the message.

        Orples and Patriot101 have suggested the anti-Paulers start listening to what Dr. Paul says from his own mouth and STOP listening to the "facts" (opinionated distortions and lies) delivered by the self-serving msm pundits. That is excellent advice. Granted, he doesn't have a polished delivery, but he's still way better than The Fraud without his teleprompter.

        • Dr. Cool says:

          He has dementia ! He is too old to run for president ! He has gone off the deep end and those who think like him are either too old too or too stupid to know better. Get a life Ron Paul fans ! Libertain Socialist !

    • Annie Ann says:

      Really, Pon Paul? He hates Israel and wants to wipe them off the map so how is God going to see that when Gods says "To bless Israel God will bells thoes who bless and thoes who curse Israel God will curse. So what would we be bringing down upon our selves. God also says " What ever you do unto the least of these MY BROTHERN, you have done unto ME." I think of all the things I have done to any one even Israel and repent. Becasue I have done them unto God. The God who is the most powerful and the one full of grace and Mercy. I want to be on HIS side. I want HIS salvation.

      • awakenow says:

        Annie Ann, NO you are very wrong. Ron Paul most definitely does not HATE Israel, in fact, back in 1981 he voted FOR Israel's preemptive attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

        Did you even know that?

        Also, Ron Paul is a devote CHRISTIAN who has accepted Jesus as his personal savior. As a Christian, and believer that Jesus is the Son of God, Ron Paul follows the teachings of Jesus of PEACE and LOVE of mankind.

        The Bible tells us that they who are PEACEMAKERS shall be blessed. How is it an act of true Christianity to kill by dropping bombs on innocents who happen to be killed when we are trying to take out terrorists, by our drones, and by waging continual wars on other countries?

        Ron Paul will stand with Israel IF they ask for our support and IF Congress authorizes it by a Constitutional Act of War vote.

        Also, Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, told Congress this past May that Israel does not NEED our military support to defend and protect itself. Ron Paul will allow, just as he did back in 1981, Israel to take action on its own, whatever that may be, to defend itself from any attack by Iran or any other country.

        And, they will with their 200 – 300 nuke arsenal which will turn all of Iran into dust should they foolishly try to lob a nuke into Israel. In fact, Israel has very sophisticated anti-ballistic nuke defense which will blow up any Iranian launched nuke toward Israel BEFORE it even leaves Iranian airspace.

        Ron Paul does not and never has CURSED Israel and if you believe that, then you are very and tragically mistaken. I for one, as a Christian, believe that Ron Paul will prevent WW3. And, as a Christian and true believer in Peace, I cannot accept any other political candidate other than Ron Paul.

        • American girl says:

          You are an idiot also. Ron Paul is just another Obama. Just another color. They are both against our country & trying to destroy it. Can't you read between the lines ?

        • awakenow says:

          American girl, please back up your ridiculous claims that Ron Paul is just another Obama and is intent on destroying our Republic??

          You must either be a troll, or you are living in complete ignorance of everything Ron Paul has stood for all his time in Congress. That is, his solid defense of our Constitution and our freedoms.

          Wake up. YOU are the idiot.

        • guest says:

          She is on Obama's payroll and a Democrat–we must excuse her ignorance!

        • Mach1 says:

          You are stuck in reverse, but trying to go forward. As Christian you have made a false statement about what you have written, regarding Ron Paul. Here is one in particular. You said, Ron Paul does not and has never (CURSED) Israle. I feel you were relating to the word Cursed only, not Isreal. How do you know that he does not and never has cursed in his entire life time? I know that you didn't make a false statement on purpose. The part about the US dropping bombs on innocent people in Iraq is something of a false statement too. No one intended to drop them on the innocent, but were intended to fall on the buildings and their corrupt leaders. During any war, innocent people get killed. We are not continually waging wars on other countries ! You make it sound as if we were a nation of murders. As far as Iran lobbing a nuke into Israel, they ARE that crazy. Your Ron Pauls information is Iran does not have a nuke. They are very close to a nuke. Check it out yourself. You should take time to pray and research all about your beliefs in Dr. Paul, and his beliefs. We don't need 4 more years of Obama, I think you will agree ! Your vote is needed anyway to defeat Obama. PRAY ABOUT THAT TOO !

      • helm20558 says:

        meant to give you a thumbs down, you are not very bright.

    • Mike C says:

      While Ron Paul might have some decent domestic ideas, his lack of insight, and his lack of understanding pertaining to foreign policy, shows a naivete' beyond belief. Any politician who does not support Israel's right to exist without continued outside terrorism threats will not garner votes. Any politician who sticks his head in the sand about Iran's nuclear possibilities, and probabilities, is a national security risk, and will not garner the votes of thinking Americans.
      Those of us who think Obama's weak, or even lack of, a strong and definitive foreign policy will never vote for Ron Paul.
      His ideas on foreign policy are irrational. On the other hand, it certainly seems as though the republican "estabishment" is doing everything possible to steer voters towards a candidate they think will best fit into their continued game of inside Washington political charades.

    • MeMe says:

      Enough with the Ron Paul ads. He's just as lousy as Obama.

    • "Kid Richie" says:

      It is my belief that the self-serving politicians of both Parties do not want to return America to the Constitution and limited government. They have created themselves as a separate Class and have enjoyed the largesse they "voted" to themselves. They are the Rulers and the people are the servers. The election of Obama was to put a radical Socialist in office who would hasten the destroying of America more rapidly than was done previously. The "Gradualism" of the Progressive Socialists was wearing thin and now they are in a hurry to deliver America to the World Government under the UN.

      The "selection" of John McCain was a sham and now the Republican establishment is foisting Romney on us who will crumble under Obama.

      Third party candidates will also insure Obama's re-election.

      I believe that the only one who will fight for America and the freedom that is our GOD-given right is Ron Paul. Of course the Establishment and the controlled Media paint him in an evil way just as it painted Obama in a virtuous way. The opposites are true. Ron Paul is as imperfect as anyone else. But he is the only one out there carrying the torch of American sovereignty and liberty. Like John the Baptist was, Paul is impugned by the Establishment.

    • Judy says:

      Ron Paul is like opening the floodgates of entry into our country for all
      of our enemies. His foreign policy is so radical and frightening!! Why do his supporters not see this. When the enemy is at your door don't come crying for help. Pauls economic policies are right on and he is very Pro Life. It is too bad he is such a dangereous pacifist.

    • SFC RET DENNIS says:

      Ron Paul is a real jerk, he blams us for 9-11 because he believes we treat muslums badly, well they have all ways treated non muslums badly they don't need a reason to heat us. because of hes believes he my give muslums special treatment so he scares me, not as much as Obama but closes. (sorry for my spelling no time to spell check)

    • Dennis says:

      Curtis, Are all these negatives plants also? I count 38 as I write this.

    • resa says:

      Come novemeber Obama will still be in office-when he signed that bill he allows him to remain president until martial law is lifted!

    • Capt RCG says:

      Don't waste your time – Paul will never be nominated – if he runs as a 3rd party candidate he should be jailed because that would insure obama 's re-election – Paul is basically a nitwit

    • American girl says:

      Ron Paul in 2012 ? You're as big an idiot as he ( Ron Paul ) . You should both be at home in your rocking chairs !!!!

    • awakenow says:

      Who is the true defender of our Constitution and the individual liberty represented by it? The answer is Ron Paul. He IS the Liberty Candidate and stand against those who wish to enslave us to one world world governance.

    • Olfox says:

      Apparently Curtis, you have not kept yourself up to date on his relationships with the likes of George Soros and Barney Frank. Also, I cannot fathom how anyone could approve of his stance on National security. The likes of which could seriously jepordize our Personal Freedoms.

    • Cody says:

      Agreed. Keep supporting Ron Paul if you want to see TRUE change and not more of the same political meandering that we have gotten used to since the 1970s.

  3. tony says:

    Well come november it's GOOD BYE OBAMA!!! Our four year long NATIONAL NIGHTMARE will FINALLY be coming to an end.

    • Mona says:

      but several generations to fix it……

    • wayne74467 says:

      tony, I hope and pray that you're right. His approval rating on the RCP average is still about 45%. A third party canidate would re-elect him, God forbid.

      • Michael G. says:

        I agree with that. We all saw what a 3rd party did to us not so long ago…anybody remember someone named Bill Clinton?
        Do not do 3rd party.

        • emjay98 says:

          Remember that we have Donald Trump sitting on the sidelines for now, but he has said if the wrong candidate is elected, he will run on the Independent ticket. Imagine that he thinks he is so great a judge of the "right" candidate. What a disaster that will be, and you are right, instead of Clinton, we will have Obama for another term. Surely he can't be serious, and not know what that action would bring about and the more damage Obama can inflict on our country.

    • Paulo says:

      Unfortunately, I see a third party idiot screwing us. I believe the best we can hope for is to take back the Senate and retain the House. Hope I'm wrong though …….

      • tony says:

        IF we take the senate with a large enough majority and we increase our strength in the house as well, then in all essence it does not really matter because the executive branch will for the most part be neutered and even if a barrage of executive orders come flowing out of that place like this present commie muslim is doing they can be counteracted by congress. THAT is why the Senate and House races have actually become MORE important in this coming election.

        • awakenow says:

          Tony, the Senate, the vast majority including Republicans, just voted for the National Defense Authorization Act that literally suspends our right of a trial.

          Right now, Obama or any future president, can arrest any American citizen merely on the SUSPICION that they may be working against the government! AND, that person can be held INDEFINITELY and never ALLOWED his/her 4th Amendment RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY JURY!!

          Don't you see where this country is going??? THIS is the act of a TOTALITARIAN form of governance and it is NOT something a FREE REPUBLIC form of governance.

          My God, I am scared and we all should be.

          Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who has come out solidly AGAINST THE NDAA. He understands what is at hand. Like Glenn Beck says, we have the Obama and the Communistic Left and the Fascists Right who are also working to destroy our Constitution and our FREEDOMS!!

          Please support Ron Paul.

        • tony says:

          Although I agree with us moving steadily toward a totalitarian state unless WE THE PEOPLE finally unite and bring an end to it, the actual truth about the illegal arrests of U.S. citizens can be found here:

          True there are RINO's in the senate that vote with the socialists, HOWEVER there are 23 Dem senators up for election that CAN be replaced with actual patriotic people who are loyal to our constitution. THAT is up to the voters in those states to actually RESEARCH their candidates.

          Also there are 9 Rep senators that CAN be replaced with actual patriots as well. And again, THAT will be up to the voters in those states.

          Because of my blog and the type of articles that I write I was concerned about this detention law more than others, but I am not so worried about that now as I was before.

          People easily panic. I choose to stand and fight back.

        • tony says:

          My original reply was blocked so I'll try this again by spreading out the words.

          Although I agree with us moving steadily toward a total itarian state unless WE THE PEOPLE finally unite and bring an end to it, the actual truth about the ill egal arrests of U.S. citizens can be found here:


          True there are RINO's in the senate that vote with the socialists, HOWEVER there are 23 Dem senators up for election that CAN be replaced with actual patriotic people who are loyal to our constitution. THAT is up to the voters in those states to actually RESEARCH their candidates.

          Also there are 9 Rep senators that CAN be replaced with actual patriots as well. And again, THAT will be up to the voters in those states.

          Because of my blog and the type of articles that I write I was concerned about this de tention law more than others, but I am not so worried about that now as I was before.

          People easily panic. I choose to stand and f ight back.

        • tony says:

          my reply to you was blocked twice now, so I'll just wait and see if they let it go through later. I didn't say anything wrong, but I did include a link to truth about the detention program and that may be why it was pulled.

        • tony says:

          My original reply was blocked so I'll try this again by spreading out the words.

          Although I agree with us moving steadily toward a totalitarian state unless WE THE PEOPLE finally unite and bring an end to it, the actual truth about the ill egal arrests of U.S. citizens can be found here:

          True there are RINO's in the senate that vote with the socialists, HOWEVER there are 23 Dem senators up for election that CAN be replaced with actual patriotic people who are loyal to our constitution. THAT is up to the voters in those states to actually RESEARCH their candidates.

          Also there are 9 Rep senators that CAN be replaced with actual patriots as well. And again, THAT will be up to the voters in those states.

          Because of my bl og and the type of articles that I write I was concerned about this de tention law more than others, but I am not so worried about that now as I was before.

          People easily pan ic. I choose to stand and f ight back.

        • tony says:

          My original reply was blocked so I'll try this again by spreading out the words. I'll break up the address of the article that explains the NDAA more thoroughly

          Although I agree with us moving steadily toward a total itarian state unless WE THE PEOPLE finally unite and bring an end to it, the actual truth about the ill egal arrests of U.S. citizens can be found here:
          http://www.lawfareblog.com the-ndaa-the-good-the-bad-and-the-laws-of-w ar-part-

          True there are RINO's in the senate that vote with the socialists, HOWEVER there are 23 Dem senators up for election that CAN be replaced with actual patriotic people who are loyal to our constitution. THAT is up to the voters in those states to actually RESEARCH their candidates.

          Also there are 9 Rep senators that CAN be replaced with actual patriots as well. And again, THAT will be up to the voters in those states.

          Because of my bl og and the type of articles that I write I was concerned about this de tention law more than others, but I am not so worried about that now as I was before.

          People easily panic. I choose to stand and f ight back.

    • Patrick Duffy says:

      Dont' rejoice that Obama may be gone because his followers who put him in office are alive and well and will vote for another man just like him. THEY have not been defeated, any more than Regan defeated communism. Even if Obama is gone, this legislation will not go away, and neither will the tyrannical agencies that were created as a result. The damage this man has done by increasing the size and scope of government will last for decades, and may actually cause the collapse of our nation. WEAP and MOURN, because that is the future of America, UNLESS IT REPENTS!

    • CherokeeBob says:

      Obama has set this country back quite a few years,.
      He has no idea the harm he has inflicted on the American People. Not that his color has anything to do with it he is a scamming Chicage Mob radical that has gotten all the way to POTUS and has not a honest bone in his body.
      I wish Hillary had been correct when she said he would be assinated, if elected. I do not trust her either nor Bill either.
      I cannot see trusting any Demorcar in the next election nor any incumbant Senator or Congressman either.

    • Valor says:

      Tony, do NOT depend on Obama being kicked out of office. There is a very good chance he will be re-elected, especially if there is a third party candidate, or someone unelectable like Ron Paul is the GOP candidate. With an electorate as ignorant as the American Voters, that is a fact. The other very real possiblity is that even if the GOP does field a viable beat Obama candidate, if it becomes apparent that Obama might very well loose the election, be prepared for Obama to pull some sort of coup in response to a manufactured national crisis that "requires" Martial Law and the suspension of the 2012 election, and what is left of the Constitution. Whether this miscreant is re-elected or assumes a dictatorship, you can bet the farm he WILL use this detention law to suppress any and all opposition. It IS coming folks! Also, do NOT forget that Republicans helped pass this law. That party is equally guilty of trashing liberties. As Pat Buchann says, we have a one big government party with two branches, the Republicans and the Demorats. There are only two ways this country and liberty can be saved. Either the return of Christ, or a bloody revelolution. Neither seems likely.

      • John Hunter says:

        What seems likely is that Jesus will come for His Bride soon and the Tribulation will begin and the antichrist will be
        revealed. 0 buma is paving the way for the antichrist. Christs literal return is seven years after the Tribulation begins.
        The only thing that can save America from going into slavery is national repentance, and that is highly unlikely. God
        gave us the present administration in judgment on America. The only reason America has experienced freedoms
        this long is because of the Christians here. But, much of the church is dirty and out of Gods will, however just as God could not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah until He got Lot and family out (Lot was carnal and out of the will of
        God), neither will He destroy America until He takes His Bride out. Everything is dovetailing, converging, moving
        toward the culmination of this age. 2012 could very likely witness earth shaking events.

    • ron yurchak says:

      More like a tragedy.

    • John Hunter says:

      Don't count on it Tony. 0 buma got in the first time with corruption, and there is nothing too corrupt
      for him in order to win again.

    • Honestea says:

      I pray that is true….but how can we trust anything that they will do to win.

  4. Noracisthere says:

    you may not like him but what does his race have to do with anything? I'm no fan of his but your racist comment suggests you oppose him solely on his color. Just wondering , where do you guys get those klan hoods made? is there a special store? Jon Golt you're a great example of the problems in this country.

    • RPW says:

      Race? Your the only poster here as far as I can see who has made any reference to race or skin color.

    • heath says:

      noracist, who made a racist comment? You are one of four comments and no one mentioned that he was a black man. I think, as in most cases, the democrats are bringing up the race issue because they have no real answers and are just trying to change the subject. Seems like the democrats have the real problem with skin color because they can't stop thinking about it.

    • Sandra says:

      This man could be green, yellow, red or white…he's a socialist marxist! Color has nothing to do with it, he's a bad man and a horrifying president. Stop the race card, it's getting old.

    • seabee combat vet says:

      In response to YOUR post, how many people voted for him BECAUSE OF HIS RACE? Now that is the appropriate question!!

    • pamela harper says:

      It kills me at how not liking Obama, suddenly makes you a racist. Heck, I didn't like Jimmy Carter either but was not accused of racism because of it. To me, the ones playing the race card, as Noracisthere did, are the ones responsible for the race thing to come up, in the first place. Bottom line, I call a spade a spade……& yes, take that to be a racist comment, if you will because no matter what I say, you will interpret it that way…..stupid is, as stupid does…..being SMART is voting O out of office in 2012. God bless the USA!!!!!!

    • orples says:

      Noracisthere, Racist or not, Obama should have already been impeached. Our President is a Traitor to our Nation. And I will never, ever, believe he is an American Citizen, especially 'Natural Born' as is outlined as requirement to run for office in our Constitution. Of course, Obama has shown how little he respects our Constitution (the document he swore to uphold). His latest act to spit on our founding papers was signing into law the NDAA law. What BS? How unconstitutional can you get? Bombing Libya with the UN's approval, yet without consulting Congress . . . an impeachable act. Ordering the assassination of an American Citizen, without a trial or even a hearing . . . how does he give himself the power to get away with such power as to appoint himself a dictator? Obama needs to go and I don't care if the is green with pink polka-dots . . . race is irrelevant. Also take note the SOB is driving this Nation into bankruptcy.

    • jules says:

      Narco, I made mine myself

    • JIM says:

      if you want to see a real racist look no further than the oval office the DOJ and the racists they surround themselves with, ocommie and his administration have a deck full of cards and every one is the race card

    • Gary says:

      And 98% of the blacks voted for him? Why? BECAUSE HE IS BLACK, THE BLACKS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE THE RACISTS!!!

      • Icky says:

        You have that right. I am so tired of this "race card". As you say the blacks and democrats are using it because they now understand what they did by electing him – because of his color – but do not have the honor to admit they got us in this horrible mess.

    • Bruce says:

      Most people I know oppose president "0" zero for his polices not his color. I personnally could care less what color he is, I disagree with what he is doing to this country. I just hope that we still have a country left when we get him out of office.

      God Bless America

    • Jeanne says:

      Are you for real, if you want your rights taken away go to Cuba, Venesuala, or some other place where people can't handle Freedom because they have no idea what Freedom costs, living under a dictator, Socialism, communism, then all the brave men and women who gave their lives so we can enjoy Freedom will have all been in vain. "NO THANK YOU!!!"

    • ProundPatriotToo says:

      Noracisthere, you are what is wrong with this country. Stay away from the voting booth this year. Communist.

    • s casey says:

      You know, I see no reason to interject race into the equation when discussing our socialist president. His politics and his desire to bring America into third world status should be the focus of discussion and the reason he should be impeached and imprisoned. But one cannot deny he was elected because of his race. Blacks voted overwhelingly for him – because of race. Whites, Hispanics, Asians, and others voted for him to prove they weren't racists. So his race, like it or not, is the reason he's in office to begin with. Certainly no one with any common sense would have voted for him otherwise.

    • dak605 says:

      Nobody brings up RACE more than the Administration. This unknown, secretive, anti-American communist lied his way into the WH by making RACE an issue. This caused all the whites with guilty feeling about what happened way before our time to vote for him because "it's the right thing to do". I HATE this man because he hates this country and has been set up to destroy it. It has nothing to do with his skin color (he's more white than black). Obama is the racist, should be arrested, given a fair trial and then hung for treason.

    • frank says:


    • Jim l Adrian 111 says:

      Wave your noracisthere flag all around at other people. I will not vote for Obama because of his deeds not because of his skin tone, nor will I vote for the likes of Pelosi or the rest of his mob.
      There must be a house cleaning on the hill if there is a house left. For all I know, he just might turn it into a mosque.

    • Nancy says:

      Noracisthere…if you voted for obama, then look in a mirror, there you will see the one with the problem! you are praising and kissing the butt of a illegal muslim radical terrorist, I don't care what color obama is, this race crap is nothing but crap, and you know it, but when you have nothing to back your man with, "oh my, they don't like him because he's orange with green dots"! for Gods sake open your blind eyes and see what obama is doing to us, or do you want our country taken away and you lose your freedon of EVERYTHING? OBAMA IS NOT PLAYING A GAME, IT'S OUR LIVE'S HE'S PLAYING WITH!

    • Carrie says:

      noracistthere, I didn't see a racist comment either. Are we looking at the same posts? Obama could be white, or purple or clear for all I care I really don't like the direction he is taking our country. I fear he is going to lead us to destruction.

    • Kenai says:

      If you really want to know who made the Klan hoods, they came straight from the democrat party who were also the ones that founded the Klan!

    • roy says:

      Go to Wal Mart, sponsored by Hillery and Company, the demarats are left over KKK members in Denacratic hoods. They just use the blacks and minorities to get in office then they forget about them for four more years, while they rape and pilage merica.

    • Linda says:

      I believe racist comments about Mr Obama are often made because he has divided our country starting with the advent of Mr. Wright, his Pastor. Remember, HE and ole Holder overturned REVERSE racial discrimination?????? He continues to hate WHITE people and support our nanny state!

    • Skip says:

      The racists are all the blacks who voted for obama strictly because of skin color and ddn't obama belong to a racist black church in Chicago led by the Rev. Wright! You're a typical liberal who thinks only whites are racist!

    • Patrick Henry says:

      he's not white or black he's commie RED he with the rest of his commie friends and gready politicians are destroying the country its time for a lynching and house cleaning of all muslims.

    • LindaO says:


    • Patriot Niki says:

      Noracisthere: The current POTUS has caused this Racial problem wholeheartly – he is the one talking to minorities and blaming WHITE people for his problems. Also, the KLAN was all democrats and the own it – lock stock and barrel.
      Personally I don't like his WHITE HALF.

  5. vito says:

    "The Fourth amendment to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. This amendment protects people from unlawful searches by the government or any one else. In order for their to be a search of your private property, papers, and effects a warrant must be issued. This allows the people of the United States to carry on their daily lives without fear of the government interfering."

    We are all screwed now !!!!!

    • jdangiel says:

      That's right. After this, the illegals still won't have to have their papers, but we will!

    • Norm says:

      "IT IS CALLED SEDITION" and treason in some cases and a total violation of all their "OATHES" of office to defend the Constitution! Everyone of the congress,both houses should be removed! Study FDR and Hitler and you will see who Obama really is or is trying to be! You do not change the Constitution with Pelosi/Reid types behind closed doors,you have a very complicated task to change it and ratification by all the states! Now that you have it on paper come out here in flyover land and enforce it ,HA HA!

      • No fool says:

        Another act of treason. The king of vetoing anything he does like but had reservations about signing the NDAA is pure bull. Just one more step in his agenda to strip the freedoms of US citizens.

        • Chuck says:

          NO FOOL: The NDDA is mostly intended to support our national defense – i.e. our military. Most of that bill is needed. It's the twist put on the amendment dealing with handling suspected terrorists that's the problem, and it's a bit confusing to figure out. The proper recourse is to mount a challenge in federal court to those parts of the bill that conflict with the U.S. Constitution. It would be counter-productive to repeal the whole bill, and no-one in Congress would support such an effort for obvious reasons. However, even the Dems in Congress are increasingly concerned by Obama's efforts to bypass Congress with executive orders and his own personal interpretation of both the Constitution and existing laws. The pretend president has openly said he will do this, and has openly disparaged our Constitution as a "flawed document" that he will ignore when he chooses. This must frighten even liberals in Congress. There are increasing signs that even the Democratic Party is moving to distance itself from Obama. This movement may be too slow, and may come too late, but it should be encouraged.

    • RLM357 says:

      Vito: We are still at War with Terrorists (The Cult of ISLAM). I agree that this Act is Unconstitutional. However at a time of a declared war, the FBI has always had 'Extra Powers of Arrest and Detention". Spies and TERRORISTS are covered under that power. Like the duplicious Gun laws (139) we have existing Laws to cover the detection and prosecution of Anarchists etc. I therefore join with you in suspecting just why we needed this one. Abolish this one and enforce the existing ones. ~Rick Magee, FL

    • Autoteck1 says:

      This bill is in violation of THREE constitutional amendments in the bill of rights, the 4th, the 5th and the 6th ! please read them everyone !

      • JDRacing says:

        This is a correct statement. Right now in all probability the Supreme Court would over throw this Executive Order; hopefully. Once Obama is gone the Court would without hesitation. This is a total scam to erode the Constitution of the United States of America. CIA; FBI; ICE; Border Patrol; State Patrol; Marshals; Police, and any other law enforcement entity has always been able to appear before a judicial authority and obtain a warrant for a search and seizure with probable cause. If the Obama administration would allow the authorities to protect our borders as they should we would have no cause to even consider His Executive Order. I can not believe the Americans in this administration are so stupid, and gullible.

        • Chuck says:

          JD: Agreed. The 4th thru 6th Amendments are clear on this subject, EXCEPT that there are a couple of terms that are subject to interpretation. The most important, in this case, is the term "a speedy trial" – where the word "speedy" is not followed by a time limit. That opens the door to detaining "terrorist" suspects indefinitely, especially in military prisons. There are, however, requirements that trials be public, and that they take place in the jurisdiction where the alleged offenses occur – presumably in state or local courts, at least within the U.S. This raises the question of whether it's legal try U.S. citizens in federal courts AT ALL! I think a good Constitutional lawyer could have a lot of fun – PRODUCTIVE fun – with this!

          Our elected officials are sworn to uphold and defend our Constitution, but it's clear that most of them either haven't read (or understood) the Constitution, or, like Obama, find it expedient to ignore or bypass it. Most of these critters are LAWYERS! It's not likely that they're totally ignorant of Constitutional law. It must follow that many of them subscribe to Obama's policy of IGNORING it! These are the folks who should be removed from public office – and it's OUR JOB to do that on election day! FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

        • Chuck says:

          JD – A correction: the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) is NOT an executive order. It's a bill passed by Congress – in this case, to support national defense operations. There are, however, PORTIONS of the bill that appear to be unconstitutional (see my other post). Another part of the problem, however, and I agree with you on this, is Obama's use of Executive Orders to get what he wants. It's my understanding that Congress can nullify these orders if it so chooses. If it doesn't, the only recourse remaining is for citizens to file challenges in federal court based on conflicts with Constitutional standards. Like you, I find it difficult to understand why U.S. citizens are so stupid and gullible, and why elected officials, sworn to uphold our Constitution, go along with such things.

        • Kathy says:

          ok, soooooooooooo why are we not doing a thing about this, I say arrest Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Grayson, Bloomberg. so many others I can't even name them, Dayton (MN) is one, and the rest of you know who you are…………….traitors, thieves, liars, cheats, is that YOU????? stand up and be counted, get some balls, get it right, stand up for freedom everywhere, what the heck are you doing??? Do you think that an Obama Dictatorship will protect you????????????? You are totally mistaken, Wake up, get some guts, stand up for what is right, good, and true. Then we will have a "loving America" but wake up it is not for you to judge, it is Jesus that will judge all of us………..SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, wake up and do something right and true and Godly, then you may be saved. None of you understand who is in control here………….No matter what happens GOD IS IN CONTROL………………………….I am for God, My God, straighten up before it is too late.

      • Michael G. says:

        You're absolutely right. The problem is this admin. doesn't seem to think it applies to them, and have either violate them or are planning on violating them when the mood fits their needs.

        I feel like the Queen of Hearts: "Off with their heads!"

      • injun_joe says:

        Add #7 to that list.

    • Paul says:

      Wow! Amazing how our political leadership justifies suppressing the American people into a form of modified slavery. Using terrorism as justifications. Remember Americans it is your responsibility to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors, your community, your state and your country, against all enemies foreign and domestic. Americans have been lulled into believing that it is the police and governments responsibility. Please stop supporting changes to our constitional rights!!!!!

    • gnafu says:

      That's more of the plan to get rid of the 4th. We would like to think that it means ONLY suspected real terrorists can be searched without warrant but once the 4th is removed, who knows what Obama or his henchmen calls "terrorists." You are probably right about American Citizens, not terrorists only, may have to under-go searches of our homes and businesses. Where the hell is Congress on this matter? Congress can put a stop to this if they have the intestinal fortitude to do it. Obama is is messing with people's rights Doesn't that mean anything to Congress?

      • Nancy says:

        Congress is afraid of this illegal muslim! I cannot tell you how much hate I have for the people that were fool enough to give this POS the power he has! Guess they never stopped to think, that it's there lives too this radical muslim is destroying!

    • VNFJ says:

      Muslims are second only to the politicians of this country as to a threat of annihilation! Most people forget that it was Muslims who were the feared pirates upon the seas in the later 1400's and 1500's when villages were moved inland to avoid their raids upon the people.
      Secondly, focus on the 'non-Constitutional' efforts of both parties as they are all party and part of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION – for profit corporations – who deal with the 'citizens' via corporation rules, regulations, processes and purposes not the law of the land – common law. Check out your name on your drivers license, your bank statements, credit cards, voter registration, etc., etc., etc…. Your name in all capital letters designates you as a corporation hence they – UNITED STATES, COLORADO, NEW CASTLE, BANK AMERICA all have contracts – most of which you had no idea about – with you on a corporation to corporation basis and statutes, rules, and regulations are how they deal with you. Wrought with fraudulent contracts – both parties must be in full knowledge of any and all details for it to be valid – which they enforce with the power people allow them to have via the peoples' ignorance of the fraud.

      Wake up America, put the law back into common law, regain your rights which they – the government and corporations – have usurped and regain your posture of the government serving you, not you being subservient to the government per the unlawful 14th Amendment passed with unlawfully appointed Representatives and Senators… All of this history is available for those who will seek it – the truth, the roots of our country's enslaving of the citizens….

  6. Keith says:

    No one!! And he will steel the election in 2012 because of it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kevin says:

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrE15QfbnHA&fe… Hay everyone check out this link and get it out to everyone…They plan on taking the Vote away from Ron Paul

      • Paul says:

        Like I have said repeatedly, the "official" Democrats AND Republicans are BOTH the two fake "opposing" faces of the NWO-country club that ALWAYS rigs the elections with MULTIPLE mole-candiates so that ONLY "one-of-their-own" are the only "choices" to vote for. NOW that Ron Paul is finally awakening the American people, these traitorous criminals that have given the likes of the Bushes; Clinton; Obahomo; etc. recognize the "need" to "put the fix in" BEFORE he actually gets elected…

    • rushvillerocket says:

      I don't know about everybody else, but I am scared!!! Literally! First this man ordered the killing of an American citizen (Alawaki, I know this is misspelled) without trial, and not matter how bad this man was, he was an American citizen and deserved a right to a trial by a jury. And now with this new law, he can have anybody arrested and held indefinitely without a trial for what the government deems is a crime. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

      • azwayne says:

        The illegal Muslim using his dicator powers, yeh too bad there aren't caring Americans left. Start with your representatives and Congress, when they won't react, you need to remove then do what caring citizens would do.

        • toosmarttovoteGOP says:

          Using his dictator powers to sign a bill authored by Republicons. You left out the last part there.

      • teaman says:

        What is wrong with you? When this idiot left this country for the purpose of killing Americans, HE LOST IS CITIZENSHIP!!! He became no better than a rabid dog and needed to be put down. We must go after our enemies where ever we can find them at what ever the cost. If not, guress what, they will be coming in your back door!!! Citizenship has nothing to do with it in cases like this!!

        • SimonJesterUS says:

          That's all well and good until you find yourself on the list, right?

        • toosmarttovoteGOP says:

          Are you saying that leaving the country causes one to lose one's citizenship? That'll kill American tourism abroad..

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.

        Yea, though I walk through the shadow of the Valley of Death, I shall fear NO evil; for Thou art with me!

        Praise be to the Lord, my God!

        • msjallen says:

          You are right, Looking4Sanity, God is our ONLY hope in this country and if people don't start taking His Word seriously we will no longer be a Constitutional Republic even though we are not known as such these days.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Psalms, psalm 144

          1: Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:
          2: My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.
          3: LORD, what is man, that thou takest knowledge of him! or the son of man, that thou makest account of him!
          4: Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away.
          5: Bow thy heavens, O LORD, and come down: touch the mountains, and they shall smoke.
          6: Cast forth lightning, and scatter them: shoot out thine arrows, and destroy them.
          7: Send thine hand from above; rid me, and deliver me out of great waters, from the hand of strange children;

        • Eileen says:

          Psalm 71:5

          Thou art my hope Oh Lord God.

        • Dean Palmer says:

          Come on People! Leave the religious crap out of this! Can't you see that religious conflict (i.e., my god is the "REAL" God – NOT yours…, etc.) is what is causing most of the problems in our world? Christians think they are the "special ones"; Muslims think they are – where will this silly nonsense end? Absolutely God exists and the Universe is a created work, but human religions on this world are just that – made up by humans. The original intentions and messages of the Creator have been twisted and warped over the centuries to suit human interests and greed. It is obvious that the events occurring in our time are NOT what the Creator intended! Books like the Bible and al-Qur’ān etc. are great works of recorded history and the wisdom of gifted thinkers through the ages, but they were written by humans nonetheless. How arrogant we are as a species to believe that the Creator of the Universe speaks only to a chosen few. And it's funny how easily humans believe whatever they are told by some guy wearing robes or read in a book! We have been already given the tools and intelligence to live well upon this world with love, fairness and equity, but instead, we choose conflict, war and chaos. Oh, – that's right, it's the Devil's fault? Give me a break!

        • toosmarttovoteGOP says:

          These are the people Sen. Goldwater warned us about.

        • Dennis D says:

          Actually Dean it is not.Whats causing it is the people not what they believe in.You would blame the baseball bat that was used to hit you with than the person who wields it.Makes no sense.No matter what the belief is it is the people using those beliefs to do bad things.The bible is the word of GOD(YHWH) given to man.If you dont believe that fine but thats your hang up.Just like those who use it to hurt and do wrong.Put the blame where it belongs.On sinful,terrible,shameful,HUMAN BEINGS!!

        • guest says:

          When you make it to hell, you will understand!

        • Myron J. Poltroonian says:

          I believe the appropriate phrase will be: "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition".

        • Myron J. Poltroonian says:

          Clarification: I did not see the original post, merely the comment to which I responded. However, out of an overwhelming curiosity, I clicked on to the "Reply" link/whatever. If, as I gather here, the original post was racist, that's too bad and it is inexcusable in this day and age. However, "His" justice department makes no attempt to hid the bias of this "Regime". None whatsoever. That is, I believe, a not so immaterial contributing factor to the re-ignition of old, smoldering embers of things in our culture we thought long past, dead and buried. And, yes, I believe it is not an unintentional fanning of the flames.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          That was my situation as well. I have no idea what the original comment was. I was only concerned about 'Rushvillerocket' s comment about being scared. I understand and sympathize with that emotion.

        • guest says:

          NOBODY is more racist than the Obama's! That is no excuse for deleting a post! Where is our right to free speech!!

        • tiger716 says:

          I find myself saying the Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm a LOT!

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          There is not a day that goes by that I don't say the Lord's Prayer at least once. It's a personal ritual of mine.

  7. Lydia Schultz says:

    Ron Paul talks about personal freedom and I like that but then he scares the heck out of me when he starts his talking about why they bombed the World Trade Center and what his beliefs are about Muslims and why they hate us. Are we really going to be so foolish with another presidential candidate like we were with Barack Obama. He's just as liberal as Obama!!! More to the left in many issues. PLEASE be smart with your vote!!!

    • RPW says:

      Thanks for that, Ron Paul is MORE liberal the even Obama. Ron Paul is SCARY and the biggest danger is that he runs as a third party insuring an Obama win. All you Ron Paul bots better wake up and decide if you want to support your guy or defeat Obama. Ron Paul can’t win but he can help Obama win if you all go along with him like lemmings.

      • Greg H. says:

        Absolutely correct! Don't forget that it was the third party spoiler ROSS PEROT who gave us Bill Clinton not just once, but TWICE. Clinton won with a minority of the vote both times, 43% in '92 and 49% in '96, thanks to Perot. These idiots threathening to run as independents or third party spoilers should all be kidnapped and sat on until the election is over.

        • m.g.o'c. says:

          Isn't funny that the third party "spoiler" as you call them is also the right choice for Freedom and Constitutionaliy everytime though. Wake the !@#$ up!! Statous quo is Killing America.

        • azwayne says:

          The third party fear is usually TROLLS, anyone with brains is able to do the math. 90% hate Congress, dems and repubs, majority of registered voters are NOT dems or rebpus, over 50% of citizens are not voting, The majority have control of ANY third party they want. They need the brains and desire to change and correct federal government and America

      • awakenow says:

        NO, if you actually take some time to look into Ron Paul and his liberty and Constitutional Republic views, then you will begin to understand that his views are NOT scary at all.

        Ron Paul has stood in solid defense of the Constitution and has voted DOWN every single bill that goes against the Constitution. He has never supported any increase in the debt ceiling or any bill that puts this country even further into the debt hole we are in.

        Ron Paul has a plan to begin to get us out of this nightmare and with the people's help, he will cut the deficit by 1 TRILLION in his first year in office by eliminating FIVE wasteful and bloated federal departments. Then, he will end the endless wars and bring our troops home to defend our borders and shores.

        During his remaining three years in office, he will balance the budget.

        NO OTHER CANDIDATE is talking about reducing the size of the federal government and, thus, its insane consumption of our hard-earned tax dollars. No other candidate has the huge backing of the military as Ron Paul has. Ron Paul's campaign has more than all the other GOP, and Obama, donations combined.

        And, yes, Ron Paul can win against Obummer. In fact, according the latest poll, Ron Paul is far ahead of all the other GOP candidates with Independents and Dems. And, to win the presidency, the GOP candidate MUST have the support of those two groups.

    • Kate says:

      Foolish is voting for any one but Ron Paul. It's time to unpin ourselves from the status quo, a vote for any of the others running is a vote for the collective serfdom that our elite refer to as democracy and we can thank the elite pushing mob rule as espoused by 99'ers, Soros funded civic goups, IRI, NDI and the list goes on and on.

      Did your mom ever say these words: "You have your own mind, use it to make your own decisions. If your friends jumped off a bridge are you going to do the same just to be a part of the group? Well, that's pretty stupid if you're going to say YES!"

    • Patriot says:

      wRong Paul

    • DENNIS says:


    • apostolique says:

      CHECK : realzionistnews STOP BLAMING ISLAM

      • Jonathan Gartner says:

        Another Paul-bot go and get some medication and mental health check up

        • apostolique says:

          BIG ?? How could two planes bring down three (3) buildings??
          Check out: http://www.911keymaster.com. WHO KILLED TSAR NICHOLAS 11 FAMILY? ZIONISTS

        • azwayne says:

          Propaganda of the federal government has been way too successful, there is NO citizens representation in federal government, they are puppets, when will people wake up and get educated and ambitious.

        • marcel duranleau says:


        • William says:

          You first Jonathan. You seem to need it more.

    • Jonathan Gartner says:

      You are right of course I have looked at Paul for years (since Reagan) as being a nut case. You have to listen to what he does not say and take a look at him totally of course his Paul-bots have to have the blinders taken off

    • m.g.o'c. says:

      Your statements show the "True Americans" why this country is in the trouble its in! Its peabrains like you that vote with the heart instead of the "very tiny" brains that "God" gave them. Ron Paul will restore America. obuma will destroy America. Get your head out of your caboose lady!

    • gnafu says:

      I watched a video on how Americans became so involved with Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, Saudi Arabia….the video was very welll understood. What it all boils down to, at least in the past, was OIL. First we supported these countries with troops and money. Then, we stopped supporting. Then, we started supporting. They don't really want us in their countries but they want American dollar support. Most of the money is poured down rat holes. God only knows we could use some support from our troops right here in our country. Not looking good.

    • Nancy says:

      Trust me I will be smart with my vote! I didn't vote for this POS the first time, and it won't happen the second time either! but there are a lot of fools that will, guess they didn't learn anything during these last 3 years, these same fools want more punishment!

      • azwayne says:

        To have him on the ballot, is against everything American, laws are used to control citizens NOT the corrupt federal government.

    • VNFJ says:

      Muslims are second only to the politicians of this country as to a threat of annihilation! Most people forget that it was Muslims who were the feared pirates upon the seas in the later 1400's and 1500's when villages were moved inland to avoid their raids upon the people.
      Secondly, focus on the 'non-Constitutional' efforts of both parties as they are all party and part of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION – for profit corporations – who deal with the 'citizens' via corporation rules, regulations, processes and purposes not the law of the land – common law. Check out your name on your drivers license, your bank statements, credit cards, voter registration, etc., etc., etc…. Your name in all capital letters designates you as a corporation hence they – UNITED STATES, COLORADO, NEW CASTLE, BANK AMERICA all have contracts – most of which you had no idea about – with you on a corporation to corporation basis and statutes, rules, and regulations are how they deal with you. Wrought with fraudulent contracts – both parties must be in full knowledge of any and all details for it to be valid – which they enforce with the power people allow them to have via the peoples' ignorance of the fraud.

      Wake up America, put the law back into common law, regain your rights which they – the government and corporations – have usurped and regain your posture of the government serving you, not you being subservient to the government per the unlawful 14th Amendment passed with unlawfully appointed Representatives and Senators… All of this history is available for those who will seek it – the truth, the roots of our country's enslaving of the citizens….

    • LANI says:

      Ron Paul is a clown so he should be in a Circus, not running for the most important position in America

  8. Sandy Foster says:

    Everyone shoud be afraid, very afraid, of ANYTHING this Presient constructs and signs into law. He is not a devotee of our Constitution or our freedoms. Every American should read the two books he wrote. While they should have read them BEFORE the 2008 Election, they MUST read them before the 2012 Election or we are permanently doomed !

    • JMJ says:

      Sandy: from his papers that he himself wrote while in college, & along with his Thanksgiving "speech" shows us that he DID NOT write those 2 books or even the last two as neither him or his flea-brained wife have the ability to create a paragraph on their own. He is a fraud as we all know. +JMJ+

    • dingbat36 says:

      Obviously no one at this site has read this bill………..while I realize that it is lengthy, over 900 pages, it didn't take me long to find it and to discover that it is mostly an appropriations bill to fund the different branches of the military and that it has a small section dealing with terrorists WITH A DISCLAIMER…………see following excerpt from the bill:


      Page 428

      10 (e) AUTHORITIES.—Nothing in this section shall be
      11 construed to affect existing law or authorities, relating to
      12 the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident
      13 aliens of the United States or any other persons who are
      14 captured or arrested in the United States.

      You can choose to be terrified of nothing if you wish but be careful what sort of GARBAGE you believe!

      • awakenow says:

        Baloney. This bill is open season on YOU and any American who the President merely SUSPECTS may be doing something against this country.

        You and anyone else, can now be labeled a terrorist at the whim of any sitting president. When they show to arrest you, or someone in your own family, and throw you in prison (Guantanamo?) where you will languish for the rest of your life … sadly, and only then, will you truly understand what has now happened with the NDAA law.

        Wake up, you are completely in denial.

    • Jan says:

      DREAM OF MY FATHER IS obamas line he follows to destroy CAPITALISM..
      AUDICITY OF HOPE. IS HIS outline to turn AMERICA into another muslim nation
      But I do think they may not find them because he mandated the be pulled of sale and taken

      http//www.youtube.com/?v=MwhKuunp8D8&feature=player embedded

      And lear for yourself he is a NON-CITIZEN PRESIDENT Also bought and paid for by GEO. SOROS.
      and will be backed by most UNION THUGS and vote cheating ACORN in 2012.


  9. Bob Carpenter says:

    This comment has been deleted by the administrator.- IT WAS THAT BAD !!!

    • Tag says:

      I didn't read this comment because the babysitter decided it was too bad for us to read! Shame on you! Regardless of the fact it received 5 (five) in agreement with the comment so it couldn't have been all THAT bad! We are grown- ups here so let US decide what is good for us to read or not! OK?

      • Michael G. says:

        Boy have you got that one right. I've had this happen to me to a couple of times.
        I can handle the truth. What I can't handle are lies, and people who "have to protect me from what I might read." That makes me madder than much of anything else. I'm a big boy; I can take it. So quit trying to protect people's insensitivity to what is being said.
        Good grief! They allow all the four-lettr metaphors you want (or don't want). But they don't seem to be able to handle the truth, and that is what hurts the most.

        • guest says:

          Obviously the administrator is on Obama's payroll!!!! Also thinks we aren't adult enough to make up our own minds–they have to do it. Too bad they doin't protect us from their Obama!!!

    • Jim says:

      Censorship is one of the hallmarks of an oppressive regime. Censorship is also an insult to our intelligence. We're all grown folk here, let US decide what we like and don't like.

      • dingbat36 says:

        Here is the information concerning the people who originated this site and who still administer it…………..THEY pay for it's maintenance and for it's upkeep so those who disagree with the filters they have set up should start your own site or go over to ConservativeByte.com where you definitely wouldn't want anyone young reading over your shoulder…..the language there gets pretty "ripe" but it stays and nothing is removed. Here the rules are clearly stated and even the users are encouraged to "report" improper posts, so it may NOT be only the administrators who are objecting to content.

        About Vision to America:

        About Us

        Vision To America is a division of Christian Worldview Communications, LLC. Founded in 2006 by Gary DeMar and Brandon Vallorani, Vision to America exists to help America return to our Founding Father’s vision for a Christian Republic. America was once a light to the world—a place that God blessed with liberty and prosperity. Today, Americans are taught that the Almighty State has all the answers. As a result, our God-given liberties are being traded for a false sense of security. It is our Vision to see Americans once again recognize that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights and that this Creator is the God of the Bible.

        • Jim says:

          I see your point, but didn't that same God create us with brains? Why would He give us brains if he hadn't intended to use them? My complaint about censorship actually has nothing to do with the use of foul language. I am a Christian myself and I am always hearing loud complaints being made by my fellow Christians against those on the left, mostly for this same thing! I am always hearing about how the evil left (and it IS evil, make no mistake about it) is always trying to eliminate any speech or idea that is counter to theirs. All I am saying is if a post offends the site administrator it might just be that one person who is offended. Let us, the subscribers, determine what we see as a valid point or not. You cannot advocate the constitutional rights of the people while you exercise the same kind of arbitrary censorship that is employed in the so-called main stream media.

          Another thing I find interesting is that the comment was removed while another comment that accused everyone of being a racist as well as being members of the Ku Klux Klan was allowed to remain. Does this mean the administrator approves of someone making blanket accusations?

    • Paul Rusch says:

      We should still have a right to see everyone's opinions. Who are you to decide what we can see and what we can't. That's censorship and not good for this country. Some people say things that are very off color and we all understand that and may not agree, but who are you to make our decisions for us. That's just what the liberals and socialist scum including the mongrel in OUR White House want to do. We do not need an "Administrator "doing our thinking or formulating our opinions for us because they don't like the opinion of another. Is this a free country or not???

  10. k33j88 says:

    The president has a 45–47% approaval rating according to most analysts in the polls. The good ole' USA has approximately 45—47% of its population as govn't employees,federal,state and local. Any corelation here?

    • Dean says:

      I also think that many of the 45-47% are on the government dole.

    • jan says:

      Yes, it is people voting their pocket book…..People need to realize that if they keep voting this way, there will no pocket book to worry about.

    • RUTH says:

      It's more like 20% – don't believe all these marxist polls you see!

      • Ray says:

        I have yet to meet any Federal, State, County or Metropolitan Law Enforcemet Officer who now supports Obama as President. He ignores several parts of the Constitution which he swore under oath to uphold.

    • Jim says:

      I think the makeup is more the "takers" of government programs and those that do not pay taxes rather than government workers. Eve the government workers are paying taxes to support the worthless 47% . I say that if you haven't paid taxes for 3 years you don't get to vote. Any Government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul/

    • azwayne says:

      The polls are propaganda ruling. Use your heads the majority of Americans know what's right, they've been dumbed duown to follow like sheeple.

    • AOS says:

      Sure, 140 million people in the USA are government employees. Pull the other one.

    • Franklin Weighall says:

      Also how many are on WELFARE?

  11. Attention! Our Rights are Unalienable! The Act is Unconstitutional. If our Rulers declared Rape, Murder, and Theft legal tomorrow, it would have ZERO legitimacy. We must resist the governments attempts to infringe upon OUR Rights. We must not allow our Consent to be Governed to be coerced, lest it not be Consent but rather Slavery. Our Governments Just Powers are not Rights, those are reserved to Individuals while our blood still pumps. Our Government has Privileges which do not include declaring what a Right is or not.

    Our Government can decide which Rights it will defend and those which it will attempt to take. It is the People's job to Declare a Government fit or not. DO NOT allow your Representative to get away with their Treason. Rep. Price of GA's 6th is a TRAITOR along with every other Republican Representative in GA save one.

    Find out how much your Representative's Wealth has increased since they began 'representing' you. Find out where they live. Our Constitution demands that Traitors not be killed for their crimes, but their crimes must be punished. Know who 'represents' you. The President is a Fool who has never grown up. The Nations woes do not stem from this naive's doing.

    Look in the Mirror. Men and Women who place their futures in the hands of others earn Slavery not Peace and Prosperity.

    • Maryt says:

      Ron Paul is just as radical as Obama. He don't care if Iran gets a bomb that reaches us. He is for gay marriage and illegals in our country. You need to educate yourself before you vote for him not just listen to him.

      He will not win over Obama. The US will not vote him in as a president. You need to choose one that can win not the one you like. This is about beating Obama not voting the one you want.


      • To Hades with the Lesser of Two Evils, along with the Greater!

        Your statement reeks with ignorance. It is apparent you prefer to be the Slave of your Preferred (NeoCon) Master, than have the Strength, Courage, and Intelligence to deny one altogether.

        Attention Everyone! Vote for the Master who can WIN! Do not vote for those who wish to be no Master! Hooray for Mediocrity, and the best Lesser of Two Evils money can buy!


    • Annie Ann says:

      AND now we are seeing why God did not want Israel to have a king or president or a ruler over them. They always put free people, under Gods rule, in bondage. We like Israel, have done this to ourselves. Now we need to repent as God says in 11 Chron 7:14 and HE will heal our, HIS, the Land.

    • Zac Martin says:

      You are exactly correct!
      I would add only amazement that the Electorate in this Country has not already concluded it is time to remove this lawless Radical from Office… by impeachment if nothingelse works!

    • Rustytruck says:

      Oh yes it is his doing. I don't care how you look at it, Obama is doing wrong daily and does not care. He IS to blame!

    • VNFJ says:

      It began with the 14th Amendment, the enslaving of the American people as "citizens", and the pledging of them – "citizens" and their 'wealth producing efforts to the 5th and further generations' – as collateral/chattel when the UNITED STATES CORPORATION began seeking money from international banking to pay for the civil war debt. This practice continued with 1913 and 1933 being subsequent 'bench-marked' junctions in this country's history when politicians, 'for the good of the people', enacted various measures further ensuring their control over the distribution of wealth. The distribution being to their favor with 'crumbs from the table to the citizens' thus aiding the 'appearance of their concern for and their good will toward the citizens'.

      • Otie says:

        Why do we have so many FEMA camps throughout the USA? And, the body boxes, to boot…….the planning of taking down our nation has been in the works for many years, but now we have a President who understands his mission and why Soros put him there……to bring down the USA…..economically…socially…..they plan on seizing, killing, and disposing of people who disagree with them…….THUS GERMANY WITH HITLER!

    • Otie says:

      You are spot right on!

  12. Kay says:

    Why did our representatives vote for it in the first place? Obviously, we need to confront all of them with this and demand some answers. We elected them to protect our rights and freedoms and they DID NOT! This is exactly what Obama wanted, so do not believe he won't use to the max.

    • jdangiel says:

      Time to have a look at voting records. It's difficult for each of us to go after everybody, but we each can look at what our reps and our senators did, and turn the heat up on them.

    • greg says:

      @Kay..this president CANNOT do ANYTHING on his own. He must have support and votes from complicit Representatives and Senators. This is where the main problem has been since '08. He is fine with people focusing on the presenditial primaries and the circus they create. What we really need to focus on is installing truly conservative leadership and rank and file members of both houses to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • Godisalive says:

      I did confront mine in writing & he gave a lame excuse that it was needed & to "trust him", our constitutional rights were safe. Do I believe him? Not a chance. What I do know is that God is always in control. Whatever happens, it is his will but I do believe that he wants us to fight for Christian & Civil rights & to vote after asking him who to vote for.

    • azwayne says:

      Did you ask them wht did they tell you/? Give them first response and do what you need to do, The Congress is NWO ruled and paid for, they need all power removed.

    • VNFJ says:

      It began with the 14th Amendment, the enslaving of the American people as "citizens", and the pledging of them – "citizens" and their 'wealth producing efforts to the 5th and further generations' – as collateral/chattel when the UNITED STATES CORPORATION began seeking money from international banking to pay for the civil war debt. This practice continued with 1913 and 1933 being subsequent 'bench-marked' junctions in this country's history when politicians, 'for the good of the people', enacted various measures further ensuring their control over the distribution of wealth. The distribution being to their favor with 'crumbs from the table to the citizens' thus aiding the 'appearance of their concern for and their good will toward the citizens'.

      It is all there for those who seek to know, who will see what the track record shows, i.e., the portion of taxes taken from the efforts of those working has escalated from 1% to in excess of 68%-when all taxes at all levels of the economy for in reality the END-USER pays for ALL such taxes-over less than 100 years. The stark reality is 'on the average' most 'citizens' in 1960 worked until early February to earn the money they eventually paid in taxes of one form or another. Today that date of ALL TAXES PAID is well into September, but then the government is doing it for the overall good…. Their overall good and that of the elite oligarchy who 'make things run…', run they way that benefits them most.

      Notable in retrospect is the peoples' failure to note that we, the people, with our lack of concern about the non-Constitutional, 'word-smithing'='means the opposite of what it appears', unaccountability of the politicians to the people who elected to serve themselves…, since there has been no response on the part of the "citizens" to hold them accountable…. UNTIL NOW, Montana is going to recall their Senators and Representatives who voted for the NDAA,! 8 other states could do so as quickly and some 30 other states could do so if they wanted to do so…. Watch and see the 'apathy of citizens' in their 'rolling over' rather than standing up for the legacy fought and paid for by men and women – 1.3 million paid with their lives. What then does it take to wake America up?

  13. SEAN MURRY says:

    That SOB is a friggin traitor ihope we can go to the suprme court to cancel this bill.

    • apostolique says:


    • joe meister says:

      er the supreme court is stocked with his appointees,fat chance .if kagan doesn't recuse herself in healthcare case &she won't as long as mr 0 is prez. what good is depending on supreme court. he must be defeated along with his czars & henchmen .,especiall;y his gun moll . this is your last chance to stop this country from falling into minority hands. nothing is more important . get rid of the illegals .e-verify them out so legit citizens can work. until we get a prez with a spine other than our present jellyfish until we set the demographics back where they belong .75+% caucasian anglo judeo christians , 15% colored & 10% total of all else.rebuild ellis island while a 10 yr moratorium is put in place to clean house . there are only 300 natl guard troops for 1400 miles of border.. this guys got to go. the voting machines the areas around polling places must be rigorously policed. this way it won't be those counting the votes who determine our will "the will of we the ppl"

    • frank says:

      The Supreme Court should have cancelled the Patriot Act of at least most provisions of it and also ruled except for public safety random drug testing unconstitutional. All the people who complain about this legislation while you are right in your outrage I am certain many of you supported the Patriot Act and have no problem with random drug testing. What do you expect. I am certain than many people who complain about Obama doing this would have had no problem and would be saying you have nothing to fear if you are not doing anything wrong if a Republican President had passed the same legislation.

    • GramSam says:

      We are giving the Supreme Court to much power. It is only as good as the Judges, and 4 of them are leftist.

  14. BM Inc says:

    We are screwed. Hopefully Obama is not elected again. If he is elected again , then for sure it’s end to America. But one man did say those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the vote device everything. Even with Obama out of office, we still have a lot of thieves and murderers in Washington

    • jdangiel says:

      We have them on all levels. I won't stop saying it – getting rid of OblameEveryoneElse is a first step, but not the solution. The other side thinks long term and is always working at their agenda, which is why we are where we are now. Certainly we must vote him and his minions out, but, we must also clean up state and local representatives, since the only lasting solution is to have more and more conservatives coming out of the states. We must also go after and clean up education, period. That is the most crucial front of this war, and they know it. We must also think long term and keep working, because they will not stop. Thinking that "Hurray, we have a Republican majority in Washington, and now I can roll over and go back to sleep" is suicide. Also, never, EVER, fall in love with a candidate. They are short-term fixes, they are human, and the best of them, if left in that cess pool that we call Washington long enough, will be corrupted on some level. We have to be willing to vote them out before too long for our country's sake. Be strong everyone.

    • apostolique says:


    • azwayne says:

      Forget your election you better take America back with power.

    • Jan says:

      That way all the fruad in the bills he has signed will be NULL AND VOID.
      from this socialist commie BEORE IT IS TO LATE.

    • ADT says:

      He campaigned on Hope and Change; America visualized something positive. This is not what BHO visualized and America must vote/find illegal/impeach this man out of office!!!

    • Marvin Foster says:

      Which is why ALL of them should be voted OUT.

  15. Scarface says:

    Any man who thinks himself above the law of the land is my enemy. If this rogue administration generates edicts and proclamations that threaten my childrens' freedoms, then that administration is my enemy. Any person who tries to interfere with my relationship with my GOD becomes my enemy; I am a peace loving christian, but God calls upon us a heads of our families, to stand firm in the face of our enemies! I will do just that!

    • mrb says:

      Very well said and we here agree and may God Bless America and get this dangerous person out of that great office and ask God's forgiveness for how we have treated Him ( God ) and for His un-deserved blessings. He IS a God of GRACE and LOVE and will forgive if we as a country will just ask Him.

    • Neal says:

      You will not be alone..

      • DocJohnM says:

        I am with you as well. I pray daily that God will turn his heart but if not, what's left as he takes away our freedoms one by one? Jesus Christ the risen Saviour is the answer, God help us all to stand firm!

      • Scarface says:

        Neal: I’ve got your back brother!

    • Rustytruck says:

      Right beside you Brother!

    • Looking4Sanity says:

      "As for me and my house; we will serve the Lord"

    • He who is above/outside the Law and cannot/will not be tried for their Crimes will be Judged and Penalized without Trial.

      Those who understand that they can Assassinate US citizens or detain them without Trial fail to recognize that they place themselves outside the Law and by doing so outside the Protection of Law as well.

      Hubris makes the brightest ignorant of their own actions.