DOJ Blocks South Carolina's Voter ID Law

The Department of Justice blocked South Carolina’s controversial new voter identification law Friday afternoon, arguing it intentionally discriminates against minority voters.

South Carolina is one of eight states required by the Voting Rights Act to get federal approval for any new voting laws, giving DOJ the power to block it.

The law would require all voters to present photo identification at the ballot box. Conservatives say the laws are meant to protect against voter fraud.

Civil rights groups and Democrats argue the law and others like it that have cropped up nationally intentionally seek to depress turnout from minorities and young voters who are less likely to have those forms of identification — and help Republicans in the process.
The issue could inflame partisan and racial tensions ahead of South Carolina’s Republican presidential primary, set for Jan. 21. Some conservatives have attacked the DOJ for blocking state laws on illegal immigration, and this is likely to increase their criticisms.

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73 comments on “DOJ Blocks South Carolina's Voter ID Law
  1. ordman says:

    Stop the stupidly we know what must be done.

    Whereas the Federal Government of the United States of America as abdicated its responsibility under Article 4 Section 4 of The Constitution of the United States of America in that the Federal Government has FAILED to “protect each of them against Invasion.” We the States here by form with Legislative consent and Executive authority a Federation of Self State Defense.
    We the States do here by acknowledge and confirm that the most Vital and Immediate function of the States is the Protection, Safety, and Well being of the Citizenry of the States. We the States due hereby declare that after this Federation of Self State Defense is placed in effect by and for the States that anyone found within the legal and lawful boundaries of said States who are not a legal citizen of or resident of the United States of America or does not possess a valid United States Visa shall be arrested and held until as such time as persons found to be illegally within States may be deported to their country of origin unless said persons have committed a crime against the States or Persons thereof in shall case normal due process shall apply. All property of anyone found to be in the States illegally will be seized by the State and further more will be disposed by the State as it deems fit and necessary. The States also agree that any person or persons who knowingly house, employ, or in any way provide for any person or persons who are illegally within the States shall be charged and arrested with a felony and if found guilty will serve no less than Ten Years plus a fine of no less than $100,000.00 per conviction. The States further declare that this Federation of Self State Defense shall remain in place until such time as that the Federal Government of the United States of America can demonstrate its ability and willingness to once again fulfill its Constitutional requirements.

    • guest says:

      Arrested and detained, a good enforcement of the NDAA.

    • kay says:

      Wow—Brilliant idea. Could you post this on Facebook for the world to see?

      • ordman says:

        Kay thank you for your enthusiasm, but as to your request I must say no as I do not facebook. You may however copy and paste my post. All that I would request is that I receive proper credit for my work and that no editing takes place.

        Thank You , ordman.

    • evermyrtle says:

      What more would you expect. The "O" (I can hardly bear to write or say the name and do it as seldom as possible) and his cabinet are anti-GOD, anti-American and are working to change the country into a Muslin Islam country. Because of this they want all illegals to have access and take control. If every state in the union should pass the same law forcing people to use picture IDs to vote we might be able to get somewhere. It is so easy for a illegal to vote without a picture ID and that is exactly what DC want's. I am of the opinion that the"O" will be president next term if it takes Marshall Law to do it!!!

      • Harry says:

        Your GOD you're an ignorant buffoon! A "muslin" Islam country? A country made of cheesecloth? And "Marshall Law"?!? Just who is this Marshall guy and who does he think he is imposing his law on good Americans?

    • Larry R says:


      You are 100% correct!! When the federal government will NOT do their job, it is up to the states to do it for them!!

    • imjustaregularjoe says:

      You may wish to add a section about federal officers acting outside their jurisdiction being arrested and detained by a local sheriff until such time as the fed starts acting in compliance of the Constitution…

      Just a thought…

  2. ruth says:

    That is just to allow ACORN to get all the cemetery votes, and disney characters. It's all HOLDER and ODUMBO can do.
    Odumbo don't have a record to run on.

    • ProundPatriotToo says:

      He did the same thing during his first running Cheatem and How, so why not again on a larger scale. He has illegally obtained nearly one billion dollars for his final take over. He uses his house boy, Holder (a Muslim closet thug) to pad and wax the rails, as he holds this country hostage. Never expect an ounce of honesty from the kenya usurper. That dog don't hunt and never did. Liar in Cheat.

      • evermyrtle says:

        A literal unknown, nobody, illegal to come in here and get elected president of this USA, is beyond anything and anybody, except Satan. There i no other answer.

    • Righton63 says:

      Ruth, you are correct, why else would they fight the simple means test? I have to show my ID for most transactions. Target department stores insist on seeing a photo ID for the purchase of alcohol, I'm 66 years old. Try cashing your check without an ID, even a United States Treasury check. My fear is that even with all the cheating they do, they will not accept a defeat at the polls, and declare some kind of martial law.

    • Herry says:

      Yet ACORN no longer exists, and provable, prosecutable cases of voter fraud have been proven to account for a only a tiny fraction on 1% of the vote in any election. Once again, right wing dirtbags have created a fictional problem (or ridiculously exaggerated and distorted a problem) in order to impose draconian "solutions". All part of a greater Authoritarian mindset.

  3. kenny1801 says:


    • Rockcut says:

      You are nothing but a raging hateful person to post what you posted. You are swimming in the mud. You must be hard to face yourself in a mirror when you look as such hate.

      Grow up if you can….

      • kenny1801 says:


    • evermyrtle says:

      Satan's right hand man. Put here to do his part is to bring the world, as it stands, to an end. JESUS who is condemned by DC will soon come, again.

      We need to just forget the evil that survives in the world, today and celebrate the birth of our PRECIOUS SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

  4. TOO INFORMED says:

    What is the problem with voter ID? Oh, I forgot…illegal's do not carry valid ID's

    • Pete says:

      It is not the illegals who will have the most impact on the elections. It is the obamazombies who go from voting precinct to precinct voting under different names and not having to show a photo ID card. Election day is truly the day of the dead. P

    • ProundPatriotToo says:

      I believe his hippie white trash mother said the same thing when she down loaded him (after birth) in Kenya, Mombasa.

  5. John says:

    OK, this is probably a dumb question: How can the DOJ block a law? I thought only the JUDICIAL system could block a law and DOJ is NOT part of the Judicial System…

    • J. Hunter says:

      Good Question! How about an informed answer from someone?

    • Pete says:

      We have already become a dictatorship. We just don´t realize it yet. obama and Holder can do whatever they want and get away with it. Lawa are passed without Congressional approval, states are threatened to toe the line on liberal issues, the DOJ sends agents to supervise who the local police arrest (Arizona), and the country is going down the tube. P

    • ProundPatriotToo says:

      John, you don't get it. Our laws are not of any use to the Kenya usurper. Why do you think Holder is in trouble.

  6. Wilson says:

    Of course they blocked it…. they don't want to stop voter fraud, that's how Obummer got elected.

    • Rockcut says:

      Wilson voter fraud is a sham and a decoy. There is less that 1% of voter fraud nationwide. These laws are designed to cutr down voters that would not vote for the GOP. They all are fosters by GOP governors and must will be struck down. So read this and wseep out your tears of hate.

  7. navyvet7 says:

    John, there is no such thing as a "dumb question" There are lots of folks, me included who would like to know the answer to your question.

    • ProundPatriotToo says:

      Because Holder is Obamas' Muslim house boy and both hate the Constitution. They are ignoring it. Get it? Holder is doing BO's dirty work.

  8. guest says:

    More and more the dastardly actions of the -SO-CALLED DEPT OF JUSTICE ??????jUSTICE????? SICKENS AND GRIEVES ME.
    Reading this on Christmas EVE especially,a day of joy as it should be is so depressing.
    The ONLY way to have real votes and to prevent fraud is by identification! What a stupid excuse, minorities or the young do not have this id? B—S —T!!!!! They probably drive, they most likely have some birth certificate? Or green card ? Which of course does NOT allow voting but id everyone has of some kind.
    The demons are really out to grab anyone with conservative views, at the airports, the streets, the highways, anywhere, so we must watch what we say even here or we can be 'detained' as terrorists!!

  9. SEAN MURRY says:

    This is a lot of BS.

  10. kermit dupre says:

    I have to show my ID from banking to purchesing Insurance but not for voting. Wake up America.

    • crystaldixie says:

      I have to show my ID when I go to any of my doctors, many of whom I've been seeing for years. I have to show ID when I use a credit card. I even have to show ID when I redeem a coupon at my local casino. It's a ploy to let the dead and others vote many times.

  11. melissab says:

    This is bull… These dems can’t win without illegals and fraud… I’ve had to show photo ID every year I’ve voted. Who doesn’t have photo ID. Someone that has something to hide and can’t get it, thats who. I feel that all people should show photo ID. They have a year to get it! The argument has been that college students and poor people don’t have photo ID. I see welfare people at stores buying booze and they whip out their IDs. All college students have photo college IDs required by ALL colleges.. Again, who ever doesn’t have ID you have a year to get one in order to vote…..

    • evermyrtle says:

      Right! That is how they won in 2008!!!

    • Pat says:

      They have over ten months to get photo ID, instead of whining, get off your duff and go get some photo ID if you are eligible for it! Instead they play the victim card and whine to Holder to get him to allow them to just walk in off the street, get a ballot and vote. Most driver's license bureaus do photo ID cards for non-drivers.

      Voting used to be a privilege of US citizenship over the required age, now Holder wants to make it the equivalent of voting for "Dancing with the Stars" or whatever…every Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck gets a ballot!

  12. mikeaustin says:

    The States need to push back and say "We passed this law and we will enforce it" Unlike the immigration laws the Feds do not enforce. They should make the feds prove a CITIZEN will be hurt or denied access to vote if they have no ID. Once they find the 2 that have no ID, the State can issue them some. Case closed.

  13. StevenI says:

    Ordered by Obama so he can throw the Election in 2012.

  14. Dean says:

    When these minority people are driving around in their cars they , hoprfully, have a drivers license. You need identification for almost everything now-a-days. The Justice Department needs to stay out of states rights. If a city has a special election for mayor I would think the city has a right to request I.D. Otherwise they could have people from all over coming in to vote. We need an I.D. program especially with this corrupt president and his cronies.

  15. Bud says:

    How else is Obama and the Dems going to be able to comit VOTER FRAUD to try to rig the election, if you actually have to shown who you are. Claiming that it denies poorer citizens the right to vote, I have to ask, how does a person cash a government check with no ID? If you drive, do you not have a driver lic? If you are an AMERICAN CITIZEN, do you not have a social security card? Having the DOJ get involved just shows how CORRUPT OBAMA is and that he is ALREADY PLANNING VOTER FRAUD AGAIN. THROW THE BUM OUT OF OFFICE!