Supreme Court Rules Obama Ineligible!

According to the United States Supreme Court, Obama is ineligible to be the President. That’s right, you read that correctly. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that Obama is ineligible to serve as President.

It’s not that you haven’t been paying attention lately and yes, you can be excused for missing the ruling as it came down, not in the last few days but back in 1875.

This is the argument currently being made by the Liberty Legal Foundation.

The Liberty Legal Foundation has filed not 1 but 2 lawsuits, one in Arizona and the other in Tennessee neither of which have one single thing to do with Obama’s birth certificate OR challenging whether or not Obama was born in the United States.

There is no need for either in regard to these lawsuits.

At the core of this action is a simple request that Federal courts uphold the Supreme Court ruling. Both lawsuits, and the Liberty Legal Foundation promises there will be more, would render it impossible for the Democratic National Committee to place Obama’s name on the 2012 ballot.

Here’s the crux of it.

Back in 1875, the United States Supreme Court, in Minor v, Happersett, ruled that:

“Natural Born Citizen” was defined as children born of two U.S. citizens – regardless of the location of the birth. It found: “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.”

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822 comments on “Supreme Court Rules Obama Ineligible!
  1. Marvin Foster says:

    It would be a good "first step" if our elected officials in Washington would have the guts and courage to act on this fact of Law and Impeach this "imposter" that is inhabiting our "White House". Then, maybe President Jimmy Carter could reclaim his claim to fame as being the worst president in the past 100 years.

    • Ronnie Cowlishaw says:

      I still don't think Carter could beat that piece of TRASH.

      • lance says:

        arest them all of them Carter was a joke Obama is an abomanation! Biden is an idiot! Who's next? Clinton? Queen Hilary? God help us all she has hated America since they're college days. Don't think her husband was any better! Can you believe he's working on getting president term limits lifted?

    • Millicent says:

      You can only impeach a legal president. All that has to be done is for him to be taken out in handcuffs and tried for treason. Incidentally, that would do away with Obamacare instantly and anything else this lowlife pos has signed into law.

      • Highpockets says:

        Good grief''When will our officals get some Balls to get rid of him"""Answer? Never, he's probably paying them off like he does everyone else' They only care about their job and security,not their country or people'' What do we have to do??Load up, stock up and do what you have to do'''

        • DR JT says:

          Time is running out America. Not only does Obama have a billion dollar war chest, he will discredit, and eviscerate whichever Republican wins the nomination. Then, there is Soros! Soros admits he rigged the vote count in 2008, and pledges to do it again. Soros is a billionaire Communist. Can someone tell me where the 200 billion paid by British petrol went? How about into Obama's pockets, and the pockets of all his paid for
          cronies? Every State should remove Obama from the vote. America is doomed if Obama serves a second term.
          Why aren't Americans afraid? Do not intelligent Americans understand what is happening?! Pay no attention to Obama's speeches..they're written for him by experts. He tells America what we want to hear, and then does the opposite. Wake up America!

    • Justathought says:

      The English language has some wonderful names for goups of animals. For example, a group of lions is called a Pride, and there's a Murder of crows, a School of fish, and an Exaltation of larks, and presumably because they look so wise, a Parliment of owls. Now consider the baboon. It's known to be the loudest, most dangerous and viciously agressive of primates. So what do you call a group of baboons? A Congress. Sometimes these "jokes" just write themselves.

    • Michael says:

      I must agree with you Obama is a fraud he should be impeached. I also agree that Jimmy peanut butter was a sorry President. I was in the Army and not even making what was minimum wage back in those days. Jimmy Carter wanted to freeze the Military pay and not pay us. I was a Pfc and I told my company commander that if I don't get paid to support my family that I quit. He the CO told me private you can't quit. I said Sir if I am going to lay my life on the line and can not support my family watch me. The Commander sent me to finance to get paid. I stayed in the Army and retired.

      • DR JT says:

        Obama spent a year in Russia learning Socialism. He is steadfastly applying all he absorbed to America. He also studied at the knee of several entrenched Communists. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, et al enthralled millions with their
        oratory. Obama's mannerisms, posture, facial expression perfectly mimic Lenin. Why haven't our former Presidents
        Clinton, and the Bushes stepped forward, and demand that Obama is removed from Office? Any comments?

        • gringgirl says:

          When Obama tilts his head, as he waits for his audience to applaud, he reminds me so much of that video showing Mussolini ranting and raving about something or other, folding his arms and posturing to the applause HE received! Oh Boy! How did our nation get to this point? How did all this happen?? Hope November won't be too late for us as a nation.

    • DR JT says:

      Reverend Graham states he's not sure if Obama is a Christian. What a fool! Same applies to every person involved in the cover up. Obama was declared a MUSLIN at birth by an Iman…who gave Obama his middle name: Hussein!
      The Constitution provides that if a President does not serve the needs of the People, the People have the right to physically remove the President. We NEED a few million true Americans to march on the White House & physically remove the Imposter right now!

    • gringgirl says:

      America got its first black president. Now it's time to GET OVER IT! Those of you stupid enough to have voted for this liar have done your damage. The rest of us now have to clean up your mess, vote this pig out in November and see to it this kind of foolishness NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

  2. Liz says:

    If this information is true, why isn't something being done to enforce it? I agree with Carol, are there no brave people in Washington who will do what is right? WE are told everyday we are no good, worthless, while he stands up there with his ego showing how superior he is over us. Let's getting it started.

    • prsmith says:

      Because not enough people have cared enough to bring sufficient pressure to bear. We've been at this for 3+ years – where have you and Carol been?

    • drljr says:

      The Courts have been avoiding enforcing the Constitution. Some people say the Courts are afraid Black-American will riot if this Kenyan-American (Mr Obama) is removed by Court order. it is important for people to realize Mr Obama is not a Black-American or African-American in the how the terms are defined.

    • Frederick says:

      This information is true- at the time this fake was nominated the democrates were in control of both houses alot of them new who and what he was. It would not suprise me one bit if they all turned on him to resign just to save their own butts because the dogs will turn on each other. Poop roles down hill.

  3. Marty says:

    Amen Carol. If we only knew all that goes on in the background there would be a revolution. There may be one yet. If this socialist gets reelected and decides to make this a socialist country he is going to discover how many people like the way the country has been for hundresd of years.

    • 57chero says:

      He and his ilk is already hard at work doing it as we speak Marty :)

    • VT Patriot says:

      I'm waiting for the sign. I don't pretend to be a leader, but I'll be in the front line. I'm just sorry that this revolution won't be fought in the courts, and the correct action taken. Everyone's afraid of rioting in the streets (OWS??) I'm looking forward to it. Lock and load.

      • emerutil says:

        That is why I love guns

      • Highpockets says:

        I'm just a woman,and Men ignore the fact I have a BIG SAFE full of guns,and coolers full of ammo' I'm chomping at the bit to use them for a GOOD reason,and I've seen the reason for 3 years'

    • Victor says:

      Sorry there will be no revolution, we have sucked up to much fluoride, clorine,chemtrails, vaccines,bpa and all the rest of the good for U chemicals, therefore we have no balls at all, boys growing boobs and won'ting to go to bed with other boys. And the parents and the people say its ok.

    • jjkrjw says:

      We have been a socialist country since Social Security was passed under FDR. Then Medicare under LBJ. And aren't these the very programs that are ruining us financially? Isn't that what socialism does? Ruin countries? Aren't we just a hair's breadth away from Greece?

    • WMR says:

      Remember the movie "Red Dawn." Wolverine's let's go! the revolution is just around the corner. The world is bankrupt, and it's about to suffer a financial, political, and moral collapse. Buy ammo. Sprtsman's;; Wiedener's .com are a few great sources of ammo and pistol's and rifle's.

      Semper Fi,


    • cjmariner says:

      Michelle Obama also stated in a speech she made this year when visiting Africa with their daughters, that she was proud to be in Barracks home land.

  4. Kay says:

    This is great news. I hope somebody is enough of an American and has the character to proceed with upholding our laws.

  5. Kenneth Kreps says:

    So, when is he and his family leaving?

    • @dboyerdr says:

      Right after the minarets are added ro the Whitehouse roof.!!!!

    • Victor says:


    • John says:

      First the spam has to be varified as being true which I expect it is not.

    • BobVelon says:

      As soon as he can be inoculated and hauled down the steps…….

    • David says:

      At 2 PM today,, LoL yep he is out of there. LoL When he is thrown out ,, that is when he will be out because all of our Senators,, Congressmen,, have no spine because they all love the $$$ they are pillaging much more then our country.

    • Lynne Jones says:

      The 12th of never because nothing has been done to enforce the truth. Talk is all that has occurred and just talk won't get Obama impeached. Action is the answer and no one so far has the guts. Obama has put himself above the law, he was not elected by the voters but by fraud. Obama is a counterfeit – Muslim through and through that practices Taqiyya.. Look it up. There is your answer. All these articles like this are a waste of time which give a false hope that something will be done about this travesty against our country, what a shame. It rather makes us mad to know this is right and
      OH WELL. . . go to H@$#%$. Obama has made a mockery out of America, our Liberty and quite frankly God.
      I would not want to be in his shoes. His day is coming! So Obama take heed – God is NOT mocked.

    • Dano in Texas says:

      Kenneth, that would be January 20, 2013.

    • Richard says:

      How about his leaving on the first U.S. Marslalls bus to Lewisburg Federal Pen.

  6. dennisa says:

    Let's get Congress and the Senate on term limits, the sooner the better. People going to "serve" in the Senate and Congress should do just that. Enough of the Bidens, Reids, Franks, Dodds, Pelosis, etc

    • Valor says:

      How are we going tto get term limits? It would require the Congress to vote for a Constitutional Amendment to be sent to the states for ratiffication. Does anyone really think this same Congress that has for years passed laws exempting themselves from laws we citizens have to live by would present a Constitutional Amendment that would end their sorry careers? The only option we have is for the required number of states to call for a Constitutional Convention. That would require courage on the part of state legislatures which does not exist. Also, there is great danger in a Constitutional Convention. Such a convention would not be limited to any single amendment, it could very well re-write the entire Constitution. That is how we got the Constitution in the first place. The Framers of the Constitution were supposed to amend the laws originally set up when America was free from England. Instead, they came up with the late Constitution.

    • RalphK. says:

      Without full pay for the rest of their lives, too!!

    • Tim says:

      The reason our elected officials stay forever is because they have the money to get voted back. As long as they have the money, they are staying. The poor/middle-class man/woman with the backbone to speak his mind and not be concerned with being politically correct has no chance.

    • KY Redneck says:

      Since that would require a constitutional amendment how about including the Supreme Court in the same amendment? I consider tem more destructive than the rest of the government put together.

    • uwho says:

      I think their removal should be up to the American people! It's the only way these people are going to work for us.

    • sandy says:

      I'm with you on this…been saying it for years. So many of these politicians have been in Washington for more than half
      their lives. Senator Byrd of West Virginia is an example. He was 90+ yrs. old and still in the Senate when he croaked !
      This is the problem with Washington and the reason why NOTHING GETS DONE….term limits is the only way to change
      it !!

    • Jack E Maskil says:

      I believe you are 100 % right, time is now to clean out the good old boys out of Congress and senate. Please America wakeup and do something to help this country.

  7. Patrioticnut says:

    Exactly what I have been saying all along, he is at best a person of dual citizenship. His father was never a citizen and never tried to become one, making him a citizen of the British ruled territory of Kenya and the U.S.

    • @dboyerdr says:

      Our Constitution does not recognize dual citizenship!! But it does grant citizenship to anybody born in any part of America. You must remember that when our founders were writing the Constitution travel was by ship or by horse.

    • scrooge says:

      From what I have read, he gave up his American citizenship when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. Indonesia also doesn't recognize dual citizenship…

      • drljr says:

        Not true. He was granted Indonesia citizenship as a result of his adoption by an Indonesian citizen as a minor. He lost British, Kenyan and Indonesian citizenship when he failed to declare himself a citizen of those counties exclusively upon turning 21. A minor can not lose his citizenship as a result of an action by a parent or parents.

        If he was born in Hawaii he is at least an Amendment 14 citizen. BUT if he was born in Kenyan he may not be a US citizen based upon what I have read. I have NOT verified these claimed by reading the corresponding laws in force at the time of his birth. But regardless he is not a natural born citizen since that requires one be born in the country itself (not a territory) and both parents be citizens of the country at the time of birth.

  8. TheGizmo51 says:

    Then how come the children born in the US with illegal immigrants or non citizens as parents are automatically US citizens?

    • Frank says:

      Gizmo51, you liberal… now you're here! Guess you like to troll the conservative web sites!?
      We'll there is a difference between "native born" American (born on US soil) and "natural born" citizen needed to qualify for the POTUS. If Obama was born in Hawaii (still a big if) but his supposed father NEVER became a US citizen, Obama would be "native born" but not "natural born" American. Obama is a fraud & a stain on the record of the USA.

      • Don in Texas says:

        In fact , Gizmo, when Obama has been asked point blank he has NEVER said he is a natural born citizen. EVER. He says he is 'native born'. NOT the same thing. One allows you to be president; the other does not. He is of the DOES NOT variety.

    • Gerd says:

      Actuallly, they are not according to Jacob Howard who wrote the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment. But as to Ovomit, the constitution requires a NATURAL BORN citizen, which means both parents were US citizens at the time of his birth. His alleged father never was a US citizen, no matter where he was born.

      • KY Redneck says:

        True Gerd, the specifically stated during the debate of the amendment that children of vagabonds or those who owed allegence to a foreign sovern were not citizens. That is why they excluded the American Indian from the Amendment until 1963, I believe.

    • one angry expat says:

      Being citizens because of being born in the country is one thing, that same child would not be "Natural Born" therefore would not be eligible to be a candidate for POTUS. even a child born on an American flag airplane over the ocean can claim US citizenship.The law is not the same in all countries but is in the US

    • mrrrk says:

      I believe they are called ANCHOR BABIES. Awhile back there was a lot of controversy in getting rid of this AUTOMATIC CITIZENSHIP, but like everything else, it gets spinned around with their "dont let a crisis go to waste", especially if they are the ones creating the crisis.

      If it hurst the USA, Americans or our Military, you can be sure Obama will be in there instigating and rabble rousing from the sidelines while his cronies are behind doing all his dirty work.

    • Virginia says:

      Because of a law that was put in just for the slaves, but some idiot in congress decided that they could then use it for illegals which it was NOT intended for!

    • Beverly says:

      It's saying that these people can't be president.

    • Carol says:

      That is something I want to know as well it simply doesn't make sense to me at all.

    • Lauara Ayala says:

      Because they were born in the US they are citizens, called anchor babies.. However, because they were born to foreign nationals, the ARE NOT "NATURAL" BORN CITIZENS. To be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, not only do you have to be born here in the US, but your BOTH parents have had to be born here in the US. It really is not that complicated. It's the way they write it that make it seam harder to understand.

      • Bob/Texas says:

        For a true definition of natural born citizen research the book Law of Nations published in 1758.Many of the rules outlined in the book were included in the articles of the U.S, Constitution. For natural born citizen,go to book 1,chapter 19,which states both parents must be citizens and if born outside the country retains citizenship as long as the father returns to the country.

    • Don DeHoff says:

      Because the Constitution clearly states that in order to be president, one had to be a "natural" born citizen. The conbstitution uses just the word "citizen" for the rest of time. According to the Federalist Papers and follow-on court decisions, that word was included to prevent a president from having any allegience or sense of duty whatsoever, to any foreign-born person or country–makes sense to me. I firmly believe that provision should also apply to our Senate and the courts and perhaps even the House. However, it might be appropriate to exclude the House from the natural born provision as there is a need to have immigrants represented. I am open to debate on this latter idea..

      • @tommy4usa says:

        Don it should pertain to all parts of government ,even state and local if you want my opinion, but by no means do we exclude the house Because the speaker of the house is 3rd in line if pres or vp could not continue? but the missing point is the birth cert was altered from being born in 1960? to 1961 ,you see in the "Summer of '59" is when the cuba flotilla started , BHO 's Mom was protesting americas actions of a blockaid and low and behold she met his daddy ,so in november of 59 we know what took place and 9 months later we had a baby (1960) that explains the out of order number BC and fact that all the dates appear to have been altered,so if we say he was born in HI it was in 1960 of witch it was a teritory and not yet admitted to the union or became a state UNTIL 1961,of course all other records show he was born in 1960 hence seal all of those , Trump got him to release 1 but the date was changed

    • dntmkmecomoverther says:

      Because the SCOTUS is evidently incapable of interpreting correctly the 14th amendment. Clearly the intent was not to give vacationers or illegals legal claim to citizenship, but to keep freed slaves from being denied citizenship. Get a clue!

    • JackK says:

      Well Gizmo, did all of these below me explain it good enough to clear it up for you. It amzes me that people with computers are not or will not look up the information themselves. This is completely an obvious conspiracy. The republicans do not have the backbone for impeachement and they have the law on there side. All while the country is failing because this is Obamas intention because he hates America, obviously he does by the rules,regulations,laws,people,spending and other things he has put in place. Come on he has even said he wants the fundamental transformation of America as well as spreading the wealth around!

    • VT Patriot says:

      Let me try to make it simple for you. The constitution (ever hear of that??) states clearly that the preident MUST BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. The 14 th ammendment to the constitution was enacted after the civil war expressly to allow black, former slaves, of anywhere from 1 to XX generations of life in the US to be allowed citizenship. Not natural born citizens, but citizens. But retarded libs have decided that since it doesn't specifically exclude criminals sneaking across the border to drop babies on US SOIL, THEY ARE ALSO INCLUDED. We call them undocumented democraps.
      Hopefully this simple explanation can stick somewhere in your otherwise empty head.

    • drljr says:

      Children born to illegal aliens are not US citizens. People read Amendment 14 Section 1 Sentence 1 and ignore what the phrase "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof". It is not criminal jurisdiction but citizenship jurisdiction. If you read the Supreme Court rulings related to Minor, Ark and Elk and Elg you find that just being born in the country is not enough. Be aware that was found to be altering the text of Supreme Court rulings to hide the meaning of "natural born".

      A child born to actual immigrant parents – parents who ask for and were granted permission to enter and live in the country – is a citizen if born in the country. Children born to illegal aliens, visitors and diplomats are not. The phrase "illegal immigrants" should never be used in my opinion – it is an oxymoron used to obscure the fact illegal aliens are actually invaders.

    • TheGizmo51 says:

      Going by your definition then the only natural born citizen eligible for President would have to be an Indian as everyone else has ancestors born in another country. Or which generation, if any, becomes natural born citizen?

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        No basically this is saying that first generations born here from immigrants are not natural born. it would be a second generation of immigrants is then natural born. If you have one American parent and one non-American parent then you would still be a first generation due to the non-American parent. People try to complicate it so that they can twist it to what they want it to be. I am of Native American Decent and belong to a tribe. I belong to a sovereign Nation. Understanding these laws is important for us all. If the laws were being upheld then we would not STILL be debating who should or should not be in office. By the way I did not vote for the Obamanation!

      • drljr says:

        No. American Indians were not all citizens until 1924 under a law passed under the authority of Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 4. Amendment 14 did not make all American Indians citizens.

        If an immigrant couple become citizens (i.e. naturalized) and then give birth to a child in the country the child is a natural born citizen. The parents are not. The child is born in the country of parents who are citizens.

        Remember, the definition of natural born citizenship comes from Law of Nations. In Book 1, Chapter 19, Paragraph number 212 it states in French

        Les Naturels, ou Indigènes font ceux qui font nés dans le pays, de Paren Citoyens.

        In the 1760 English translation of this work this sentence is translated as

        Its natives are those who are born in the country parents who are citizens.

        The later translations translate this sentence as

        The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.

        This is a document I wrote back in the Jan/Feb 2010 time frame and is part of Purpura v Sebelius 11-7275 on the Supreme Court docket

        Hope that helps.

      • Bob/Texas says:

        The answer is found in the book -Law of Nations ,published in 1758. It is available on the internet,just search lawofnations and you will find it. Go to book !,chapter 19 and you will find the requirements for Natural Born Citizen at the time of the drafting if the constitution. Both parents MUST be citizens !

    • Autoteck1 says:

      They are Citizens, But Not "NATURAL BORN",, the constitution requires that to become president you have to be a Natural born Citizen , That requires that BOTH of your parents are citizens when you are born

    • emerutil says:

      The stupid 14th Amendment!

    • tjz says:

      Wong Kim Arc 1898 ignored the second clause of the 14th Amendment that said"under the juristicrion of". Wong was born here and both of his parents were Chinese. When he left the country to visit China, he was not allowed to reenter because immigration said he was Chinese. At the time not being subservient to the emperor was a capital crime. Wong won his case and was admitted. Wong was a legal resident but the SCOTUS won't revisit the case to consider illegal aliens.

    • It is Me says:

      The Gizmo51, Why is it that you make no distinction between "Citizen", and "Natural Born Citizen"? The Constitution requires a candidate for president be a "Natural Born Citizen". There is a distinct difference. A "Natural Born Citizen" not only requires that a person be born in the USA, but must have both parents who are citizens of the USA. While I personally don't believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, even he admits that his father was not a citizen but a subject of the King of England which disqualifies him. Case closed.

    • LADYJ says:


      • TheGizmo51 says:

        Congratulations on becoming a naturalized citizen. I applaud you and wish you well for your accomplishments. I happen to agree that parents with non American citizenship having a child born in America should not automatically result in the child becoming a US citizen. However, the law says differently, so any child born in the US is automatically an US citizen. But my question to you is what crime did the child commit?

    • 1LTLos59 says:

      They do not necessarily become citizens but rather are due to the stupidity inborn in just about every liberal politician, immediately able to access multiple entitlements but at best, until these illegals naturalize, they are registered aliens.

  9. Dudley says:

    New government regulations has been deleteing lots of stories, if u find stories now PRINT them out they will be gone before u know it.
    Also, the biggest problem with any of these stories. We NEED new laws to PUNSH the government, it's seems like these politicians can do what they please without any punishment. (Charlie Rangel etc….)

  10. Southern Bell says:

    If he is not eligible to be president, then get him the heck out now. He's an imposter, and by rights a traitor. I believe in America, a traitor is still hung. What is the judicial system waiting for, an invitation from the White House to escort him out?

    • emerutil says:

      Once again: He cannot be a traitor! A traitor commits treason against his own country. The USA is not his country! He is definitely guilty of crimes against the US, but not treason.

    • LADYJ says:


  11. David in MA says:

    remove him and jail him, along with his gang!
    In GITMO!

    • Bob L. SD says:

      Davd you are so right!!! Obama is our enemy ,God says we are to love our enemys! But not vote for them!!! We are to pray for them!!! But not go along with them!!! So the only thing to do is put them in jail !!!!!

  12. Jude O'Connor says:

    What's next? Do we have a standing ovation like the Congress gave the President of Mexico after he gave a blistering speech in the halls of Congress against the United States? We have a President that we actually know nothing about because he sealed his past after he became our President that swore an oath to honor and protect our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. He also has a social security card from Connecticut that is bogus. What's next?

    • @dboyerdr says:

      I suggest you go to,com and type in: "does Obama have a criminal record". Click on the item posted by Rick
      Perry, What you will read will BLOW your mind!!!!

    • Beverly says:

      According to everything I have read he is a citizen of Indonesia where there is no dual citizenship. His name is not his either because he had to take his stepfather's name when his stepfather adopted him in order to go to school in Indonesia. Obama came to the US and enrolled in college as a foriegn student under his stepfather's name. He also has more than one SS number and non of them are his. One more thing. The sitting senate including Hillary knew he was not a citizen of the US and tried 3 times to change the constitution with an admendment about who is qualified to be president. They failed all three times and went ahead with the nomination anyways. These liberals will do anything to keep control.

    • Victor says:

      No its not bogus, its a real ss card, but according to the number he would have to be 125 yrs old, and its jst one of 27 or more he has used

    • DayQueen says:

      I do hope somebody in our Government has enough NERVE to stand up and tell him that they are going to evict him. I cannot for the life of me see how he ever got enough votes to get elected with all the terrible things he said on national TV about all the bad things he and his wife had done against the USA, like burning our flags, etc.; but then said we have put all that behind us since I am running for President now. I don't see how anyone could vote for him after hearing this from his and her mouth. Somebody please stand up and get him out, PLEASE!!!

    • Wyatt says:

      Next ? Try President and Dictator for life Barry O , random arrests of all and any who object or oppose him followed by total Anarchy and Civil War . Hold on to your butt !

  13. TheMojoMan says:

    They've let everything else "GO" Like shacking up kids outa wedlock,,Prayer outa schools,,This once great country has been slipping for years. I got a seven year older than me DIVORCEE pregnant when I was 19,,Dad by 20,,Marriage didn't work after 13 yrs but at least my kids know who their Daddy is and they don't have 3-4 half sisters or brothers. The Democractic Machine that planned all this,,knew all this,,but they also were playing the RACE card when they did it. Our forefathers are rolling ove in their graves.

    • MalikTous says:

      It's been going downhill ever since LBJ put a mob hit on JFK to get into office and introduce garbage like his 'Fake Society' socialism and his treasonous 1968 gun control act. Nothing new, just more Communist invasion. I'm already planning to refuse both payment and treatment under PPACA…

    • Victor says:

      If u remember the earth quake that hit VA & WA. A few months ago, that was started in th cemetary in VA. when all the fore fathers rolled over at the same time,

  14. Liberty says:


    It's not a joke that the rest of the article won't come up; there are teams of Obammmmieites working daily to scrub the internet of negative comments and information regarding his background and ineligibility to hold the office of POTUS.

    • @dboyerdr says:

      I've noticed a big increase in the "cannot display this " messages. I'm sure that Obama has more control over the internet than we realize!!!

  15. Joseph Sr says:

    If and I mean IF this is all true, then I definitely agree with all the comments listed. When he is impeached, I will believe in the Constitution once again. It seems our Pols have taken the Constitution to new lengths and read their way.