GOP: Pay For Payroll Tax Cut With Federal Workforce, Safety Net Cuts

Senate Republicans have proposed wringing cost savings out of the federal work force and safety net programs to pay for an extension of the current payroll tax cut.

In a further sign that the debate had shifted to how to, instead of whether, to extend payroll tax relief, Senate Republicans would take a page from President Obama’s own fiscal commission and freeze salaries for federal civilian employees for three years. That would amount to a five-year pay freeze in total, given that a two-year policy is already in effect.

The plan would also accelerate the Simpson-Bowles framework for reducing the number of government employees by 10 percent, by only allowing the hiring of one new employee for every three who leave the federal workforce.

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10 comments on “GOP: Pay For Payroll Tax Cut With Federal Workforce, Safety Net Cuts
  1. ricbee says:

    Let the cuts begin…& continue for years….

  2. OLD DAD says:

    A beginning. Now to go for the other 50 % to get thte budget back in line and end the waste and bureaucracy.

  3. RichT says:

    As a former federal employee I agree 100%. I would also suggest using a private firm to handle Payroll. I saw two many people sitting in large rooms waiting for the next busy pay period.

  4. Bobseeks says:

    Slash government compensation by at least a third to eliminate the disparity between what government drones make and what workers in the private sector make. Then slash the number of government progams, remove the safety net for all who can work, then force the same types of cuts on state and local governments. We need to do to government what Katrina did to new orleans.

  5. PipelinePete says:

    Slashing the federal government is totally appropriate in view of the mess the bureaucrats made of the Keystone XL Pipeline environmental process. They have demonstrated that the EIS process is a total waste of time and money since the ultimate decision comes down to a political one. That's been my experience with the EIS process. After following all the rules; doing all the engineering and reserch; attending numerous public hearings and answering questions from all participants in the public hearing process, the government lead agency in charge of the process change the rules. We would be far better off if we cut 10% of federal employees and made them availible to private industry. Their previous job function could then be contracted out to private contractors at hugh cost savings to the taxpayer.

  6. Noni Mausse says:

    Considering how flush the intelligence community is with our tax dollars that they (specifically NSA) can use that money to pay their own Security personnel to stalk and viciously harass not only whistle blowers who tattle outside the agency, but those people who dare actually bring legitimate EEO or IG complaints to proper internal authorities, ten are knowingly falsely accused of “leaking classified information” with no proof and NO information – then fired for complaining about the false accusation and ensuing Security harassment and slander campaign, I’d say NSA can give up a Hell of a lot of it’s budget and still perform perfectly fine. Without their thug, anti-American, brown-shirt private intimidation army f course. Oh, and they would have to wit funding Mayland mercenary “neighborhood watch” snitches and thugs to augment their Security and security contractor bloated, useless forces. If management at NSA is so very scared of being revealed as criminals and traitors, perhaps they should behave.

  7. Dan Clamage says:

    Shut down the TSA. That will save millions just in sexual harassment suits alone!

  8. mudguy says:

    The democrats really don't want to cut spending because they want to rase taxes to pay for the cuts. If you have rase taxes to pay for the cuts that means there is no spending cuts.

  9. This will be dead on arival as the democrats want tax increases not cuts. So they can spend more on socialist programs that are not necessary and appease they welfare and illegal base voters.