Obama Just Doesn't Get It When It Comes to Business

When it comes to the business community, the White House may feel like an abused partner in a bad marriage. President Obama likely believes that he keeps giving business what it wants yet gets nothing but complaints and unemployed Americans in return.

His gift giving began with the stimulus package, full of goodies for the preferred businesses. It continued with the auto bailout, payroll tax holidays, accelerated depreciation, “cash for clunkers,” first-time homebuyers credit, and even the extension of the Bush tax cuts.

In fact, Obama even created an Economic Advisory Recovery Board chaired by GE’s Jeff Immelt whose purpose is to report to the White House on ways to improve the economy. The board was created in 2009, nearly three years ago.

The president speaks passionately about entrepreneurs and innovation all the time. He continually addresses the need for economic-friendly policies, like more spectrum for wireless broadband. On the surface, the relationship between major business leaders and the White House seems quite cozy and comfortable.

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36 comments on “Obama Just Doesn't Get It When It Comes to Business
  1. noob says:

    He's good at community organizing though. Look at all the communists he's got out in the streets demonstrating.

  2. Upaces says:

    Yes he does — he just doesn't want the Country to flourish.

    If ANYONE wanted to destroy a country, they would do what he is doing.

    • Arnold says:

      Yes, there are two ways to bring a country down, one is with the sword and the other is with debt and, it is working, time for him to go before he declares martial law and make him a dictator .

  3. Sandie says:

    Business? He isn't good at anything except what nobb stated! And embarrasing our country!

  4. Traphill says:

    Yes he does!! YOU don't get it!! He is trying to destroy the America we love!! He wants to be a Dictator!! We must STOP him!!

  5. Jonathan Gartner says:

    Well GM (government motors) and GE (no taxes for us Obaaama's a friend) have done all right on the taxpayers dime. Small business have declined because of his Union adventures (trying to make everything Unionized) regulations out the butt and banks unable (can you say Dodd/Frank) to loan money to those who wish to expand.

  6. tod says:

    He knows exsactly what he doing destroying the World !!!

  7. dntmkmecomoverther says:

    Obummer is to the economy as leeches are to medicine.

  8. Hotnike says:

    I don't listen to whatever Obama says anymore. He constantly spins and lies and places blame on everything or everybody but himself. What a sorry excuse for a human being,

  9. True Patriot says:

    While I have serious problems with all aspects of the stimulus package(s), one of the items that I take major offense with is the supposed “Auto Bailout”, That is the term that was initially used! It was supposed to be a loan from the Fed's to GM and Chrysler to avoid bankruptcy. Instead it was a very calculated, extremely hostile takeover of 2 large corporations by the US government! If these 2 corporations would have been left to naturally go into bankruptcy, the businesses would still be owned by their rightful owners instead of being stolen by 'Obama & Associates, Unlimited'. This amounts to being the biggest heist in US history! The worst part is that it was perpetrated by the very people that were supposed to help protect them from such an insidious fate!

  10. SEAN MURRY says:

    he wants to rob from business just like he is doing to the people of this country.

  11. J J says:

    But if President Obama doesn't talk to the business community to see what they really want and need to flourish, how can he possibly give it to them? He is only listening to specific business people (Soros, Unions, etc.) and they only know what they want not what the average American business, big or small, really needs. I have wondered why Obama hasn't invited multitudes of average small business people to the White House for this very discussion but I have determined that he doesn't want to hear what they have to say. What he doesn't realize is that the small business people put money into campaigns and they do vote!!

  12. jake says:

    O yes he does, he is doing just what he and his leftist-socialist set out to do. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  13. Phillip in TX says:

    "It's not my fault Obama" suffers from "Cranial Rectal Inversion." The voters need to cancel "Amateur Hour at the White House" in 2012!

    Bumper Sticker: If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you were not a racists, vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot!

    • PoliticallyDisgusted says:

      Bumper Sticker: If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you were not a racists, vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot!
      I liked that better than anything I've read today. Right on!

  14. Kay Ferguson says:

    Amazing!!! Anybody with a brain knows what the muslim marxist and appointees are doing to this country, BUT THEY ARE STILL THERE!! Why is he still in office? Whats the problem? HE IS AN ENEMY OF THE STATE, and he's still there. He's walked on our constitution, killed Americans abroad and on the border, robbed taxpayers to repay his campaign contributors, supports violent unions, Black Panthers, ACORN and every communist group there is, refuses to uphold immigration laws and the list of crimes goes on and on, BUT HE's STILL THERE. What the hell does it take to arrest this unqualified, racist, American hating fraud?

  15. walter says:

    Glen beck was so right when he call Obama bad for America . He also call out Obama when he appointed all the anti american Czars. Obama has so much preasuer on him for appointing Van Jones .He had to get rid of him. Obama would have help himself is he would have fired all of them and hired better true american . He could get better advise from people that like our country. However he still have REv. Wright teaching stuck in his head. ( who dam america In his church) The first lady just became proud of america for the first time in her life. I wouder if it because she spent so much of our tax dollars on her self. We all should be so ashamed of our leader. He is such a failed leader.