Pelosi Bashes Catholics Because They Have a Conscience

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at it again, bashing Catholics for their pro-life position when she has promoted abortion in defiance of Catholic Church teaching at every turn.

This time, Pelosi is upset that the nation’s Catholic bishops are protesting a potential Obama administration decision forcing insurance companies to cover birth control, contraception and drugs that could cause abortions. They say certain religious groups may not be exempt from providing the insurance, which would violate their moral and religious views.

Pelosi says the position is akin to having hospitals “say to a woman, ‘I’m sorry you could die’ if you don’t get an abortion,” she told the Washington Post.

“Those who dispute that characterization “may not like the language,’’ she said, “but the truth is what I said. I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they have this conscience thing” that the Post said Pelosi “insists put women at physical risk, although Catholic providers strongly disagree.”

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534 comments on “Pelosi Bashes Catholics Because They Have a Conscience
  1. Proud Protestant says:

    I don't think she is serious for a lady who has had several meetings directly with the pope…. it's a political ploy,

    • Dennis says:

      Dream on! Just look at her track record!

    • Jay says:

      She has had ONE meeting with the Pope for fifteen minutes. And, the Pope did NOT allow a photo to be taken with her. He is no dummy. She would have used that photo in her arsenal as she continues to bash not just Catholics but all Christians.

    • f15422 says:

      Pelosi not only has to answer to the Pope but mor importnatly JESUS who will Judge her Murderous Heart!!!
      When did she become GOID???

      • evermyrtle says:

        The Pope is not GOD, either.

        • jerry says:

          You are righ the pope is not God, but he has the authority threw the bible to uphold the laws of God. And far as I know Pelosi doesnt. And one of the laws of God is thou shalt not kill, and abortion is killing an unborn baby.

        • daves says:

          Here in the United States though – you cannot push religious law on people that believe differently.

          I might think that "thou shalt not kill" also includes dogs. As an American I have every right to believe this. I do not have any right to make it a law just because it is my religious conviction.

        • Guest says:

          A dog is NOT made to the image and likeness of God, and has no soul. A child in the womb does!!

        • evermyrtle says:

          I don't know any religious laws. The ten commandments are not religious laws they are GOD'S laws. We don't try to push anything on you. We know GOD gives you and me the right to live as we choose to live. Christians duty is to be sure that you know HIS laws and let you choose to live them or by those of the world.

        • evermyrtle says:

          We all, have the authority and the duty to uphold the laws of GOD. The pope is mentioned nowhere in the Bible other that any person who should follow and obey. Any and every Christian knows that "Thou shall not kill or murder and that killing your unborn child is murder.

    • JimB3 says:

      Actually not a ploy. She's that screwed up in her head that she thinks she's making sense. She's delusional at best and psychotic at worst. But, clearly she leans towards worst.

      • evermyrtle says:

        The answer to America's problems is CHRIST JESUS, BUT we must accept HIM to get that help. I think HE has been thrown in the ditch so many times that HE will not respond to us, again until we respond to HIM

        • JimB3 says:

          Amen. My thoughts exactly.

        • daves says:

          Jesus judges us as a nation and not as individuals?

          Well that doesn't make much sense.

        • evermyrtle says:

          daves, HE judges every last one of us. We will either spend eternity in heaven or in hell and it is up to GOD to do the judging. We have no right whatsoever to decide who is or who is not going, wherever. We do not earn a trip to heaven, it is given to us by HIS grace through our faith in HIM. What do we earn, by good works? Only the rewards that we get, after we get to heaven, WE WILL NOT GET TO HEAVEN BY THESE WORKS. The works that we do are not to win rewards but because we love HIM and our neighbor and want to serve HIM

          We will be judged with the judgment we use to judge each other. If we judge fairly, according to HIS WILL, we will be judged fairly. If we are willing to give our fellow man a break, He will give us a break, again through our faith in HIM, and according to how we treat others.


      • msbets123 says:

        There ya go jim, YOU NAILED IT!!!

    • IQ 180 says:

      No Proud Protestant, she does mean what she says, she may have met with the Leader of all Christens, yes including Protestants whether you believe it or not, The leader is the leader whether you choose to follow Jesus chosen faith or not. But beside that, Old Nancy is nothing but a lier and we all know it. There isn't a Christian bone in her body, she is a hand maiden of the devil himself. There is picture out there that I saw that shows a demonic presents standing behind Old Nancy at a press conference, and no the picture was not photo shoped to add the demonic image. She really is in league with the Satan…!!! Wake up people to the evil flowing out of the White House and the Democat/Communist Party.

      • Recovering Catholic says:

        Technically, Jesus is the leader of leaders, to both Jew and Greek, male, female, slave, freeman. We are His chosen people, and he never mentioned a pope.

        • lel2007 says:

          Matthew 16:18 – "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." – Peter was the first Pope.

        • Cecil says:

          The rock on which Jesus built His church is the FACT that "Jesus is the Christ (the Anointed One), the Son of
          God". The Greek word for "rock" and the Greek word for "Peter" are two different words.

        • lel2007 says:

          Live long and prosper Cecil.

        • ScandallB says:

          Jesus was not speaking Greek.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          I'm pretty sure He spoke Greek, as well as Hebrew and Latin. As a matter of fact, I think a guy who could raise the dead could speak any language He cared to.

        • Guest says:

          Jeas spoke arabic!! Peter and rock are the same in arabic!!

        • Siul Lam says:

          Two different words, but still come out to rock.

        • Ardnas says:

          Psalm 18:31 "Who is a rock except our God…" Peter is not ever referred to as a rock or the rock. He is the stone. Different Greek word than rock. 1 Corinthians 3 :11 "For other foundation can no man lay than that which is laid which is Jesus Christ." You have been lied to. Study the word of God on your own instead of taking someone elses misinterpretation as truth. Read Matthew 16:18 carefully and recognize the punctuation. "I tell you that you are Peter (comma)" Shall we say here that Peter is being told who he is and that he is not the rock. No Peter, you are not the one I am going to build my church on. I am going to build my church "on this rock" Peter. Remember your teaching Peter about who "this rock" is. It is not you Peter.

        • Siu Lam says:

          Then it makes no sense. We had 1500 years of clear understanding about that until the Reformation, when one guy decides all by himself that he knows better, and since then it keeps fracturing.

        • evermyrtle says:

          100% correct!!

      • Jay says:

        Amen, IQ. Well said. It is all pure evil, period. And, you will NOT find one photo of the Pope and Nancy because he would not allow it. He is a wise old man.

      • Hawk says:

        Your IQ not withstanding I must correct you here. In your mind He may be what you say but he will never be anywhere in my chain of command to God. EVER. You might want to question just how great he is, when one after an other of your so called leaders have condoned and or covered up the continuous rape of young boys for decades. The catholic church's position on abortion is great and I thank them, even tho its primarily to insure a constant influx of more young people into the church, and has little to do with saving innocent babies lives. As for Pelosi, she is what she is and she will some day be held accountable for her total failing of her position in Congress and Life. She is a terrible person with little or no conscience and only the fact she comes from the most sin infested corrupt city in America does she get re-elected. She is one of them.

        • evermyrtle says:

          Some of the Catholic the priests have had a hand of this rape of little boys, themselves.

        • Guest says:

          Are all the pastors of your faiths completely sinless?? Is anyone among us sinless?? No man can judge the whole, by a few. We are all sinners!! Why is it, that the ones who hold the higest esteem, get bashed the most?

        • evermyrtle says:

          I haven't seen any news items accusing any other faith leaders or so called Christians guilty of such vile behavior.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          I didn't want it to go there, but you are 100% correct. The Pope is nothing to me. I will bow no knee to ANY man, pray to no saint (or statue). Jesus is my sovereign, and I have no need of a go between in my relationship with Him.

        • Siu Lam says:

          You're an idiot. How do you know that motivation? Ever take two minutes to research the catechism? I thought not. And more young people showing up in the pews on Sunday equals that many who were not aborted. Give it a break.

      • daves says:

        IQ – I hope you are not bearing false witness.

      • Soldier of Fortune says:

        IQ 180; if you really have such a high IQ, why can't you spell: Christians, liar, presence (in this context), Photo Shopped. Your claim to high intelligence and lack of communication/writing skills (consider proof reading your posts) demonstrates clear lack of credibility.

        • IQ 180 says:

          Soldier of Fortune, it's call multi-tasking and I do really hold a 180 IQ, a typo means nothing, and I also hold 2 PhD's and a J.D. People like you just make me laugh – HAAA, HAAAA, HAAA. I am above these child like comments. Remember Jesus is Lord, and Peter was the First Pope (Mathew 16:18) And I tell you that you are Peter the Rock, and on this Rock I will build my Church, and the Gates of Hates will not overcome it! This should close this debate. Have a good one, and may God Bless your day.

        • Guest says:

          Well, aren't you special, IQ180! NOT!!! I've worked for dozens of PhDs over the last 18 years and I can tell you that they have no common sense whatsoever. I applaud anyone who dedicates their time to getting a higher education, but that doesn't give any of you the right to belittle others. We'd have a lot more respect for you if you'd get off your self-absorbed pedestal and speak to us like fellow human beings.

        • evermyrtle says:

          Soldier….Let me add a little something to this theme. I am happy to tell you that spelling, good or bad will have nothing to do with you getting into heaven and nothing to do with credibility.

    • Bill says:

      Maybe is deflecting her "insider trading" she has been caught at.

    • Nancy says:

      Lady … you called her a lady. We need to correct that right now! This ain't no lady.

    • tuckmeister says:

      Does the Catholic church represent God or the Catholic church ? The word of God says abortion is wrong. The word of God says quote ," If you love Me you will obey My commands.". If a member of Gods church (?) blatantly supports an anti God position ,WHY IS THAT PERSON (pelosi ) STILL IN GOOD STANDING IN THE CHURCH ? I ask you decide.

      • dolores tamoria says:

        Judge not that Ye not be judged. We Are All Sinners. We will all face judgment in the end. What you sow so shall you reap. The Word Of God is in the Bible regardless of your religious preferences Catholic or Protestant we are all Christians under One Living God. Nancy will receive her just reward in the end as will all of us.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          You will know a tree by the fruit it bears.

          Also, those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior will NOT stand before the Judgment seat. Only those who deny Him will suffer that fate. And from that Seat, only one verdict will come. Guilty.

        • Beetlebom says:

          Looking4Sanity, you nailed it that time!!! I don' t that POS was born. I think she/he/It either fell out on the ground or poured out of a chamber pot in a sanfrancisco bath house. That includes one of her slop jar buddiettes boobry flea.

        • Beetlebom says:

          Looking4Sanity, forgive me and please allow me to add one small correction. FRUITS don' t come from trees.

        • Beetlebom says:

          Looking4Sanity, one more and I' m off. When they have pooloshi' s funeral and we are around in those days, let' s check the HEARSE for a roof rack and towing a U Haul trailer. Just to see, if in fact, she is taking it all with her.

      • Loynee says:

        Who said she was in GOOD standing with the church. I might ask the same thing about Obama. Why is he still holding the office of the President of the United States? He is there, but not in good standing. He has failed our people repeatedly and still sits in the chair and props his feet on the desk like the idiot he is. Excommunication and impeachment is easier said than done. That's why we have to be very careful who we vote for. Listen to all the debates and all the speeches. Then decide.

      • evermyrtle says:

        Is she in good standing? Are you sure they have not excomunicated her

      • ron yurchak says:

        Maybe the Catholic church does'nt realy represent God.

    • Ginny Johnson says:

      Thiscoming through a woman who was raised by a Catholic Italian! She was daughter of the mayor of Baltimore,MayorDeAlesandro. I know this for a fact, she went to Notre Dame Catholic school. My husband's aunt was her teacher, a SchoolSister of Notre Dame and was in their home many times over several years. Nancy was not the only child she had taught either. God needs to grab her and shake her booty!! Proud Catholic

      • Guest says:

        God has given us all free will. If we choose to turn our backs on Him, like Ms Pelosi has – for greed and power, that was her decision. She will face her decisions one day!

    • lel2007 says:

      After Pope Benedict XVI met privately with Speaker Pelosi in February 2009, the Vatican issued a statement saying:
      “His Holiness took the opportunity to speak of the requirements of the natural moral law and the Church’s consistent teaching on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death which enjoin all Catholics, and especially legislators, jurists and those responsible for the common good of society, to work in co-operation with all men and women of good will in creating a just system of laws capable of protecting human life at all stages of its development.”

      • StrokerMcgurk says:

        His Holiness? What a joke. There's only been one holy person to walk this earth and that was Jesus Christ. Certainly not that pedophile hiding pope.

        • lel2007 says:

          Peace be upon you angry one in this time of evil infestation.

          PS – What are you stoking by the way StokerMcgurk?
          Never mind. I don't think I want to know.

    • Jesussaid Love says:

      Religious people are all suspect. Remember Haggart, head of the Evangelicals, for years he said gays were sinners and would rot in hell, now he is a "Born Again" since he got caught buggering! We have creepy Cardinal Law and his cadre of child molesters here in Boston, they want more children because unwanted kids are easier to exploit.
      A fetus is tissue, an organ that can make a person if it is expelled from a womans body. It is a potential person, not a person. This whole thing is all about dividing the poor so that the rich can control government and keep themselves rich. All religion has served this function since the dawn of civilization.

      • Cecil says:

        A fetus is a baby, and long before it is born, it is able to hear its mother sing, speak, cry and yell. It senses and reacts to its mothers moods and is familiar with her personality. You need to talk to a mother who did not murder her innocent baby and ask her about these things.

      • Siu Lam says:

        The potential person is when the couple is fixing to get it on. Once conception happens, it's a person.

      • evermyrtle says:

        Jesus…………..Maybe you should should change your handle because JESUS loves these little pieces unborn "tissue" just as much as He loves you. This precious "tissue" is still innocent, it has never sinned. None of us can say that about ourselves. So many have committed murder, among other things.

      • Beetlebom says:

        Jesussaid Love, after a dumb ass statement like that, IF you are smart, maybe you had better disassociate The Name of OUR LORD!!! from a crock of crap like that.

      • Guest says:

        Too bad your mother didn't make that decision when she conceived you to prove your point ("a fetus is tissue…It is potential person, not a person").

    • bewildered says:

      evidentally for the same reason that the mormon church has not excomunicated harry reid for his political leanings which do not in anyway correspond with the mormon church or marriott for his porn in our hotels.

    • ron yurchak says:

      Just how devout is she? She should be excommunicated.

    • Siu Lam says:

      It's a political ploy for the benefit of the luney left.

    • Lou says:

      She said she is a devout Catholic? I think she is a devout fallen angel of satan. If she is for abortion, that is clearly against the Catholic teachings, not to mention one of the big sins called MURDER. She is not in any way a Catholic. What do you think the world would be like if her mother was pro abortion while pregnant with this createn.

    • StrokerMcgurk says:

      People never give Protestants the credit they deserve for leading the battle against abortion. In reality, in the real world Catholics are the largest group of abortion facility users.

    • John Williams says:

      Perhaps someone , maybe her priest , could inform Nancy that " the conscience thing " has nothing to do with the Catholic Church . Last time I checked the ten commandments were written by God on Mt Sinai and handed to Moses to disseminate . So , Nancy , you really need to take this matter up with God ! Tell Him that you don't think it's fair for women to be denied abortions on moral grounds ; perhaps He will reconsider and give you a pass on the " conscience thing " . Then again , Nancy , He might just tell you to go to Hell ! Is it worth the risk ? Your call !

    • RAY says:


    • joseph g says:

      Proud Protestant! Are you REALLY that nieve? No wonder the country is messed up.

    • Beetlebom says:

      If the Catholic Church has nancee 'fender hips" gooloshes,as a member, they have one hell of a problem. If she/he/It isn' t satan' s mother, she/he/It is sure a close advisor.

    • ProundPatriotToo says:

      Pelosi needs a frontal lobotomy and locked up for the rest of her miserable life. I am not of the Catholic faith, but this offends me to no end. This women must of been born miserable at birth or she did too much pot, and God knows what else when she was a hippie, back in the 60s and 70s. Lightening will strike her one day. I hope to see that, I will laugh my self silly.

    • TPM44 says:

      Not in Hawaii ! click on the link below—interesting!

      Can one doubt his own admission? Where is Sixty Minutes?
      Who would believe Obama is actually on this video admitting he was not born in Hawaii but was born in Kenya and is not even a citizen. Obviously he made these statements because he did not know at that time that a president must be a "natural born" citizen. OOPS!

  2. ounceoflogic says:

    San Francisco must be so proud.

    • Ted Gager says:

      Don't look now but Pelosi is a product of San Francisco. It's a den of iniquity!

    • tiredofthecrap says:

      If ever there was a justification for and reason to support abortion, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, and Obama is certainly it!!!

    • Ken says:

      Actually, they probably are.

      • A_Nobody says:

        Not probably…..are. I have to travel there once in a while and I always feel like I found the original village of space cadets (idiots). AND I do like tierdofthecrap's comment

    • mike says:

      Oh! You know they are because 99.9% of the people there feel the same way

    • Billy Kidd says:

      The funny part of it is San Fransisco IS proud and sad part of it is, they don't know any better. There is definately something very wrong with Pelosi ! ! A "retard" and the rest of the congress"retards" can't see it. When she said " vote for the bill so we can see what it says" should have gotten her a one way ticket back to the dumo hole she came from, on the bus, sitting in the back.

    • Bonnie says:

      Perhaps Pelosi almost died having an abortion this is why she is so gung ho about abortions. Its either that or she could not afford to pay for one and had to give the baby up for adoption. This is my opinion!

      • NANCEE says:


    • Pegi says:

      I live in Southern California & I'm embarassed she's from my state. Can't understand how those folks can keep electing that whacky nut!

  3. Looking4Sanity says:

    If Pelosi is a Catholic she should be excommunicated. At the very least, she should be hounded from office and publicly shunned. None of this is likely considering the moral cesspool she represents. Let us all pray for God's Judgment on this festering boil of a woman.

    • Dave Langdon says:


    • Marti Luke says:

      Right on! I have long wondered how her priest and bishop allow her to practice a religion whose basic beliefs run contrary to her own. And she is more than happy to make those contrary beliefs public while stil expecting to be called Catholic. Let her say and think what she wants but don't bestow the title of Catholic on her. It makes a mockery of all of the faithful Catholics throughout the history of the Church, many who have DIED rather than say the things this contemptable woman spews on a daily basis!

      • ForConstitution says:

        Follow the money. I know liberals are usually stingy when it comes to giving, but I wonder how much she gives to her church? We should look up her tax returns which are usually public if you're in office.

      • Donald says:

        You're making it all up. God is nothing more than a voice in your head, at best. Wake up.

    • jonrod says:

      I agree. No one who is a true Catholic would go against the Church's stand on abortions. This only goes to show you just how shallow an individual she truly is. Her position as speaker has gone to her head. The millions she and her husband made on the Visa stock purchase has made her realize just how easy it is for legislators to become wealthy in just a few years.

      • It isn't just abortion she goes against. There are plenty of moral principles she is violating which are held by all Christians.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Absolutely! I'd be willing to bet that there isn't one Commandment she never broke. More to the point, she's broken them and been completely unrepentant afterwards. As best I can tell, she seems to live in a perpetual state of sin by her own free will.

          It's hard to feel sorry for someone like that.

      • Donald says:

        God killed a lot of babies in the bible myths.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Once you obtain His power and perspective, then you will be qualified to question His motives and actions.

    • Ted says:

      Well said!

    • Richard says:

      Pelosi and all Catholic politicians who support abortions and does not lead by the Church's teachings should all be excommunicated.

      • christin says:

        arent the majority of catholics democrats? and dont democrats pretty much all support abortion? i do not get it.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        They certainly have no place in public office. That much is clear.

      • Donald says:

        If I were a Catholic, I'd excommunicate myself just out of sheer embarrassment for being in a room full of adults taking their pretend play time too seriously.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          First of all, it is not possible to excommunicate ones self. It is a Rite of the Church, and only the Church may perform it.

          Secondly, if all of this is, as you believe, hokum…why are you compelled to come here and deny it? I do not spend my free time denying the existence of the Great Pumpkin. Are you telling us you have a mental disorder?

    • dago adve says:

      To bad her parents did'nt use a condom,or at least an abortion. We would not be dealing with this loony today!

      • christin says:

        abortion was not legal when she was made. maybe if it had been, her mom would have chosen to do that if she had the same demented and evil way of thinking her wild eyed lunatic daughter has.

        • Donald says:

          Wow. You folks are really bloodthirsty aren't you? Not only is your God imaginary, Jesus probably didn't even exist.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Actually, there is more historic evidence that Christ did, in fact, live than there is evidence that George Washington ever existed. That you choose to ignore or deny it does not change the facts.

    • LESTER82ND says:


      • Donald says:

        You know this…how? A vision? An angel? Or, did you just make it all up in your head, as usual?

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Donald, Donald…bless your little heart! What evidence could we give you that you would accept that you don't already have? We've been very patient with you, but you seem to have come to us with evil intentions in your heart. What you need to understand is that we have the luxury of forgiving you for this, but our Heavenly Father will not be so charitable with you. If you do not come to terms with Him before your demise, you will suffer His wrath. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

    • Brooklyn Jo Ann says:

      GOD never sleeps and GOD does not like ugly. this socalled human being will be judged, but right now she has to go, how dare you pick on Catholics, it seems ever since this obummer came into office, everyone is picking on the good people. Evil will fall and fall hard

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        I was not aware that telling the honest and plain truth constituted "picking on Catholics".

        If you have a problem with what I've said, then your issue is with the Catholic Church…not me.

        If the Catholic Church had not departed from the Word, the Protestant Reformation would never have been necessary in the first place. If I were to really "pick on the Catholic Church", there is enough documented evidence to fill an entire library on the subject. If being a Catholic makes you that sensitive and uncomfortable, perhaps you should consider a different denomination.

      • Donald says:

        Who says the church is "the good people?" Often pleasant, yes. Somewhat generous and charitable, yes. But when you encounter us non-believers, there's also a lot to indicate how bad you can be too.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          I see that you also suffer under the impression that accepting Christ in your life is going to make you perfect. Let me assure you that is not the case. IF it were possible for Man to attain perfection, we would have no need of a Savior, would we? It would be a simple matter of will…but it doesn't work that way. Do you know any perfect atheists? Do you consider yourself to be such a person? If so, why are you here taunting people you don't even know about their beliefs?

    • armyvet says:

      She is a CINO! Catholic in name only. You cannot be a cafeteria Catholic, pick and choose what you want to believe. Excommunicated would be a good thing.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        I'm not a Catholic myself…I'm a protestant Christian, but I agree with you on this point. I think the Church needs to be more consistent in its actions with regard to its own laws.

      • Donald says:

        Hahahahahahaaaaa! You're funny! :D So, you want the WHOLE BIBLE obeyed? Really? You better read it first, dummy.

        • Looking4Sanity says:

          Thank you for raising the number one fallacy among atheists, Donald. It was precisely because of people like you that Jesus never taught except in parables. You will never be able to correctly interpret the Holy Scriptures without the assistance of the Holy spirit. In your case, the sin of PRIDE is preventing that from happening. Might I suggest that you try humbling yourself before God for once in your life? You will not die from leaving your comfort zone. All that is required is a suspension of disbelief and a willingness to try. If you are afraid of public embarrassment, you can try this in the privacy of your own home. None of your fellow atheists need know.

    • Lutetia Vollintine says:

      LOOKING4SANITY NANCY PELOSI is not a Catholic cause she has never been one.She's an atheist and doesn't believe in GOD just look at her myspace profile and you'll find out.

    • Jim V says:

      I agree, she should be excommunicated.

    • diana says:

      AGREE iam a Catholic and she and ob make me sin a thousand times a day or more the Bishops and the POPE should call her out she is going to HELL and there is no way she will be able to lie her way out of that, she will see ted kenndy there, that is for SURE. AND PRAY THIS COUNTRY WAKES UP

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        Given her status and position, I don't see how the Pope can let such an attack on the Church go unanswered. The Holy See should demand that she recant or face excommunication.

    • Chicago860 says:

      California and SF deserve her.

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        While I hate to generalize, I tend to agree with that assessment based on what they've shown me in the last decade or two.

    • Anna Gore says:

      I agree with you. I believe she has the devil in her just like Obama

    • TPM44 says:

      Not in Hawaii ! click on the link below—interesting!

      Can one doubt his own admission? Where is Sixty Minutes?
      Who would believe Obama is actually on this video admitting he was not born in Hawaii but was born in Kenya and is not even a citizen. Obviously he made these statements because he did not know at that time that a president must be a "natural born" citizen. OOPS!

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        I'm not sure what your comment has to do with our discussion of Nancy Pelosi's attack on her own religion…but it was certainly interesting. Thank you.

    • Donald says:

      You know your god is just the voices in your head, right?

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        If that is the case, it must be very frightening for you to live in a society among so many insane people who believe as I do. If only you had a Higher power to turn to, to comfort you in this regard! Oops! Well…there's always alcohol, drugs and prostitutes, but I've never seen those things improve the quality of anyone's life.

        Since you are unacquainted with my Lord, I will tell you for future reference (just in case you ever decide to stop ignoring Him), that the experience does not involve hearing voices in your head. If that ever happens to you, seek help immediately.

        God bless you and may you have a joyous Christmas holiday!

    • Linda Odom says:

      It is time Pelosi leaves her office. God is in Control and people had better have a consciouse. Abortion is MURDER. the babies didn"t do anything to be killed for.,Would you want your grandchild killed ?,Think about it I agree with the writer of above comment.I have 9 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren who bring joy to our lives and lots of love..
      We need to be praying that this country turn back to GOD.before it is too late.God Bless you all. and stand up for what is right in God's sight.

    • One Human Being says:

      People, please remember as much as we, and I include myself, dislike Nancy Pelosi, t his is still America, and she still has a right to her opinion.
      After all, as I've told you before,"Everyone is entitled to an opinion; we all have one just like we all have an AZZ Hole!!!"
      Hers just happens to be ludicrous, in my opinion…

      • Looking4Sanity says:

        While I respect YOUR opinion…and agree with it in principle, I think it would be prudent to show respect to our Christian hosts to refrain from vulgarities.

        Make no mistake…I am not above hurling profane invective myself. I was a United States sailor, after all. I'm well versed in all manner of profanity. We should be supporting each other in refraining from such conduct to the extent to which we are able. Spirituality and emotion are a natural match. Adding intellectualism to that mix is the challenge we must all rise to if we are to be effective ambassadors of Christ.

        I say this to remind myself of this fact as much as to remind you. We were chosen for a higher calling. Let us support one another in living up to the challenge.

        With love in Christ,


    • ladyswiss says:

      Her bashing? It belongs right 'back at her' – she is one miserable person that should be
      impeached right along with Obama and Biden.
      Whatever she professes her religious belief to be, she has done 'wrong' against WE, the
      PEOPLE, right along with Obama.
      We must get rid of them ASASP – the damage they will do before Nov 2012 – I shudder to
      think of what more destruction they could do.
      They should be thrown in jail. No botox there either.
      Everyone rags on Congress, but they know whatever they do, Obama will veto it. We
      really must clean house!!!!!!! Remember in November! Make wise choices.
      The death panel is already in place – I know of a case where a PET scan was denied.
      For those of us oldies who WORKED for we have, we stand to lose so much. This is
      not the America my ancestors proudly came to.

    • Nancy Pelosi's mind is a toxic cesspool, devoid of all morals and ethics. Most in Obama's administration are the same way.

    • Butch Coleman says:

      Amen on your comments about Nancy Pelosi. She should not be allowed to receive communion. A product of San Francisco Liberalisium and Socialisium.

  4. Paul says:


  5. Doug says:

    I honestly don't understand, given her high profile position in support of abortion, why the Church has not excommunicated her.

    • ORB says:

      Why hasn't the ROMAN Catholic Church excommunicated any of their high profile pro abortion politicians. She is just one of many.

    • Ldot says:

      With all her insider trading millions, she probably offers the church a bribe in the ruse of a donation.

    • Linda says:

      Same reason when Jackie Kennedy married a divorced man, they said she would not be considered an adultress. They will not go after the rich and powerful.

    • Flunking_retirement says:

      She has excommunicated herself.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      The question is not whether or not Pelosi should be excommunicated. The question is; why hasn't it already been done?

  6. SEAN MURRY says:

    She is a catholic botox face is no catholic would ever say anything like that she from that cesspool called Washington DC.

    • TexRancher says:

      Not to forget that other cess pool, San Francisco!

    • Charles says:

      Pelosie is from the Cess Pool of SanFrancisco. I'm not catholic I certainly believe every person is created and born the Son/Daughter of GOD. Obama, Pelosie, Reid, Holder and Hillary Clinton have choosen to be Son's and Daughter's of Satan? Satan endorses Abortion and Homosexuals.

    • Eddie B says:

      You do more to DESTROY the English language,grammar,punctuation etc.etc. than any living human….but your heart is in the right place!

      • Eddie B says:

        This was a reply to Sean but this website did NOT put it in the right place and this also will probably be placed in NEVER-NEVER LAND!

      • SEAN MURRY says:

        look here jack i may not be prefect but i am an elder we never had comuptors in my day.

  7. soupsun says:


  8. Jan says:

    She is a Catholic in name only! She has shown for a long time how anti-Catholic she really is. She should be excommunicated .

    • Dan says:

      I agree 100%. Pelosi is no more Catholic than I am. I am Southern Baptist and proud of it. She has always put her foot in her mouth. Only in San Francisco can she be Elected.

      • Betty Phillips says:

        why was my reply comment not printed? Oh I get it, you think you owe Pelosi a thing or two, well so did it and you stopped it. That is what is wrong with our country today, it is people who do not have a backbone. Betty

    • dago adve says:

      If she is a catholic -I'm the pope-and i know –that I am not the Pope!

      • Patricia says:

        Why did you delete my comment?? what are you, a bunch of democrats, backing Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the baby killers??

    • She is a CHRISTIAN in NAME ONLY (CINO)

    • John Williams says:

      Problem is , Jan , the Church needs her money , and her political clout ! You know the old saying , " the enemy of your enemy is my friend " ! She may be a reprobate , but she's a useful reprobate ! Besides , Jan , we live in an age of moral relativism where the " conscience thing " is largely irrelevant . Just look at how the politicians distort the bible to suit their various positions .

    • Liberty49 says:

      So Pelosi doesn't like Catholics with a conscience. Well with her record for supporting infanticide and the murder of abortion, she certainly doesn't need to worry about that.

    • Susan says:

      Yes, she should be. Catholic in name only shouldn't be Catholic anymore.

    • howe says:

      She should be voted out by the clowns in Calif if morals and the Constitution mean anything. Just goes to show how morally bankrupt we have become in the last few decades. This administartion isn't helping matters.

      • Frank says:

        It is evident to me that the administrator of this blog, doesn't want us to speak our minds and tell it like it is! Who ever he/she is, refuses to allow my comments to be seen! I might use a little bit colorful language; but it certainly isn't nasty! It is the ever-loving TRUTH!!!

  9. AL TRAUTMAN says:

    Well that confirms it, a conscience is a liability for an idiot. Come on 2012 and bye Bongo…

  10. Pat G says:

    What would you expect out of the Washington DC whorehouse?

    • Looking4Sanity says:

      Better looking whores?

    • Holy Trinity says:

      Pukelosi makes me so sick I could puke her up and throw her down the garbage disposal. That's what the abortion doctors (BUTHCHERS) do to the unborn, innocent, helpless children they brutally murder everyday. DC is indeed a whorehouse. It's a slaughter house, also — slaughter of the unborn (America's future), our elderly, disabled and vets population. ObamaCare is MurderCare and Pukelosi and the rest of those Catholic child-killers politicians in DC should be denied Holy Communion and excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. They're FALSE Catholics and the Catholic Clergy have failed in their Christian duty to deal with these Catholic child killers and in stopping child killing. Repent of your silence, inaction and disregard of your duties as Catholics. Or, we WILL face the wrath of GOD!!! It could be upon us right now. Wake up!! See website:

  11. ekg says:

    We are all born with a conscience. What we do with it, allow it to impact our life, our decisions. etc., is our choice. There is such a thing as 'searing' our conscience so that finally choices are made purely as to what will benefit me, mine, ours. The fact that she can make the comment that she has made concerning the Catholic religion and 'the conscience thing' certainly should be a RED FLAG waving informing all of her kind of character and lack of integrity.

    • Lois says:

      Apparently Piglosi has and has had a SEARED CONSCIENCE, she now cannot tell right from wrong because she is her own "god", the HUMANIST PHILOSOPHY. That is why Bill Clinton could do no wrong, in Humanisim there is no right or no wrong.

    • daves says:

      I disagree – most of us are cruel and self centered as children. We need to learn right from wrong before we can have a conscience.

    • Lois Damron says:

      Don't kid yourself. This woman knows what she is doing. She is probably waiting in the wings to invest heavily in the drugs that will support this legislation. She votes however the bill will help her own pocketbook. Insider trading is a normal thing for her and she supports whatever bill will pad HER OWN pocketbook. No other reason.

    • Dor says:

      She worships power. I read a story about her. When she was 8 years old she said she'd rather be a priest than a nun because priests have more power.

  12. Patriot1776 says:

    It is apparent that the democrats have openly declared war on christianity. They are attacking from the homosexual movement declaring that any voiced opposition to their deviant lifestyle is a hate crime. They are attacking from the abortion movement declaring that any opposition to the murder of unborn children (or infanticide, or genocide which ever you prefer to call it) is a call to allow all women to die. They are attacking "In God We Trust" on our money, they are attacking all chrisian symbols in any public place, they are attacking churches and believers because they are holding to the values, morals and ethics that built this great nation that they are trying to destroy.

    • Patriot1776 says:

      We must unite and stand against this vile attack against our religious freedoms. These are the same types of people that caused our Founding Fathers to leave their homelands to find a new nation, "concieved in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal", where there is no persecution for religious beliefs. Our Founding Fathers are surely rolling in their graves at the travesty that has become the American government and probably wondering why they were willing to give their lives for the freedoms that we have so gently laid down and given away.

      • daves says:

        Do you really think you are persecuted to the extent that people in England in 1700 were?

        But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you,
        do good to them that hate you, and pray for those who despitefully use
        you, and persecute you;

        • Mfinity says:

          I'm curious why the stupid DAMOCAN'Ts haven't ordered the renovation of the Supreme Court structure ridding it of the Ten Commandments (currently on the facade), AND express a desire to replace the capstone of the Washington Monument (currently forming the apex of the cross that is the Washington Mall) which capstone reads "Laus Deo" –> "Praise God". Let's see how long the "Almighty" will preserve and sustain this ilk once they remove any and ALL hint towards HIS existence.
          God preserve us, and may HE bless us as well!

    • pleadnthe5th says:

      Great reply Patriot, nothing left for us to do but invoke our 2nd amendment rights!

    • Guest says:

      AMEN Patriot1776 ! could not have said it any better myself . GOD Bless you

    • mike says:

      The way i see it the day they voted this muslim into the white house a dark fate came to bestow its rule over a CHRISTAIN LAND this is the day that all of the people that felt our great nation owed them for being lazy and stupid they have been on the backs of the American workers for years they are the ones liveing on welfare for decades not months with the intent of getting an education to better them selves they all got off their lazy asses for one day election day to protect the free loaders that in the last election to got in office! THEN THERE IS THE REAL VOTER THE DUMB ASSES THAT MAKE THE NEWS THEY ARE THE REAL CRIMINALS so if you think that you have a real vote think again the media has all of the cards and we have given them to them!

    • Bobby says:

      A Man to that,Every word you said is true,(Vote them out 2012).

    • Ed37 says:

      FIRST: Do not believe what you read……Check the religion and political party, and then check the realizism of who they have been associated with — Party – prior to adopting democrat…..who they back….who they were associated with before they went to washington. Muslim..Socialist…communist…Panthers …new panthers..American Nazi ..etc.
      Most are still indirectly/directly supporting their old affiliation either on top or under cover…….

    • Bob says:

      They are not attacking Muslims, I wonder why not?

  13. SusieZookSOLT says:

    Pelosi is not a Catholic. She pretends to be Catholic. She should have been excommunicated years ago, however Our Lord is very merciful and is giving her opertunity after opertunity to come in line with the Church and more importantly in line with Christ's teachings. May God move her to turn her heart to Him.

    • mattski says:

      Well said.

    • Ken says:

      The Best post. Thank you.

    • mascmen7 says:

      All Democrat Catholic politicians with a few exceptions are not following Catholic doctrine and are bound for Hell to be with Ted Kennedy and Mario Cuomo unless they wake up and repent.

    • myth buster says:

      The Lord is being merciful by letting her live, rather than calling her to judgment immediately (the same grace He demonstrates to all by not returning from Heaven immediately to judge the world). That she has not been excommunicated is not the Lord's doing, but rather the cowardly works of men. Every time an unrepentant sinner partakes of Communion, he or she profanes the Flesh and Blood of Christ, and stores up wrath against him/herself.

      And where are the bishops and priests in all this? Are they not watchmen? Are they asleep at their posts? God will call them to account for the blood of sinners left in their charge! Presidents, Governors and Judges are also charged to be watchmen on the wall- Sebelius: you will be held to account for George Tiller's blood, because but for your refusal to do justice, he might still be alive! Had you refused to be bribed, and instead insisted that Tiller be prosecuted and punished for his crimes, he would have been in jail instead of in that church, and he would not have been a target for assassination because justice had already been done.

      But if civil authorities will be called to account for the physical lives of criminals they refuse to judge, how much more will the House of God be judged for dereliction of its duty to safeguard their souls! If a sinner is warned and he refuses to repent, it's his own fault he perishes. If, however, a public sinner is never adjured to repent by the one whom God has appointed as a watchman, the watchman shall be liable for the sinner's soul, though the sinner is still without excuse. That law is not just for Ezekiel, but for all of the bishops, presbyters, deacons and prophets. Sound the trumpet and warn the people, for judgment is close at hand!

      • minnie says:

        Pelosi WAS ex-communicated from the ROMAN Catholic Church IN 2008 FROM HER OWN CHURCH. She cannot go to confession or should I say should not go to confession. That priest is NOT going to give her confession. She can go to church she cannot be stopped or anyone else that is ex-communicated. She might do that in another catholic church but she knows that does not count. God forbid if she would die in her state she would go straight into the fires. And no she would not go where ED Kennedy went as he did went to confession, he was very sorry. But pelosi that does not even believe in having a conscience, she admits she is Never sorry for anything. God knows when you are sorry, and for her to say that to the world, when she is a very powerful figure and will be responsibble for all the women that killed their babies because pelosi says it is their right to kill it,

  14. Gary says:

    We can all make statements regarding this issue Or she can have a meeting with the pope. But in the end she will have stand before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and give a answer for what she has done, Just as we ALL must do.
    My Prayer is that she will change her stance on abortion;s

  15. bribozo19 says:

    Not a genius., but its my understanding that very few , if any communists are actually Catholic. Not inferring anything but ones actions speak louder than words and soundbites.

    • betruetoGod says:

      I believe that communists are athiests. The one world order are satanist. Their god is Satan. They have sold their souls to the devil. They are persecuting Catholics, Chrisitans and Jews. Eventually, they will go after other religions. Their one world utopia will have no religion or humanist (if you think that is a religion). I believe humanist make humankind animals. Easy to kill and destroy like our current dictator nations that kill their people at will. We must pray for all of mankind.