Romney: 'ObamaCare' Will Be Struck Down By Supreme Court

GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney has predicted the Supreme Court will rule President Obama’s healthcare law is unconstitutional in a “clear-cut” case.

The prediction represented Romney’s first comments on the High Court’s decision to consider the healthcare law. The court is expected to weigh in next summer, just as the presidential election kicks into high gear.

Healthcare is seen as a vulnerability for Romney, who championed a healthcare law in Massachusetts often compared to Obama’s legislation.

On Thursday, Romney doubled down in his support for the state law while criticizing Obama’s law.

“My view is this is a pretty clear cut case, where the federal government has intruded on the rights of states,” Romney said in an interview with the FOX Business Network. “The commerce clause is being stretched beyond the breaking point, and you’ll see the court strike down this piece of legislation. And we will, instead, put in place a piece of legislation which returns responsibility for the care of health care for the poor to the states where it belongs.”

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39 comments on “Romney: 'ObamaCare' Will Be Struck Down By Supreme Court
  1. George Tolhurst says:

    Why is it Obama's health care to be struck down and Romney's Mass. health care which Obama's was basically copied from won't be struck down. Actually both are both a travisty of justice and freedom.
    Elect the electable Doctor Ron Paul to be our next President

    • Leslie85223 says:

      Apples and oranges George. Obama's plan will not be "optiona" as is Romney's. It was the intent for BHO to use the Romney (a Republican) Plan as the "idea" for his Obama CAre, knowing that few people would know what the differences were. Made it look like a bi-partisan thing, which it is not!!!

      • budman says:

        It appears that people know how to use the internet but they don't bother to research and you are exactly correct in what you said to George.

        I believe the Health Care Bill violates existing law of Commerce. This is not the same thing as many who have suggested that you are required to have insurance if you own an automobile and the same argument as the Health Care ill. Owning and driving a vehicle is a privilege and not required if you do not own one. Here, you have no choice in the matter, you obtain it or pay a fine. The Federal Government has no business telling the individual states they are required to have all their residents buy health insurance and Romney is right, Obama is wrong on this issue.

        The other matter in the argument before the Supreme Court everyone keeps saying if this portion of the law is ruled unconstitutional, the rest of the bill remains in place. This is not true because Congress failed to include this clause
        for protection in the bill, therefore, the entire bill could be overturned.

        • Dale says:

          The question is whether the court will say the clause was intended to be in the law tho. One court already said that in their ruling. You are 100% correct but the court seems to do whatever it wants to do sometimes. They try to do what THEY think is right but not what the constitution says.

          Here lies the problem.

    • evermyrtle says:

      I must be a "slow learner" I can't understand why Romney blast Obama's health plan. Is is because he does not like the fact that Obama basicly followed Romney's own' health plan that he foisted on the people in his state. "Woe is us" if he should be elected as president..

      • Dale says:

        This is why I don't like Romney and have NO plans to support him. I understand that his and Obamas have some differences but it is still being forced to do something just because you live and breath. That's wrong. I don't care if he claims to be a Republican or not.

    • armyvet says:

      It is not the right of the states to mandate health care either! Health insurance from the beginning was a product of Insurance Companies, not the government. It was up to the individual to take advantage of it, if desired. You cannot insure a burning house anymore than buy health insurance when you are already seriously ill. You buy it when you don't need it so as to have it when you do. The government should butt out of private enterprise.

      Besides, they are not reducing the cost factor of healthcare. They should, if anything, address the reasons for the increased costs, such as fraud, petty litigations against providers and etc.

      • dbur says:

        If govt is required to pay the bills of those with no insurance then they should have some options to mitigate that unfairness to the rest of us.

        But still, the fed gvmt has no authority to do this. I'd much rather see the states do these experiments. Then we can pick and choose from programs that have been proven in practice. Any federal program becomes institutionalized and impossible to deal with whether it works or not, as Obamacare is and will be.

    • Dale says:

      Because Romneys was done on the state level. That's the difference. The state can require things like car insurance and such but the Federal Government is supposed to be limited in their power, although you can't tell it. The limits on the state is done by their constitution as long as it doesn't violate the Federal Constitution.

    • Karen says:

      Watch these two video's and then pass them on………………

  2. Loretta Gleeson says:

    There must be a way to eliminate Kagan to vote on Obamacare. She was part of the process in writing it under Obama!!!!!

    • Leslie85223 says:

      If we eliminate Kagan & Thomas, there will still be a left wing "bias" left amongst the Supreme Court Justices.

  3. Goatie says:

    Romney appears to be two-faced and that's what we would get with him.

  4. brian says:

    Romney is a communist just like Obama bin Laden.

  5. SEAN MURRY says:

    Romney is a rino i wouldnt vote for him, lets hope obamacare gets sturck down.

    • ColleenB says:

      If he is the nominee to run against Obama …would you not vote for him Sean?

      • Dale says:

        This is the thing about RINOs. I'm so fed up with them that I'm no longer going to support them. If Romney is the Republican pick, then I will seriously consider staying home on election day. He's not likely to follow the Constitution any more than the one in there now. This is how the liberals get away with so much of this stuff. They get in and do their thing but we can't get anyone in to UNDO what they did because they are only watered down version of the Democrats. Heck, I'm not sure about any of them at this point. Each and EVERY one of them has issues. Cain has his with the Fed, Romney has his health care to wear around his neck, Newt certainly has his and this could go on for a long while.

        Paul scares the heck out of me but at least he has read the Constitution since he got out of school. I doubt he will get the pick but still. He's as far right as the one in there now is to the left.

      • SEAN MURRY says:


  6. brian says:

    Obama, Martin Luther king, al Sharpton. Peas in a pod. Communists to the core. Strong arm thugs.

  7. Leslie85223 says:

    I'd be willing to bet one full year of my retirement income against one year of Romney's income that the Supreme Court decision will not reverse Obama Care, much as that's what I'm praying for!!!!

  8. RHSchumann says:

    What a waffler. He turns in whichever way the wind blows. If "Obamacare" is to be struck down then what about "Romneycare" in Massachussets? Isn't the first almost a carbon copy of the second?

  9. Elizabethanne says:

    Romney is allegedly the front runner for the GOP. Exactly how many people have you heard are voting for this wealthy elitist? In many months I have heard of two, and they are married and Mormon.

    • armyvet says:

      Elizabethanne, the Media wants us to THINK that Romney is the front runner, as they feel if he should win, then it will be more like their "wonderful leader" Obama! They are trying to convince us to accept him as the nominee!

  10. evermyrtle says:

    If we can get rid of her, we can get rid of "the Obamadeathplan"

  11. z328 says:

    damage has already been done regardless of supreme court ruling next year….i doubt our skyrocketed insurance rate would go down any time soon.

  12. Remington 870 says:

    Of course the media wants Romney to be the GOP nominee. Not because he is like Obama, but because he is beatable compared to Newt or Cain. They did a great job discrediting Cain and now the liberal scum media are after Newt whose only weakness is some of his past dealings as a Beltway consultant. One thing is certain, there will be no white blond bimbos alledging contribed penis actions. Newt would eat Obama and his teleprompter up in any debate.

  13. budman says:

    In my reply to Leslie, I left out one letter: should read Health Care Bill.

  14. maxmillun says:

    I am NOT a big Romney fan! However, Romneycare was done at a STATE level, which is entirely different than having a National Mandated Healthcare program. Also, Romney care has changed since Mitt left, and a Democrat was elected Gov. I like kind of like Newt….. BUT, I intend to support anyone other than Obama!!

    • meknow says:

      I am voting for Newt Gingrich after much thought and study. Newt has been around Washington for a longtime and I believe that He is the best choice…………Pray about it.

      • Dalek says:

        I don't like Newt much but I sure would like to see Obama and him debate. Newt would mop the floor with Obama. Obama wouldn't have a chance.

        I've got a week to see which poison tastes the best and doesn't kill me. I don't like any of the choices tho.

  15. Don says:

    I don't think so unless Kagan recuses herself or they remove this liar from the Supreme Court!