Is Cain What We are Waiting for?

If there’s one thing that the ongoing national debate over Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan has exposed, it’s how much some conservatives love our current tax code and its enforcement arm.  Who knew?

Okay, that may be an exaggeration — but it is not an overstatement to say that much of the criticism of Cain’s plan coming from the right is based in a stunning comfort with and knee-jerk reliance on our current system.  It’s as if there is an undercurrent of belief that our IRS system is very, very good and can be replaced only by perfection.  At the very least, much of the negative analysis is based on picking one aspect of the Cain plan and applying it to our current reality as if the 9-9-9 plan was ever designed to be applied piecemeal.  This notion can come from only an intellectual vacuum where tax realities do not change human behavior.


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52 comments on “Is Cain What We are Waiting for?
  1. Scarface says:

    YES! A non-politician with a valid resume of wealth building by hard work and common sense; a solid performer in a very difficult business and a man who doesn't offer excuses or blame-placing. Cain has offered a serious antidote for the destructive economic crisis that we are in currently. Cain understands the complexities of foreign policy without employing foreign apology tactics like this boy Oprahbama!
    GO CAIN 2012

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN says:

      I agree! If he has a good choice for vice president, he will be hard to beat!

    • guest says:

      While I am not thrilled about his 9x9x9 plan … one thing he MUST do is put a CAP ON it through an Amendment.

      If there is no cap on it, when a Democrapper has a Democrap Congress and Senate again, they will raise it like you jave never seen before.

  2. Dusty1 says:

    The status quo in Washington are having a hard time adjusting to the possibility that Herman Cain really has a shot at the nomination. They are all pushing for RINO Romney who's really one of them. America has worken up and most of us realize that in order for things to change we have to put outsiders on the inside of DC. Herman Cain would be a great Republican nominee.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN says:

      Yes, the good ole boys in Washington would love to see Romney get the presidency. That way, nothing changes and the perks go on. We do not need that. We cannot let the media tell us who is going to get the nomination. Herman Cain may not be perfect, but from what I see he is the best of what the GOP is offering! I think he may even bring back common sense to Washington!

  3. Dianne says:


  4. edward says:

    Again I think it is talking about the wrong issue… some 40% to 50% of the money coming into the government is from Income Tax… let eliminate 50% of government spending… and not worry about Cain's 999… I for one am willing to give up my Social Security and Medicare (and I am about to retire)… if in fact we could eliminate them altogether… I believe if we did, I would be living in such a prosperous nation that there would be no need (I could invest in companies again and make all the income I need)…

    • rde says:

      OK, so you send your SS and Medicare back. But – you are one of how many? and what happens to all of those that really depend on SS and Medicare. and by the way – it is near impossible to have private health insurance after you turn 65 – that is the catch always with government programs. there is no way to let go.

      Investing in these big corporations is precisely what has driven the jobs from the United States shores – corporations are required to return a dividend on your investment – and the cost of labor – unions, government regulations, and taxes – have driven the work overseas. The corporations are prosperous – it's the debt ridden consumers that aren't.

    • haditinsd says:

      I am retired and living off my savings, SS and IRAs. The savings and SS have already been taxed when earned and now SS may be taxed again. To add a 9% sales tax now would be the equivalent of taking away 9% of all my assets. Cain's 999 may be allright for those young workers but would be a disaster for us retired folks or those close to retirement.

      • sb36695 says:

        Maybe that is something that needs to be addressed, but SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. This country, as founded, is gone if changes are not made. Cain actually supports the FairTax, which I like as a business owner.

      • rde says:

        SS is taxed now at 85% or something like that. It seems foolish to me for the government to give out the money and then take part back.

        But just think, if you are getting a military retirement, the government has a MANDATORY withholding of income tax, that means the retiree never sees that money to use or to invest, and still gets taxed on it.

  5. Gerald says:

    We have to give the manufacturing industry some extreme incentives such as taxes and de-regulation to keep them here in the USA , and possibly some to return.
    I think Herman Cain understands this better than anyone else that we can elect for president.
    I beleive he will communicate with the plubic to put pressure on the congress and senate to get the job done.

  6. James says:

    He is if we want a pizza. Otherwise, HELL NO!!! I am a Republican and I would rather have what we;ve got now. Cain will put him back in there. He will come up with a different con scheme now. He is Obama's allie. Anything to keep a black in there. We have a choice, yeah or yeah.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN says:

      James… Why would you be opposed to someone with Herman Cain’s resume? He is a self made man who knows what it is like as a ‘commoner’. And he is exactly what we need. If you would vote for Obama over Cain (if he gets the nomination) then you are a RINO.

      • cheryl jessup says:

        James isn't a Rino he's a racist. Just because Cain is black he's against him. This man is everything Obama's not. One of the biggest differences is that he love America. Obama is doing every thing and as fast as he can to destroy America.

    • just sayin says:

      you'd rather have what we've got now? You just blew any credibility any words you spout may have had. Obama and Cain are two of the most diametrically opposed candidates we have. They are nothing alike. And even with your racist tone, Cain is 100% black and Obama is 50/50, so he is closer to all of the other candidates. There you go. Now hide in a corner and stop pouting!

  7. Wayne says:

    Just add another 9% column for taxing imports. Like just about every other nation does to us. Just try to import a Ford, F-150, into a European country. Even though they are a wanted item, the import fee and taxes will double the price of the vehicle to the buyer. BTW, any vehicle, US made, and that's what will happen. Go Herman – Gingrich or Bachmann.

  8. James says:

    If it were not for apprehensions I have about his association with the FED I would be more inclined to support Cain. For those who do not understand the Federal Reserve and the IMF, IBS and other major international banks. They are the ones that are deciding our economic future. The people protesting Wall Street have no clue how money moves and the practice of lending by smaller banks. It is this financial system that is destroying our currency and will cause America to collapse. The ones with the money rule the Government and rule all of us. They can make or break us at any time and this scheme has to end and our economy returned to the issuance of debt free government notes. They are the exact same as the money changers that Jesus ran from the temple. The only time Jesus showed anger. Google “Money Changers” or “Money Masters” and watch the 3 hour you tube video on this subject. It will open your eyes to what is really going on.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN says:

      James… Have you ever thought it may be a positive thing that Herman Cain was formally associated with the FR? He may know the parts of it that need to be changed, or at the very least where to go to get information to change it…

    • rde says:

      I'll agree that it is the central banks that are doing us in – but the US Government, the congress in particular, that has aided and abetted them. The US has been encouraging debt on it's citizens and is in the trap itself. Yes, we understand that sometimes you just have to borrow money – but it's a sane practice to loan money when it can be paid back. There used to be usury laws – that would help – instead the government continues to allow credit card companies to charge more than 20% – of course – that's GE money – you know – the folks that are in bed with Obama.

      But nothing that is being done has any relationship to what Jesus, in the story, was against. they had made the temple into a market and money changing – because you had to use temple money to pay your tithe – and they had become a den of thieves. Don't get the Central Bank and the IMF, etc. mixed up in the church corruption of back then. If you want to slam the sellers and the money changers of today – just look at most churches in the US today – they are all "corporations" doing business, gambling, selling books, you name it. A house of worship? No, a scheme to take more of your money while you are entertained.

  9. Kenneth Irvin says:

    James, that is one of the most stupid things I've read! It is plain to see you are not interested in saving our country by voting for the best man that could do that, but you seem to talk like the south end of a north bound horse. I've got no time for people like you. I'm a conservative Republican, white, old and on my last legs, but still I'm one hell of a lot better off than someone like you that has a sick mind!

    • James says:

      I appreciate your reply, but I am a staunch conservative and old as well. I read a lot and follow what goes on around the world. Not just here in America. If Mr. Cain is the best man for you by all means follow your heart. I'll pray and do the same.

  10. adrianvance says:

    Mr. Cain has a lot going for him. He is instantly likeable. He is not a politician. He is very successful in several important fields. He is black and bullet-proof on the racial issue. He is straight-forward, up front and makes an effort to explain rather than convince us that we are stupid.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

  11. James says:

    It doesn't matter who we elect as President, nothing will change unless they are talking about reforming our monetary system, because they do not run the economy. No matter what they tell us it is all a big lie. Sure they go along with the plan because they will not risk being killed to reform our monetary system. Last I checked Ron Paul is the only one willing to risk his life to save this country. You may think this is some big conspiracy theory but it has happened too many times throughout history. If America doesn't wake up and get educated about this we will find ourselves being ruled by the NWO.

    • rde says:

      It doesn't matter who we elect as President if we don't FIX congress – especially the Senate. As long as the Socialist Mormon Democrat Harry Reid controls it – nothing will change – just look at how they have stymied the house budget bills to try and get a real (sort of) budget going.

  12. James says:

    Yeah, three years ago, Obama was what we were waiting for. Well we got him. How do you like him now?

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN says:

      James… I was not waiting for Obama, ever! He is a con man along with his con wife!

    • letitsnow1 says:

      not what i was waiting for, only the fools voted for this ass.i knew what he was all about watching the primaries. didn't like MCCAIN but i liked Shara Palin, dang wish she would of ran. with Cain, watch what you wish for, what does he think of the black panthers, the muslims, israel, terriost , morals, abortion, our military, illegals, Isreal, so, on and so on. i want to hear alot more from all that are in the running, from all of them, not just the economy, which i know is important, but other issues to. we need a hell of a lot more then besides his 999. he knows how to run a pizza place does he know how to run AMERICA .

  13. richard day says:

    I will be willing to bet that it is the leadership of the Republican Party that wants to keep the tax code as it is. In 1978 when I was in Collage it was proven that a 1% across the board sales tax with no breaks for anyone or any company would give the Goverment all the money it need to opperate.
    and even have a surpluss for a rainey day. With the Goverment spending like a bunch of drunks with an unlimited credit card it will take a biger % now.
    The only thing that I have question with Mr. Cain's 9-9-9 plan is what will stop them later changing it to a 10-10-10 plan or a 20-20-20 plan. There must be some kind of check and balance to prevent this from happening.

    • Jerry f. says:

      I understand your thoughts about the next president would be able to raise the tax,but that is the gamble that we take on any bill past,look at obamacare the public didn't want it.But I like the 2/3 vote to change it and I think the public would look hard at their congress or senator voting to raise it.

      • richard day says:

        They need to put a sealing on it and a provision that the American people have to vote on any raises to the tax not big Goverment. Of cource that will not happen.

  14. soldiermom11 says:

    I love this 999 plan mostly because it puts everyone on the same playing field. Eliminates all the cronyism and all the progressives screams for equal justice and fairness. People it might put out of work are tax lawyers and tax consultants, accountants, lobbyists, etc, etc. so I am not surprised Cain is getting a big fight on this. Obummer wanted something BIG…so there it is. Deal with it.