Bill Introduced to Strip Citizenship of Americans Supporting Terror Abroad

A new bill introduced by Connecticut independent Sen. Joe Lieberman and several other members of Congress would strip the citizenship of Americans deemed by the government to be involved in terrorism.

Lieberman introduced the “Enemy Expatriation Act” Wednesday with Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Charlie Dent and Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Jason Altmire. The legislation would update federal law to revoke the citizenship of Americans involved in terrorism.

Currently, there are seven categories under federal law for which U.S. citizens can lose their citizenship. Existing expatriation law includes such acts as renouncing one’s citizenship or serving in the armed services of a foreign state engaged in hostilities against the U.S.

The new legislation would expand the list to include “providing material support or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization, as designated by the secretary of state, or actively engaging in hostilities against the United States or its allies.”

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55 comments on “Bill Introduced to Strip Citizenship of Americans Supporting Terror Abroad
  1. Amy k says:

    Seemingly all well and good until the face of terrorism changes to be Christians or Jews or any people group! This is not good!

    • ProundPatriotToo says:

      Amy K – unless you have served in the military (overseas) or have lived in a country crawling with Muslims, don't jump to prejudge decisions on what this covers/or for who. My husband and I are Vietnam Vets (33 yrs-overseas) and we lived in Muslim occupied France for 8 years (2000-2007 Dec). Any time, any Muslim radical group, including their children who hold a knife to a teacher's neck, because the male Muslim wants an A for not showing up in class; the French government give them and all their related family members an unscheduled, one way trip, back to their country of birth. They also loose their French citizenship and all benefits. If they try to return, they go to jail. So before you get all touchy feely, think first. Seen a lot in my life time.

      • Steven says:

        ProudPariiotToo: I don't think Amy k is jumping to conclusions about what this is INTENDED to cover. She is worried about what a Secretary of State may decide they WANT it to cover. The troublesome issue is who decides what constitutes "actively engaging in hostilities against the United States". Some government officials have ALREADY indicated they believe the groups Amy k mentioned fit into that category. Many members of those groups believe the government officials in question are the guilty parties. The sound bite is attractive, but the details are potentially troublesome.

        • Amy K says:

          Thank you Steven, that was my thought exactly. I send things from my iPod and try to use as few words as possible. We do already know Napalitono thinks we are terrorists.

      • Amy K says:

        Whoa, I only wrote TWO sentences that were neither "touchy" nor "feely" and you seem to have misread them to think you know me and can rail at me like this. I appreciate your military service and will not take offense at your words. Please read Steven's response. He understood my meaning. Thanks. My thoughts are along the same lines as @Blazes here.

      • Drew Page says:

        It's good to hear that France has finally seen the error of its ways and is doing something to rid itself of the vermin that infests its land.

    • rocketman says:

      Amy K, you are the one, the one in every crowd that says something outside the box, perhaps a way of thinking, but in retrospect, no! just unintelligent, non insightful and biased brain waves formed into words. One, Christians and Jews anywhere on the planet and as commanded by their scriptures do not perpetrate malice. The phony tag of terrorism sets on one major group who's script does command violence, one held in the guise of a religion, called 'islam' and various other malcontents forged by their own pathetic laziness and hunger for taking from others so they can exist, known as those for freedomless socialism. You need to face facts and not grasp for uniformed nonsensical rhetoric that pushes the thought to a stupid >what if situation<. The only way you are credible in your response is when you mention other groups, and in this you must of had OWS in mind.

      • Amy K says:

        I will say the same to you that I said to @ProudPatriotToo — Whoa, I only wrote TWO sentences and you seem to have misread them to think you know me and can rail at me like this. The face of terrorism will change and is within this administration and with the Secretary of State making the call of who is a terrorist, you better believe it will no longer be Islam — it will be us. The Christians and the Jews and they don't have to prove we are "perpetrating malice" they will just make it up like Iran has about Pastor Yousef. Please read Steven's response. He understood my meaning. Thanks.

    • Drew Page says:

      Ssounds reasonable on the surface, but there always seem to be unintended consequences to these type of laws. To often words used in such laws are open to 'interpretation'. How, for example, would "material support" or "resources" be defined in the law? How a "Foreign Terrorist Organization, as defined by the Secretary of State" could differ with each new Secretary of State. "Engaging in hostilities against the U.S. and its allies" could be interpreted as something less than shooting, bombing, kidnapping, etc. Would someone expressing negative opinions about our "allies" be considered as "engaging in hostilities"? Who defines "allies"? At one time, Germany, Italy and Japan were our enemies, but are now allies. Russia used to be an ally, now they aren't. At one time we were allies with Iraq and Afghanistan and we supplied them with arms, ammunition, money and other resources when they were fighting Iran and Russia, respectively.

  2. dingbat36 says:

    I'd much rather see a bill to strip naturalized Americans like George Soros of their citizenship! The following is a direct quote from this disgusting man who nearly sank the British currency…………looks like he's at it here as well.

    George Soros: "The United States Must Stop Resisting The Orderly Decline Of The Dollar, The Coming Global Currency And The New World Order."

    Is that the statement of a man who is really interested in being an American citizen?

  3. adrianvance says:

    Do you mean that is not the case? Where you can lose your citizenship by voting in a foreign election or serving in their military this would seem foregone.

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  4. Elizabeth_MC says:

    Why stop at the mere removal of citizenship? These acts are treasonous, defined as "The betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies" , and they are punishable by imprisonment or death.

    • evermyrtle says:

      I believe the first person who has committed numerous treasonous acts sits in the White House planning many more such acts. There is where our # 1 duty lies. We carry on and on about minor abuses to our once great Country, when this one who has brought us to our knees is still popping the whip surrounded by his supporters. Apparently we Americans who desire GOD and CHRIST to reign as out own, have our hands tied as far as doing something about the destroying of everything that America stands for and we believe in. Most of us have done everything we know to do, telephone calls, signing petitions and nobody listens, nothing happens. When we are able to eliminate this faction, then we should take care of these, while some of them are major, trouble at home, first

    • jorland says:

      Drones are much faster and more effective.

  5. Robert Vincent says:

    I think all possessions should be taken from them.also

  6. SHERMAN TANK says:

    I think for the most part, if we remove the illegal's in this country, the problem we are trying to fix with this new law will go with them. Laws for those such as Soros, are covered under Treason and can be easily handled with a bullet.

  7. Rudloph says:

    Who takes away citizenship? This could get tricky. I would prefer that jail time be better punishment as a felon.

    • ProundPatriotToo says:

      Rudloph, read what I just told Amy K – ProudPatriotToo, they do in other countries and the French are getting very good at it. Come on, man up.

    • rocketman says:

      Rudloph, when one aspires to another countries laws over their own, and when one plans evil against said country to subvert and conquer it, than yes I agree that their citizen should be revoked and also jail time served. Only when their country of choice would accept them and pay their way to get there would they be released. We are in a subversive war. As far as 'islam' is concerned, it is spelled out in the 'quran'. And for those who many find half hearted peaceful ayats (verses) in the 'qurans' surahs (chapters/books, they my friend have all been abrogated by muhammads alter ego allah, but please do not believe me or anyone else, read it your self. You will find without a shadow of a doubt the mo and allah are one in the same.

    • dingbat36 says:

      Evidently you haven't heard of the former Polish citizen who became an American citizen by naturalization who was stripped of his citizenship by this country when it was proven that he was a Nazi war criminal by surviving Jews who recognized him. He was subsequently tried (in a foreign court) and found guilty.

  8. Sandra says:

    There is already a law for treason, the Nationality Act of 1940. …"deemed by the government" is a little scarey also. Opens the door to abuse. WHO is the one who interprets this law? This law would make everyone a suspect. The Federal DOJ would love this, locking up anyone who has any perception of being a terrorist. They could say that if you don't agree with the President, you could be a terrorist! Again, gives the government too much control.

  9. Eddie B says:

    Obama,Clinton,Holder etc…….All I can think of is……HELP!!!!

  10. How about enforcing the key laws of this country. I know it
    is illegal to forge a birth certificate and use someone else’s
    SSN (let alone multiples). This offender ought to be deported
    or go to prison.

  11. cheryl jessup says:

    Soro's is not welcomed or allowed in Britain. How did they do that? I think we should follow suit and throw his butt out of the USA>

    • Stan Lee says:

      Soros is persona non grata in many Eastern European countries. When those countries were spun off the Soviet yoke and left to manage on their own, Soros showed up and decimated these small countries' treasuries. I can't explain his tactic used, I wish I could explain it, but while he broke each one of those emerging governments( like Bulgaria for instance), he came away with vast profit.
      When he went to visit Ukraine, his reputation preceded him and the Ukrainians were wise to him.
      At a dinner supposedly in "his honor," with Soros sitting at the Guest of Honor table, while he was speaking to all there assembled, two big men in tuxedos stood up, each grabbed a handle of a huge silver tureen filled with herring salad in cream (Ukrainian delicacy) and dumped the whole thing on Soros' head! He got the message and on the very next day flew out of Kiev, Ukraine.
      That was the best picture I ever saw of Soros!

    • Stan Lee says:

      The UK has a parliamentary system of government. The Parliament can decide who is a persona non grata and disallow any visa priveleges to that person. The UK has also deported "undesirables" with far less fanfare than would be in our system of government.

  12. Blaze says:

    This is wrong! All the government has to do is change the definition of "Terrorist" and they can strip the citizenship of any person in this country for any reason they choose. Any person on this forum can be considered eligible to have their citizenship just for speaking out our feelings for the POTUS.

    At first blush this bill looks good but the devil is always in the details and the consequences could bite all of us in the butt.

    • Stan Lee says:

      What is your assessment of how a "terrorist" is defined by the United States at present? This is not a "gotcha" question, but strictly for feedback. Also, I presume you meant "Any person on this forum can be considered eligible to have their citizenship ——–(? revoked?) just for speaking out our feelings for the POTUS."
      I have concerns regarding the circumnavigating of the Constitution by this President. I believe he's in violation of our Constitution on this count (among others). The Constitution bestows us the right to speak out, provided the speaking out does not encourage violence against a President.
      What do you think on all this?

      • MSM007 says:

        Blaze is right. If he had the chance, Obama would label being a Republican/Tea Party member as being a terrorist just so he could strip those who oppose him of being able to vote against him in 2012.

        Keep in mind that Homeland Security currently regards any white guy that’s served our country and believe in and/or exercises his Second Amendment rights as a “potential” terrorist. I meet 2 out of 3 of that criteria so I can’t say I wouldn’t be concerned if this law passes, given the current track record of rampant abuses it wouldn’t be a question of “if” but rather “when” this law would be abused against law abiding citizens whose only crimes are exercising their First and Second Amendment rights.

        • dingbat36 says:

          And that pronouncement was very quickly rescinded as soon as it was realized that the American public was aware of the contents of that letter to law enforcement people!

        • Steven says:

          But under an abuse of the law striping citizenship, political enemies would no longer BE Americans in the eyes of the law.

    • dingbat36 says:


  13. Jeff says:

    This bill, when, not if passed, is how the government will not only usurp the U.S.Constitution, but will outlaw all religion except what they appoint for the global citizenship of humanity. This is part of the new world order's agenda. This will be the catalyst for the one world religion. It will be considered treason not to worship the god they appoint for you to worship. The sub-prime mortgage fraud scandal was a tool used to deliberately destroy our economy. The end result will eventually be the one world banking system. The chaos that has been simultaneously created: international protest in Muslim states; and now pointless protests on Wall street will usher in the era of the one world government. THE BEAST IS UPON US AND THE UNVEILING OF ANTI-CHRIST IS NOT FAR AWAY.

  14. noob says:

    Who will be next? Those who show any difference from our corrupt government. Remember, every attack on the constitution starts with a small change that sounds good to half the idiots.

  15. sting45 says:

    I would think thst supplying guns to the below the border drug cartels would fit into that catagory. Therefore Holder and everyone else involved could lose their citizenship. hmmm….. I think this might solve our Whitehouse problem !