Obama Wants to Decide How Much You Make

Barack Obama believes he should decide how much we should earn. Just in the last few days he went into his favorite mode: attack dog.

When Bank of America decided to respond to the Durbin amendment (which cut down the charges they could charge merchants when debit cards are used to pay for purchase) by charging customers five dollars a month should they decide to use debit cards, Barack Obama attacked the bank by stating that they should only earn a “certain amount of profit.”

This is cheap populism. He and his Illinois pal and political ally created the problem by supporting the amendment cutting the fees charged to merchants. The gall is that they now are attacking people trying to deal with the problem they created. Furthermore, it is disgraceful for a President to engage in such class warfare rhetoric (but, he has an addiction to do this – “millionaires and billionaires” routinely role from his lips and to delve down into business areas that should be and are trivial. There are a myriad of responses people can take when confronted with these charges: they could find another bank or just choose not to use debit cards. America survived for many decades without them.

That is how a free-enterprise economy works. Only in a government-controlled economy does the leader get to decide how much someone can earn. We are not there yet despite our President’s seeming agenda to take us there.

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34 comments on “Obama Wants to Decide How Much You Make
  1. AZ Legal says:

    If he wants to tell us how much we can make then my suggestion is that he and m repay everything they have made and spent in the last 4 years! They can live off the profits from the first year sales of his book. America is (was) the land of opportunity where we were free to make the choice of working hard to make the riches or to just work for someone else. Many of us would like to earn enough to pay the bills, keep the roofs over our heads, cloth and feed our children/families, and to put a little aside for the emergencies. The majority of the nation live paycheck to paycheck, a lot have lost their homes and their jobs because of o's stimulus bills. To the democratic party the American people are worthless slaves and they are hellbent in destroying this nation. God Bless America!

    • Peggy says:

      Absolutely correct AZ Legal!! AND as WE the PEOPLE, the sooner we take these crooks out of the WH, the better!! We need to STAND & fight for OUR country back!! Because if we don't, I'm afraid "America" will be no more! Obummer & his cronies will make sure of that!!

    • Marlene says:

      Since he ran around the country begging the sheeple who followed him for their votes, he must have wanted the job badly enough to settle for being paid based on his worth. That has proven to be zilch, therefore he shouldn't be paid by the taxpayers, he should be paying us for rent and lavish services that he's stolen from us. Then, he and his wife and Mother-in-Law can rot in prison for theft and treason and whatever other charges we can throw at them.

  2. Colorado says:

    He and his only believe that the government can and should make everything work. They want total central control and they want everyone to be needy and look to them for work, pay, support, etc. They do not believe in the free market or true freedom.

  3. SEAN MURRY says:

    My suggestion is make him pay back for all of those lavsh vacations him and mooch took.

    • Wyatt says:

      Sean haven't you heard ? He and Michelle paid for those vacations themselves . {sarcasm is intentional} The thing I want to know is how did they afford it ? According to the tax disclosures prior to the 2008 elections , neither one of them had that kind of income or money.

  4. Mike says:

    This is the modus operandi of this President and minions. He took over the Auto Industry, Financial Institutions, fired CEO's, is imposing stifling regulations so he can control the economy. Sounds kind of like a blend of Socialism/Communism to me. Own and control the means of production. I am surprised he hasn't come out with a 5 year plan like Russia and China had years ago. if this guy sticks around, we will be waiting in line for bread and toilet paper like they did and 15 people living in a government apartment. Not a happy prospect.

  5. James says:

    While Dear Leader rails against " millionaires and billionaires " , he himself is a millionaire. He and his wife sure like to live like 18th Century French Monarchy, but he should remember what happened to THEM when the PEOPLE had had enough. Typical OBAMUNISM, take other peoples wealth and " spread the wealth around ", except for that wealth belonging to Loyal PARTY MEMBERS !

  6. adrianvance says:

    OK, Durbin makes a bill that prohibits retailers from putting a few pennies on your card purchase as that is what they have to pay for it so the banks shift the cost to you, but boost it a bit. Who is to blame? Why have the major media not appraised you of these facts?

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    science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

  7. tony says:

    Of course he want's to decide that. He's a communist.

    He wants us to make NOTHING

  8. mad as hell says:

    Can't we send a drone to the White House to take care of business??

  9. Yulee granny says:

    I once thought that Nobama was just a stupid fool.
    Now I realize that he is a VERY DANGEROUS IDIOT!
    Pray that God shed His grace on the USA in 2012.

  10. tweety says:

    It isn't like there is a set amount of dollars in the world, and if I make money, you lose some. There is plenty of money for all –JUST GO OUT AND START SAVING! Why are people so angry if someone else is successful??? What ever happened to saving for a rainy day?

  11. Chris says:

    How about turning the table on the entire Government, starting with the Obama Administration, and We the People decide how much they make. After all, it is We who employ Them… so why are they the only one's who still have jobs and can take all these lavish vacations? I can tell you…. because We keep allowing Them to print more money and charge it to our company debt forever! Do you get it, yet? Think about this… if Bank of America goes bankrupt, Chapter 7 is forgiven debt. Oh, but how easily we forget who's money it was that bailed them out….. Ours! They won't lose anything, but we have everything to lose. Stop believing Obama the Deceiver. He is just trying to control the collapse of everything, including Wall Street, too. Think about it… if I've worked for a company for 10 years and have earned a pay raise each year and am now making $14.50 an hour, but the new guy wants to make just as much as I do without any training. What? Is this fair? I don't think so. Why would anyone want socialism? America is about working hard to earn a living. Where there is a will, there's a way. Work your way up the ladder. Who is teaching there children that the child who works harder than their siblings, will not make more, he'll just be the one to provide for all the others who do nothing. I don't think so. How would you like America to be like Russia? If We continue to allow the Government to Deceive us, we will be Russia. No thanks! If you want to live in Russia, feel free to leave. If you live in Russia and want to live in America, too bad, it's not a choice to leave! Get it, yet. Don't let America be run by Government. Let America run the Government, like it was intended to. Start reading about politics and educate yourself. The TV News isn't going to give you both sides of the story. The TV News is a coin with heads on both sides…. it's to make you believe something that's not always the full truth and it's their side of the story. Watch, order or buy the new released DVD "I Want Your Money" by Ray Griggs… its the 2012 Director's Cut. It will open you and your children's eyes forever to what is happening to America right now, and is history repeating itself in a very bad way.

  12. jon macvean says:

    that dictator has no right to decide what people make him and his illegal family should be shipped back to africa or thrown in jail

  13. Freemanmd says:

    This is just the start of what BHO and his administration want to do to our country. They want complete government control and they want to change our nation to a socialist country like Greece. We can watch as Greece slowly sinks into the ocean and then we can say yep that is where we are headed. What is even worse is that OUR Federal Reserve wants to finance Greece now. The rules and regulations do not allow OUR Federal Reserve to bail out another country. Please write your Congressmen/women at http://www.congress.org/signon or call them and tell them if they want their job, REPEAL THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT NOW. We the voters must act and save our country from the socialist/liberals.

  14. donoesau says:

    Obama is a would be communist dictator. I would not be surprised if he refused to step down if he loses the election and declares himself president for life; he is that arrogant. At that point our only chance might be a military coup .

  15. Gringo Infidel says:

    The electorate will be deciding the usurper's fate in the next election. As long as the usurper continues his dogmatic and ideological approach to 'changing' the U.S. he will loose the next election (provided that dead people's votes are not counted again.)