Air Force General Blows Whistle on Obama, but Media Deaf

A United States Air Force general is blowing the whistle on another alleged White House scandal, but few in the news media seem to be listening.

According to General William Shelton, the commanding officer of U.S. Air Force’s space command, he was told to alter his testimony before the House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Strategic Forces regarding an Obama White House attempt to award a defense contract to the Lightsquared firm.

Lightsquared is a high-tech company doing business in Virginia that’s owned by billionaire Philip Falcone, an Obama friend and campaign contributor.

According to the National Legal and Policy Center, Phil Falcone had visited the White House and made large cash contributions to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Soon after, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted his LightSquared a highly unusual waiver that allows the company to build out a national 4G wireless network on the cheap.

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212 comments on “Air Force General Blows Whistle on Obama, but Media Deaf
  1. Dan Clamage says:

    Just more crony capitalism. Hugo Chavez should be taking notes on this guy.

    • Starr says:

      WAKE UP PEOPLE– If we allow the government to control our news outlets, we are no different than a DICTATORSHIP!!!

    • EyesWideOpen says:

      What we need to find out about anyone up for election is what organizations they are affiliated with. Free Masonry is the common denominator in the groups that are pushing the One World Agenda: The Illuminati (yes, it still exists), Masons, Shriners, Rotary Club International, Trilateral Commission, United Nations, Council of Foreign Affairs, Bilderberger Institute, Labor Unions, Vatican, and the National Conferences of many Protestant religions! To see a list of the people that belong to these groups just enter “the worlds’ richest people” into your search bar on the internet. These people know that in order to get the citizens of the countries of the world to accept this One World System that they must first crush the economies of each country so that we will accept this system rather than starve to death. But know that anyone that is not part of their group will become enslaved! Just look at what is happening today, open your eyes and see the truth! We must return to living by what the Bible really says – it is the Word of God and is to be taken literally!

    • Rick says:

      I'm afraid you've misspelled Corruption and Chavez does just fine with Fidel. Just in case you haven't noticed, Russia, the former Soviet Union, a Communist Country has recently began to come out of the Dark Ages buecause they've adopted Capatilism. You've also probably missed the New China, Communism hasn't worked, so they too have adopted some of those same Capitalistic ways….You think?

      • taxed to death says:

        So has China. While socialism is their politics capitalism is what has propelled them to a leadership role in world financial power. Do not let the American Socialist Democratic party faithful know those facts.

    • johnsnare says:

      Hope and change baby,hope and change. All we got is small change.

    • taxed to death says:

      It is not crony capitalism. It is in fact socialism and nepotism as well as the elitist support for one another. Have you ever noticed Oblama's non-verbal communications when he addressing the public. His head is always tilted back so he is looking down his nose at those he considers to be inferior to him. He is nothing more than a little man who utilized corruption to gain political power. He is the stereotypical, egregious dictator.

    • Brooks says:

      I believe you have that backwards. Obama is taking copious notes from Chavez!

    • One Human Being says:

      In my opinion, Hugo Chavez can go straight to Hell, do not pass go, and do not collect the $200.00!!!!!

    • lucitee says:

      "THIS GUY" used HUGOS notes! And Hugo is monitoring the situation to make sure his "notes' are used properly! OTHERWISE, no more "bonus's" of oil stock!

  2. Dusty1 says:

    This Air Force general is upset because the deal that was made put the security of the country at risk. Obama doesn't give a CRAP about our national security or armed forces, but he is very concerned to pay back his supporters and contributors. This is another scandal which should be investigated thoroughly and publicly.

    • Elizabeth_MC says:

      (Obama doesn't give a CRAP about our national security or armed forces, …)

      So painfully true!
      After listening to Marine Dakota Meyer tell his horrible ordeal, I was sickened by the fact that these soldiers did not receive fire assistance because the conflict was too close to villagers. …and "they" could have been killed.
      By that evidence alone, this administration proved it is fighting a politically correct war; throwing our men and women on the alter, if need be, so that the world will think well of "HIM".
      How dare this president give that medal of honor to that soldier when this president has no honor himself.

      • Dusty1 says:

        Agreed, Elizabeth. Obama isn't worthy to shine Marine Dakota Meyer's boots, yet the Nobel organization saw fit to award Obama the Nobel Peace Prize! It's enough to make me puke.

        • barbpatton says:

          Sadly all of this is so true – the man is a dangerous enemy of America and it is my belief that what with giving students a hand out – illegals a hand out – and giving his buddies gifts and re-payments for votes – he will once again be elected to be president of this country. After all said and done he has the TAXPAYERS money as his "staSh" to use as handouts. hussein disgusts me. Enough– WAKE UP AMERICA

        • seabee combat vet says:

          And they awarded it on talk. Bet that they are embarrassed now!!!! They have now down graded the award to like the "Slammies!"

      • seabee combat vet says:

        When I was in Nam, we had all sorts of restrictions on our, "Rules of Engagement." If we came upon an enemy force, we were NOT allowed to fire upon them, unless they fired on us first!! Okay, so we need some dead personnel to allow us to defend ourselves in a war zone, oh yeah, it wasn't a war, it was a "Police Action," So why weren't the COPS there!!! This action was a prime example of "ARM CHAIR" leadership by the "NON MILITARY" leadership of America!!!! This is not a new scenario, as I have lived, operated, and survived in the "Navspecwarcom," community for 13.5 yrs.
        To have oblowhole present me with a medal ? I would refuse it, and ask for the highest Ranking officer of my branch of Service to do it, He,(obama, lower case for a reason,) will never be my C.I.C.!!!!!

        • iwantobamagone says:

          Amen to that friend! I feel the same as you. barry sotoro AKA obama, is nothing more than a thug, a thug with extremely deadly powers at the moment but still a thug. From day one when he was swore in my flag has been flying upside down and I'm sure you being in the armed forces knows exactly what that means. As far as I'm concerned he is nothing but a TRAITOR,aCOMMUNIST,aTERRORIST,aLIER, and last but not least a THIEF! He should be removed from office,by force if need be, and taken straight to jail to stand trial for his crimes and he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. All his co-conspirators should be right there with him to. Ones like Vallery Jarrett who is a convicted felon, a terrorist bomber, and a traitor as well.

    • bill says:

      right you are, but liberal media won't give it light of day. Perhaps some Tea partiers will have the cajones!

    • JIM says:


      • barbpatton says:

        May I correct you. hussein is a muslim – woman are less important than the flees on his camels back. this poor sod has 2 daughters so the same applies to them. One wonders whether the runt of a dog is a male? if so then to hussein he is important.

    • JIM says:


    • RoyfromKs says:

      We are going to have to omit the "Main Stream Media" when reporting anything about the Liberals! We should know by now that the FOX NEWS and FOX BUSINESS is the one of few that report on the news as it happens….and reports both sides of an issue! I occasionally come across a newscaster from another network and I can't believe the negative words that they use in reporting anything about the Conservative movement! It just makes me sick….no wonder they aren't number one! It's kinda like listening to the Kremlin making a report….don't you think?

    • Denise says:

      Why does the media turn a deaf ear to anything obuma does? Are we going to sit back and allow this? What can we do to wake up Americans to think for themselves and stop supporting congressional seat warmers that are dedicated to filling they're pockets and to heck with America? HELLO

      • iwantobamagone says:

        I'm on the Board of Directors for my local T-party group in southern Wv and we have done nothing but focus on getting this thug out of office since we started our group. Its kinda frustrating though because every time we put on a rally to gain support and raise our ranks by recruiting new members we have a huge turnout. unfortunately very very few people actually show up to any of the scheduled meetings. Its the same in most areas from what we hear. Everybody is pissed off but nobody actually wants to get their hands dirty it seems. Our numbers are small but we refuse to give up! We will continue to fight for as long as it takes to get our country back to its former glory!

      • iwantobamagone says:

        All we can do is harrass the hell out of them by calling your areas reps,delegates, etc.. Dont underestimate how much this does accomplish! You can also join or start your own Tea Party Group in your area. If none exists then start one! Put on rallies for the candidates you like and educate the people in your area about what is actually happening in the world. You may be surprised to know that the majority of people still watch all those worthless liberal media tv shows for what little information they get and have no idea whats realy going on around them. Theu are all eager to learn and some actually want to get involved to make changes they only need someone to get them moving in the right direction.

        • iwantobamagone says:

          I'm on the Board of Directors for our local Tea Party Group in Southern Wv and we have made an impact in the short time we have been active. What we need is for every county in every state to start there own groups and help us ! We hold rallies frequently to educate and also to give candidates we support a platform to speak from and they have been very successfull so far. If you are not sure how to start one you can easily find out by searching the web or contacting one directly for assistance. We need all the help we can get if we are going to get our country back. The time is now to put up or shut up folks! That comment isnt directed to anyone particular but it is the truth! The time for griping is over. Now its time to act!Dont expect someone else to fight for your rights if you aren't willing to fight for them yourself!

    • SHIRLEY FORD says:


    • One Human Being says:

      I wonder how much Obama pockets from all his illegal doings???

    • Angel says:

      Chicago politics like always. This Kenyan will riun our contry. And the Demo-crats will support him

    • iwantobamagone says:

      We will never ever get any answers from the current people we put in office. Unfortunately to many of them are just as guilty as obama is and some even more guilty of much worse crimes against our country. We can only hope that after we vote him out, which will be an enourmous task in itself because of all the voting fraud tricks he and his little trolls are planning on using to ensure his victory, that the damage he has kept hidden from all of us isn't so extensive that we won't ever be able to recover. You have to look at it as if this guy Barry Sotoro,AKA Obama is the worlds most dangerous terrorist and traitor that is hell bent on our total destruction and then alot of other things the man has done that left you scratching your head will start to make more sense. You will also have to resign yourselves to the fact that if he manages to cheat his way back in for another four years we will have no choice to but to surround the whitehouse and refuse to leave till he gets out. Out of our whitehouse, out of our country!

    • Jim Calhoun says:

      The Abomination. Most likely and probably the sleaziest political puck to swindle the American public. Of course he has had the help of liberal media who is as hell bent on destroying our country as any treasonous villan as any aka Benedict Arnold. Only God's intervention can prevent the destruction of America at the hands of the Abomination and his media cohorts. They sit and laugh in derision at the American public because they all know we are too weak and defenseless before their government thugs forceful stealing and deplorable acts of tyranny against the general public.

  3. Richard says:

    This article opens with: "A United States Air Force general is blowing the whistle on another alleged White House scandal, but few in the news media seem to be listening."

    Is there anyone who has been paying attention who believes the MSM is not just operating as perhaps the most powerful arm of the Democratic Party, and cannot be trusted at all to serve its intended function? We can only count on the alternative media and Fox News, to some extent, to bring us something approaching the truth in these matters.

    • Drew Page says:

      It's obvious, General must be a racist.

    • T Lady says:

      The MSM are Obama's obedient lap dogs, only barking at the GOP and T.E.A. Party on command.

    • brownbear95 says:

      What you say is so true! I have heard it said that the MSM acts as the most effective press corps for this Obamanation!
      from Another Richard

    • mad scientist says:

      Watch out.This General will be fired or moved. There will be more false allegations against him just like Hermain Cain's accusers who dommed his political ambitions.Is this America??????

      No Certainly not. This is the only STUPID country that allows girls and women travellers to come here and make a baby who claims citizenship. We the STUPID tax payers pay her bills.30 million illegals have INVADED the country. We will not close the borders. Why? the Government is so corrupt that it has STOLEN money from the TAX PAYERS and the Government wants ILLEGALS to support the SOCIAL SECURITY. Can this country SURVIVE??????
      Forget about law enforcement. This corrupt government has created a 2 TIER legal system.One for the tax payer and another one for TAx evader(ILLEGAL) We the STUPID tax payer has to pay $400 billion/ year only to sustain these illegal rats.
      They have corrupted the system in a way that no remedy is possible. Only person who can fix this is a REssurrected GOLDA MEIER whose policy is either DO or DIE. This woman transformed Isreal. Who will transform our country???Romney???NO,NO,NO,NOWAY!!!!!!If you voite for anyone other than Newt, ZerObama will be reelected.

  4. Luis D Rey says:

    I doubt that any of the Wannabe GOP nominees has what it takes to defeat THIS CLOSETED RADICAL MUSLIM MONSTER/MUBSTER!!
    Also, if I remembered correctly this General WILLIAM SHELTON did not particularly care for whatever Bush (Georgi-girl) wanted to happen in the War of Terror and all of a sudden his yapping around, although, well done against Obama (Yo-mama), a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, Citizen of Indonesia, etc.,

  5. Victor Barney says:

    Hello! What about our CIA??? Duh! After all, I'm 100% certain that it is they who chose our self-reported Marxist(anti-christ, as Islam) Presidents, as the former secret service agency deal that Wilson/Teddy R. had before the Truman pile-on CIA! I may have been born at night, but not last night! p.s. And there is absolutely nothing that the so-called "we the people" can do about it either! No? Watch!

    • John says:

      Yah there is …

    • Spense says:

      The CIA is the shadow government, they're the ones pulling the strings moving us closer to a one world government…. of course Obama is their puppet, no question he was put there by the CIA.

    • GDC says:

      YOU are an IDIOT!

    • sam vincent says:

      I agree 100% you are right. We realy don"t have a say any longer. Objective is moving us to the one world govt.
      US is the last frontier of a free society. If we go down they will have reached their objective.

    • iwantobamagone says:

      If you truly believe that there is nothing we can do than you are now part of the problem. Everyone I talk to does the same thing as a lot of people on this site are doing. the piss and moan about all the crap obama is doing to our country and I bet if I did a quick poll to see how many are members of a Tea Party Group the results would be typical,very few if any! If your not willing to take a stand and defend your freedoms and your rights dont expect someone else to do it for you. Right after that Traitor took office I helped start my local Tea Party Group and we have been very successfull thus far. After our last elections we basically overwhelmed the historically democratic area with a majority of conservative republicans winning and this has not happened before in this state ever! Thats how big a difference a small group of people can make!All you have to do is quit the griping and start the doing!

  6. old dad says:

    Time to begin a blitz campaign.
    Call or write your representatives every day. Insist on an investigation and IMPEACH this bummer.
    He is destroying this country.

    • Drew says:

      IF YOU WANT TO DO IT RIGHT, SHOW UP AT THEIR OFFICES, THE OFFICES WE PAY FOR. IF THEY DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO US THEN WE GRAB THEM AND TOSS THEM OUT INTO THE STREET. If enough of us do this they will take notice. Time to start locally and work our way up, within a week we will have control again. There are 300 million of us and over half of us are armed to the teeth and ready for this type of action. If you want to research this a little, take a look , state by state at the hunting permits issued, the hunters alone in America will make up the worlds largest standing army. You just don't F with a redneck and his hunting rifle because you won't win that fight!

    • Susan Woods says:

      Calling or writing our representatives does no good. I've done it many times, and all I get is computer generated replies that tell me why I am wrong. Also, taking part in online 'fax blasts' doesn't work either. I used to until I received an email thanking me for opposing something I definately supported! It all gets twisted. You can't trust politicians!!!

    • John says:

      Oh yeah , the only thing that will cause is a big paper sales for the paper companies .

    • Marie says:

      old dad: Well, it's not like Obama did not advertise the direction he would be taking our country. We have been taking care of many people who chose to live a life of accepting welfare to care for themselves and their off springs. I wonder if President Obama would give me a brand new car? My 15 year old Toyota is beginning to show some signs of wear.

  7. SEAN MURRY says:

    These people need to grow up and quit being pigs time for obummer and unions to go.

    • John says:

      LOOK , I'm sorry to say it , but , YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FIX THIS SITTING AT YOU'RE KEYBOARD !…

    • NOLAN H. says:

      I agree that obama needs to be impeached but we need the unions, they helped build this country. Unions are America

  8. Here's an interesting point no one seems to notice, or at least not be addressing. In the article we read, "…owned by billionaire Philip Falcone, an Obama friend and campaign contributor." This guy is probably a Democrat, yes? But what else is he? Oh, right – a BILLIONAIRE, as well as a campaign contributor. You know, I see names casually shunted into articles all over the place that are attached to millionaire and billionaire status to point up how popular Obama is, yet no one seems to see the most obvious part – that these people are neither Republicans nor hard-working poor and middle-class citizens! So what is all this noise about the evil, rich Republicans (or conservatives, or Tea Party members)?

    You know, some of the wealthy in this country got that way through inheritance, regardless of Party affiliation, but most of them earned it because this Country makes such a thing possible – or once did. Why has nobody talked about the "evil rich" Democrats?! A huge number of Dems in the Senate are millionaires, some are even billionaires, and most of their main Democratic supporters (like Obama's) are also in that special "rich man" club. Come to think of it, Obama is a millionaire, too! And let's not forget the Kennedys, the Kerrys, the Soros family, the Rockefellers, and all of the Hollywood elite! So why the push to tax "the rich" unless Obama and all of his little buddies already have a closet full of loopholes to avoid paying the looming tax increase?

    This is truly Chicago politics at its best, a system that cares nothing for national security, citizen safety, or even human rights. It's all about personal power and wealth that, as far as liberals and Democrats are concerned, are reserved only for them, and is the only thing about this Country that they consider great – America's virtues (freedom, human rights, generosity, bravery) have become fodder for true evil to use to put the selfish, dictatorial, socialistic-minded, violent-thinking politicians and their sheep-like followers in charge of those who just want to enjoy the blessings of liberty and otherwise be left alone.

    I wonder how much longer General Shelton will be allowed to remain in a position of respect in the military…
    My recent post Speaker at Union Event Suggests Urinating on Republicans

    • Dusty1 says:

      Obama is a big hypocrite. He LOVES hanging out with the rich folks at Martha's Vineyard. He's really an ELITIST, like Michael Bloomberg (NYC Mayor), only Obama wants to flatten down the middle class and play the big Ruler of us all, dole out the taxpayer dollars as he sees fit, spread the wealth. Only now we're seeing that he has been spreading the taxpayer dollars in the form of guaranteed loans to the likes of Solyndra and other "Green" companies who are poised to go bust! But these are his friends ….

    • You hit the nail on the head independently dems outnumber repubs by 3-2 with pelosi and rockefeller in the top
      its funny how the libs demonize the repubs over oil although not that old if I remember history right david rockefellers
      grandfather started standard oil the because of a monopoly in or around 1912 it was broken up into smaller companies but still owned by his granfather of course now it is british petrolium ummm.
      My recent post Why Obama Should Withdraw His Nomination for 2012

    • Gerri says:

      Yeah, some millionaires got that way by working — but most of them by just knowing and brown nosing the right people. Oh, and Duke Power Company's rich CEO -$ 8.8 million in pay, stocks, etc. Who does enough work to make $8.8 million in one year? A large sum of this money should be put back in the company for research and decreasing the cost of power to these poor customers. Too bad — power companies, (and it used to be telephone companies) have a hold on us. We have to have them and they know it. Very little, if any, competition. And no, I do not have Duke Power as my provider of electricity.

    • johnsnare says:

      The bashing of the wealthy is nothing more than a charade by the Obama Chicago cult, to throw smoke at the middle class. He tries very hard to come across as a regular guy, when he reallyis part of the wealth, he so often demeans. Smoke and mirrors from this Chicago empty suit, and carpetbagger. He lied and cheated his way to the Oval Office, and he will continue with the same tactics to get reelected. Four and Out. Pleaseeee.

    • mad scientist says:

      Watch out for head lines!!!!Gen.Shelton faces trial.What for? Trumped up charges for refusing to cooperate with the corrupt Government. . His days in the military are numbered. ZerObama has already issued orders to his CZAR to take care of this General. This country is not anyway different from ancient Rome. Rome destroyed itself.America is now being destroyed in an unprecedented speed by ONE MAN ZerObama.

      We must thank those koolaid drinking, weed smoking Brain dead DemocRATS who voted for this dangerous man without know ing anything about him. It is also the Media. GOD SAVE AMERICA FROM ZerObama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kgh says:

    Agreed, we must do something to stop this socialist leader from completely destroying America. We should boycot the media that is not reporting the truth, do not watch it, do not buy products that advertise on those media programs. That is our only way to defend this country now, money talks, and when we punish the media for lying to us then they will listen to what we want, and that is freedom from government domination of our private lives.

    • Gale says:

      The corporations pay to advertise, you pay to watch. Stupidity at its best. I don't have cable and hardly
      watch tv. The people of this country are not only spoiled, they are stupid. Throw some more money
      at that. I served this country for 9 yr's in the Marine Corps and am just fed up. I got out because I
      no longer wanted to serve the people of this country. Not all people are bad but the majority are just
      selfish and stupid.

      • dingbat36 says:

        Absolutely agree!! This 75 year old great grandmother is ashamed of what this country has become. I watch almost NO television. What is there on there TO watch? American Idol, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and the plethora of other stupid so-called "reality" shows? No thanks, idiot fodder all! Then there are all the alphabet news networks which are nothing more than the American version of Pravda. This country has become not much more than a dumbed down bunch of drones, which of course is exactly as Democrats want it…………….how did we manage to escape!

    • C Mixon says:

      Socialist my butt. He is a Muslim Communist. Born to communist, raised by communists, and taught by communist professors. Yes, this duck quacks. Where is all the due diligence that America's Tass and Pravda does on all Conservatives. Did they have a sleep over on this worthless piece of human??

    • Mike says:

      Kgh, your points are well taken. However there is much we can do; we must, as conservatives, speak the truth always; respect the other person's point of view; and keep a large stock of ammunition at hand.

    • mad scientist says:

      WE GET WHAT WE DESERVE. We had legalized the dangerous gateway drug MArijuana through the back door of MEDICAL MARIJUANA. We have thus brainwashed nearly 100 million future young voters who have lost their thinking abilities. ZerObama has made them Zombies who will do what he wants. The DemocRATS are willing to sell this country for FRAUDULENT VOTES from felons, Illegals and those who have no IDS(Multiple voters!!!!!!!!!!!

      God must perform amiracle to deliver the country from this AmericaHater ZerObama

  10. grannysmith says:

    Gangster Chicago Politics. Daddy Daley must be so proud. Oh, I forgot, he didn't like blacks. OOPS! He liked them when they delivered. Sheesh…. Who's to stop this ruination of our once great country?

    • oxnin says:

      Who;s to stop this ruination of our America? What a dumb statement; were you born ignorant, or work hard at it! THE PEOPLE JERK!!!!! The real Americans in this country, at a near moments notice, attack the seats of LOCAL, STATE,and FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, AND LITERALLY THROW THEM TO THE STREETS!!!! Do an AMERICAN REVOLUTION; copied after, of course, The French Revolution….That is the only way we can take back this country. By the way, the radical judicial branch as well.
      We have been humiliated by our gov. already; bowing to a scum sucking Muslim Saudi King!!!!!So to put America on the world television circuit throwing out theses tyraitorius leaders, will show the world, enough is enough, and don't F— with America!!!!……Stand up Americans, stop the political correctness BULL—-, AND SPEAK THE TRUTH OF HOW YOU FEEL.sTOP SHARIA, ANY WHERE IN THIS COUNTRY….jUST LOOK AT England….OXNIN

      • brs says:

        To compare the French And American revolutions then suggest we copy the French example is ignorant on many levels.

        • dingbat36 says:

          History would show that the French revolution (1789) FOLLOWED the American revolution (1775).

          As much as I would like to see ALL politicians on either side of the aisle who accept "special interest" money (Isn't that a nice polite way of saying graft?) I don't think we really need public executions by guillotine, or any other way for that matter. I would just like to see all thrown out of office AND stripped of any and all the benefits bestowed upon them when they entered their offices.

        • Guest says:

          Sometimes to allow the enemy to go on living, allows him communications and actions that he can still do damage. If he is executed, his voice and actions are stopped….. this man needs to be stopped one way or another or put him on a small island all by himself, but again, he would have rescuers and we would likely not know his whereabouts. Benedict Arnold was no longer able to cavort with the enemy…. there was a good reason for his execution, and it set an example that we would not tolorate any one being a traitor.

      • Roy Acryin says:

        While I agree that Obama has set out to destroy our nation, as we know it, as he hates traditional America, the vitriol in your comment is quite ignorant, and does not serve our cause well. We MUST remove Obama from office, but do it in the constitutional manner. And I also agree that we MUST stop sharia law in this nation as it is THE threat to civilization in the West, and to the advancement of all mankind in general.

        • RoBoTech says:

          So, now you are the unofficial grammer/content police on an INTERNET blog!
          How insane and pathetic is THAT Mr Politically Correct Buffoon?
          Mind your own bushiness. Your moooommmmy lied to you boy, you ain't special, just a P*ick.

    • Sally says:

      Obama isn't black, he is white!!

    • Marvs says:

      Did you wonder why Daley resigned from the Mayor's office for no stated reason and then Emanuel came (was sent?) back from Obama's office to take over, while Daley's brother Bill was sent to Washington to advise Obama? Just a few too many incestual coincidences here!

    • Marvs says:

      Ever wonder why Hizzoner stepped down from the Mayor's office with no stated reason, while Rahm came (was sent?) back from Obama's office to take over, and then Daley's brother Bill was sent to join Obama's staff? Doesn't that seem to be an awful lot of suspicious insider coincidences?

    • bERNADINE says:



  11. SEAN MURRY says:

    because they favor obummer and his cronies.

  12. Moose says:

    Obama stands in front of the American people and tells them that tax loop holes must be closed and blames the Republicans for their existence. At the same time, his White House is handing out favors and access for his millionaire friends and campaign donors. Does anyone see a problem here? This White House is worse then business as usual, handing out favors to friends. He is screwing the poor and middle class while pretending to help them. This is the worst administration since Lyndon Johnson for political corruption.

    • John says:

      Please read my post below …

    • Drew Page says:

      After all of Obama's preaching about the immorality of "big corporations" not paying their fair share of taxes, he puts Jeff Imelt, the CEO of G.E., that paid no income taxes on $14 billion in profits ($9 million of which are parked in Cayman Island banks) on his team of economic advisors. He then appoints that same Jeff Imelt as his Jobs Creation Czar, who then promptly moves 8,000 G.E. jobs from America to China. And still, the hypocrit Obama says the big corporations are getting too many tax breaks and that he wants to see more products stamped "made in America".

      • W.Rand says:

        Drew, you're so right. And we know what kind of product we recieve from China. As far as G.E. product- it's plain
        junk , as with all the product from companies that have taken the American jobs from the Americans to foreign countries & expect us to keep buying ????

    • Denise says:



    that's ok, enough of the people heard the story, I salute the General for his not kneeling to the scum in DC. Good Show Sir !

  14. vector357 says:

    What bugs me so much is that all those crooked Politicians in Washington are letting that Criminal Obama and his chronies to get away with the Largest Hiest of the Century. And none of them are doing a thing to stop him. They all need to be Tared and Featherd and sent packing.

    • John says:

      It really looks like , if ANYTHING is going to happen to these loons , WE ARE THE ONES TO HAVE TO DO IT ! Congress and the rest of the PAYED OFF SYSTEM aren't going to help us !…

  15. haroldson says:

    we have some good people in the military. We have a sorry media, at the point I would'nt trust any of them, Used to trust fox, but lost faith in them, Lets get the pigs out of the white house.

    • Susan Woods says:

      Of course we have good people in the military. Why do you think that, for the most part, the military hates Obama. Bush may not have been the best president, but at least he respected our military. Obama wipes his shoes on them!! The lame-stream media is pro-Obama because they are owned by big progressive liberals. Their reporters are greedy brown-nosers who want to keep their jobs.