Will Immigration Cripple Rick Perry's Presidential Bid?

Commentary on the Rick Perry-Mitt Romney showdown at the GOP debate has focused on Perry’s “Ponzi scheme” critique of Social Security. It’s an important issue, and Perry will have to rethink the way he talks about Social Security in coming days. But not enough attention has been paid to Perry’s performance on an issue that could be his undoing in the GOP race: immigration.

The bottom line of Wednesday’s debate is that Perry, governor of a border state for more than a decade, didn’t have much to say about immigration. When asked how he would secure the U.S.-Mexican border, his answer was “boots on the ground” — Border Patrol agents — and more unmanned drone aircraft. That was about all Perry had to say, beyond criticizing President Obama. “For the president of the United States to go to El Paso, Texas, and say that the border is safer than it’s ever been, either he has some of the poorest intel of a president in the history of this country, or he was an abject liar to the American people,” Perry said. “It is not safe on that border.”

But what to do about it? Romney was more prepared for the question. First, he called for a fence along the border. Then, he called for more U.S. agents to secure the fence. And then he called for measures to turn off what he called the “magnet” drawing illegal immigrants to the United States. “Sanctuary cities, giving tuition breaks to the kids of illegal aliens, employers that knowingly hire people who are here illegally — those things also have to be stopped,” Romney said.

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221 comments on “Will Immigration Cripple Rick Perry's Presidential Bid?
  1. ballen says:

    Two Republicans-Bush and Perry-are the only politicians of either party who have had the balls to say,out loud,that social security is a scam,and needs to be fixed NOW. And what treatment does Perry get,not only from the screwballs on the left,but his own party too? Why do you people insist on supporting smarmy tell-em-what-they-want-to-hear pols like Romney,and pile on anyone who by accident or design says something truthful for a change? I’m beginning to wonder if anyone on these boards really wants to win anything anymore.

    • Robert, TX says:

      Leadership is a little more than "telling them it's a scam." Like, when Bush said "I told them about Fannie Mae." Are you serious!!! You are the @#$&ing President of the United States – DO something about it or shut your mouth. Of course, this is the same scum who loaded our brave troops down with Rules of Engagement that are so heavy (and so many volumes) that you could not ship them UPS. Leadership is a LOT more than playing with PowerPoint slides.

      • DWAIN says:

        Bush really did all He could do warning about Fannie and Freddie.For Your info the POTUS can't write laws,He can only sign or veto bills.

    • Darlene says:

      I think before Romney speaks about just building a fence along the border he needs to drive along the border from one end to the other accross the US. Actually he would need to fly as a lot of the border is not accessable by the family Mercedes. There is a lot of rugged terrain that would best to be patroled by electronics or planes. Drones would be a great idea. It's not like calling the local fence company to build a fence accross the back of your estate. Perry is right, it needs to be done with electronics, planes and boots on the ground along a lot of it.

      • DWAIN says:

        You are right.A fence will never work for the reasons You give.There are a lot of remote areas that without constant watch could be tunneled under etc.

        • nativetx says:

          It doesn't really make any difference how long or how high the fence is if the desire is there they will come, the best and only way to cure this illegal situation is just take away all the entitlements and let them go home, that way they can stay in there own country and get the same nothing.

      • DonJ says:

        Perry is not for reducing the infusion of illegals, he's for putting it off as long as he can, foot solders may be a good answer. Perry is for building his great hi-way, the North American Union and One World Order. Perry lies, just like 0.
        Perry says, give'em Gardasol. That's what his pharma money is telling him to say.

    • defendConstitution says:

      I want us to win in 2012 but I don't want the winner to be Perry. Just research his record as Governor of Texas and you will soon see he is more liberal than he is conservative. If a sheriff in Arizona can have a major impact on illegal immigration, why couldn't the Governor of Texas do anything other than help the illegals? Immigration is only one of the areas where Perry is less than desirable, second only to the individual currently acting as POTUS.

    • ALOFA says:

      You don't want Romney to be our President. He is worst than Obama. WAKE UP. Romney is a MORMON! MORMONS are NOT CHRISTIAN. MORMON is a CULT. The BOOK of MORMON is UNTRUE Biblically, Historically, and Scientifically. The facts remains, that the god of Mormonism elevates "WHITE" races as supreme and has demeaned African-Americans and Native Americans as "UNRIGHTEOUS." The Book of Mormon describes the Native-American CURSE as "They were white, and exceeding fair and delightsome; that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a SKIN of BLACKNESS to come upon them" 2 Nephi 5:21. Post-1981 editions of The Book of Mormon have deleted the strength of the racist overtones by CHANGING the word WHITE, in the original 1830 Book of Mormon, to PURE, 2 Nephi 30:6. Ferguson call the geography of the Book of Mormon "FICTIONAL." THERE IS MORE!

    • me1537 says:

      Look up the definition of a Ponsi scheme and you will understand that Social Security is nothing more than a Ponsi. The money that we have been forced to pour into Social Security for our retirement is not there, simple because the governemtn has stolen the money by placing it in the general fund. A huge amount of it has been stolen by Obama to fund his Obamacare.

  2. CaptTurbo says:

    "Will Immigration Cripple Rick Perry’s Presidential Bid?"

    I sure hope so.

    • rodney Burke says:

      As do I. I don't trust him to stay home and do his job. He got re-elected KNOWING he was going to run for President. How much time does he spend in Texas? Every time I hear about him, Perry is NOT in Texas.

    • spot says:

      I also hope so! He is a Bilderburg attendee. He, just recently was a registered democrat. He also was Al Gore's campaign manager for the State of Texas. He wants the super-highway, from Mexico through the U.S. to Canada to be built. He supports Muslims, and as of last night, everyone can witness how he feels about illegal aliens. He supports amnesty. Also, he is a "slick" talker, and reminds me of the last presidential candidate who ran on promises, and change! Folks, we will be in for another 4 years of democratic leadership with Perry in office. Have you thought that he just might be a plant? If the Tea Party supports him…..I'm out!

  3. Charlotte says:

    The difference is those immigrants came here legally. If we continue to allow anyone and everyone into our country it will eventually become as bad as Mexico. Why do they want out of that country so badly? I think they should be allowed to enter in order to work but it should be a visa and they have to go back. Instead they come and stay and bring all of their relatives to enjoy all the free stuff offered here. Or come just in time to have a baby who automatically becomes a US citizen and eligible for benefits. The last time I was in the emmergency room at a local hospital I was the only person there speaking English. When my son expresessed sympathy to a Mexican friend who had some of his friends deported he was told No problem tThey visit with family and then be back . We are paying for them to go home but allowing them to come right back. WAKE UP

    • Brenda Choate says:

      Don't try illegal entry into Mexico. You will not like the experience at all.

    • me1537 says:

      Why do people continue to call these people illegal immigrants? Call them what they are; INVADERS!!! No other country in the world would allow people to cross their borders like the U.S. does. We as a nation have every right to shoot on site, anybody crossing our borders illegally. Obama only wants to prosecute those that have a criminal record. Well duh!!!!! That is everyone of them that has crossed the border illegally. That, of itself, is illegal and makes them all criminals.

  4. sharon says:

    Folks, read this makes me want to pull my hair out! Face it, we find a strong candidate and unite or WE FALL! Division in the Republican party and among independents will give the democrats exactly what they want. If the Easter bunny gets the republican nomination (and yep, I'm one of those praying fools and proud of it) , we would be better off with him. This country cannot tolerate four more years of Obama. Period, end of sentence.

    • Robert, TX says:

      So, tell me please, what exactly will Perry, Boehner and McConnell do? They will do NOTHING and nothing will change and this country can not survive the status quo any longer. So, it is the republican sheep that need to "wake up" and stop empowering these lying, gutless, pathetic, eunuchs with false praise and blind support.

      • DWAIN says:

        You are wrong on no change.Every Republican running would be a change for the better,some much more then others.
        I hope no one is stupid enough to start a third party because that will give Obama 4 more years on a silver platter.I don't care for some Republicans now running but whoever is the nominee will get my vote!

    • rodney Burke says:

      addemdum; ?This country cannot tolerate 4 more years of democraps with a majority ANYWHERE! They are mentally ill and we need them OUT!!!

  5. xRedfoxx says:

    Apparently Pawlenty doesn't like Perry. He just endorsed Romney this morning. Maybe Perry's weak stance on border issues caused this? Letter is posted here:
    My recent post Tim Pawlenty just endorsed Mitt Romney

    • The Punisher says:

      And you value, the opinion of as LOSER????? Pawlenty BLEW it.. he went "attack Negative" instead of present positive reasons HE was the better choice… in other words, he ACTED JUST LIKE A DEMOCRAT!! Sorry, his opinion isn't worth SPIT!!!

    • Val says:

      I'm sure thats why.

  6. Dewey Mason says:

    I still wonder why we have about 14 million Americans who cant find work with the aprox. 14 million illegal workers who do have work. Some how the media cant put 14 million to 14 million. strange.

    • The Punisher says:

      Because the "Media" is all run by LIBERAL MINDED DRONES??

    • madd scientist says:

      Who said 14 million? 30 million from all over the world have silently invaded us. Last year, the ICE arrested 300 illegals crossing Mexican border from India. This year, they arrested 3000. This must end. We are the most compassionate people on earth. Today, our compassion has been abused by every country on earth.Enough is enough. We cannot sustain this abuse anymore.

  7. james moore says:

    as long as perry is down on us who through our working lives have paid into SS and has a poor record on immigration he will not get my vote. illigals are illigals, it makes them a felon. we have enough felons of our own. deport all illigals. if they have childen in this country the children are illigal too. I in my opion think PAUL and BACHMAN would be a great team to defeat our illigal pres. (IMPEACH)

    • The Punisher says:

      perry is down on us who through our working lives have paid into SS …….

      HOW did you come to THAT conclusion??????? He called SS.. TODAY, EXACTLY what it IS, due to being RUINED by Liberals!! Man tells the TRUTH, and you are DOWN on him??? What are YOU, a DEMOCRAT??

    • DWAIN says:

      James:He is not down on Us on SS but like Bush sees that it has to be fixed.Sounds to me You are a member of AARP which is the biggest scam in the world.Have to be an idiot to be an AARP member if You look into how they sold seniors down the river on Obama Care.

    • madd scientist says:

      We a re the most compassionate of all. To all the sympathizers of illegals, here is a challenge. Please open your homes and invite one or 2 illegal immigrant families, buy food, clothing and Health insurance for them. This will be your compassion. Please do not ask me to pay for these illegals, We need amoratorium on legal immigration for 5 years. During this period, we must track down every illegal who has over stayed. close the borders, make English the officila language and prosecute the employers hiring illegals. Anything hsort of this will destroy our country. IRS is paying them 4 billion dollars as earned income tax credit when they are not allowed to work here.We cannot sustain them anymore.

    • tncdel says:

      You're HALF-right.

      Bachmann was rated the HIGHEST of any candidate on illegal immigration: a B plus.

      But Ron Paul received THE WORST rating: an F!

      See: https://www.numbersusa.com/content/action/2012-pr…?

  8. if the govenment kept thier hands off theSS therewould be plenty of money.

    • RogCol says:

      Sorry, Dude, that train has left the station.

    • Dor says:

      You are SO RIGHT!!!! I'm so tired of hearing that the "baby boomers" are draining Social Security. While it's true that we were the largest generation, it's also true that that being the case, we paid THE MOST into Social Security. It would have been MUCH BETTER if SS had not been taken out of our paychecks and we had been given the choice to use our income to save for our individual retirements. The govt. used OUR RETIREMENT FUND as their personal piggy bank!!!!

  9. Marilyn says:

    Go Sharon! This is NOT the time to quibble about which Republican candidate fills the bill! America CANNOT survive another four years of liberal entitlement and government control on steroids! America MUST have a Republican President, Senate, and House to breathe life back into her……..that and alot of fervent prayer to the Father of our country! This just may be our last chance to get it right! You folks out there who quibble about the candidates think you’re right and some if you think prayer is ludicrous? But……what if I’m right? Only God can bless America again! God gave us brains,common sense (well……that’s debatable), responsibility, and free will….the ball is in our court now!

  10. You got boxer botox face Nancy p there they should be in jail now.

  11. BushMaster63 says:

    Before anyone could do anything effective to save this country we would have to completely dismantle the PC regime, remove Islam from our soil, and stop foreign invaders at the gates by whatever means necessary, pass the flat tax, eliminate the IRS, and most certainly eliminate the feds ability to subject us to punishing laws while they recieve amnesty from the laws that they themselves imposed. but for anything to work we first have to dump the pc crowd, for they are what has allowed, and strongly embraced, our enemies and are using that ideology to detroy this country from within. Perry's ties to Islam should make an true conservative throw up in their mouth…..Christianity and Islam do not play well together, especially when their quran specifically instructs them to make jihad against christianity, and lets them use any means necessary to accomplish their goals….any peacable muslim is not true to their faith. Need proof? just look at what less than one term of one in the white house has done to this great country…and he still has another 15 months to go.

    • Marcie says:

      Makes you wonder why the US President would earmark $20B to bring the Hamas here and support them, and I understand there are already over 7,000 in the Michigan area—all learning how to use the system. That influx needs to stop NOW and BHO should be held accountable for this action. We can't provide for many of our own much less wilfully bringing those here who will never attempt to merge into our cultures. They need to understand that once they ARE here, their "traditions" do not apply here.

  12. jb80538 says:

    Americans want and deserve a president that will be strong on illegal immigration by requiring that ALL employers verify immigration status of employees. DEPORT ALL illegals and SECURE the border so that NO more illegals come into the US!

  13. Judith says:

    I agree with one of the posts that Social Security is not an entitlement. If it was an entitlement most of us would not be in it. Clinton balanced the budget from our Social Security when he was in office and no one went after him for it. The Republicans better stop cowering in the corner and looking for love or they are gonners. It is time they stepped up to the plate and voiced real opionions. Why in the world are the illegals in this country so protected I will never be able to figure out. They cannot vote in a federal election as they are here illegally. The politicians would be wise to follow the lead of other countries that illegals have tried to invade. Either come to the country legally or face imprisonment then go after the country that is not policing there own borders.

    • ladykroft says:

      Yes, but they do vote and they voted in the 2008 election and they voted for obama bin shaytan/iblis. That is why obama bin shaytan/iblis does not want them deported.

      (In Arabic "bin" means "son of" and "shaytan" means devil. Iblis means "one who causes despair" .
      My recent post Bush: My Actions Led To bin Laden Killing

    • Gordon says:

      These illegally's are invaders who have entered our Country and should be shot on site, as they did our Patroll agents. Has anyone ever asked what happend to the last two Border Patroll agents that had been sent to jail and then released, did they get their jobs back? These individuals are entering our country, because we are paying for their children to go to school. That is what President Obama meant when he said: "No child left behind". How come Micheal Obama has not asked if everyone could just give $10.00 to the State of Texas for their hardship? She asked for the People of Haiti? Is it cause they where Black? Lets face it Obama uses the race card at every given oppertunity, well I belive we are being discriminated againist cause we are White and now that in ALMOST black President is in power, he wants what is best for the Muslim's and the Blacks.

    • azwayne says:

      Why do people not know what an "entitlement" is. The media has done fantastic dumbing down america/. Doesn't anybody know "entitlement is a portion of budgeting, means they can't screw with it, because people have PAID for it???"Entitlement" is not a dirty or negative word, it's a portion of budgeting, plain and simple. An entitlement, as social security, you pay premiums, you're "Entitled" to benefits. How can anybody discuss properly when they're confused and only confuse everybody else.
      How can people waste so much time talking about pure wastes of time. If everyone is conservative or Republican you can't waste time on Romney or Perry, leave them to liberal media, they're the ones that like them. We shouldn't pay them the time of day.

    • DWAIN says:

      They do vote in Federal elections!A few weeks back there was an article that said New Mexico was looking into 60,000 cases of possible voter fraud many which were illegals voting!

  14. Snow says:

    Yanno I wish i could find a candidate with Chris Christies Balls,Romneys business sense,Caine's sense of humor,Bachmans love of country & family values,Santorums Spiritual beliefs,Perrys "tell the truth" attitude & Pauls libertarianism(Hate his foreign policy though)_Huntsman is a Rino and 1 of Obummers lackeys so he dont count lol
    Sighssssss I miss Ronny Reagan

  15. 1776 says:

    Dr. Michael Savage for President! Borders language and culture. Too bad he won’t run.