What If Obama Were Governor of the State of Texas?

For anyone having trouble imagining Rick Perry replacing Barack Obama as America’s president, imagine if Barack Obama had replaced Rick Perry as governor of Texas.

Both Obama and Perry inherited an economy from George W. Bush, but here’s what happened in each case:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), under Obama, 2.4-million jobs have been lost in America.

In the first decade of Perry’s tenure, from June 2000 to June 2010, the BLS says that Texas had a net gain of 907,000 jobs—the best record in the country. Perry refers to research from the Federal Reserve’s Dallas branch that since the recession technically ended in June of 2009, Texas has created about 48 percent of the new jobs in America.

Since Obama’s inauguration in January 2009, unemployment nationwide has gone from 7.6 percent to 9.1 percent. The current unemployment rate in Texas with Perry as governor is 8.2 percent.

During the past seven years, CEOs polled by Chief Executive magazine have rated Texas first in the nation in business development and job growth. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that in 2010, Texas’ economy grew 5.3 percent versus 3.8 percent for the overall U.S. economy.

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287 comments on “What If Obama Were Governor of the State of Texas?
  1. CajunClint says:

    From your inference, Obama would have the same record, had he taken over Texas at the same time Perry did. The implication is that if Perry had taken over at the same time Obama did things would be different is a fallacy. Leading the nation in low-wage and below minimum wage jobs as Texas/Perry has will do nothing for the US. To imply that the US will benefit from those same jobs is misleading. The crisis in Texas regarding Health Coverage, Education and Deficit is directly attributable to the policies of Perry. To imply that the US would benefit from these same policies is beyond belief. The use of the Texas "rainy day fund" to entice businesses to locate to Texas with only the promise of jobs is a long way from the actual creation of jobs. And for the governor to change the job creation agreements when business don't hit goals is simply lying.

    • paul c says:

      get a life and wake up dummy

      • krdave says:

        It does show that there are times when a "writer" just can't come up with anything sensible to write about.Is he going to do this state by state? My next choice would be Mississippi.

        • Vivian says:

          Ya, and he had better start checking facts first..

        • MxQuist says:

          Facts? ooooo, carefull there, Vivian, facts are the kryptonite of progressive libs. It can send them into deeper and stronger fits of babbling and grabbing statistics ever deeper out of the backsides. Shine the light of truth on them, and they tend to shiek and melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West (…I'm looking at YOU, Nancy, and Ma'am Babs Boxer…)
          It only enriches me to read the continuing delusions of the left as they try to salvage the last vestiges of their dignity (…I know, WHAT dignity?), in their desperate attempts to retain their deathgrip on this Country.

      • Al Duhan says:

        This just shows his intelligence. The same idiots that put that brown bag of sh—t in the W H.

      • John says:

        I agree! This guy believes what he is told twice is the truth. It's not so much Obama, but guys like this who are too lazy to do the research. There are plenty of research available. Texas would be much healthier if it were not for federal policies.

    • Susan says:

      Are you the fool who the White House hired to counter anything that is negative to the Dunce in Charge?

      • MxQuist says:

        Yeah, Susan, the army of hims and hers out their quoting the advances and benefits that have rained down on us since '08, despite what the poor boy inherited from that dasterdly previous guy and his "…failed administration…" are the "shovel ready jobs" (snicker) the man in the White House was speaking of…
        And Boy-Howdy! Do they Ever NEED a BiiiiiG Shovel ! ! !
        Live, knee-deep from the left coast, I return you to the rest of the forum….

    • larrypn says:

      It would appear you have the typical "talking points" with no data to back up your statements. You appear to be from the same mould as Barney Frank. You might try reading the article with an open mind?

    • Texas Boy says:

      well perry has been gov of texas for a long time…. so u really cant say some one else created those jobs!!!

    • ChefM says:

      It really is amusing how people try to defend the Obama policies that have lost millions of jobs, by comparing Texas and Perry's policies. I will take a policy that helps to create jobs, even low paying jobs over Obama's no job growth policies any day. It just boggles the mind how these simpletons compare no jobs to low paying jobs. Is that all you've got? Right now, low pay is much better than no pay. When Obama is out of the Peoples House, and the economy begins to once again improve, those low pay jobs will begin to grow to a decent wage job. It's simple economics. Companies need to survive, so rather than 5 high paying jobs, they create 10 lower paying jobs. When the competition grows with the economy, these companies will then need to be competitive again to keep good workers, or risk losing them to companies who pay more. It's really not rocket science.

      • John says:

        Thanks for your comments, right on! Except the situation is so serious that it is no longer amusing but pathetic!

    • Big Ugly says:

      Sounds like you're one of the high-paid schills that Obama calls one of his "Engagers"
      True, or True?

    • Mike Tanco says:

      You're from Louisiana dumb ass. Obama bought you off and Texas has a large percentage of your cast-offs. You shouldn't be giving your negative opinion about the Governor of Texas. You could put anybody in place of Obama and this country would be better off. Excuse me, except for Pelosi or Reed, their elevator doesn't go to the top floor either. List for all of us the accomplishments of Obama and his administration, please! Mike Tanco

      • MxQuist says:

        "…except for Pelosi or Reed, their elevator doesn't go to the top floor either…"
        OMG! That is sooo funny! Never heard this one before. I LIKE it! Oh, and I would definitely add Ma'am Babs Boxer to the short list of "…anybody but…"

    • Vivian says:

      Cajun your out of your mind and don't have a clue what your talking about. I live in TEXAS and I know for a fact the things Perry has done to help the economy here, and they have worked. AND when obama was handing out additional unmployment to all of the States (with strings attached) Perry didn't take it……..he said "Find a JOB". In the first place obama would never have been elected here and if he were he woulden't be in office long! Texans are to busy working and making money to put up with someone trying to destroy us.

    • Dwain says:

      Maybe You should wake up and get the facts.Taking all things into consideration,jobs,wages and cost of living You will find that the jobs created in TX were better pay bottom line then the average in the US.I worked for 30 years in TX and have family still working in TX and the pay is above average compared to other states in the same industries.
      From reading Your post I would say that You are part of the problem!!

    • Alice says:

      It is wonderful how a liberal, when confronted with hard facts, can obfuscate and spin the information to a negative if it proves their policies are wrong. But, when conditions get worse, they pull out the blame someone else game. Fact is, any corporation would fire a CEO who was hired to correct their economic situation and, after three years, continued to blame the one he replaced as they went bankrupt. If a man cannot do the job, he ought to admit it and stop blaming everyone else.
      My recent post How Effective Is the Freshman Class on Congress?

    • Cajun Claude says:

      I live in Texas and know Rick Perry better than you do CajunClint. You are only using the Democrates Talking Points and do not know all the facts. Texas is a lot better off than the rest of the nation…that is a fact. Texas created more jobs than any other state is a fact. Whether Texas has the most low wage jobs under Perry is immaterial….Texas is creating jobs while other states are losing jobs….another fact.

      Because you are ONLY concentrating on Talking Points instead of your personal knowledge and experience, you are missing the true facts. What you are totally missing is Texas has more illegals than any other state and they are the ones who do not have proper education and are getting the low paying jobs.

    • Mike says:

      Any job, including minimum wage jobs is better than taxing people to pay people out of work, This country left British control because of "taxation without rep.", what do we have now. Health care is not a privelege, neither is education after the 12th grade. Many make it out of bad areas (Slums) , do you think this would happen if everyone made the same salary? Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they are what makes this country.

    • Robert Wayne says:

      Don't call yourself "Cajun". No Cajun in his right mind would support Obama. As for if Obama were governor of Texas? I'd be happy I'm in Louisiana.

    • guntotingoldtexasgal says:

      re CajunClint – I am a 76-yr-old life-long Texas Republican who organuzed one of the April 15, 2009 Tea Parties – you are very correct in your statements! For the true story of Texas jobs. see "Perry’s ‘Pay-to-Play’ Job-Incentive Funds Miss Targets in Texas" at: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-09-01/perry-s-… ~ ~ Pandering to LaRaza as he criticized AZ Reform Bil and called idea of erecting border fence 'Crazy' go to: http://www.klif.com/FunStuff/CurrentVideos/VIDEOP… ~ ~ The Trans-Texas Corridor (which would have crippled the Texas economy – (which is not dead

      • Texas Pat says:

        Well, guntotingoldtexasgal, I also am a 76-yr-old-life-long Texas Republican and adamantly think whatever Tea Party group you are a member of should throw your ignorant butt out since you prefer Obama to our governor!! What a Jerk!!

    • dolly says:

      It doesn't matter what kind of jobs, they are jobs. More than Obama can say.

    • George Reagan says:

      Well, CC, your name 'implies' that you aren't from Texas. Maybe, from the cajun state, that sent ~30,000 Katrina victims to Texas. Along with those, the illegals that got around the border patrol and UAVs and inflated the states welfare and indigent problems. Taking that into consideration, I think Texas has done much better than most states.

    • Pop says:

      You have the left taking point down! The thing you don't seem to understand is that Texas under performs in education because illegal aliens crowd the schools. When you have the normal, limited education budget, an extra 10 or 12 non-tax paying students in every classroom in the state causes a degree of strain. Likewise, Texas spends $20 billion per year on healthcare costs that are directly attributable to illegals. You claim that all the jobs created were low wage. Do you understand that flooding the labor market with undocumented workers drives the cost down WHERE EVER they are? I'm not sure how millions of illegals streaming over the border is directly attributable to Perry's policies. It's the guy in the White House that claims the fence is complete and refuses to enforce our laws.

    • Buddamacuddis says:

      I couldn't even imagine who bad Texas would be if that piece of garbage Obama was Governor… Personally, I don't think the people of Texas would be so stupid as to ever even consider him as a candidate to vote for

    • JEC says:

      Cajun Clint is one of those Katrina refugees that fled to Texas and never went back. Now he thinks that he knows what is best for Texas and the USA, by bashing Perry.

      • WilliamJW says:

        If that's true, he needs to move his cajun butt back to Louisiana. Texas has enough problems with all the illegal mexicans. They don't need more free loading welfare grubbing people to add to their problems. Stop blaming the government for living in a place that borders the gulf, but is below sea level. To me the whole idea of living there is stupid to begin with. It's like wiping before you poop. Or People in Los Angeles blaming the government about earthquakes.

    • lee cox says:

      Had Obama's Homeland Security SEALED THE BORDER, there would not be so many illegals with minimum wage jobs!!
      As many critics have stated, Obama couldn't run a lemonade stand. He's clueless about how an economy is forwarded. He adopts the Socialist platform (in 1944 Norman Thomas, who ran for President 6 times on the Socialist Party ticket stated "I no longer have to run for President on the Socialist Party ticket. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform" The Socialist agenda has come home to roost.

    • Steventhesane says:

      It is not lying. It is no different thanan athlete getting a bonus based on performance. Many years ago the elevated part of I-45 going through downtown Houston needed repair. The comapny that did the work was goiven a timeline. Every day ahead of schedule paid them a bonus, every day behind shedule cost them a lot of money. What you ended up with is the job done on time instead of union workers dragging feet to slow down the project. If the companies did not create the jobs thet promised in return for tax breaks then they don't deserve the tax breaks. That is a pretty simple concept. No obama would not have the same record because he would have done the opposite of what Perry did and business' would have fled Texas. The very idea that the US would not benifit from job creation is among the most asinine things I have ever heard. I heard something once that you should remember, it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

    • WilliamJW says:

      To keep it to easy to follow easy to follow numbers; President Bush added 2.4 trililon dollars to the national debt in 8 years while obama has added over 4 trillion in just about 3 years and is requesting more money should be proof in the pudding that obama is not capable of doing the job. He never ran anything, not even a popcicle stand muchless a state the size of Texas. He didn't do anything while a U.S. senator from Illinois either. It's easy to see how Perry could and will do a much better job as president. I can tell you this, Perry won't be kissing any muslim butts or bending over backwards for illegal immigrants from mexico.

    • Wiara says:

      Wow CajonClint – it's just about unanimous. You're an idiot who really doesn't have a clue.

    • Wise O'l Man says:

      At any rate the point is made Perry is a good guy and oBummer is Piece of Crap!
      No matter what falsehoods you spew that fact remains.

    • siteunseen says:

      You don't live in Texas do you? Lots of people trumping what you just said. Housing costs are lower, taxes are lower, oil is lower, so it generates more job growth, because people can save their money…GET IT?

    • SITEUNSEEN says:

      By the Way…if Obama were the Emperor…HE'D HAVE NO CLOTHES!

    • Texas Pat says:

      I started to contradict this liberal troll's ridiculous statements, then remembered it's a total waste of anyone's time talking common sense to anyone of the liberal agenda. They are taught to spread their venom because that's what the slaves and gimmee, gimmee crowd of the liberal party listen to. Cajun Clint, Obama would have destroyed our state just like he has done all of America; we just managed not to take as much of a "HIT" as the other states because we had a governor who stood up to him!!!!!!!!!!!!! All jobs minimum wage??? WHAT A CROCK!!!

    • MBOBM says:

      I guess you ASSuMED this?

    • 25th wolfhound says:

      Obama's people are sending jobs overseas as fast as they can. Gibson guitar has been told to go to Madagascar with their building of a guitar. As the administration said their life would be easier..

    • The Punisher says:

      Yo, El Stupido.. If you have more Jobs than any other state, then, by simple PERCENTAGES.. you will have MORE "minimum wage" jobs than anyone else too!! It's SIMPLE MATH!!! Funny, how Obvious and SIMPLE concepts elude you Lefties!!! No Brain must equate to no Common sense…

    • Bettyann says:

      I lived in Texas for 20 years and knew Perry when he was Railroad Commissioner and worked to get him elected to higher offices. I don't think any of you will be dissappointed in him. Yes, he is a politician but so are his opponents. He is a true Texan at heart and thinks big. He may say some things that people find odd: Everyone in Texas at some time has threatened or suggested that Texas succede from the Union, including myself. Texas does not need the Union. The Union needs Texas, its oil, jobs and tax reciepts. You all quit complaining. Jesus Christ is not on the ballot yet.

    • Fred Mateski says:

      Cajun Clint won't even use his real name because he is a democrat party employee. He doesn't even believe what he is writing. Just look at any city or state run by the democrats (In financial ruin). Look at the city & states run by conservatives & Republicans. Their economies are doing much better but not perfect. Not perfect because they are fighting over federal regulation (EPA) & way over taxation. FACT NOT FICTION. Before you libs even contest this go check it out for your self. You lose!

    • the alien says:

      Aall I can say is this… If that boy in DC gets another 4 years, you better getuse to useing the words "ALLAHU AKBAR". or as it sys in English, "GOD IS GOOD..bamaboy muslim at your door.

    • Paul says:

      Let him live on the border for the rest of his life!!!

  2. Elizabeth_MC says:

    For starters, if Obama were governor of Texas its name would be changed to Texaco , or maybe Mexas, since Texaco has the connotation of evil oil.

    • Liberty49 says:

      No, No, if Obama had been elected Governor of Texas and pulled the same crap he's been pulling in the White House, he would've been hanged by now.

      • MAC says:

        Ooooohhhhhhh……..Please put Obama As Governor of Texas, PLEASE!

      • Gray says:

        That's a good way to put it!!
        My hope is this: In 1975, Jimmy Carter's bs about being a Christian (his platform wasn't Christlike) only kept him in office for fouir years. After a short time, people realized he was in over his head, so, when Reagan came along, we had the man, who could replace him AND clean up after him.
        Reagan's tenure led to successes by both George H. W. Bush and Clinton (his early sucesses, that is). Then, Clinton began messing up and the failure has continued for the past 11+ years.

        Bush (the younger) didn't have enough time in office to clean up everything he'd been handed, so the people bring in another silver-tongued liar, who has done nothing for the USA, but a lot for the rogue countries, who hate our guts.

        • Gray says:

          That means we'll have to bring in the perfect candidate to clean the manure, being spread all over the place by the guy, who said he was going to spread the wealth.

          Actually, as I've said for awhile now, the only hope for America is a return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…the very One, Who blessed this nation for 200+ years before Obama began his term cursing Israel.

    • UncleRoy1 says:

      When I read the headline, "If Obama were Governor …" – I actually gagged a little, that thought made New Mexico look good as a possible new home…… yuckkkk.

    • Gray says:

      If Obama were governor of Texas, that state would be overrun by aliens, lootings and other crimes. Obama would probably forbid anyone from stop anyone else from entering on the southern borders of the State of Texas, which would mean Texas would have already become "Northern Mexico," meaning we'd have to begin anew, when he relinquishes than office …. pretty much the same as we'll have to begin a lot of things, anew, when he and his ugly wife are thrown out of the White House!

    • R, Ray Morford says:

      If Obama was Governor of Texas, the "GOOD OLE BOYS" would throw him over onto the Mexican side of the border.

    • The Punisher says:

      Did you really mean to say….. TAXas?? LOL!!!!

  3. krdave says:

    If he had been made governor of Texas 3 years ago and had done as much damage as he has, We would have no problems by now.—

    • Dr. Barbara Embry says:

      It took me a minute, but I got it! God bless the gun-toting Texans!

    • Betty Phillips says:

      If Obama had been Gov. of Texas, I could only GUESS what the outcome would have been. However I KNOW for certain that Obama would have gotten his AZZ whooped everyday and it would have been done with a smile as big as TEXAS.. So hey Rick Perry, you are a rainbow of happines to us. Obama can kiss our Patooties and eat SH– AND DIE.

    • Rex says:

      Dear Krdave: Are you kidding me by the statement you made? Really- really- really? Your more nutter then a fruitcake like he is. He is a trader and hates the USA you knucklehead you. I am laughing at your dumb remark!

  4. bgriffin says:

    Neither obama or perry are leaders, they are both career politicians that canot, will not and never will feel the pain of the average citizen. Vote both of them out!

    • CaptRCG says:

      Another liberal jerk-off

      • bull_rider says:

        Yes indeed. But this one his given up on Obama and yet refuses to admit that a more conservative approach works better, even when faced with those pesky things called 'facts'.

    • 1599 says:

      You are right because in reality they both think alike and stand for the same thing. And both will tell you you want to hear for your vote.

      • rocky says:

        That's pure and simple slander. More spreading of lies and all you have to do to know the difference is to get informed. Spreading lies isn't nothing more the devils work. Perry has a website mabe you could go visit it and get the truth. The truth of the matter is Perry isn't hiding his past or what he is doing today to help his state, that would be clear difference from Obama.

    • Robert Wayne says:

      I agree with bgriffin. I despise Obama, but Perry is just another moderate neocon, aka RINO, who is soft on the illegal Mexican invasion. The GOP doesn't need to nominate another McCain.

    • JEC says:

      What an idiot. ALL politicians are career politicians.

    • MrInterpid says:

      If Perry is a RINO, and I'm not saying he isn't, then what does that make Romney and Huntsman? Double and triple horned RINO's respectively?

    • Norm says:

      OBAMA is a puke,a chicago thug and enemy of the state! He is married to the ugliest woman in the world, one that would make a train take a gravel road!

    • Shamus McQuade says:

      Absolutely!!! Term limits on ALL politicians to 4 years for senators and reps and 2 terms as president should be the norm, to allow Citizen politicians to inject balance into the political process than carrier politicians who are really failed business people who could never hold a mop job. They would have been fired in the real world, real world meaning outside the political job. Obama is unqualified so is Perry.

  5. Jane says:

    Obama would be screaming bloody murder that the US Government is overstretching its authority and would support the 10th amendment of the constitution. Obama would institute a state income taxes. Obama would open the borders. Obama would put regulations on gas production. Obama would drive the best US economy to a halt because it is not operating to the marxist critera.

  6. James Kirksey says:

    A better analysis of which did better, if jobs are the only issue, would be to calculate how much each job cost in tax money for both President Obama and Governor Perry. In this case I believe Obama would be the looser, with his wild spending and excessive national debt. However, Texas does not have Pelosi nor Reid to help get a Kenyan elected, without a challenge. Washington is very corrupt.

    • JEC says:

      OH, but we do have Shiela Jackson Lee, and I bet if you checked the statistics of jobs in her district. You would probably find that the unemployment rate is as high as that of the nations unemployment. It is so bad that one of the school districts in her district went bankrupt, and had to be absorbded in to the HISD, that is also partially in her district, and itself on the verge of bankruptsie.

  7. mimi says:

    HE WOULD BE GONE BY NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    • Big Ugly says:

      Brings to mind a story I heard about a length of hemp and a fence post.

    • Vivian says:

      He WOULD be gone , we don't put up with that here. In the first place he would never be elected anything in Texas!

      • VT Patriot says:

        Just for a day?? Please.. That would give Texans a chance to show their approval rating. I heard they have lovely deer skin suit for him, complete with 8 points, and deer season's not all that far away. Just thinkin..

    • A_Nobody says:

      Nice thought.

  8. Tony says:

    Texans would NEVER be that STUPID.
    My recent post Nobody Really WANTS to be Called Stupid

    • Hugh Capet says:

      I agree, It would be inconceivable for Texans to ever consider such a candidate for governor! Texas citizens instinctively reject out-of-hand anyone that espouses communist/leninist ideals. Texans are proud people that champions liberty and self determination – not governmental driven social engineering.

    • RJ Davis says:


      • bull_rider says:

        I think every state has some place(s) or other where the clueless have enough votes to elect nitwits. My state of Indiana has its share, and one of our Congressmen said that the Tea Party would love to see blacks lynched. (When there's no way to win the argument, demand you be awarded victory via 'racism'….)

        Given a choice to move to any state in the Union, I almost certainly would move to Texas.

    • HI Tony, My thought on this is the same as yours is. He probably shot at sunrise. Well we can only hope. He gets Impeached and kicked out of office then arrested for treason and spend the rest of his life in a Maximum security prison with no hope is release.

    • susie Baker says:

      Tony, you are right. We Texans are not stupid. We already have too many non-legal immigrants in Texas now. If Obama were governor of Texas He would make every Immigrants from Mexico legal. But I think He wouldn't live long enough to be Governor of Texas.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Well.. he may have created or dug up jobs but he is running neck in neck with Obama on destroying our Constitutional rights by siding with PETA and HSUS and passing bills that allow AC and the law to walk into your home and search and seize without a warrant !!

    So how can THAT be better ? It ISN'T … he's not looking out for the welfare of our US Constitution or our rights !!!

    OUT OUT OUT with BOTH of them.

    • CaptRCG says:

      Palin will get in the race & will be the next President — then we can go back to normal – in the mean time we have to reward all liberals – there are only 2 ways to reward a liberal #1- long prison terms #2 – lethal injection (#2 the preferred reward.

    • SMRTNUP says:

      Of course You're right, Rebecca ! . . . We are intentionally on a rapid march toward the North American Union of the U.S., Canada and Mexico and then soon after, the One World Government. . . America is the biggest sticking point because most every house has firearms in them. . . They HAVE to eliminate all those guns if they ever hope to enslave Americans into sort of world wide conformity ! . . . We are STILL the hope of the world and we must reject and resist any form of Gun Control and by whatever means necessary, . . Gun Confiscation !!! . . . The Government has not kept us as a FREE REPUBLIC ever since the Civil War, . . It has been WE, THE PEOPLE, and the fact that we are armed and the whole world knows it !!! . . . It's why no enemy would ever dare attempt a takeover of America ! . . . THAT must never change !!! . . For if that changes there will be no hope for us as a free society !!! . . . PERIOD !

    • rbentrdr says:

      You don't know what the F you're talking about. Yes, Perry bares watching, but he is our likely next President, baring the usual democratic election fraud, the illegal aliens that were just secretly amnestied in, and Puerto Rico if it becomes our 51st state.

    • FreeGeezer says:

      I don't know about others reading and posting here, but I don't know what HSUS or AC stand for. I know it's hard word to spell a word out, but you might get your point across much better.


    • UncleRoy1 says:

      Oh, Rebecca, my poor mis-informed, un-educated child. we buy you books, send you to school and you spout this dribble without knowing what you're talking about. Go find your crack dealer and tell him you're running low, then take a nap and let the adults visit.

      • Richard Wm. Faith says:

        For the record, obama is a lot worse than Perry. That being said, Perry is FAR FROM being the BEST Republican candidate. Like obama, Perry is a Bilderberger. If you think that is innocuous, you need to learn a lot more about the Bilderberg Group. Since most of our larger sources of Internet information are very liberally biased, you will fail to get at the truth if you are not diligent. My point is that the article we all are responding to here seems to be trying to influence us to think Perry is great (NOT!) by comparing him with obama. We need a Republican candidate who really IS great, and it ISN'T Perry. P.S. your arrogant and dismissive treatment of Rebecca is disgraceful.

    • Jeff says:

      Concrete examples please. All you have is vacuous claims to form your opinion.

    • MBOBM says:

      One item overlooked by the media., is why the EPA needed to be armed with pistols with big clips and why the Homeland
      Security needs 700 Snoiper rifles with laser sights? Toi arm the Mexican Druggies?
      the government printed a notice it was giving the contrats ou,t this can be found n the gov bid sites. Are we building a new army???

  10. RogCol says:

    To get a better view of what Texas would have looked like today should Obama have been elected to Governor of that fine state, look no farther that Illinois. It is very representative of what PBHO wants for America.

    • bull_rider says:

      I moved out of Illinois years ago and there is no way I would ever, ever move back there. The city of Chicago (read: minorities, unions and Democrats) have enough pull to continually control who wins the offices for the whole State. Hence Governor Quinn who raised income taxes on everyone by 60 to 70% and continues to look for ways to spend money on illegal aliens.

      My state of Indiana is far from perfect but I now have a lifetime concealed carry permit, and we have the Castle Doctrine and Stand-Your-Ground enacted into law.

    • Drew Page says:

      Rog — Where do you think BHO learned his trade? Right here in Illinois, the most corrupt state in the union. In Illinois he picked up his street creds in 'community organizing' in the front row of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church over twenty years, never hearing the good Rev's condemnation of the USA and hob-nobing with former domestic terrorists (Weathermen) Bill Ayers and wife Bernadeen Dohrn. In Illinois he learned that you earn your campaign contributions by promising both public and private sector unions anything they want; by giving your business contributors no-bid government contracts; and by paying yesterday's bills with borrowed money and letting the next politician to raise taxes and tolls to pay off the loans and unpaid bills.

  11. David in MA says:

    There is no doubt in my mind, would be a lynching!

    • Uncle Pat says:

      A new movie sequel to 'hang em high " would have happened about 2 years ago !

    • susie baker says:

      You are right. There would be a lynching.

    • charles says:

      You see the type of thinking that David have is the same kind of thinking alot of people in the tea party have, You have never heard of no other President or Governor even refered to as being lynched. No matter what the people thought of his job performanc . That 's just how sick this world have become. To even suggest that a person be lynched becaiuse you disagree with him or her is very unamerican.

  12. Betty Salsbury says:

    CajunClint should learn to read before posting trash that he lifted from another libtards blog.

    • R.B. Wiant says:

      Big difference between Governor and President. Governor works for the peoples of one State- President works FOR
      the entirety of the peoples of The UNITED STATES. Socialism is a proven failure as is this president, in ALL
      aspects of his oath of office. AMERICA- VOTE WISELY.

  13. MRG says:

    if he was Governor of Texas and doing anything like he has been , he would soon find himself treed, and that would be what we like to call here TEXAS JUSTICE

  14. SEAN MURRY says:

    they would give him and neck tie party.

  15. Sharon says:

    The individuals that live in Texas are just not that STUPID! The day of higher paying jobs are unfortuntely gone due to regulations from the government! Big companies unfortuntely have discovered that they can use their current employees get more work from them without hiring more people!
    The only thing I want to hear from the President on Thursday is:
    That would be Christmas in September!

    • Fed Up says:

      Oh dear, does that mean we would finish up with Joe! And I don't mean "Joe the Plumber"!

    • Donna says:

      Resign immediately before the muslim freak takes another cent of our hard earned dollars! No more use of air force 1 or 2. No more gas guzzling caravans including the bus!

      This afro goon has taken America to the lowest level in history…..but, that is the obama muslim plan!

      Hang him from the highest tree in Texas!!!!!!! Then shoot him full of holes!

      The demon will disappear!

      • hollygreen9 says:

        .357 or 44 mag? It would be real fun to crank up the M16.

        • Richard Wm. Faith says:

          I'd rather work him over with a weed-wacker. Preferably a small one. Nice and slow. If he expires, bring him "to" with a spritz of rubbing alcohol. Repeat until no further result. The gun business is way too humane for a criminal of his magnitude.

    • Marii says:

      Sharon: Barry will be resigning if this was a perfect world. You are dreaming again Sharon.
      So, I'm not the only one having those dreams.