Alabama's Forestry Industry Protests New Fed. Rule on Migrant Workers' Wages

Alabama’s forestry industry is protesting a new federal rule that will increase wages for migrant workers on special work visas and is asking Congress to block the change.

“At a time when the state is trying to not only save jobs but also encourage the development of new jobs, this isn’t the way to do it,” said Alabama State Forester Linda Casey.

The U.S. Department of Labor has changed the way wages are calculated for people who are granted H-2B visas, which are work permits for temporary jobs in non-agricultural fields, including forestry. The result in Alabama, starting Oct. 1, will be wage increases for forestry workers of between 26 percent and 104 percent, depending on location.

Casey said she’s concerned that some property will not be replanted with trees because of the increased labor costs.

“Landowners are having to make a choice between this management activity on their property or paying the house note,” Casey said.

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14 comments on “Alabama's Forestry Industry Protests New Fed. Rule on Migrant Workers' Wages
  1. Robert says:

    Classic example of this governments anti business attitude. And then they will lie about jobs created……

  2. cg says:

    Hysterical! The only change I get to my income is to pay more taxes and they get a pay increase . Insane!

  3. lisa says:

    The only reason to get labour from the other countries is to have a cheaper labour force. Now I guess the workforce will have to be americans rather then out of country hired foreigners. I hate the idea of hiring illegals and ok doing hiring of labour from a legal way with the work visas, where they come in on a temporary to do work and make money. But to pay more for this when we could just as easily hire a citizen who is out of work in there own country sounds better. I personally think government has forgotten its place in that they work for us, not the other way around. It's been too long where the government thinks it has its position of power just by being there.

    • The Punisher says:

      HOW many MILLION get WELFARE and DO NOTHING for it??? THERE is your "cheap labor workforce"!!!!

      WORKFARE…. not WELFARE!!!

  4. mickey2 says:

    Well, they got what they wanted–to employ illegals–visa or no. So why are they crying? Didn't they listen to Calderon telling obama what he wanted for "his" people????

    • The Punisher says:

      Calderon needs to shut his BIG TRAP!! He can't even control HIS nation.. where does he get the GALL to tell us how to run OURS?!?!!?

  5. Brenda Choate says:

    Minimum wages in America is generally around $7.25 per hour. H2B workers earn about $10.00 per hour. SOOOOOOO where is the low cost wages/slavery issue. It seems that Americans are getting the lower rate. Now they want to raise the wages to $21+ per hour????? There are a lot of people out of work in Al and other states. This visa is for non-agriculture employees. Sure, the jobs are hard but it pays better than a clerk position most office positions and other historically low pay jobs. The excuse of not being able to find American workers is an old one and overused as an excuse to import foreign workers. Man up all you able bodied men/women and take these jobs. Hard work never hurt anyone.

  6. R says:

    Alabama. Ever hear of 'States Rights'? At what point will it be when Alabama decides enough is enough of federal interference and exert the power it already possess as a free state? Try saying no.

    There are 50 states in the US and all have the same right to say no. It's not simply just a right, it's a State's constitutional obligation to defend and protect its citizen's.

  7. @prue61 says:

    So I guess implementing this policy is a good thing for America. If it is more cost effective for them to hire Americans, all the better. If there are less H2B workers coming in, more Americans can be hired.

  8. Linda says:

    The State of Alabama should file suit in federal court challenging this since we still have something called "States rights" irregardless of what the courts say.
    Someone with the resources has got to step up and stop this usurpation of states rights, individually the average citizen has not these resources and no access to the media since said media will only print/broadcast what the Government tells them to.

  9. Randy131 says:

    This will cause the loss of acreage being replanted, the loss of a renewable resource, the loss of jobs because of price increases preventing replanting, and the product the trees are used for to cost more for the consuming public, which will cause less buying of the product and compounding all the afore mentioned losses. More federal regulation destroying businesses and jobs, which Obama claimed he would get rid of in order to put people back to work, and another promise broken, and which Obama just doesn't understand the reality of business and the economy in general.

  10. Daryl Kascak says:

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