Is It Too Late to Impeach Obama?

My fellow Americans, President Barack Obama has openly and defiantly announced to America and the rest of the world that he refuses to uphold the US immigration laws. This is goes against his sworn oath of office when he swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

At least one politician has decided to call for a congressional investigation into the legality of Obama’s action. Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King, who also happens to be vice chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration and policy enforcement, called for the hearing.

In an interview, Rep. King said “The President is on the verge of being lawless himself. It’s politically motivated because they think this will get them the Hispanic vote.”

The only evidence they need is to replay Obama’s statement on his administrative amnesty. His own words should be enough to convict him of his crime.

I’ve written before that President Obama is breaking the law and defying the US Constitution and that he has no intention of protecting US citizens and businesses. What I don’t understand is why no other politician has asked for a congressional hearing before now.

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590 comments on “Is It Too Late to Impeach Obama?
  1. Joyce from Loris says:

    Finally! Someone talking sense. Yes, I think we should impeach Obama, not just because of the illegal alien issue, but all the way back to the Justice Department's refusal to prosecute black on white crimes! They refuse to uphold many of the laws on our books, such as marriage between one man and one woman. I would certainly hope that majority of Congress would be behind King, and a good deal of the Senate.

  2. lucky7 says:

    Impeach the president?????? Should have been done long ago! Where do I sign?

    • gataheart says:


      • Faith says:

        Should have been done at least 2 years ago when he started bashing the US. Get him out of there. I'll sign.

    • Full Patriot says:

      Me too! I'll sign any petition needed to get this going! IMPEACH NOW! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

    • alice phillips says:

      can he be fired/????????????????

    • Mike Tanco says:

      Lucky 7 you are absolutely correct. He should have had charges brought against him when he couldn't come up with a legitimate birth certificate. He is hiding his background and the American people deserve better. The "CITIZENS" of this country should be represented by an honest and loyal American. Obama does not qualify. Mike Tanco

    • jonrod says:

      It cannot be done. The Congress is the only body who can bring this action. And guess who controls it?

      • me1537 says:

        It could be done if the people had the backbone to revolt. The sad situation is that they don't. The people that live of the government teat would not support the revolt.

      • jlbs says:

        I contacted one of my state senators and received the reply that the House is responsible for starting impeachment proceedings. Now, the question is, since the Repubs have the House, why haven't they started these proceedings? The Senate is responsible as jury to hear the actual proceedings and cast their vote for or against.

        I think we have a bunch of scared babies in the House that, except for King (who is from my state), are afraid of their own shadow !!! Thank you Representative King, Republican from Iowa.

    • Concerned says:

      The idea of starting a people effectve petition signed by milions pf Americans and lsting the offenses makes sense.

    • Tx Ralph says:

      Impeach?? He needs to be arrested and jailed. He commits treason every chance he gets and by all observation appears to be a usurper.

    • Lee says:

      Save AMERICA NOW,IMPEACH Beat off OBAMA NOW use your Back bone, IQ, what ever needed You have alot of support all the way to Get low life obama out of Office,Maybe a Little Tar and Feathers would Help America Smile !!!!

    • Dick says:

      Now you ask?
      Where were you in 09 when he was doing all the damage

      • Jim says:

        you echo my ravings since so many out of touch people voted for him. I have written many letters asking our representitives to impeach him. I have also asked them to start a move to remove some of thepowers a president has such as the veto and parole power they all abuse. I don't call that true democracy when he can go against the congress, senate or the majority of the people. This is one of the most corropt administration I can remember in my 70 year and so out in the open with it. He has hired communist, tax evaders, anti God people, he has bribed and given bribes, he has lied he has bowed and asked forgiveness of anti Americans to name a few of his short comings. Against the American majority he now grants illegal to remain here to take our jobs.

        • victorbarney says:

          Jim, Obama promised "change" and he did so! Do you realize that it is a "fact" that men are motor-skills dominant and women are verbal skills dominant. Futher, by nature, men are hunters and women are gatherers! That's biology and that's fact! Women are in the large majority and being verbal-skills dominant, they are "intellectualizers" more so then men! Thus, Obama appealed to gatherer's, which are mostly made up of women and blacks and Marxist's(marxists are anti-christ's by definition by the way). Women by biology and blacks through systematic behavioral "shaping" of their behavior tend to be gatherers.

        • Rich in Pa says:

          Jim,I am with you buddy. In my 74 years on this earth I have never seen the leader of our country so bent on destroying this once Great Country. Obama has even dethroned the peanut man Jimmy Carter. The problem is that the majority of the people do not pay attention as to what is happening in Washington. They will if Obama gets in for another 4 years because that is really when he is going to finish this country and strip us of all our rights. The only thing that they (Obama,Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank and that NUTCASE Maxine Waters) and other Crack Pot Liberal Democrats are afraid of are The Tea Parties. This is why they are focusing on bashing the Tea Parties . This is EXACTLY WHY we all have to get involved with the Tea Parties. I already have and I hope you and others will get involved with your local Tea Parties. We cannot afford for Obama to get in for another 4 years. Rich in Pa

    • robert iverson says:

      he promised change ! he delivered , a man of his word . now how about us , do we mean what we say ? , are we trustworthy ? can we demand justice from the laws governing U.S.A. to protect us from teriney ? its time to put up or shut up , america what its going to be ? bob

    • Chris says:

      Exactly – what's the problem, no politicians have enough backbone to do this??? Obviously we have a total lack of moral foundation such that no one even understands what is right and wrong anymore so therefore there are no politicians who get it. This is where moral relativism gets you – directionless and rudderless at a time when you can't afford it.

    • elizabeth says:

      made a grand tour of the European countries.I doubt if Ms:Clinton or Palin, would ignore the voice of the people Be they left or right wingers Our country would never been out in left field or thrown under the bus.

    • Val says:


      • Val says:

        Who are you to judge me, and try to keep the truth from the readers.??? I wrote only the truth.. Just who do you work for ??? Why are you afraid ??

    • Adolf says:

      I agree that Obama has committed many impeachable offences but impeachment would be a wrong approach because Obama is not eligible to be a President. Impeachment would also render the Constitution irrelevant because it would validate the election of an ineligible president. Obama needs to be removed on grounds of ineligibility. It is the only and proper way because it is a matter of fact, not a matter of vote.

      • Cat says:

        Who can start this process??????????? I will sign whatever I need to sign, drive where ever I need to drive to ensure this happens.

    • dizdamduster says:

      It's an election year and all the vets coming home will know how he is refusing to allow religion to be mentioned at the 9-11 memorial this year. He will hurt for that. The illegals are mad at not getting imediate amnesty. The unions are mad. The people are hurting. recall elections are in several states including AZ.. They impeached the emabarrassing slick Willie but he sat in the office anyway. But——being immoral and being treasonous are 2 different things entirely. I say it's long over due. In AZ. the illegals over run our school board hearings with their chanting 'fight back" and telling us this is Mexico and all Europeans have to leave! Thanks Obama. He gives amnesty while we have gun fights and home invasions from his precious pets. Our people starve but the food banks here give backpacks of food every Friday last school yr. to every illegal because of their poverty status. You got 10 kids you got 10 backpacks. The feds say we have to feed them 2 meals a day thru some program and then the backpacks. Impeach? We are way too polite a civilization which is why we are on the brink of destruction from within.

    • DIANE lAING says:

      Right on! I'm ready to sign also!

    • Francisco Monzon says:

      I am with you, WHERE DO I SIGN?

    • RDC says:

      I agree, The person in the white house needs to resign or be tossed out of office NOW.

      • Cat says:

        I would LOVEEEEEEEE to see his black arce tossed out……since the White House is OURRRRRR house, then we should have the say so as to when he gets evicted.

    • Rich says:

      Shall we start tonday?
      Not ONLY impeachment, but a trial the world has never seen.
      He's a terrorist, and there is only one sentance for a terrorist.
      BTW- there are several dozen that MUST go with him.
      Remember, THEY will STILL be there, causing havoc.
      Not only vote out, BUT go to jail.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      What differance does it make? Our spinles reprosentatives will do nothing whether or not, it is too late. I am so sick of their doing nothing but twiddling their thumbs. We almost reoutfitted the Congress lat year and what hap[pened? Nothing. My congressman is the lowest of the entire bunch!? I did my best to get him out of there but my efforts were like a little puff of wind.

    • Bruno Boccagalupe says:

      He is not a LEGAL president, so how do you impeach him? We must have him declared an illegal. WHO WOULD HAVE THE POWER TO BRING CHARGES? who or what group has the power or standing to remove him from office?
      What would the ramifications be if this were to happen? He was never properly vetted prior to the election. Would the states be empowered to keep him off the individual states ballots until he now proved his eligibility? There are a lot of questions and NOT a lot of time to get some answers and put a plan in place. WE NEED TO GET RID OF THIS BIRD!
      The rotten Senate will not work in the countrys behalf. Reid will never allow it to be dioscussed.

    • William Horton says:

      Obama should have been impeached a long time ago and where is our congress and why do they lets this go.

    • dandydan says:

      I don't even like to speak his name. He is illegally trying to destroy our country and our constitution and all the rest of the politicians are letting him get away with it. Whats wrong with them? If they uphold all that he is doing, aren't they just as much to blame? Not a one of them will get my vote to put them back into office. We need to clean house and i hope the rest of America will stand and do the same.

    • lucky 4 says:

      PLEASE………………………….someone get it going. It is never too late to get rid of the traitor. Obama is a wasteless putrid waste.

    • judibug says:

      He should have never put his foot on the doormat to the White House. He is a socialist Muslim liberal one who is connected with the mob underworld, definitely is not a citizen of the US, has never had a real job, knows nothing about running this country and has a wife who 'hates America" and is a "redneck" smooth talker . If he is elected again, there will be no more America. It is fast going down the drain. He has been one big bad mistake! Everyone would have to ask permission from the government for anything.. He is ruthless, and wants to run everything and will try anything to win.
      IMPEACH now!!!

    • Yorkie Mom in MO says:

      I agree Lucky! I have been writing my Senator and Congresswoman for about a year and half – Obama's blatant "law breaking" is grounds for IMPEACHMENT. He has disregarded the Constitution (Rule of Law) since he got into office. He has tried to reinterpret the Constitution to suit his own purposes for way too long! I could be wrong – but, I don't believe he is an American-Born person – there is too much evidence that he is not – where he was born, I don't know for sure – but, I do not believe he was born in Hawaii. His arrogance towards the Congress along with Senator Reid and Nancy Pelosi is disgusting!! The people should get a petition going and send it to Congress demanding that Obama be impeached NOW!!!

    • Bob says:

      Impeach this Black and White USA President Do it NOW I want to sign

    • Wanda says:

      Yes , he has been in office to long. Impeach him now.

    • Forevermyrtle says:

      I makes no differance whetner it is to late or not, HE WILL NOT BE IMPEACHEDOR TRIED FOR TREASON. He will be in there until he completely destroys the USA, or until he is at the head of "The One World Government/Church. He has been , over many years,polished/molded/primed/trained to be the head of this thing. The world will be ruled by Muslim Islams. The name of the reigion to appease and fool Christains, Chrislam. That is a combination of Christian Islam is a abomination to GOD organisation.

    • Glofish says:

      AMEN!!!!!!!! I drink to that, of course my husband says "you would drink to anything that gets rid of obama" AMEN again.

    • joel says:

      The parallels between Obama and "SlickWillie" Clinton are interesting. Both are left-handed, (or more accurately, under-handed.) both ran as "moderates" but, once in offce, took a hard turn to the left. Both lost a record number of seats in Congress after their first two years. Now to make it complete, both need to be impeached, but with Obama it needs to be on the charge of treason!

    • constitutionalist says:

      exactly…he should have been impeached a long time ago…so Congress wake up and do your job
      He has no concern for our laws, land or people

    • johnsnare says:

      Absolutely. Should have been taken down a long time ago. Probably, the most ineffective,incompetent, arrogant, President this Country has ever had, FOUR AND OUT.

    • exwave says:

      There must be loads of crap he can be impeached on. Why hasn't it happened yet?

  3. Greg says:

    I am not arguing that Obama doesn't deserve it, but how could you get a two thirds vote to convict in the US Senate?

    • Frank says:

      Do what's right first, then take on the next problem later.

    • Bill says:

      You are correct; if the Senate trys to convict this non-American, they all will have to go to jail. With all to laws he has violated to his oath, he should have been sent to prison along time ago as well as the dem. party leaders.

    • Hank Wilson says:

      all the Hillary lovers would dive at the chance

    • LANI says:

      Thats for sure. Congress will NEVER Vote to get him the hell out! It sure is frustrating that We The People are once again STUCK . Its as if we have no say! This is why we have to get the LIberals and The Carl Rove type Republicans Out! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 2012 is probably one of the most important elections. We start w/Obummer then on down. It will take time but we can do it!! Only thing standing in our way are the Ilegal Votes & The Dead People Votes & Micky Mouse etc Votes! Can you say "ACORN" Obummers Evildoers, which means there has to be more of us then Them! WE for sure cannot sit this one out! For the sake of our Kids & Grandkids

    • Gray says:

      With so many democrats, of uncertain understanding of right and wrong (hey, they acquitted Bill Clinton after he'd admitted to having perjured his testimony, didn't they?), it would be nearly impossible to impeach Obama.
      However, we can note that in less than 18 months, we the people can make sure his re-election bid fails!


    • BETTY says:


    • Patricia M. McBride says:

      At this point, it would end up being sybolic and humiliating for him. You can rest assured many of us would write to both our congressmen and senators to follow through and impeach him please, but the democrats don't care what the people want so what would you figure the chances are………………..or who knows if it was started right now, they could save face and maybe run someone else (many of them are trying to figure out how to do that as they are pretty sure he isn't going to get a second term………………)

    • Carol says:

      He should have been empeached a long time ago, but if anyone is up to it, go for it. What are you waiting for>?

    • May says:

      I'm putting this on here hoping that people will read it and get the book. I am reading a book called the Roots of Obama's Rage. It is answering a lot of unanswered questions to date, i.e. why is he doing this? We know he is trying to bring this country down but not quite sure if it is the socialism factor or what else. The premise in this book is anti-colonialism which is what is father is all about. So much is making sense and I keep going Wow! If the author is correct, and it is extremely plausible, he is trying to reduce our status and bring developing countries above our status. Think about it, immigration, funding Brazil for drilling oil, bowing to Kings of other countries, just to name a few. I urge people to read this book and form your opinion. The author has done a lot of research.

  4. bsfurg says:

    There is no one in the Demowits party that has the guts to go against obama and the broken laws he has committed.. they know he is bad for the USA but they wont admit they were wrong in electing him and putting him in office.. and obama is going to get worse in the next 15 months and NO ONE will stop him… he will destroy more of American before he is voted out and if hes voted in it will be to late do do anything as ppl still think he is good for the USA.. We alread have to many muslims in office that ppl know nothing about.. read the book called…MUSLIM MAFIA.. The obama ppl of couse wont believe a word of but its true… and its sad to think the president is here to destroy our country…

    • Frank J. says:

      bsfurg you are so right!.

    • Lou says:

      i beleive if ALL democrats and Republicans stand with each other in both houses, which they won't because of their own agendas, and impeached this abomination of a president, then and only then will they get the backing of the American people. Then this country will show the world that the folks in washington really have the gonads that's needed to run a country. Until that begins all we will have is a bunch of corrupt old men and women who only want to protect their assets.

    • American Patriot says:

      Although I agree with what you have said, lets change it a little — The only reason you have Democrats and Republicans who refuse who bring Obama on the carpet is because of what I have said many times before – They Are Afraid Of Being Called Racist…. That is the only reason. If the U.S. Congress could grow Brass Balls and take on this usurper, just the fact that he is facing Impeachment For Crimes Against America (aka Treason or otherwise) would be enough to force him to resign — unless being a Narcissist he wants to flaunt that he is untouchable (and remember the Democrats in the Senate would do that).

      I want to issue a challenge to every Congressman/woman and Senator on Capitol Hill — Grow Brass Balls and take Obama down — Has he not already ruined America in the eyes of the world. If you agree with Obama than you are no better than he is and need to resign or face recall.

      • Stan says:

        The Democrats won't move on any impeachment proceedings against obama; they are completely complicit with his lies, the fraud and the corruption. They would be implicating themselves in the crimes charged against obama. They have supported him and all of his policies knowing he is not eligible under the Constitution to hold the position of POTUS. They beleive in his vision to restructure America into a socialist society. They fully support him.

        Two presidents in our history have been impeached by the House of Representatives: Andrew Johnson post Civil war, and Bill Clinton in 1999 (for purjury and obstruction of justice). Both were aquitted by a Democrat majority in the Senate.
        As long as there is a Democrat majoity in the Senate able to block a 2/3rds conviction vote, you won't see a Democrat President convicted and booted out of office, no matter what his crime. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

    • JEC says:

      The Democrats need to be confronted point blank, and asked. If you believe that Obama Bin Ladin, is re-electable, go ahead, roll the dice, and protect him. But be warned, if he loses the election, That every single Dem that stood by him will be held accountable, and will probably share a jail cell with their crime boss.

    • jonrod says:

      The worst thing we did was to take out the swearing on the Christian Bible the words (So help me God) on taking the oath of office.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        You are right, Jonrod!! These anti-GOD people have a lot to answer for and they will answer, it is not over, yet. GOD will have the last say!!!

    • carol says:

      The sad thing is that he lies about everything and nobody calls him on it.

      • Anna Salerno says:

        Oh yea, one Congressman called him a liar in one of the State of the Union addresses. His name was Tom something or other, sorry I forgot. We need every one to do it in Congresss!!!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          His Name was Wilson from SC and look what have happened to him, for telling the truth HE was forced by Rhinos to apologise for telling the truth and now, very late in the game he is being praised, for telling tht truth.

    • Yantsie says:


      • Harry says:

        There's a lot of scary, delusional, and fundamentalist religion warped-minded individuals who post on this reactionary cesspool of a website, but I have to admit – you are the scariest of them all. Conngratulations, and a straight jacket, are in order.

    • dd59 says:

      Any other President would have been impeached by now,he also should be arrested for fraud ,treason.the sad truth is hussein obama was not elected he was selected by SOROS.BILL AYERS,BILDEBERGERS ETC.he is not a citizen of the United States,I feel the people in office were paid off,or threatened,or they are as evil as obama is .The American people can beat this evil if we stick together and take our country back,it won't be easy but it can be done !!!We must keep our faith in GOD AND ALL THAT THE REAL PATRIOTS OF AMERICA STAND FOR .

    • Alice says:

      I have sent e-mails and made phone calls to my political representatives complaining that Oboma has usurped authority seated in the Congress many times since he was elected. So far, not one has done a thing to even complain about the encroachment into Congressional power. I guess the Democrats (at least) don't mind being a rug for Oboma to walk all over.
      My recent post Another Liberal Member of the Media Reveals Religious Bigotry

      • Warren says:

        Alice, perhaps they would pay more attention if you would spell his name correctly… It's Obama… Not Oboma.
        But I agree with your post.

    • Trebor says:

      I agree,,, I'm happy to see at least two of us Love America and want it to remain better than any other place in the World. but obama wants the USA to become a 3rd world country like all the rest. Wonder who will take care of the poor people and places in the world when this happens? You don't see too many other countries running to protect or offer assistance when disasters strike…. Our Poor Children and Grandchildren if he is re-elected. I really dont see that happening, People, even the Poor, Blacks, Mexicans, and Democrats are beginning to realize this fact. I'm hoping for Impeachment before the next elections so we don't hav eto pay his retirement for life. Maybe, just maybe the Stupid Democrats will run another candidate against him, Hey Hillary,,, interested? Hey ANYBODY!!

  5. Robert F Hahn says:

    Yes: Impeach the impostor liar socialist leftist ! Whatever it takes, a prez breaking the law, especially multiple Federal laws specifically calls for impeachment by the Constitution. Ironic, bet he'll also hang for income tax evasion, a chicago dejavu, for the bamma saboteur conspirateur against our Country. America is NOT bamma's country. He has conspired to destroy America.

  6. Noob says:

    What took so long? Patriots have been thinking this for some time, long before this event. The guys been ignoring the constitution since day 1.

    • barkingbird says:

      Amen !!!!

    • gataheart says:

      Since before that. He wasn't eligible AND HE KNEW IT!
      Did the World [Muslims/Commies/etc] read America right or not? They slipped in ..'a BLACK man' and NOTHING ELSE MATTERED. Black Vote, Minority Vote and 'Illegal Vote' [who ever thought ILLEGALS would be given Rights to determine/DICTATE (and isn't 'o' just great at "DICTATing" FOR US our future?], Liberal Vote [anything ANTI Christ, anti Caucasian], and the good ole 'conscience stricken "guilt" for slavery' White Vote.
      And 'o' is DOING for them what they WANT. DESTROYING the White Man's World before his very eyes. And NOT ONE STANDS UP TO HIM! Well, that's not true. There are many. Decisive Action must be taken to Save America from this Onslaught of 'ists/isms/ims'. Before the Camel's Back breaks.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        He has been ignoring the Constitution??He has been trampling all over the Constitution, is trying to outlaw it!!!!!!

  7. Frank Crotinger says:

    I don't know why Obama has not been impeached before now. Some of the things he has done has gone against
    the constitution, but it seems that our politicians are more concerned about themselves and their office that doing
    what is right for the people. He is not a citizen of this country, he doesn't know how we do things here because we
    are not a socialist county like where he came from. He thinks he can do any thing he wants because that is what
    they do where he came from – he wants to be a dictator here. If he is let go he will become one.

    • victorbarney says:

      What about our CIA? Remember, with the same platform as his father, who overthrew Kenya, the only other Republic in the world into Marxism(Anti-Christ, as Islam, by the way). Yes, I'm a fool because it's all about the 'New World Order' that must transend religion, right? Duh! "Evil Empire"? Duh! Let me think…Watch!

  8. Ralph Hunt says:

    Laws are confusing, even to those who are informed. For example: Although the president of the US is Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, reportedly the president is exempt from the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ); and, based on the president's decisions and actions, he apparently believes that he is exempt from the Constitution, the laws of the land, and all other accepted guidelines of America. Someone please explain this anomalous behavioral pattern of somone who reportedly is so well-educated.

    • dingbat36 says:

      Selective application!!

    • Mary says:

      He is well educated with the wrong information. He knows no other way to think. In my opinion he is more uneducated than most Americans who know both sides — the right and the left.
      A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left (Ecclesiastes 10:2 NASV).

    • muslims are Pigs says:

      If Nixon was impeached for what he did, breaking into Demsdumbazz's offices obama should be hung with an old rope from the Empire Building!

    • ABO says:

      He simply believes he is above the law. All law.

    • Gray says:

      Not only that, Ralph, the president seems to think he is exempt for God's judgement, as well.
      He's going to find out how wrong he was, in that sense, if he doesn't repent!

      • Gray says:

        The Christians (including those lukewarm members, whom Christ has said He will spew out of His mouth, whom He may be giving an opportunity to become on fire, for Him again) can pray so that Obama's (pre-WW3) judgement will not include this great nation.
        Also, the nation, as a whole, needs to repent from the years of thumbing its collective nose at Him.

    • RoyfromKs says:

      Obama is a lawyer….probably a criminal lawyer and he was taught Chicago justice which is different from the rest of the United States. Which is do as I say not as I do! He is educated in unlawful acts against the United States by different factions that is against America….his wife too… the Rev. Wright and others, even those that tried to blow up American buildings, which they were never prosecuted and are still enjoying freedom! He is probably exempt from some actions but like JFK, not all of them! Obama is doing a lot of his crazy things to America because we let him get by with it! Are we afraid of him or the black movement or the Moslim extremist or what….nobody wants to cross his path! This man doesn't even have good ethics. It's a shame that he is bringing his daughters up in this enviorment and teaching them the wrong things about America….they'll end up just like their parents unless they are smart enough to see the light! But their "brain washing" started early so highly un-likely to see the light!

      • Coot says:

        Is he a lawyer? Is he a Birth American? Wheres the proof. A false birth cert that took two yrs. to produce The only thing he has proved, that he is anti Constitution which in my lifetime is proof of anti American. Look at his past associates, all anti America .What the hell did American people expect.

  9. Joe says:

    BHO and his regime have been disregarding the constitution since he took office. Why hasn’t someone done this sooner?

    • emerutil says:

      Because, as you may not above, when someone even fields comments that the likes of the administrator of this site disapproves, he gets wiped, or worse! Whenever anyone says anything strong, or with effective meaning, his comments and his dissertation get destroyed.

    • Lynn says:

      That is a good question……..We have been wondering the same t hing.

    • MA61 says:

      I hear you Joe, but what is more confusing how come the members of congress is not doing anything? It is because they are all bought for by the NWO? The corruption of most of the people we elected will be part of the destruction of this great country. Are we to wait until it is too late or are we the people going to do something about it?

    • Stephen says:

      Because he's black that why they won't touch him.

      • victorbarney says:

        What "affirmative action" actually was all about to obama's spritual father, that is the devil! No? Watch!

  10. CHUCK says:

    Get him out of office today Every day that goes by he does more damage

    • Andy says:

      He should be expected to pay ($$$$) fo the grief and hardship he and his administration has caused the American people. What a fraud, liar, and un-Ameican he has proven to be.

    • del says:

      It is a travesty that the buffoon is still waltzing around pissing off our tax dollars and ruining everything we have!

  11. Tony says:

    Impeachment would be a waste of time. There is far more than enough votes in the house to impeach him but the actual trial would take place in the senate and the marxists still control the senate and thus he would be acquitted. It's sad but it's true. We just have to bear with this incompetant fool until we can get him and his cronies out in 2012
    My recent post Why I Will No Longer Vote Democrat

    • Frank says:

      Just the bad publicity & the facts that are uncovered with Obama's illegal activities will be enough to insure he loses re-election. IMPEACH NOW!

      • Tony says:

        IF … America can finally succeed in getting a majority of congressmen and senators who are actually loyal to our Constitution, then even after this idiot is gone, a hearing could be held on his holding that office in violation of our Constitution, and he will easily be found illegal. Thus … all the damage that he has done can be nullified.
        My recent post Why I Will No Longer Vote Democrat

      • victorbarney says:

        Besides, it's the "women" who elected him and, they too, like blacks, are gatherer's too, one by biology the other by choice! No? Remember, men are hunters and women are gatherers by nature. Watch!

    • MSG Hunt says:

      Obama is not an incompetant fool, he is doing what he said he wanted to accomplish during his run for office. Just very few were listening.

      • victorbarney says:

        Don't you "wonder" why it didn't bother our CIA? I mean what his father did to the former Republic of Kenya and all? Then, we watch his son follow suit with his campaign promise made to our women for a "fundamental transformation" of our government into marxism, these women who appeal to being "gatherers" by their own biology? Duh! Again, "New World Order?" If our CIA isn't as Marxist(Anti-Christ) as Obama touts, this couldn't have ever happened! Watch! The sad part is that men actually have less say today than even the blacks did in the days of slavery! No? Again, watch what's coming!

    • Pamela Harper says:

      Tony, I agree…impeachment would be a waste of time. Wouldn't one have to be in office legally before they could be impeached? By declaring this fraud ineligible, wouldn't that roll back everything he has done, other than getting our trillions back?!

    • gataheart says:

      When your Government has been 'taken Hostage' by ENEMY INFILTRATORS you must take whatever action necessary to 'reset' your Government proper. You DENY "registered 'Socialists' " any vote in the "Matter at Hand" , you VACATE their / OUR SEATS , Surely there is a 'mechanism' whereby this can be done. HOW IS IT A CHRISTIAN HATING, COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, MAOIST, NAZI ..TERRORIST 'AID AND ABETTING', MUSLIM [EVERYTHING ANTI CHRIST, ANTI GOD, ANTI AMERICAN] SITS AS PRESIDENT OF AMERICA? EVERY ACT 'o' TAKES IS AGAINST AMERICA, AND OUR GOVERNMENT, BY DEFAULT IS COMPLICIT TO THEIR EYEBALLS!. THE PEOPLE MUST ACT. By what means shall we RID OURSELVES of this EVIL? Special Election? Recall? Or the good old fashioned way which seems to always work? Take the 'mAN' out by the 'earlift special'?

    • emerutil says:

      You are making a mistake of you think that BHO is incompetent, or a fool! He knows what he is doing, and is very successful in achieving his goals. Unfortunately, too many are indifferent, or in total agreement with the changes taking place.

    • Gquick says:

      Well I agree that Obama should be impeached, Tared and Feathered, He has "Trashed" our Constitution, and everything we stand for. True the Senate is in his Pocket, But we need to try
      to rid our Country of the "Rubbish"…….Allowing Obama to Run is one hell of a Gamble, one we
      really don't need to take. At this Point in History we need to ignore Obama and work overtime to get the Congresses off their "Hands" and do their Job as charged not as fellow Politics demands. Harry Reid, Nancy Polosi are two more that need to be impeached and run out of Dodge….We are in one Hell of a mess and just before going under, in my openion. Peace !

      • victorbarney says:

        The House has the vote and ability to impeach him. What about the Senate? What about the Kagan Supreme Court! Too little, too late white man! Duh! No? Watch!

    • Helga says:

      I think we need to start Impeachment now, it might not go though the house tell after the Election but we hav to try anyway we can, to get him out of Office, one way or the other.

    • Ron says:

      I agree with Tony except, NO impeachment, but DON"T wait til 2012, bring him up on treason charges and failure to maintain his sworn oath re the constituion. Take him to court; he's NOT above the LAW!! Several watchdog outfits are saying it, so pool and come together to get "the job" done.

    • RedRiverD says:

      Hey Tony,
      I completely agree with you, BUT if we don't IMPEACH him all the crap that he is done will stand until they can be reversed or removed!!!!!
      If they IMPEACH then at least he will be embarrassed before the world as he has embarrassed the United States of America and "We The People" before the world!!!!!

    • RoyfromKs says:

      I think we'll have to wait till he gets out of office, then the Country can sue the Hell out of him and his cronies….there would be enough law suits to run on for years! I think treason would be the biggest thing against him and his top cronies! I haven't voted Democrat since JFK and probably should not have done it then, either! I've grown older and realized what the Liberal Democrats stood for and I didn't like it! Lets hope that God allows us to put this imposter behind bars, ASAP!

    • ltlolady says:

      I know we cannot impeach him he would stay in office just like clinton. But if the CONGRESS put it up to a vote he would be run out of America. Back to Kinya is where they need to be. May God help us and forgive us for the mess we let happen here. Now don't get me wrong my whole Family did not vote for him. I told all just exactly what he was the
      first time I saw and heard him talk.

    • NAM 67 says:

      Your right a waste of time,you would get two of the same Biden & Hillary .

    • CitizenArrestNow says:

      ovomit IS A CRIMINAL – N O T – A – U.S. PRESIDENT – thus he is N O T eligible for the honor of "Impeachment!!

    • Robert Dugan says:

      You may be Right…..I still think Congress is only worried about their own jobs and thet is why they do nothing and allow this president to do whatever he wants. Want Change, Change the Congress, particularly the Senate!

    • WeShouldTry says:

      A lot of Dems in the Senate are beginning to fear association with the destructive Obama. They might be more willing to impeach him than you think!

  12. rob mull says:

    Until Obama's illegal status to be POTUS is on the forefront in American politics, all else is just smoke and mirrors.

    • msbets123 says:

      I'm afraid you are correct,but am pleased King or someone finally came out of the closet, so to speak, however like people in here have said, we didn't take the senate.

    • Weedkiller says:

      I agree 100% Rob

    • Beruta says:

      Agreed. It SHOULD be easy if the wimpy Repubs (forget the Dems, they're not going to do it) took their case to the Supreme Court. Not hard. Both his parents had to be U.S. citizens for BO to be eligible for the Presidency; his father never was (still was a Kenyan at death), ergo, he isn't eligible and should be outta there!. This should have been checked out, scoured, and brought to light even before he was 'elected' (that's in quotes since we shouldn't count the dead who 'voted' for him. If we lowly citizens can see that, why can't our so-called representatives get with it?

    • Helga says:

      Obamas Croonies took everything out of Publik Records tru or fals so if we do not have some People in Higher Places to dig dieper we never git to the bottom of his deceit. So no mather what we need to push for Impeacment.

  13. Bob Moses says:

    Lets get 'er done.

  14. Lucy says:

    Obummer needs to be impeached now before its too late and he does more damage to this country. What a sham of a president. God Bless america.

    • JIM says:


    • Ralph Frazier says:

      I'll agree with that ,he has to be the worst we ever had ,and I hope the next time we tell the people the man has no idea what he's doing they will listen

    • RedRiverD says:

      I have been saying this for months and years and NO ONE seems to have the guts to take this on!!!!!
      IMPEACH NOW and oust Pelosi and Reid right along with him!!!!!

    • Linda says:

      He should have been impeached long ago. Let's do it, not just talk about it.

  15. Larry says:

    I hope this will be more than jest talk from one of the elected Cowards that set in Washington DC and do nothing to find the many crimes that this SOB Barrack Obama has been committing over his entire working life as a public servant. He is so deeply involved with Organized crime and it seems that there is no one that will do there jobs and remove this SOB and put him in prison where he belongs with the rest of the scum.

    • M J says:

      I think the same thing, why isn't someone doing something about Obummer's use of a stolen social security card? Could any of us get away with blatant fraud?

    • Robert, TX says:

      I agree with your post, but when did Obama ever work? You are being generous counting his time "present" in the Senate. But here is a hustler that never worked one single day in his pathetic life.