Why Does Liberalism Exhibit Self-destructive Behavior?

Liberalism is for all intents and purposes self-destructive.  Why?  Because it appears as if progressives are on the wrong side of every issue that would sustain their longevity.  Here are a few examples:

  • Liberals would like to see a declining US population through any means necessary, so it’s no surprise that they are likely to advocate for abortion on demand.  It’s also no surprise that White House science czar John Holdren proposed forced sterilization using methods as frightening as spiking the public water supply.  This was documented in his 1973 book “Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions”.  So while the rest of the world’s population is increasing, progressives would like to see American’s population decrease.  And less population means less progressives.
  • The Obama administration, including Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s Justice Department, refuses to confront or even acknowledge radical Islam’s jihad against the United States.  In fact, Holder could not even bring himself to use the term “radical Islam” during Senate subcommittee hearings last year.  Predictably, this administration wanted to close Guantánamo Bay and try terrorists under legal system designed for Americans.  And, of course, Obama was slow to address the massacre at Fort Hood.  All these actions illustrate that any aggressive behavior exhibited by radical Muslims desiring a caliphate has been downplayed by the White House.  So I wonder if liberalism would survive under institutionalized sharia law worldwide.

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34 comments on “Why Does Liberalism Exhibit Self-destructive Behavior?
  1. AZ Legal says:

    They only want the Elite few to survive, but who would do all the work and keep the food on the table? Surely not them!!!

    • Richard says:

      They have enough land, equipment and hired help birthing them new employees.

      The stage has been and continues to be set nationally intentionally or unintentionally to divide and keep freedom loving people from standing as one. They will never stop treating all of us like fools and we keep acting like fools. It is easy to unit socialist fools and separate independent thinkers and earners. Thus we lose again. There is only one way out. Vote all of them out!

      I am just blindly tossing seeds. If you are convinced that it cannot be done then I am not the only one here pouring perfume on pigs in here. I may be the only one not singing to a choir.

      Protect your right for self-persuasion. Only those with a strong will to maintain numbers and a defensive army will prosper. The two party system is of one breed, greed. Acquired power by taking and enough people gladly granted for payments or sainthoods since the early 1800’s.

      The more people that engage in distraction the easier it is for the focused. Go to goooh.com or some blogs allow you to click on my name or keep believing that you can turn a pig pen into a play pen without removing the pigs.

      I am not selling anything or earning anything when I ask you to go to goooh.com, just trying to get us to work together as one. In some blogs you can click on my name.

      To help with immigration now go to NumbersUSA.com, its free too.

      • AZ Legal says:

        I happen to agree with you Richard, I was being sarcastic. I am a member of Numbers USA and constantly write my congressman. We need to stop these idiots NOW.

        • ROHBAR says:

          AZ Legal, Thank you Dear patriot for writting your represenatives, I wish others would get on the ball and

          wake up!

  2. Loren Macnab says:

    You are dead wrong about one comment. Liberals don't want population reduction at all costs. Confiscation of guns merely orchestrates the selection of survivors to ensure those survivors are liberals. They profess belief in the theory of evolution but wish to weigh the survival selection to favor the castrato.

    • samtman says:

      More wingnuts talking points, makes no sense.

      • El Lobo Fuente says:

        Wingnuts hold pieces of machinery together so it doesn't all fly apart.

      • Jo Ann says:

        You are always writing negative on this site, are you related to obummer or holder, stay on this site and read and maybe you will learn something. Make sure your tent and hole for stoning is ready for you. You are a real left wing nut, how idiotic are you or are you drinking their koolaid or better yet, snorting some lines with obummer since he loved it in his socalled college days. You are welcome on this site in my mind so you can report back to the black house. Even though you are a idiot I will pray for you,

  3. T-Partier says:

    They are so self-destructive that I say we just ignore them and stop talking and worrying about them. They'll destruct all on their own.

    • ihateconservative says:

      Sorry, we'll bring you down with us before we self-destruct. Mission Impossible anyone ??

      • gingeradog says:

        You are totally ignorant if you still believe Obama is our Savior. The only Savior I deem credible is Jesus Christ. People are waking up to Obama the "EVIL" one. You will never bring me down to your liberal -socialistic views. I for one remember history,and the death and destruction of HITLER.

  4. Larry says:

    Unfortunately they don't want to self destruct liberalism they want to destroy the rest of us who don't quite meet their high standards. I wonder who they think will provide them with food, transportation, electricity, and other necessities of a "civilized life". They apparently don't seem to understand that there are a lot of people with dirty fingernails who provide for them so that they can sit on their dead backsides and contemplate the nature of society and whatever else they do. All of which is, by the way totally, nonproductive.

  5. RJJ says:

    Liberals feed all others to the lions in hopes that they will be eaten last.

  6. El Lobo Fuente says:

    Why do Liberals exhibit self- destructive behavior?

    Because they all want to be candidates for the Darwin Awards.


  7. Ron says:

    The smaller the population, the easier to control. Have you noticed the consentration of subsidised housing in communities? T he destruction of cheap individual homes, is being replaced by these new appartment complexes. Talk to some of the tenants, and find out some of the restrictions they impose on the renters. Its not you home or appartment, You are being allowed to use it. Governments want that control over the individual and all are doing what they can to get that control. This control with the appartments, reminds me of the communist dictator of Romania, chichesckue. He forced all the peasants to move into towns and cities, into complex appartments, Just for control. You only need one gov. agent per appartment to get control of a large segment of the population. Why do you think that the housing bubble was created? Look at us, we will take care of the people we made homeless. Ya right! We will take care of them,but only if they obey.

  8. E. G says:

    Remember, just because he says that he is a Christian does not mean that he interprets being a Christian as most Christians do. He may be an American, but he was raised, during the most firmative years of his life, in a Muslim country.

  9. FreedomScribe says:

    Liberals hate their parents, especially their fathers and are afflicted with a grand sense of entitlement as perpetuated by their self-delusional pseudo-intellectualism. The average dirt farmer is light years ahead of University professors and assorted 'elite' when it comes to basic smarts. How smart is a person who doesn't even know how to grow a tomato?

    • Gale says:

      That's why I call it, College Edumacated Stupidity. And I even had a pator say, there's a lot of that going around.

  10. Henry Flynn says:

    Here is a simple answer. Liberalism is a mental disorder!

    • steveo says:

      True. Liberalism is a philosophy created by the devil himself….in the end its all about The LORD God vs satan.

  11. 2WarAbnVet says:

    It is their belief – and certainly Obama's – that a "Marxist Utopia" is the answer to all problems. It doesn't matter that history has shown that this is impossible.

  12. Adrian Vance says:

    It is the poison of arrogance that does them in every time. If you think you know-it-all you cannot learn anything.

    For common sense, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at http://adrianvance.blogspot.com Also on Kindle.

  13. tonyscott317 says:

    Liberalism doesn't seek the end of everyone – just everyone but them. Sadly, they overlook the history of that entire form of governance that always ends very badly (for examples, look at Detroit, the former Soviet Union, Cleveland, Zimbabwe, etc.). Move the all the California and then put up a big wall. They'll love it. For about 6 months.

  14. David says:


    More on the sedition going on right now. May 1, 2011. The DOJ, SEIU, Obama, ACORN and Community Organizing . . .

  15. ONTIME says:

    The less government the more freedom proves that it is worthy of making this nation even better. The more government the higher cost and the more it cost to keep a non productive slug alive. Communism is the worst form of all government because it smothers the entrepreneur and kills the incentive to do good work, it has failed time and time again and will consistently prove to be nothing more than lofty words of tyranny.