Union Fines Member $200,000 for Working Non-Union

Unions have rules. Union members who break those rules can be placed on trial by their union and, if found guilty, can be expelled or suspended from the union. They can also be fined, as Nathaniel Musser has learned the expensive way.

Musser, a former member of the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, according to his lawyer, could not find work through his union. So, as union members sometimes do, Musser found work on his own–at a non-union company.

As working non-union is against many trade unions’ rules, the Carpenters’ union filed internal union charges against Musser and imposed a $300,900.00 fine against Musser.

Although Musser appealed and the fine was later reduced to $200,850.00, Musser is also fighting the reduced fine as well.

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55 comments on “Union Fines Member $200,000 for Working Non-Union
  1. dingbat36 says:

    This article says something which ought to negate any action against Nathanial Musser, but that assumes some amount of comprehension by the "union" (not a quality prominent in union actions or operations). This article says that the party in question is a FORMER union member. Unions, as often demonstrated will do anything necessary to keep their underlings in the fold (under their prodigious thumb) and most certainly have no sympathy for anyone who even tries or dares to leave. This only serves to show the world what these organizations truly are……………but, we knew it didn't we, no need for the unions to say a word, their actions are quite reprehensible enough.

    • Sonny G. says:

      What the American workers do not understand is that between 7-9 % of all works belong to a Union. I spoke to my UPS Driver yesterday, there are 100,000 UPS workers that pay $ 18.00 per week, that comes to $ 936.00 per year. Take that times 100,000 workers, that comes to 93 Million, 600 thousand $ 93,600,000.00. I asked him what the Union does for him, he said nothing. Just think where that 93 Million dollars goes to. Union leaders are Marxist-Communists. Americans are finally realizing that the American Communist party is trying to change America into Cuba or China. Do not be afraid to call the Liberal Progressives on the left "COMMUNISTS" , that is exactly what they are. They all must be hunted down like the filth that that are and be exterminated , the sooner the better.

      • Fed Up!! says:

        Socialism and Communism very little difference , look up "American Socialist Party" Google it. 70 in the Congress belong to this organisation all Democrats.

    • Liberty49 says:

      This is just an example of why we no longer need unions. They came into being to protect the rights of workers, but now they are just thugs who feed on their own power. No wonder they back the Democrats-they are against the people of America!

  2. obama hater says:

    He needs to counter sue the union thugs in the amount of 200 million—-after taxs!

  3. Jane says:

    Union thuggery at its best!

  4. Jieb Jab says:

    Today’s Unions are simply a double edged sword used by the socialist Left like recycled toilet paper to smear and rob the workers. American unions display the swastika as their mantra of control over the workers. Sadly, This ain’t the good old days anymore.

  5. Rex says:

    The unions have to get the money, to pay Obama, from some where.

  6. SEAN MURRY says:

    All of them are thugs.

  7. John Stewart says:

    Poor bugger, this is what happens when you deal with the Devil (union bosses). They take advantage of the very people they are supposed to help. It is all about the money, maybe people will think twice before joining an organization whose sole goal is to win themselves power and money.

    • dingbat36 says:

      Until ALL states have "right to work" laws that actually give workers the absolute choice of joining a union (OR NOT), none of this crud is ever going to stop.

      And BTW….. unions will throw their own members under the bus if the choice is between getting what they want in pay and benefits or having their members laid off because the state doesn't have the MONEY in their budgets to pay increased salary and bennies.

  8. old dad says:

    I would suggest thathe a counter suit claimimng that the union fraudulently collected dues and provided him with no work .
    I thought we outlawed slavery in this country. Is that what a union is a paid collection of slave traders and thugs.
    Who is the godfather of this pack of thugs.

  9. Dustin says:

    Why hasn’t the main stream media reported this? Or even FOX news for that matter?

  10. play2k says:

    Unions are like one big day labor pool. They decide what you get, when you get it and for how long if ever.. The hold labor hostage for their own exploitation. What would happen if everything was Union? They become the Government of thuggery and ownership of all things! Comply or perish whatever the cause! Corruption up and down the ladder. Mafia as their only competitor..

  11. Disturbingly10ayshus says:

    Organized crime. Union mafia. Absolutely disgusting.

  12. 1minuteman says:

    is there any doubt now that the big unions have been taken over by communists? thats exactly how communist organizations work with intimidation or with power. no individual freedoms allowed.

  13. Fred says:

    Ive worked all my life and have never joined a union. I will not have some low life bunch of scum taking my money so I can have a job. Oh well, it is kind of like working all my life and having the government take 1/3 of my money and do things with it that I completely disagree with. Maybe the Federal Government is as big a problem as the Unions are.

  14. ex-union carpenter says:

    The carpenters union in Pa. tried to do the same with me. I had a torn rotator cuff operation and the union told me that they could not give me any more work. I was told that it would be too dangerous for myself and my co-workers. I was given orders that I still had to pay my dues, but was not allowed to work on a non-union job. They tried to fine me for not paying the dues. I personally told the BA what he could do with his fine. Put it where the sun don't shine. I was hasseled for months from the union until I moved away from Pa. I will never pay another cent of Union Dues to any union. They stole all of my benefits that were paid to them, but that was a small cost to get away from them. Thay are all Legalized Mafia back by the Government.

  15. Christian Patriot says:

    So, they haqve their own laws made up by union thug bosses, and are a dictatorship with union members as their slaves. It also sounds in some ways a lot like what muslims are trying to force on us with some of their crap in our country right now.